Pentagon Neo-cons Want WWIII

Pentagon neocons plan WWIII

China sets Sept 3 to mark WWII victory over Japan: this is significant.  Japan suddenly in the last 5 years has launched unilateral seizures of islands without diplomacy while Abe has denied war crimes Japan committed during WWII.  The US aided and abetted this series of actions while all the Western and Japanese media claim China is making illegal claims in the South China Seas.  Like the NATO push for WWIII with Russia, these moves are designed deliberately to provoke Russia and China into giving some flimsy excuse for the US to launch nuclear missiles at these nations.  This erroneous idea that the Western Alliance can do a sneak attack on Russia is the fundamental basis of belief victory would be for the Bilderberg gang.


The above map shows how these lunatics believe they can win WWIII via this sneak attack launched from Eastern Europe in Poland…shades of Napoleon, WWI and Hitler!!!  The above map, I presume, shows nuclear missiles coming from Pakistan.  The problem with WWIII is simple: China and Russia have serious, powerful nuclear defensive and offensive nuclear missile capability.  I remember detente when Nixon went to China after finally figuring out that the USSR and Mao were at odds with each other and had a full flung border battle in 1964.

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 7.06.42 AM

Neue Seite: Nixon und MIRV 1: realizing the Vietnam War was lost, Nixon began serious negotiations with the USSR about MIRV missiles.  We were very close to annihilation at that point.  Both sides agreed that WWIII was a bad idea.  Instead of peace after the fall of the USSR, the US, taken over by neo-Nazi Zionists seeking world domination, men and women we call ‘neo-cons’ which is a fraud, they are full Nazis, the US decided to violate all diplomatic promises not to militarily surround Russia or attack Russian allies.


Thus, the contrived excuses for wars against Serbs, Orthodox Christians, Syria, Libya, Iraq, and of course, Afghanistan, the biggest Bear Trap on earth.  Leaving nothing but destruction and chaos in NATO’s wake, this historic push to utterly annihilate many small unprotected countries has caused massive destruction of the US economy and financial systems as the US is now drowning in red ink, both trade deficit and wild spending on domestic and military adventures.


News from Japan are hilarious considering how the Little Hitler there, the far right wing LDP, has fancied themselves doing another imperial expansion using the US navy as a replacement for the Japanese navy:  Japan’s defense export hopes dimmed by latecomer status


A year after Japan eased a longstanding ban on military exports, barely a trickle of deals has formed for its powerhouse manufacturers who are reckoning with latecomer status in a crowded global industry.


The US/Japan deal always has been, the US would be Japan’s toy to use in Asia so long as Japan didn’t compete with our only remaining export manufactured items: military equipment.  Once Japan declared they would undersell the US and take away our military market, the US should have slapped Abe down but didn’t so far.


The map at the top of this story is from 2014: The Pentagon’s Strategy for World Domination: Full Spectrum Dominance, from Asia to Africa | PIPR


 The Obama administration is currently deploying “missile defense” (MD) systems in Turkey, Romania, Poland and on Navy destroyers entering the Black Sea. The NATO military noose is tightening around Russia.


Russia has the world’s largest deposits of natural gas and significant supplies of oil. The US has recently built military bases in Romania and Bulgaria and will soon be adding more in Albania. NATO has expanded eastward into Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, right on Russia’s border. Georgia, Ukraine, Sweden and Finland are also on the list to become members of the cancerous NATO.


I am glad neo-cons note that the US and NATO have expanded, not Russia.  Of course, 99.9% of US propaganda says both China and Russia are the expanding aggressors.  All US/EU/Japan expansions are ignored.  The US even boasted about expanding borders greatly and then PARKING NUCLEAR MISSILES THERE AIMED AT RUSSIA AND CHINA.  This is hyper-aggression.


Just as we have seen the balkanization of Yugoslavia, Libya, and Iraq by US-NATO it appears that the same strategy has been developed for Russia. With NATO’s continuing military encirclement of Russia the plan appears to be to draw Moscow into a military quagmire in Ukraine that will weaken that nation. The Rand Corporation has studies that call for the break-up of Russia into many smaller pieces thus giving western corporations better access to the vast resource base available there.


I remember organizing demonstrations against the Rand Corporation way back in 1970.  Their analysis of what was going on in Southeast Asia was insane.  Their analysis of Russia is even crazier.  They learn absolutely nothing from history or their own mistakes.  Plowing ever onwards into WWIII, they relentlessly assure US leaders that sneak attacks on Russia work.  History screams otherwise but this is ignored.


As Kerry negotiates retreat from Ukraine with Putin after the Rand Corporation gambit of luring Putin into war in Ukraine failed, after the truth about the jet shot down by Kiev has been made utterly clear due to the refusal of the Western Alliance to release any of the data and tapes from that event, NATO’s rulers are backtracking a bit.


The neo-cons are now howling about the Silk Road which is a Russian/Chinese deal to extend transportation connections across the Eurasian continent from the Pacific Ocean to Europe and India.  The existential threat to India posed by China’s Pakistan gambit is one story attempting to start WWIII by claiming the Silk Road will isolate India.  India is already in discussions about connecting to China via train, too.  Why is Narendra Modi in China? PM needs a gameplan to neutralise Chinese power – Firstpost:


Besides, there is a crying demographic need: there are 90 million ‘excess men’ in China (and some 60 million in India) due to infant female infanticide. It is quite likely that both countries (and Pakistan with a slightly smaller number) will have to go war to just kill them off. Given bellicose, nuclear armed China and Pakistan, India has to prepare for war: mealy-mouthed pacifism will mean a quick surrender.


The logic here is obvious: the next Rand Plan for WWIII involves trying to get China and India to go to war.  The excess males is true but is bad news for the US and Japan.  Japan doesn’t have any excess youth, it has precious few youth at all.  Japan is spent.  It is literally dying away and cultural and intellectual rot is now setting in with a vengeance.  Then there is the issue of Japan’s poisoned soil as four nuclear reactors continue to pour out toxins undeterred.  Fukushima is a cancer at the heart of Japan.


Here is yet another neo-con delusional paper arguing for WWIII:  Chinese military might may be a paper tiger.


A third approach would be to lecture China about the human rights of its minorities, especially Tibetans and Uighurs. While this is not going to endear Modi to the Chinese establishment, it is also a veiled threat that India could do covert things that would not be pleasant for China.


This is already the US plan.  Our rulers lecture China about race and religious relations all the time.  The Chinese point back at our troubles.  Ooops.  This is very much ‘don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house’ issue.  India, land of the caste system and full of race abuses with the lighter skinned high status castes abusing the much darker skinned Untouchables being a gigantic social problem and then there is the Hindi-Muslim wars that rage off and on all the time.  No unity there.


This poking at China and Russia while ignoring real problems with our insane alliances is why we go from disaster to disaster.  Few countries are as racist as Israel and Japan and our elites love both very dearly and let both abuse anyone and everyone over racist issues.


Breakthrough to Ukraine peace in recent days, no alternative to Minsk deal – German FM warns Kerry and the oligarchs destroying Ukraine.  So the Ukraine=excuse to launch nukes at Moscow deal is collapsing as Germany remembers WWII.  Merkel’s refusal to go to Russia for the WWII celebrations there puts her firmly in the neo-Nazi camp.  This was insulting to the Russians and I will note that Chinese, Pakistani and Indian regiments marched in that parade while their leaders stood with Putin!


McCain appointed to Ukraine reform advisory team headed by fugitive Georgian ex-leader which is insane news.  The neo-cons haven’t given up on starting WWIII this way.


Georgia’s fugitive ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili and hawkish US Senator John McCain have been approved as members of the newly-formed International Advisory Group that will help Ukraine’s president in “conducting reforms.”


NATO to send advisers to Ukrainian defense ministry even as Kerry tells Putin NATO doesn’t intend to park nuclear missiles there.  Dragoon Ride 2.0? US to reassure NATO allies with show-of-force war games in Romania which is very very much against all the promises made to Gorbachev.


Suddenly, out of Rome comes this news Vatican officially recognizes Palestine, while Israel fumes.  The US is caught off guard.  The neo-con Zionists are in a fury.  Last of all, there is the problem of the dumbing down of Americans due to too much propaganda and too little science and technology that is real:

▶ Harvard Graduates Explain Seasons – YouTube: the highest status students in the US system are asked about why we have winter.  Remember that these same students are gung-ho about how we are all going to roast to death due to CO2!  They think the earth moving closer to the sun in summer and further away in winter due to a lopsided orbit is why it gets colder.  Not the reality which is, the earth is tilted and so half of the circuit of the sun the northern half of the earth is tilted towards the sun and half the time, is then tilted away.


Our education system is constantly reformed so that now students learn very little, it seems.  We continue to do very poorly in international tests:


Singapore is in the lead again followed by Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.


Finland, well known for its high quality education, was the top European country coming in sixth, while Sweden fell to 35th place, following warnings from the OECD that it had serious problems in its education system. The US was well down in 28th place.


So, we will go to war in Asia where all the brainiacs are.  College tutors can’t do in 36 weeks what teachers fail to achieve in 11 years | Education | The Guardian in England:


“Too much teaching in English and mathematics [by further education providers] is not good enough,” said Ofsted in a recent report. There’s no disputing the crux of this statement; English and maths teaching could be better. You only have to look at last year’s global rankings by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to see that England lies 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy out of 24 nations. And recent GCSE results in the further education sector do little to reassure concerns, with a mere 6.5% of learners achieving a grade C or above in English and 7% in maths.


So, the EU plan to force all nations in Europe to suck down millions of refugees from Eastern Europe and Africa, etc. is a raging success.  One of the problems with deindustrializing the West in order to import cheap labor goods is, there is little incentive for home populations to learn anything because they are redundant workers and end up on welfare instead and the goal of following generations is to get more welfare.


Like the US, England is going down the road of charging ‘students’ big debts to ‘go to school’ even though they have virtually failed the lower grade schools:  50% of people join a college without a grade C in English and maths.


This leaves many colleges in a situation where they have to train existing staff. Some colleges send tutors to subject knowledge enhancement courses, others ask people to retake the GCSE in their own time. Yes, that’s right, their own time. In my experience, the number of people who do this are relatively small, but it does happen. Regardless of the route taken to upskill, courses are often completed on top of an already heavy workload, with no extra pay. An ex-colleague of mine found it such a struggle that she had to drop out of her course due to stress.


The only reason she was doing it was to save her job. On several occasions, I have seen a college reorganise its curriculum areas to “save jobs”. This is often a result of cuts to the funding of certain qualifications – in some cases a 50% reduction. To prevent redundancies, managers relocate staff to teach English, maths and any other subject they can find some hours for.


The blind leading the blind.  The ‘teachers’ are poorly paid drones used to con ‘students’ out of their money which comes from the government but which is loaded onto poor kids who have managed to go through many years of schooling learning as little as possible.  Teachers of these fake courses complain bitterly about student attendance and lack of interest while students diddle with phones and toys deliberately ignoring the teachers.


Then in Asia where there is all that manufacturing going on, students there pay close attention to what is going on and voila: learn something!  Imagine that.  I suspect the lunatics ruling believe that WWIII will stop that nonsense.


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18 responses to “Pentagon Neo-cons Want WWIII

  1. aashild

    If only someone among the US elites could have been as clear sighted and aware of the dangers posed by this warmongering, like you are EMS, then maybe this lunacy could have been avoided.

  2. Eric Blood Axe

    You can’t blame Angela, for not partaking in the Victory celebrations, the germans were the losers

  3. Jim R

    And then there are all these ironic consequences of our ongoing economic failure.

    For example, the computers which run navy ships are manufactured in China now. IBM sold off its computer manufacturing business to a Chinese company some time ago.

  4. Jim R

    They’ll push the button to launch some missiles and their display screen will splurch out something in Chinese that none of the sailors can read. And then go blue-screen.

  5. Peter C.

    should have asked the Harvard grads why the days are longer in the summer,this would have generated some wonderful comedy.

  6. Petruchio

    “A third approach would be to lecture China about the human rights of its minorities, especially Tibetans and Uighurs.” Yes, and what country has THE highest prison population? The US. What country is always in the news because its police shoot someone dead under suspicious circumstances? The US. What country has been waging a phony “war” on drugs since forever? The US. This is like Gary Ridgway, the Green River killer, the man who brutally murdered 80+ women, giving speeches about the importance of Women’s Rights. US elites have no hypocrisy ‘gene’.

  7. John

    US elites have no hypocrisy ‘gene’.

    Psychopaths never do.

  8. vengeur

    I knew the fix was in when, during one of the Obama/Romney presidential debates, Romney said that Russia was the biggest threat to the US. WTF?
    How in the hell are they a threat to the US? Do they have bases all over the world? It is such war mongering insanity.

  9. Christian W

    Romney didn’t dare speak the truth and say Russia is the biggest Obstacle. That would have made far more sense. Russia is the biggest enemy because they won’t let the US 1st, 3rd, and 4th Financial Sucker Divisions infest Moscow and spread throughout the Russian economy.

  10. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ #1

    They are quite aware of the “dangers”. They have their bunkers. The rest is ritual human sacrifice.

  11. emsnews

    The problem with bunkers: say, you are an elite and running around half naked having fun in the sun in various places and then a nuclear bomb blows up.

    I lived with the harsh reality of WWIII. My father trained us to deal with it. SF writer Heinlein was quite impressed with how well trained we were when we were kids in the late 1950s.

    We knew the signs: if many military jets suddenly take off one after another in quick succession, it meant nuclear war and this did happen when Kennedy was shot.

    I ran literally for the mountains. Everyone else in school just sat there like helpless baby geese which a fox is stalking. Even military kids in my school didn’t understand what the jets taking off so suddenly meant. Only I ran out of the school and hightailed to the Rincon mountains.

    If nukes did fall that day, I would have been one of the few survivors who was unhurt! Think about that!

    The elaborate warning systems set up during and after WWII no longer work today. Does anyone think the US media would tell people what to do if nuclear war suddenly happened? HAHAHA. Nope. Not at all.

  12. Sunger

    The nuclear warhead exchange is only the start.

    The US Grid with it’s neglected maintenance will be history.

    After that the nuclear spent fuel ponds ignite and create dozens of Fukushimas across the US and the world.

    For what?

  13. Christian W

    Elaine: Teachers of these fake courses complain bitterly about student attendance and lack of interest while students diddle with phones and toys deliberately ignoring the teachers.

    It’s part of the US addiction culture. The US elites love addictions because they use them to control the population. People hooked on playing with their phones are dopamine addicts looking for their next fix. The elites know this trick well and use it constantly to SELL more stuff for the consumers.

    So the elites want consumers, not students or an educated population. By the time an American kid is 20 years old, I wonder how many years, real time years, he or she has spent watching TV and movies, gaming, creating music playlists, ie lost in the entertainment world. I bet it is at the very least 2 live years (10% of their life), probably much, much more….

  14. Petruchio

    Who says WWIII will START with nukes? I say it might not. Remember: WWI started when some Serbian/Bosnian as#hole shot an Arch Duke and his wife. Some one person or some small group could plan and execute a act of war-and hope the Russians think it was the US did it or vice versa. Or maybe the Russian finally get PO’ed enough at the US invasion of Ukraine and decide to retaliate–on US soil. In #12, Sunger mentions the Power Grid. I’d wager you the Russians are well aware of this Grids vulnerability. I’d further wager you that the Russians have contingency plans to strike a deadly blow to this Grid. Further, I’d say it is safe to say the Russians have the capability of ACTUALLY carrying out this assault on the US Power Grid. And these guys won’t have to take pilot training in Florida’s prime CIA retirement area to get ready, either. Just my .02.

  15. Christian W

    WWIII has already started. Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and are the latest fronts but things seem to be speeding up now all over the globe.

  16. Lou

    any sky watchers here? what about ‘Chemtrails’?

  17. emsnews

    The nuclear war will begin when the first missile is launched without any warning.

    The end will come THE SAME DAY. It will be a one day war.

  18. DeVaul

    Why aren’t “neo-cons” simply called “conservatives” or “right-wingers”?

    Why the attempt to conceal their identity?

    You cannot have liberals without conservatives, or leftists without rightists, or liberal media without conservative media, so…

    What’s going on?

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