Intelligent 16 Year Old Girl Sues Far Left Wing ‘Humanities’ Professor In Florida


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Click here to read the entire legal document concerning the LJ_Russum lawsuit due to teaching methods that are dishonest and biased-_Evidence_of_Discrimination.pdf.  It is well worth reading in full.


A right wing legal organization has filed a lawsuit against a far left wing teacher at a Florida higher education scam school.  Like many such schools, the teachers are poorly trained and sometimes barely literate.  In this court case, the teacher is a rabid communist, using his own definition of who he is, and he strove to teach young people all about ‘humanism’ which is horrifying since one of the least humanist ideologies on earth has been ‘communism’.  Traditional liberalism is the dying offshoot of humanism.  Humanism is a philosophy that elevated the human soul to the heights of the Gods.  Communism elevates despotic, cruel, inhuman dictators into Gods while the rest of humanity is reduced to near zero status.


I read the entire pdf file in this case from top to bottom and since I studied German philosophers of the 19th and 20th centuries way back in 1967-1970 starting off doing this at the tender age of 16, I was fascinated by the crude, vicious professor and this young girl who is a mirror for myself back then.  The topics she and her teacher were debating is one that I know very intimately indeed, in great detail.


The student, I feel, won all the points of this debate based on her extensive information.  This professor, Mr. Russum, has the oddest and sometimes totally fraudulent beliefs about many well-documented issues which verge on the insane when it comes to Martin Luther of German Protestant fame.  I was raised a Lutheran and I studied his writings, in German, extensively.  This professor claims that Luther was a ‘humanist’ during the fading days of the Italian Renaissance.


Luther’s rise to fame was due to his declaration of war against the corrupt Medici Popes and the other corrupt Popes that followed them.  He also took advantage of a tool created in Germany: the modern (versus Medieval or old Roman) printing revolution.  He translated the Bible into German, for example, which the Popes forbade and for which many a scribe had been burned at the stake across Europe.  But Martin Luther was a very conservative man who deplored nearly all of the efforts of the humanists in Italy and was horrified by the artwork in particular.


Professor fails student for refusing to condemn her Christian faith: Florida Professor Bullies Christian Student

Polk County, FL – A sixteen-year-old, dual-enrolled student, “G.L.,” is the subject of religious intolerance by humanities professor Lance “L.J.” Russum at Polk State College in Lakeland, Florida. Liberty Counsel has asked the dean to investigate the professor and his curriculum.


G.L. and her parents reached out to Liberty Counsel when Russum gave her four (4) straight zeros because she refused to conform to his personal worldviews of Marxism, Atheism or “Anti-theism”, Feminism, and homosexuality. Professor Russum expressed blatant and pervasive anti-Christian bias throughout the class, such as the following essay question: “Why did Christianity, and its male gods, seek to silence these women [the nuns]?”


In other essays where G.L. refused to concede that Christianity was false, violent, or oppressive to women; that Martin Luther’s motivations for the Reformation were wholly secular; and that Michalengelo’s sculptures and paintings communicated that “same-sex relationship is NOT A SIN,” Mr. Russum gave her a total of four straight zeros.


Michalengelo’s artwork was riddled with sexual imagery  that was quite blatant.  The erotic nature of these works were not missed by dissenting priests who couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what the Popes had bought to decorate the center of Christianity.  These very  great works of art were extraordinarily divisive and blew apart the entire church once and forever.


“The point of this is not to ‘bash’ any religion, we should NEVER favor one over another, they all come from the same source, HUMAN IMAGINATION and [sic] they demonstrate that humanity is one,” a copy of Russum’s class outline, riddled with grammatical errors, says.


“We have much to thank of [sic] humans like Michelangelo who took a sacred space, a temple to god, and made it a HUMAN space, a space where humanism can meet with god and discourse,” one course assignment read. “Finally humanity and the gods are on equal footing and that is what the myths of Hercules, Apollo and Jesus are all about—the divine becoming human and human being divine.”


The humanists of Italy were either brutally murdered or persecuted or committed suicide or suffered very negatively in the wake of all this and foreign invaders marched on Rome and all of Italy and took over while the Medici married off a daughter to the King of France where she sponsored ethnic and religious cleansing and riots and this is exactly how my Pettit Paris ancestors ended up in the New World after being forced out of France due to being Protestants.


Now on to the New Anti-humanists, professor Russum:  Press Release | Liberty Counsel has all the details.

“WHAT YOU MUST NOT WRITE ABOUT: 1. This is NOT about Luther’s theology

“2. Any quotes from his sermons or writings MUST be about humanism and how the reformation is in the right place and right time in history NOT some divine providence of the gods

“3. You must stay focused on the history of the humanism of Luther and his reformation IF You turn this into a theological debate or divine providence I will NOT read it and you will be given a zero.”


This refusal to read anything except parrot points confirming the bizarre views of this ill-informed professor is a sign of a closed mind and giving this young lady ‘zero’ for her hard work is typical Stalinism.  Anti-thoughts, verboten disputes, the crushing of any contrary ideas is pure Maoism.  The professor claims to admire Mao, after all.  Here is a sample of his ability to write coherently:

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 2.48.10 PM


Point #1: ‘What is something Lady Julian is saying/doing’ is a clunker of a sentence.  ‘What is Lady Julian either saying or doing’ is a much more coherent beginning to this sentence.


Point #2:  ‘From the article on the Nuns what makes their defiance of male dominance so important?’  This should be, ‘From the article ‘The Nuns’, what makes their defiance of male dominance so important?’  Any name of any publication is to be put in parentheses.


Point #3: ‘Why did Christianity, and its male gods, want to silence these women?’ This sentence like the one about the Nuns above, is poorly punctuated, too.  Here is the correct form: ‘Why did Christianity and it’s male gods, want to silence these women?’  This ‘professor’ seems to feel that the comma is a random device to be strewn hither and yon with no regard to proper usage.


#4: For the reading on the Nuns…is riddled with errors.  The teacher warns everyone to ignore the original questions that go with the reading material and to replace these with his ill-written, illiterate insertions.  The young lady suing him took him to task on this issue.  Here is the final paragraphs of her paper she wrote about ‘The Nuns’.  She refers to the three questions of the professor which made little sense:

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 3.27.40 PM


The five questions the student who is suing is referring to are the original ones that went with the text assigned by the teacher. The teacher wrote in huge capital letters that students were forbidden to even refer to these much clearly written and on topic questions and instead, write screeds based on his own biases instead.


This is a great way to learn how to write garbage for dictators.  A terrible way to teach young people how to write clearly and stay on topic.  Throughout the documents, the professor looks horrible and the young lady looks sane.  Yes, she is a devout Christian but her debate points are quite mature and need a sane rebuttal.  I doubt this ‘professor’ could do this.


Then there is this racist, vicious woman who is black who was hired to teach ‘Black Studies’ in Boston that made big news:  Boston University’s Saida Grundy apologizes after critical comments on white men.  Her writings were not ‘critical’. They were racist, Nazi-level screeds.


‘I regret that my personal passion about issues surrounding these events led me to speak about them indelicately,’ she said in a statement. ‘I deprived them of the nuance and complexity that such subjects always deserve.’ A Boston University professor who called ‘white college males’ a ‘problem population’ has said she regrets making the remarks.


College students sing nasty ditties in private are then kicked out of school and attacked and humiliated.  A black professor female does much worse and she is a teacher!…and the University mouths some platitudes and hires her anyways.  The right has good reasons to call blacks on double standards and ‘liberal’ schools are turned into sewers when slime like this gets to educate our youths.  This disgusts me greatly.  I have people comment here who say very disagreeable things and I chide them about this but when blacks demand ethnic cleansing, this is one wish they will certainly get in the future if this sort of dangerous talk continues.


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32 responses to “Intelligent 16 Year Old Girl Sues Far Left Wing ‘Humanities’ Professor In Florida

  1. vengeur

    It is very reflective of the times we are living in when a cockroach like that “Black Studies” professor feels free to spew her racial hate in broad daylight. And make no mistake, Obama and his gang of haters have given the all clear for such creatures to spew their evil hate. Shameless evil racists.

  2. e sutton

    Since we’re pulling out the red pen, it’s = it is. To establish ownership,” its “remains grammatically correct without an apostrophe. Gnome sane?


    Yes, dumb me! You are right.

  3. e sutton

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the negro being exterminated. The Power Elite need more like them to continue to dumb down and enslave what remains of our “citizens”.

  4. Christian W

    Good for that girl. I’d get seriously annoyed with such an incompetent/delusional professor too and with the college that employed him and wasted my study time, my life and my money.

  5. Christian W

    As for “Black Studies”, that is really a trap aimed at the Blacks too. An effective device to get the Blacks to do their own Dividing and Self defeating.

  6. e sutton

    @Christian #5,

    Exactly how do you expect some million plus negro college hopefuls to obtain a university degree without the aid of “Black Studies”. I can teach my dog to bark if he wants a biscuit. Not too much in the way of difference in my opinion, of course.

  7. DeVaul

    I was the first student, apparently, at my college to actually complain to the dean about a professor. He was a German professor (and a real German) who seemed obsessed with sexual innuendos and other perverted forms of sexual activity to such an extent that it distracted everyone from the lesson at hand and from learning anything useful in his classes.

    During my meeting with the dean of the college, he informed me that no one had ever complained about a professor there before, but he could not do anything because the professor had “tenure”. (I had asked that he be fired or dismissed and replaced with a professor whose real interest was German language and literature, not sexual activity. I also told him that I represented everyone in his classroom when he asked me if others felt the same.)

    So, I had to tell everyone that we had failed and that the professor was protected from being fired and we were stuck with him. The dean said something to the professor and it came back to me later in one of his classes, but I was vindicated when several years later I learned from my college mentor that students were going to the head office and demanding a full refund after taking his language classes.

    I had no ill feelings towards him. It was just that we were there to learn German and not incest or “forbidden love” or things that really belonged over in the philosophy department and not in the German department.

    Without tenure, people like Noam Chomsky, a brilliant linguist and “enemy of the state”, would have been fired and silenced forever, but the price to be paid for that was incompetent professors who could not be replaced. In light of how our country is run and how it behaves, I don’t think there is any real solution to problems of this nature. It is best to just try and avoid bad professors and take only classes from good ones, like I tried to do.

    Suing them just seems to be a political stunt and waste of time.


    .1 – This stinks of a setup, why would a religIous girl sign up for a course on humanism, with a known communist leaning professor.
    Would you be praising her if she ordered a anti gay bible verse cake from a known fag owned bakery?

    -2. Communism is social system that provides an alternative way to live, a competition to capitalism, that forces the rich to ensure that those at the bottom get something from the economic pie. Now that their is no more revolution threat, the poor are just left to rot at bottom of society.
    Communism was also responsible for expecting women to do all jobs/professions including fighting. I thought this was important to you, now communism has gone, how long before girls get put back in the maternity wards?
    -3. Communism was also very big on education for everybody, not just the elite, is this not another one of you favouritr topics?

    -4. i notice you have not posted on the Democratic party selling out its base again with the TPP, if communism was still a threat, do you think this would have happened?

  9. vengeur

    @AMIGAUSER. point -1. Yes, we have seen that tactic used a few times haven’t we. Let’s see, hmmm, who usually uses that tactic? Good for the goose, good for gander.

  10. DeVaul

    Yes, Amigauser, it was most likely a political stunt.

    The girl does not sound like someone who would be interested in anything this professor teaches, so why would she take one of his classes? If she was required to, she could confront him in class like a man (are women equal, or not?) like we did at Centre College in Kentucky and make her arguments there. That is what a college classroom is for. It happened all the time at Centre.

    Now, though, everyone is an adult child that cannot be violated by the opinions of another, so we must resort to the court system and Fox News to settle the matter.

    I find it ironic that Elaine is up in arms over the behavior of black people. The white man complained for hundreds of years that the Negro was useless because he could not act like a white man. Well, now they do, and who is whining and crying? White people, who cannot bear to be the targets of the immense hypocrisy and double standards they wanted the Negro to adopt so that Negroes could become “civilized” — like white people.

    There is an old saying among non jews: “What you do to others, can and will be done to you.”

    Jews cannot bear this ancient saying, for it makes them responsible for their own past actions and behavior towards others. They just can’t bear it.

    Black people now make up only 13% of the population due to immigration, yet the people on this blog behave as if they wield more power and influence than Vladimir Putin and Chairman Xing combined. How silly. And childish.

    I wonder. What if during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, white scientists and white philosophers and white doctors had never invented the concept of race and racial superiority? Where would we be today? What kind of world would we inhabit?

    I guess we’ll never know.

  11. emsnews

    The race issue was invented mmmmm about 3000 years ago when the Aryans invaded India. The natives of India were very dark skinned due to the obvious fact that DARK SKIN EVOLVES IN HOT EQUATORIAL PLACES.

    The northern invaders were pale skinned due to living under previous Ice Age conditions on the Steppes. They created the caste system based on skin color which endures to this very day and has never, ever been fixed in India!

    There are smart black people, dumb black people, ditto white people, too.

    The thing that I keep harping on is that CULTURE MATTERS A LOT.

    If a society believes that slavery, poverty, worshipping Mao or whatever is great, that society rots from the heart and the ‘smart’ people are dumbed down to the level of the lowest slave and then is conquered as India was, by a small band of foreigners say, from England.

    The Roman empire rotted internally rapidly, within about 4 generations of spoiled rich brats and emperors, it was overrun by ‘barbarians’ who ruled as ’emperors’ for 1,000 years as it all rotted away like a noxious corpse.

    The ruling elites were totally annihilated after butchering each other by 100 AD.

  12. Lou

    The bigger picture,The government is spreading violent diversity into rural areas and small towns. It is not uncommon for small towns to be flooded with hundreds or even thousands of refugees over the course of several months. A friend visited his hometown in Iowa. Lots of mexicans.

    And yet one more case of a Black man killing his White woman. EMS has not [in what I have read here] mentioned Domestic Violence and how Blacks are 20x? 40x? more likely to kill their female sex partner or ex.

  13. Lou

    #6, E Sutton, all the newer ‘Studies’ are watered down stuff that doesnt help much in the job market. Womens – gay- ethnic- Media-Film studies.

  14. Sunger


    Fox & GOPers do this stuff all the time so they can scream VICTIMIZATION and make their religious followers feel all holy and persecuted.


  15. Sunger

    Elaine said: “Humanism is a philosophy that elevated the human soul to the heights of the Gods. ”

    Wrong. This is the biased sermonizing of the true Jesus believers. No humanism does not put man on a godly parity. Humanism with science realizes that man must be humble in the face of vastness of creation.

    Exactly the opposite of the religionists who think they know the mind of “god” and want to chain mankind down to a bunch of stone-age tribal laws ie old testament. And they want mankind to believe that “god” only spoke to man one time. And that “he” wants mankind to obey ancient jewish tribal law including the use of human sacrifice till the end of time. Just another unproven holy theory from true believers, folks.

    But the real goal of the religionists is power. Power over people’s minds. Power to invoke guilt and fear. Power to make the peasants believe that the priests hold the key to a heaven in the clouds or a lake of sulfurous lava. Sometimes sexual victims for predator priests.

    Sorry padre but we don’t want any.

  16. William

    @ DeVaul
    It is refreshing to read your comments. You are in tune to what is really going on in what is presented to us reality. Somehow these kinds of topics devolves into bashing ‘black people’ behavior. Lou and e-sutton are stuck in a time loop and cannot go past their ingrained biased perspectives. For those who see through all the distraction it is wonderful to know and be aware.

  17. DeVaul

    @ William

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    You are right about some of the commenters here. They are from a different age group than perhaps I am and some others, and thus their biases are very difficult to get rid of, even for those who really try, and I know some who have. A lifetime of preconceived notions are rarely dumped overboard all at once, except perhaps in a major cultural collapse scenario.

    They say that “time heals all wounds”, but what they don’t tell you is that part of the healing process results from “dying from those wounds”.

    In other words, the particular form of racism that exists today in the US may not go away until those who truly believe in it have all finally passed away.

    We will have to wait, and hope that our children will advance a different belief system — one that considers “race” irrelevant.

  18. emsnews

    I have a diversity of comments here.

    THIS IS DELIBERATE. People gravitate to websites that echo everything and everyone agrees. Here, we debate stuff.

    People DISAGREE. THIS IS DELIBERATE. Nothing bores me more than total agreement. Who learns anything that way????

    The US is being dragged relentlessly into disintegration due to various contrary forces. Liberalism has declined gravely into doctrinaire lies and the right wing wants to retrograde to slavery which is stupid, insane, nasty and ridiculous.

    People have little faith or love of a different future, they all want to run to the shelter of the past. This is very sad to watch.

    We also want free money, to goof off and to have a perfect world while being slobs. All of this is most annoying.

    The END OF TIMES ideology has gipped both the far left and far right. Both believe we will roast to death due to either an angry god pissed off at sex stuff (TALK ABOUT INSANE!!!) or driving SUVs and causing CO2 to roast us to death.

    Both believe we will mostly die and BOTH WANT THIS TO HAPPEN because….the left and right both really hate humans!

    The right wants more humans and no birth controls or rights of women even though they hate most humans and want them to die and hate most women, too and probably want them to also die.

    The left wants birth controls and unlimited immigration flooding their home states which is crazy, too. And then howl like banshees ‘humans are DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT!’ and talk openly about eliminating 90% of all humans to make the earth environmentally clean again!!!

    And here I am, stuck in the middle, arguing about civil rights and civil responsibilities and how we have to work for both, not one and being accused of being racist for pointing out the obvious. Not to mention, the planet has entered a cooling cycle so the Apocalypse of the global warmists won’t happen, either.

  19. Lou

    ‘We also want free money’. I do not know who this ‘we’ is. The Fed? yes, 7? Trillion in free money. ‘Basquaits’ are selling at a price of 20,000,000 dollars.
    The 45,000,000 on EBT? I doubt if all of them want ‘free stuff’.
    The system cannot hold for too much longer. The Chinese are about to topple our house of cards.
    If my posts offend some, I offer no apologies.

  20. Lou

    ‘The left wants birth controls and unlimited immigration flooding their home states which is crazy, too. And then howl like banshees ‘humans are DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT!’

    Yup. The jews want many non Whites in USA.
    Greenspans wife [andrea] whined about ‘Iowa being too White’.
    Elaine has noted the ethnic cleansing jews do. Here and in Israel. Europe. Australia.

    The government is spreading violent diversity into rural areas and small towns. It is not uncommon for small towns to be flooded with hundreds or even thousands of refugees over the course of several months.
    Those refugees then use family reunification to bring hundred or even thousands more of their kind into the small town.
    Lewiston, ME was flooded with thousands of violent African muslims, they now make up 10% (or more) of the town’s population. Those Africans you saw in the nearby town may be the bellwether for a flood of savages coming into your area. The government will not let you hide from them, I’m sorry.
    Elaine is probably safe out in the woods, but in the unlikely event you are raided by diversity, you are completely on your own.

  21. Jim R

    Hmmm … birth control might be a good idea. Sort of. But then that always gets back to the old eugenics question of “what are you selecting for/against?”, and, as political animals, humans are too stupid to make that decision.

    In the easy times (like now) when food is no problem, and shelter, etc. the Darwinian race goes to those who are simply the most fertile. In hard times, Darwin is more selective, and favors those who are clever enough and/or strong enough. Note that thieves and grifters are only favored under strict circumstances. You can’t have a whole species of them, because somebody needs to have something to steal…

    As for civil rights, that is a phenomenon of the easy times.

  22. Lou

    In the ‘Black lives matter’ counterpoint dept,

    ‘It’s hard to determine if the “black kid who got a heart transplant because blacks whined racism when he was denied transplant then dies after a police chase” or “black judge scolds young white girl for racism and let’s black home invaders off lightly” is the craziest story of 2015.

    Of course, it’s hard to pass on the empty stadium game between the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox on April 29, perhaps the finest example of discernible black contributions to America ever captured… and a fitting reminder an ongoing black insurrection, like inclement weather, is a suitable reason to postpone a baseball game. ‘

  23. DeVaul

    I think, perhaps, in your effort to “balance” things, you have nit-picked a little, or perhaps a lot — depending on each person’s opinion.

    If you were running a blog in Nazi Germany, where would you go to find something to “balance things” against the rising tidal wave of Nazism all around you? Would you start a fight with those dirty, thieving gypsies?

    The latest article you did is what’s coming to a theatre near you, so why blast inner city minorities who don’t stand a chance against the rising tide of neo-Nazism in our country?

    It is a waste of precious time and only encourages those whose hearts are filled with hatred of minorities to join the approaching tsunami of Nazi terror.

    Perspective, Elaine. That’s the key: perspective.

  24. Jim R

    Note: Politicians of all stripes, left, right, fascist, communist, and royalty, all fall under the heading of “thieves and grifters”.

  25. DeVaul

    No argument here.

    My questions is: how do these psychopaths always make it to the very top?

    Is everyone else too busy doing what interests them to try and stop these clowns, or is there something about human nature that says only sociopaths will seek power over others?

    We’ve gotten to the point where when a person announces they are running for public office, they have just put on billboard that says: “sociopath”.

  26. emsnews

    Rise to the top and you get to collect bribes. This is fixable but our society decided to not fix anything so the bribes proliferated like crazy. Remember ‘equal time’????

    I USED IT A LOT. In NYC which is a huge important place, I could call a TV station and demand equal time and got it, too! It was a great tool so the Supreme Court killed it. Just like it killed ‘vote for President’ saying ‘votes do NOT count.’

    No one but me protested. I yelled pretty loudly and then silence fell due to 9/11 which was engineered to silence everyone and it worked perfectly.

    We have all been dumbed down since then and no one really lobbies Congress anymore since they are all bribed at this point. Sad, isn’t it?

  27. DeVaul

    Well, as I have maintained all along, as have others, this is what happens when an empire dies. The entire system is looted and everyone looks out only for themselves.

    You remember that graph you did many years ago that showed how an ascending empire and a declining empire meet at a certain point on the graph, and that is when war breaks out?

    I wonder where we, China, and Russia are on that graph.

  28. emsnews

    BINGO. Yes.

  29. vengeur

    Devaul, I have been noticing lately that people seem more suspicious, mistrustful, aggressive. Myself included. Maybe it always has been this way. But something seems to be happening, I think people have become somewhat demoralized. I think it may be starting to dawn on some people that things ARE NOT going to get better. I noticed the other day that a 19 year old college student challenged Jeb Bush about his brother creating ISIS. Now anybody who thinks about it KNOWS that is true. And yet it takes a 19 year old to go off script and STATE THE OBVIOUS. Now , decisions made by G. Bush ( and backed by H. Clinton) have resulted in millions of deaths and untold misery, yet NOBODY TALKS ABOUT this, save a 19 year old college student.

  30. Christian W

    The Emperor has no clothes, indeed. Out of the mouth of ‘babes’…

  31. DeVaul

    @ venguer

    Yes, it is always the younger generation that challenges the status quo, as they have the least to lose at that time (other than their lives, of course).

    This is why I believe that every news anchorman and woman should be publicly hanged for hiding the truth from the American people, and they know what is going on because they are told not to report it and instead read a bunch of nonsense off of a computer screen that rolls words passed their eyes while on the air.

    That is every bit as much an act of treason as the activities of Congress and our entire government.

    As for the “security guards” that tazer the 19 year old kids who ask questions, they can be hanged together with the war criminals they chose to protect.

  32. Lou

    Fascinating. And eerie as well.

    ‘suit against a far left wing teacher at a Florida higher education scam school.’
    Why is Polk a ‘scam’?

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