China And India Give EU And US Global Warming $100 Billion Demand

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Photo Gallery: A Lonely Victory – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International: the main German propaganda organ is Der Spiegel.  I was once in Der Spiegel back in 1968, giving a speech standing on top of a VW in München (Munich).  The Germans decided to mock Russia’s celebration of knocking off Hitler.  Shamelessly, Merkel refused to go because she supports neo-Nazi fascists in Ukraine.  The second time Germany has done this.  The German article lies about who was at the Russian parade: China and India both had troops there and stood next to Putin and held very important meetings with him to discuss NATO’s crimes.


And here is the result:  China, India: Where’s that $100 billion you promised? The stupid global warming deal Obama signed is now going to be strictly enforced on both the EU and US.  This will destroy our economic systems.


According to the official website of Prime Minister Modi;


6. The Two Sides [China and India] stress the equal importance and urgency of implementing the outcomes of the Bali Road Map in order to increase the pre-2020 ambition and build mutual trust amongst countries. The Two Sides urged the developed countries to raise their pre-2020 emission reduction targets and honour their commitment to provide 100bn US dollars per year by 2020 to developing countries.


We will have to pay the piper.  Also, Russia, India and​ China are all rapidly upgrading nuclear arsenal with MIRVed missiles – report — RT News


In an earlier report on the development, Kristensen said China is probably upgrading its arsenal in response to the buildup of the global antiballistic missile system by the US. Washington says it needs the system to protect itself and its allies from an attack by nations such as Iran and North Korea. But strategists in Moscow and Beijing see it as threat to the national security of their respective countries.


For example, the Pentagon is furious that Supersonic Missiles Deployed on China’s New Warship make it impossible for the US and Japan to repeat WWII crimes in China.


Also, the USA Fears Downing of Satellites by Russia and China which is hilarious considering that our leaders boasted recently about being the only real nuclear power on earth aside from Israel.


 The US has more than 500 satellites in space. China and Russia are allegedly developing an anti-satellite weapon. Washington fears bellicose intentions of Beijing and prepares for a possible “Star Wars” scenario. For the Americans especially the spy satellites are of great strategic importance….But America was prepared. The US spent ten times more on their program than China. Moreover, the Americans had tested anti-satellite weapons successfully. The government in Beijing is aware of these facts. The US had to recon with a direct Chinese threat in five to ten years.


Big problem here is that now China and Russia will probably share technology and China will buy it from Russia.  This is now inevitable.  China has read the tea leaves and knows that the US is treating Japan like a huge aircraft carrier offshore of China.


‘Okinawa without US bases’: 1000s march against foreign military presence in Japan as sane Japanese worry more and more about being totally annihilated during the first ten minutes of WWIII.  Like Germany and England, Japan has zero ability to survive the opening hours of WWIII.  These countries will likely cease to exist as human habitable places, especially Japan.  Germany might be spared if they shut down US missiles and kiss up to Russia.


Indeed, the Germans will do this.  But not Japan!  All of Japan’s systems will be terminated and since 80% of the population is on two areas, Tokyo and Osaka regions, it will take only a very few bombs to annihilate those places.  So long as Japan insists on militarizing and making unilateral demands and insulting victims of Japanese war crimes, it is inevitable that some day all Japanese will end up dead.


Instead of being realistic, Japan’s right wing leaders are suicidal like their fathers.  They feel very superior to both the US and China and feel they can control both whereas the reality is, Japan will be crushed even if the US manages to blow up a lot of China, in this case, the chances of the US being terminated too is quite high since the US is insisting on fighting both Russia and China simultaneously.


Europe’s rulers backed the coup in Kiev and here is the result:  Poroshenko Damages Protected Historic Site to Build Private Mansion, Kills Investigation


 Supporters of Poroshenko – still one of Ukraine’s richest men, with an estimated fortune of $750 million – defend him as a “president of de-oligarchization.” But his failure to honor his campaign pledge to divest himself of his assets, as well as new findings about his property holdings, may add to questions about his commitment to separating politics from property and money.


Remember the palace story?  Oh, the horror, the previous elected leader was corrupt!  But then, the illegal leader is even more corrupt.  We will pay dearly for all this just like we paid trillions to lose Iraq and Afghanistan after invading both illegally.

Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 11.55.29 AM

This is a map showing our nuclear power plants.  Bombing our cities is nearly useless due to the annihilation of US industries.  But nuking the power plants means most of the Northeast, Southeast and California’s major cities would be uninhabitable for generations.  Many of these are along the Mississippi River rendering agriculture in much of the Midwest toxic for many generations, too.


Taking this into consideration is life and death and our rulers are bent on creating WWIII.  Note the total lack of anti-nuclear war marchers.  I was one for many years.  No, they are all worried to death about a possible slight warming of the climate instead.  Really sad.


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11 responses to “China And India Give EU And US Global Warming $100 Billion Demand

  1. JimmyJ

    Our western leaders are like Hitler, once they realize their folly they will commit suicide in their bunkers.

    I wish more bloggers would point out the suicidal hypocrisy of Dominionist politicians and leaders. This motivation is equally as insidious and inhuman as anything IS does, but our citizens are so aculturated and the propaganda so complete, there’s no hope. The few that read Elaine might have some preparation but then we get to watch our stubborn ignorant loved ones die for nothing and the planets ecology get literally toasted.

    I’ve actually for once moved into a target zone so I can enjoy my family before the missiles fly. First tactical nuke that goes off I’ll warn them, then take s holiday inland. I expect a false flag nuke to kick the war off, but maybe it’ll be a full launch so being here is a gamble. Sure surviving would be grim, but better breathing than not.

  2. Pontiff Holysh*t

    I doubt they will be committing suicide. Their bunkers are well stocked, not only to be able to survive for decades or even longer, but also with the means to re-inhabit the surface when it becomes habitable.

  3. Jim R

    They thought Dr. Strangelove was a list of recommendations, and not a black humor film.

    If the Russians decide to launch, I expect it to be aimed at causing an EMP. The bomb goes off in space. No individual cities, just dzt and no more electric grid. Nice and clean, no fallout until all those nuke plants blow up a couple weeks later. The military bases could then be targeted one-by-one. That’s just my guess.

  4. Ken

    So who is it that promised $100 billion per year to the third world? I don’t recall a treaty being signed to that effect.

  5. Petruchio

    “Instead of being realistic, Japan’s right wing leaders are suicidal like their fathers. ” Ever watch a ‘Samurai’ movie? The main theme is always the same. A group of otherwise unemployed, usually single males decide to form up and go on a suicide mission of one kind or another. The actual objective is for these guys to enter into mortal combat against devastating odds and achieve a glorious death. Quite pathetic actually, but the Japanese seem to buy into this kind of insanity.

  6. Christian W

    @ Petruchio

    That sounds a lot like the ISIS/Al Nusra/Wahhabi sales pitch to bored young Muslim males around the world…

  7. Seraphim

    I can’t wait for the golden loo to appear in Poro’s palaces.

  8. Sunger

    Elaine- just a note. MIRVed missiles have been around since the 1960s.

    The US MX missile is a 10-warhead mirved ICBM that is based in Wyoming/Colorado ICBM fields.

    All sub-based ICBMs are MIRVed. Which is why submarines take evasive action during times of military tension and can then surface to wipe-out the cities and infrastructure of a military enemy.

    Or used as a bargaining chip.

    When I worked in the US Great Plains, we passed the silos often. Just sitting there and waiting. Just a tall chain link fence, a concrete slab, and a power line going into the facility.

    If one was lost in a blizzard, if you found a Minuteman silo, you could walk up and rattle the fence. Military security would soon show up and you would be looking down the barrel of multiple M16 rifles.

  9. emsnews

    The cartoon I linked to was drawn back in 1970.

    And yes, I knew about it way back then, I organized protests against it way back then.

    I also knew where all the bases were back then, I grew up inside of the nuclear missile business, this is why my dad was sent to Germany during WWII to fetch back Nazi rocket scientists, all of whom I personally knew since childhood.

  10. emsnews

    About the nuclear armed nuclear subs: both Russia and China have these. And Russia has plenty of ports and access to the polar seas which the US has too.

    This is why no one will ‘win’ WWIII. It will be a really stupid war. Guess what?

    AFRICA AND SOUTH AMERICA will be the survivors! A funny historical end to the European/Asian domination of the earth.

  11. LOU

    Happy Monday, ‘speaking’ of Africa, Elaine, didya know Chicago’s bonds now have a lower rating than some African nations?

    and BILL NYE, THE PROPAGANDA GUY, IDIOT – ENTERTAINER – FALSE PROPHET [where better to propagandize than at a college?]

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