Jewish Supreme Court Rules Bedouin Are Subhuman And Can Be Evicted And Replaced With Right Wing Jewish Squatters

Video showing Jewish Sturmtruppen evicting Muslims from their homes so Jews can build there instead.

Naziism thrives in Israel.  Over and over again, the Jews there have chosen to ape Hitler’s ideology totally.  The difference between Israel and Nazi Germany has vanished.  The Jews have a court system there that is riddled with Nazi legal ideology which is extremely dangerous because this KILLS LIBERALISM.  In the US, Jews claim to be ‘liberals’ but when it comes to their home state, they turn Nazi.  Refusing to understand how dangerous this all is, they persist in legalizing Naziism via courts run by Jews who believe that all humans who are not Jews are subhumans who have zero civil or legal rights.  This ideology leaks back into the US system and Jews will be hurt by this, badly, in the future.  They are a very small minority here in the US and extremely vulnerable.


Lots of readers have raged at me when I attack modern US ‘liberalism’ which has failed badly over the years.  The failures are mainly due to a refusal to understand how democracy works as liberals try hard to impose their solutions using naked force rather than persuasion and even worse, the schizophrenic split personality problems caused by Jewish liberals who are totally fake because they don’t believe that civil rights are for everyone, when push comes to shove, most believe in privileges that go to themselves.  They hide this by forming alliances with other minorities such as blacks from Africa (native former slaves and newcomers both) and illegal aliens to gain various concessions from white Europeans.


I know for a fact, having lived inside the Jewish community as a ‘dirty female married to a real Jew’ that Jews living in the cities with blacks and illegal aliens hate them.  Very much.  The more the Jews are religious, the deeper the hatred of all other people.  This is leading to tensions in the cities where Jews live which is why so many are taking over towns outside of say, NYC, in order to live isolated lives where they never touch Untermenschen.


This is the week Muslim and Christian natives of Palestine remind us all about Nakba when the Jews did a massive ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land:  Israeli court says Arab village must make way for Jewish town | Middle East Eye


 Israeli officials have been intensifying their campaign against the Bedouin since 2002, when planning authorities approved the founding of 14 Jewish communities in the Negev as part of efforts to strengthen what was termed “national resilience”.


The authorities have insisted that most of the Bedouin villagers relocate to half a dozen government-planned townships established decades ago…


In recent years, Israeli authorities have grown increasingly concerned by the steady emigration of Bedouin from the townships back into the unrecognised villages, said Abu Saad.


“Any families who can return to their original villages are doing so,” he said.


“I have pointed out to the planning authorities repeatedly that if you want the Bedouin to stay in the towns, then you have to make it worthwhile to live there. Otherwise people will vote with their feet.”


Bedouin in the unrecognised villages argue that they should be allowed to continue their pastoral way of life as farmers and herders.


The villages are located either on land inhabited by the Bedouin for generations or on sites, as at Umm al-Hiran, to which they were moved after their expulsion from their original land following the 1948 war.


The foreign Jews who invaded after 1948 have prevented Arab MPs from holding an emergency parliamentary session to discuss this Nazi court ruling.  The Jews were very clever when they invaded. They illegally declared that 93% of the land they conquered was ’empty lands’ after Jews attacked and drove out much of the native population.  So most of the land in Israel is held by the Jewish government which hands out various parcels to Jews only.


People living on ancestral lands are evicted and these towns handed over to Jews and this is pure Naziism.  Totally and completely.  What is really revealing about this whole issue is, one of the Jewish judges (no Muslims are allowed to judge Jews!) Daphne Barak-Erez suggested to her fellow Nazis that the Bedouin living in the village the Jews want to destroy should be allowed to move into the new village that the Jews plan to build on the site of the Muslim town.


This was totally rejected as impossible since non-Jews are subhuman animals and are not allowed to touch or be anywhere around real Jews who are supermen, to paraphrase Hitler.  A number of societies have decided their ruling elites are ‘supermen’.  This cruel ideology is used to steal from or oppress people.  It disheartens me to see blacks in the US pulling the ‘superman’ ideology for themselves which then allows other groups to do the same.


What is even uglier in the Israeli land stealing program is that the Jews who want to steal the village at the center of the court case presently live ILLEGALLY in a State Forest nearby, Yatir Forest.  The government hasn’t lifted a finger to stop them while at the same time, has repeatedly bulldozed down Muslim villages for being ‘illegal’.


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21 responses to “Jewish Supreme Court Rules Bedouin Are Subhuman And Can Be Evicted And Replaced With Right Wing Jewish Squatters

  1. Ken

    As I understand it, many Arabs living in Israel feel that it is merely a matter of time until their high birth rate makes them the majority race within Israel. When that happens it will be pay back time, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

  2. Jim R

    When the Anglo empire of the ‘west’ fails (not sure the date, but its destiny is almost certain by now), Israel will cease to exist. And it will happen with astonishing rapidity.

    It will close like a hole in the water in the middle of the ocean. If you live there, now might be a good time to move to Switzerland, or some other friendly place…

  3. Lou

    Jim, what about Israels 300-400 ‘secret nukes’ and its willingness to use them, including their openly stated ‘we can nuke DC’?

  4. Jim R

    If Israel starts tossing nukes around, we may just get to see that ‘nuclear winter’ before we die.

    Do you seriously think those nukes will stop the inevitable? Forestall it for a time, maybe. Maybe.

    Without massive economic life support from Europe and the US, Israel does not have a reason to exist. That is probably what makes them so thin-skinned and aggressive toward their perceived enemies. They are outnumbered. And the nukes will do nothing to help that.

    Just two or three nukes from, say, Pakistan, would flatten and toast the major cities of Israel. AFAIK Pakistan does not have a beef with Israel, but if Israel starts it, there are others around to finish it.

  5. Christian W

    What Jim points out about Israel is one of the main drivers of the US, and consequently the UK/EU warmongering abroad, especially in the Middle East and Ukraine.

    The fight to maintain the dominance of Wall Street and the City of London is the fight to keep the US economy ‘growing’ so Israel can keep milking the US paying for it’s military and social services and it’s continual expansion and foreign policy goals.

    That is why Israeli Nazism goes to the heart of the matter of world peace and the liberal world order and the nascent Eurasian centred growth cycle.

    It is simply not possible to have peace with the Zionist cancer growing in the ME. If Israel tried to become a more modern liberal state, not dependent on US money, then internal contradictions would tear it apart.

    The Israeli solution to their problems is the same solution the US elites have for American problems and systemic contradictions. That is why the Neocons were allowed back into the driving seat of power under Dubya Bush.

    All of us who are outside of the US elites and Israeli Nazi policies are consequently Palestinians, potential enemies and subhumans, with no rights and no input allowed.

    The US police state is part of this system, even if Elaine does not quiet see it yet. Protesting police brutality and the police state really has nothing to do “with allowing Blacks to riot” but all to do with not allowing the US/Zionists elites to increase their power systems.

    Not allowing riots is a given in any sane system, including liberal systems. Riots themselves are a sign of failed domestic policies. Good policies can only be put in place if there is no Power elite that has hijacked the systems for their own ends.

    Allowing the Elites to impose their own systems, using manufactured excuses (riots, 9/11) and corruption, is ultimately self defeating.

  6. Christian W

    Go home or go to jail: Israel pressures African migrants/refugees to leave

  7. Sunger

    The Jewish people can do no wrong for they are the chosen people.

    It says so right there in the bible.

  8. emsnews

    The chances of police siding with Zionists demanding they shoot and kill THEIR OWN NEIGHBORS is insane. Won’t happen.

    Anyone who is interested in history learns quickly that the police and military nearly always support the middle class unless that class is eliminated. Which is happening slowly in the US. The police have ZERO reason to side with unemployable urban rioters who are out to loot and kill and are a menace to the families and neighbors of the police.

    Can anyone here understand this? It is simple to see.

  9. Jim R

    The simpler answer is that the police do the bidding of those who employ them, and pay them. They might not attack their own neighbors, but then the big shots can always hire some from another neighborhood.

    In a recent example, you had the ‘maidan’ riots in the Ukraine. And Yanukovich’s police didn’t really do much to oppose the rioters. Yanokovich was so corrupt, and he hadn’t been paying them for some time… the police didn’t care. Apparently there had been some subversion in their leadership ranks, as well.

    Later on, the Neonazis took over, and any further protests in Kiev are brutally suppressed. The coup regime has hired new police with the money being handed out to them by, ahem, somebody.

    Stop supporting them, and they will have to find aonther job. It’s just that simple. Political leanings have an effect, but not as powerful as you’d like to believe.

  10. e sutton

    Can anyone here understand this? It is simple to see.


    umm, yep, I’m with you completely on that one. Communism is a great idea until it’s your stuff that they’re carting away. Then, one becomes a …..shudder………Capitalist. The Marching Band that leads the parade of “We’re All Equal!” doesn’t want to admit that there are members of society who are perfectly content to skim off of productive members of society, on both ends of the economic strata. Maybe they’ll find this song inspirational:

  11. emsnews

    The Ukraine was classic ethnic cleansing warfare. Those with the weapons rule.

    It doesn’t matter which tribal group does this, might makes ‘right’ and this is the core of Naziism or Zionism.

    Police will not accept pay to attack their own kin and neighbors who share tribal similarities if ordered by ‘aliens’ who are not one of them.

  12. e sutton

    The curious thing about the Ukraine situation is that, for those of us paying attention, no attempt was made to hide the white, neo-Nazi ethnic cleansing of the Washington sponsored coup. So whites (and blacks) who somehow believe they’re on the “right side of history” are going to be in for a world of pain when these bastards show all of their cards. Here’s a little speech about Clinton’s Svengali, Carroll Quigly:

  13. Christian W

    @10 e

    Heh, yes. There is a Russian joke from back in the Soviet times.

    “Everything they told us about Capitalism is true.

    Unfortunately, everything they told us about Communism is false!”

    Still, what happened in Russia was Bolschevism rather than Communism. Also Russia was devastated by WWI, the the Revolution and a bloody and brutal Civil War and then WWII, was economically destitute and spent all it’s money on the military, first in preparation for WWII and the war with Hitler, then the Cold War. On top of that it was run by a psychotic dictator and henchmen for decades. Not exactly ideal circumstances for any society.

    Cuba was denied trade with the US, it’s closest neighbor and an economic super power. Still it managed to build vastly superior systems when it comes to health care, and possibly education (if you remove the ideology out of the curriculum, but then again you have to do that with US economic and historical text books too!). :p

  14. Floridasandy

    We will see if Cuba is superior to the U.S. My guess is that once Obama opens trade with Cuba many will be relocating here. It’s an old story we see played out time and again here in America.

  15. Christian W

    Police will not accept pay to attack their own kin and neighbors who share tribal similarities if ordered by ‘aliens’ who are not one of them.

    They will if it is a matter of survival, or, if you introduce a political or religious division depending on the situation. There are always ways to get henchmen to do the dirty deeds. Brother vs brother is one of the oldest themes in history.

    The problem with the Jews being “only a tiny minority” in the US is simple. They rule the US. Take out the Zionistic Jews from the political system, finance and media and you gut the entire system. To do that would be tantamount to a revolution.

    Let’s face it. The US elites are deeply intertwined with the Jews. It won’t wash for the US elites to say, we didn’t know anything, we are innocent, it was the Jews doing all the bad stuff.. Ah, ah, no go.

    This potential revolution will not happen because it is not the lazy option. The lazy option is to attack the weak at the bottom of society because they are the easier target and will not disrupt the system short term and to cling on to what you have for as long as possible and hope for the best (ie not to have to undergo WWIII in it’s nuclear form).

    Then when the weak are trying to flee for their lives (Syria and out of Africa) or out of crushing poverty (Latin America and Central America, caused by US elite policies) into our country, we can hammer those weak people too.

    This is what we are currently seeing.

  16. Christian W

    @ 14 Sandy

    I didn’t say Cuba is superior in all it’s aspects to the US. I said we cannot judge Communism based on what we have seen so far since eg Cuba was never allowed to be what it could have been out of a petty boycott by the US elites. I’m not saying Communism is anything close to the ideal or best system, but some things Cuba has done have been impressive given the very scant resources they have had to work with.

    Life expectancy in Cuba is about the same as it is in the US, yet health care costs 96% (or so) less…

    Also many people are driven by greed and fall for the American Dream baloney. The grass is always greener… and all that.

    And the US does have an infinite amount of US Dollars after all. Why not go for your share of those? One fine day you will all be $Trillionaires. Glory be.

  17. emsnews

    The ‘weak at the bottom’ are too busy attacking each other and in general acting like animals.

    And yes, tiny minorities ruling countries DO end up being destroyed no matter how rich they are when the middle decides they had enough. Every time in history that a rich minority ordered the suppression of the MIDDLE CLASS, that government fell.

    Old Marxists understood this clearly. Why people can’t figure this out after 150 more years of obvious history is a puzzle. The middle class squeeze going on right now is from two directions: the very top 0.1% and the bottom 15%.

    The super rich ignore the needs of the middle while the mobs destroying our cities are greatly feared and for good reason. These aren’t revolutionaries, these are chaos rioters seeking to loot and steal and kill. No sane person wants to be anywhere near these rioting mobs.

    The cities being burned to the ground, quickly or slowly, are all once industrial bases. The elites moved our industries offshore and created this crisis but the black mobs are not the answer to fixing anything, they are the opposite, they prevent any reforms or fixes.

  18. Mewswithaview

    I don’t live in Cuba and have never experienced their health care system and I doubt anyone posting here has either. It is telling that when Castro was ailing they called in expertise from abroad to treat him, I bet he had no problem getting the care and medication he needed and I doubt that the average Cuban gets great health care given the obstacles they have to overcome. It’s cheap for a reason.

    In the country I live, if you don’t have health insurance you wait in line. The public health budget does not shrink (even though the country is bankrupt) and the queues get longer, the money is siphoned off to the special interests (political clientelism, bureaucracy, medical profession, drug companies). You can get treated well and survive but it’s like winning the lottery. If you have private health insurance you can skip the queue. If you are wealthy or if you want treatment for a condition that is not available in this country, you raise the funds and go to the United States for treatment. The drugs purchased by the public health hospitals that are past their sell by date are sent to Cuba by a charity run by doctors here.

    For sure – health care in the United States is expensive, and likely due to the combination of vested interests that game the system plus a burden exacerbated by lifestyle (cancer, diabetes, heart conditions) it is made more expensive, however it is available for a price. The systems in Europe are just as expensive but the costs to the end user are hidden by taxation, borrowing and rationing of treatment for those without insurance.

    Under certain conditions (too old, too sick) you can be denied life saving treatment on European public health systems and there is nothing you can do about that. That’s why there are death pathways and legalised euthanasia to manage the problem of too many old people on the public health system.

  19. CK

    Everyone is a subhuman to someone somewhere.
    That is just one of the many virtues of being alive.
    The dead have their equality guaranteed.

  20. Jim R

    Police will not accept pay to attack their own kin and neighbors who share tribal similarities if ordered by ‘aliens’ who are not one of them.

    You missed the whole point. Police don’t care if they aren’t paid to. Remember the MOVE incident in Philly? They burned down a whole city block. A WHOLE CITY BLOCK OF THEIR OWN CITY.

    Like I said, all they have to do is hire police from a DIFFERENT neighborhood.

    In all these riots in the news recently, the police at the center of the story WERE NOT FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD. They were from some other nearby city, from somewhere else. As were most of the rioters.

    The Ukraine was a “color revolution” from the CIA playbook. The instability was noted, recognized, and carefully nurtured with news stories, organizations, money, and guns. And almost certainly mercenaries. Ukrainian police now, have no problem “shooting their own”, especially the former police. They may not shoot other nazis.

  21. Seraphim

    @Naziism thrives in Israel. Over and over again, the Jews there have chosen to ape Hitler’s ideology totally.

    They did that before Nazism existed:

    “Most Zionist youth movements were established in Eastern Europe in the early twentieth century, desiring the national revival of the Jewish people in their own homeland, and soon formed an active and integral part of the Zionist movement. All emphasised aliyah (emigration to the Land of Israel) and community, with many also focussing on a return to nature.
    Blau-Weiss is considered to have been the first Zionist youth movement, established in Germany in 1912, and were inspired by the culture of outings and hikes prevalent in the German youth movement. Adopting an official Zionist platform in 1922, the movement stressed an agricultural way of life, leading many of its members to the Kibbutz movement in Mandatory Palestine.”

    “The Betar Movement (בית”ר, also spelled Beitar or, early in its history, Bitar) is a Revisionist Zionist youth movement founded in 1923 in Riga, Latvia, by Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky. Chapters sprang up across Europe, even during World War II. After the war and during the settlement of what became Israel, Betar was traditionally linked to the original Herut and then Likud political parties of Jewish pioneers. It was closely affiliated with the pre-Israel Revisionist Zionist splinter group Irgun Zevai Leumi. It was one of many right-wing movements and youth groups arising at that time that adopted salutes and uniforms. Some of the most prominent politicians of Israel were Betarim in their youth, most notably prime ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Menachem Begin, an admirer of Jabotinsky.”

    “Jabotinsky incorporated his racial theories of Zionism from the international eugenics movement, whose leading proponents wrote Hitler’s racial theories. In 1913, he wrote a document that could have been used by the German Nazi Party. “Let us draw for ourself the ideal type of an ‘absolute nation…
    His corresponding adherence to racialist dogma was evidenced as early as 1904. In a letter, he wrote: “The source of national feeling … lies in a man’s blood … in his racio-physical type, and in that alone … a man’s spiritual outlooks are primarily determined by his physical structure…. For that reason we do not believe in spiritual assimilation…. All the nations that have disappeared (apart from those … who were massacred …) were swallowed up in the chasm of mixed marriages…”
    By 1934, Jabotinsky and his Betar youth movement had made an alliance with Il Duce, when the Betar established a naval training academy at Civitavecchia, Mussolini’s naval base north of Rome…
    Mussolini endorsed Jabotinsky in 1935, saying, “For Zionism to succeed, you need to have a Jewish state with a Jewish flag, and Jewish language. The person who really understands that is your fascist, Jabotinsky.” ETC.

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