Sandtown, Baltimore Received Vast Taxpayer Funding Before Riots

Sandtown  Baltimore

Baltimore saw riots as gangs ran amok and everyone is pointing fingers and the solutions are always the same: more money for these places and less police activity.  These places, far from being oppressed by cops tend to be the least patrolled and run by drug gangs who do not want police anywhere nearby for obvious reasons.  Sandtown was ground zero for the recent riots and looting.  The profound difference between black community leaders and white community leaders has to be addressed because this gives a clue as to why black neighborhoods are bad places to live or work.


The liberals have the usual solution: more taxpayer money to be spent on these places.  The New Progressive Agenda: A Return to Citizenship | Toni Morrison at the Huffington Post shows clearly how wide the gulf is between blacks who want more government money and whites who are the bulk of the taxpaying public:



The difference between understanding oneself as a citizen and understanding oneself as a taxpayer is not merely wide; it is antagonistic. A citizen thinks primarily about his or her community and is preoccupied with the safety of the neighborhood, the health of the elderly and disabled, the well-being of the young. A taxpayer thinks mostly about himself or herself, about who or what is taxing — that is to say “taking” — his hard-earned money to give to some undeserving body or some other distant, wasteful thing.


The Progressive Agenda seeks to return us to citizenship, the happily adult responsibility of being citizens to each other. It’s concerned with how to ensure a livable wage for all of us; how to improve schools in all our neighborhoods; how to protect working-class jobs and pensions from predators who rely on exploitation and selfish behavior; how to welcome the immigrant, the “huddled masses” we all (except for Native Americans and slaves) once were.


Hillary and Bill Clinton earn more than $25m for giving 100 speeches | US news | The Guardian: these two tax the middle class to dump some of the loot into black neighborhoods to make things worse, Sandtown shows this clearly.  Under the Clintons, $130 million was poured into Sandtown and this did create some middle class corners such as the one I found via Google maps.  Note that Bill and Hill both collected $25 million ‘giving speeches’ which you can bet were dull as dishwater, and are now very rich.  The ultimate ‘welfare’ plan, one that Obama hopes to gain access to when he retires.


Morrison thinks that citizens voting to protect their incomes are the antisocial ones, not black communities that have latched onto the government teats with teeth clenched.  Of course, she and her neighbors want more money to pour in while these same neighbors leisurely destroy everything in their vicinity.  She also claims that illegal aliens and other ‘immigrants’ are more welcome to her than citizens who pay taxes.


The taxpaying public will eventually revolt when the bill, from overspending wildly by our government and our immense trade deficit red ink hits the fan.  This revolt will attack both the very rich who benefited greatly from ‘free trade’ and the very poor who are sucking down money and producing criminals tho plague the middle class.


From the right wing which is riding high both in Europe and the US:  TANF and Federal Welfare | Downsizing the Federal Government


The proliferation of new urban programs, job training, health care, and other welfare activities during the 1960s coincided with further expansions in AFDC. By 1965 the number of people receiving AFDC had risen to 4.3 million.6 By 1972 the number had more than doubled to nearly 10 million. The welfare rolls were rapidly expanding even though this was a period of general economic prosperity and low unemployment.7


After Johnson left office, there was a bipartisan consensus in Washington to preserve and even expand his legacy. Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter all added new anti-poverty programs. Between 1965 and 1975, measured in constant dollars, spending for AFDC tripled.8 A series of court deci­sions that established “rights” for welfare recipients helped fuel the spending growth.9 After 1975, the growth rate of welfare slowed but still continued upward.


In 1981, President Ronald Reagan came into office with strong views about shrinking the welfare state. Unfortunately, welfare-related spending actually grew during Reagan’s two terms. Reagan did shift the funding emphasis among welfare-related programs. For example, fund­ing for AFDC declined by 1 percent during his tenure, but spending for the Earned Income Tax Credit doubled.


By the time President Bill Clinton took office in 1993, a broad national consensus had developed that traditional open-ended welfare had failed. This led to a period of state-government experimentation with welfare within the constraints that the federal government allowed them. Many state experiments—particularly work requirements and recipient time limits—would become part of federal welfare reform in 1996.


Clinton was bribed into expanding free trade and the Bushes pushed hard for this, too.  The end result was, the welfare reforms totally failed and the innercity poor simply didn’t bother to improve their lot nor could they much since many of the lower working class manufacturing jobs vanished in a flash leaving some of the biggest cities in the US destitute and destroyed.


Welfare in Northeastern cities continued to let in mass numbers of poor while the Republican run states cut welfare and basically forced out the poor who moved to places like Baltimore, seeking to keep the welfare lifestyle complete with drug dealing, of course, by the boys, running smoothly.  Since the manufacturing base is now gone thanks to the Clintons and Bushes the tax base to support this influx of welfare families is causing one city after another to go bankrupt such as Detroit.


Both in Europe and the US, welfare systems built up during industrialization eras is now collapsing under the weight of immigration and out of wedlock births.  The work ethic is being systematically destroyed as jobs that really pay vanish for much of the lower working class leaving only poorly paid ‘servant’ work in the service industry.  Rioters in the innercity attack these remaining job producing businesses and thus, destroy the last vestige of labor venues.


BALTIMORE: In Baltimore’s Sandtown-Winchester, every day is an ongoing Katrina | Nation |

 Doni Glover, 49, a prominent activist and writer who’s one of the last homeowners on his block of Sandtown, grew up as the son of an undertaker who was known for cutting deals for families who couldn’t afford funerals.


None of that immunized him to the drug culture that surrounded him – Glover spent years hooked on crack and heroin before finally getting clean and embarking on the reinvention he describes in a new memoir, “Unapologetically Black.” As with his own redemption, Glover said, change in Sandtown must come from within, with homegrown leaders who are invested in the community and responsible and transparent in how funds are allocated…


There’s ample reason for pessimism. The Baltimore Sun recently reported that from 1989 to 1999, at least $130 million in public and private money was spent to build or refurbish houses in Sandtown-Winchester. Millions more, the report said, went toward a specialized school curriculum, jobs training and prenatal health services…


Glover knows how hard it is to change even one little patch. About 10 years ago, he and three other men – strategically recruited from houses on each of their block’s four corners – banded together to push the dealers away from their doorsteps. The friends managed to clear just one small block of one narrow road, but they did it without involving police or angering the sellers, who only had to move “around the corner.”


The reporter talks about a woman who is a social services director who lives in the suburbs of Baltimore. The lady claims she gave the cops information about a notorious drug dealer and he went to prison but her wonderful clients considered her a ‘snitch’ and so the lesson she learned was, ‘…people whispered that Hicks was either a snitch or on parole. The experience frayed her nerves and was unsettling for her family and neighbors.


“You wonder why people don’t help the police? I’ll never do it again,” Hicks said. While she still serves on the police council, she said, if she’s ever questioned about another crime, “I’m going to become senile, instantly.”’


She is on the police council and has that attitude? This is exactly why nothing works in black neighborhoods.  Note how the former drug addict (and very likely, drug dealer) Grover didn’t clean up his neighborhood, he simply moved the crimes one block away!  When I cleaned up 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, I went to war against the drug dealers and they hated my guts and threatened my life and…they lost and I won because I moved heaven and earth to clear them out totally.


This required getting the police to patrol the place!  And this was like pulling teeth. Neither the mayor nor the cops and above all, the liberals fought me tooth and nail and I used the media to force them all to begin either working for me or shutting the hell up.  Even so, many white liberals accused me of being a Nazi for driving out drug dealers, many of whom were illegal aliens.  Illegal aliens spread crime!


“The (Baltimore) neighborhood was also designated a “homeownership zone” by the feds, who spent $30 million to saddle people with arguably the last thing they needed, a mortgage that tied them down to a community without jobs and decent schools… | Not Too Big To Fail


Even in the stagnant neighborhood that Sandtown-Winchester is universally agreed to be, residential housing turnover is 16% a year; the median resident has been in place fewer than four years. Nearly 15% are arrivals from out of state or out of country, and many more (though uncounted) are undoubtedly arrivals from elsewhere in Baltimore and Maryland…


As many riot-aftermath reports in the past week have noted, Sandtown-Winchester was the subject of enlightened urban renewal in the 1990s when Mayor Kurt Schmoke, Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humanity, and developer James Rouse poured $130 million into a community of 11,000 residents to fix homes and schools.


Habitat for Humanity did the same.  Many people came in to fix the messes and the end result was the gangs that were never cleared out first, burned a big hunk of Sandtown down.  You cannot fix a neighborhood infested with criminals unless you first do something about the criminal gang culture.  This culture is very highly developed in black innercity neighborhoods just like the biker gang mentality is wrecking poor white neighborhoods.


Trained stupidity leads to thug behavior.  The Sandtown gangs are now egging liberals into attacking the mayor of Baltimore and Obama for calling these nasty thugs, ‘thugs’.  They want very much to be viewed as helpless babies who are being brutalized by mean cops when the reality is, these violent thugs love fighting, love hurting people and don’t give a rat’s ass about black lives mattering at all.


Florida high school basketball player shot dead at vigil for high school football player who was fatally shot at after-prom party, and as per usual, this is a black on black murder mainly for no sane reason.  Not even drug dealing is involved.  Horrifying cell phone footage shows boy, 15, robbed of his shoes AND pants during vicious attack by teenage thugs at New York subway station: all the children doing this crime are black.  They laugh as the gang of obvious thugs abuse this child.  The beating this black boy got at the hands of his fellow students is worse than any cop brutality crime because no one has been either arrested nor stopped and no one cares whatsoever.


He won’t see marchers demanding black youths stop butchering each other, no civil rights leaders or preachers will come to Queens to demand black thugs stop attacking everyone in their vicinity.  Dead silence for this poor guy. Interestingly, Harvard accused of racism against smart Asian students: Claims school has quota on high-scoring Asian-Americans which I hope works for I have a half Chinese son who will be heavily discriminated against for being smart and hard working like his dad.

‘We are seeking equal treatment regardless of race,’ said Chunyan Li, a professor and civil rights activist, who said they’d rather universities use income rather than race in affirmative action policies.


Many of the black-only scholarship awards go to aliens these days.  Two members of the Civil Rights Commission support these Asian students. In California, Asians must score over 300 points higher than blacks to go to the same schools.


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16 responses to “Sandtown, Baltimore Received Vast Taxpayer Funding Before Riots

  1. Jim R

    They should remove the burned out buildings, carefully recycling the bricks and other materials, and install a park.

    Plant trees.

    That would help with the CO2 problem…

    There ya go, liberals. An idea for ya.

  2. emsnews

    Those parks rapidly become places for outlaws and crime.

  3. e sutton

    In many of these decaying, rotting neighborhoods, parties occur when entire blocks of these houses are torn down. The crowd often cheers as the bulldozers demolish these houses which at one time were someone’s home. Likely, that person contributed to the tax base. It’s almost as though there is some mystical belief that these empty, crumbling houses are the cause of crime and degeneracy. Same thing when news reports describe the “violent streets” in the hood. The streets aren’t violent. It’s the people who tread upon them that are the problems. I’ve said it often enough before, nothing is going to get accomplished until these people begin to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviors. I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Jim R

    As do the empty vacant buildings.

    Maybe just fill up all the unoccupied space with razor wire?

  5. Robert

    DURHAM (WTVD) — Duke University and its students are taking strong stance on a professor’s controversial comments regarding race in a national publication.

    Hough’s Full Comments in the New York Times

    This editorial is what is wrong. The Democrats are an alliance of Westchester and Harlem, of Montgomery County and intercity Baltimore. Westchester and Montgomery get a Citigroup asset stimulus policy that triples the market. The blacks get a decline in wages after inflation.

    But the blacks get symbolic recognition in an utterly incompetent mayor who handled this so badly from beginning to end that her resignation would be demanded if she were white. The blacks get awful editorials like this that tell them to feel sorry for themselves.

    In 1965 the Asians were discriminated against as least as badly as blacks. That was reflected in the word “colored.” The racism against what even Eleanor Roosevelt called the yellow races was at least as bad.

    So where are the editorials that say racism doomed the Asian-Americans. They didn’t feel sorry for themselves, but worked doubly hard.

    I am a professor at Duke University. Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration. Virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration. The amount of Asian-white dating is enormous and so surely will be the intermarriage. Black-white dating is almost non-existent because of the ostracism by blacks of anyone who dates a white.

    It was appropriate that a Chinese design won the competition for the Martin Luther King state. King helped them overcome. The blacks followed Malcolm X.

  6. melponeme_k

    “Those parks rapidly become places for outlaws and crime.”

    Definitely. I remember the parks in New York during the 70s. They were nothing but flophouses for homeless, gangs and drug addicts. The drug addicts were especially rampant, using every available, tree covered spot as a shooting gallery.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, and the Housewife from Hell (Daily News name for me) went in these parks armed to the teeth in steel armor to ‘bushwhack’ them. We had to be rather cruel about it.

    The need for steel was obvious: needles all over the place and HIV was just beginning to shoot upwards. At first we demanded these ‘pocket parks’ be fenced in.

    The addicts stole the fences. So I demanded these parks be sold to private individuals some of whom were on my team of bushwhackers. Lots of arm twisting was used to gain control of these crime centers.

  8. emsnews

    Some of the people buying these parks next door to their homes were black families who were terrified to let their children go outside due to these parks right in the middle of the block.

  9. melponeme_k

    “I am a professor at Duke University. Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration.”

    The new name practice goes both ways. Its a rite of passage for students in Mandarin studies to be given a Chinese name by one of their professors. I have a Chinese name as well as my birth name. Quite exciting.

  10. Ken

    Robert, you feel that black-white dating is virtually non-existent at Duke University? I’ve never been to Duke, but my personal observation is that black-white dating is every prevalent, but only with black men dating white women. White men dating black women get beaten up because it supposedly harkens back to the slave master -negress stereotype.

    When I was in college (many, many years ago), any black guy who wanted to have sex with a white woman had no problem doing so. It was always the same line. If the woman wouldn’t go out with him it was because she was racist. Then, if she wouldn’t have sex with him it was because she was racist. No one wanted to be labeled a racist, so the black guys got to have their way with all the white women they wanted.

    I’m sure most of these women never told their future husbands.


    ELAINE: Young people love to cross ethnic/religious lines and this is a very good thing. I did it, my children did this, my friends did this.

  11. Coldtype

    Elaine I’m extremely disappointed that you have’t regaled us about the pathology of violence in white males following the Waco Biker Riot/Shootout today. Something along the lines of that dangerous slippery slope that follows too loud music, tight pants, excessive leather, gun worship, extravagant facial hair, and B.O. Oh, and where are their fathers?


    ELAINE: This is because the news came out when I was at the hospital all day because my 91 year old father in law was very sick.

    I did mention in THIS article the business about white bikers. I know a huge amount about white biking gangs. Can tell you all a hundred stories about say, the Hell’s Angels and other gangs including the Latin Lords, etc. I have a very strange, strange past.

  12. vengeur

    @11. The unceasing attempt by certain individuals to avoid AN HONEST COVERSATION ABOUT RACE . And people who honestly talk about race in America (Elaine). The main way this is done is by calling the speaker a racist. The second way this is done is by calling the speaker a racist. The third way is to INFER the person is a racist. And a fourth way is to point to some fringe Biker gang war which is MICROSCOPIC in effect compared to the PERVASIVE and ENDEMIC violence in black populated American cities. Because I couldn’t help noticing you didn’t refute anything Elaine said today. That would require AN HONEST CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE. Look, over there, a Biker Gang War!

  13. emsnews

    Bikers are the street fighters in ethnic warfare.

    I once negotiated a peace deal between a Hispanic and a white biker gang, went all the way from Bakersfield to Chicago to do this and during negotiations, the Hispanic bikers gave me a switchblade as a gift which I used later that year to protect myself from a rapist which scared the hell out of him…heh.


    Bikers tend to be from the lower manual working class which is the one that has lost the greatest income and jobs due to free trade. They are all seething mad now and have pointless lives and have all moved into drug dealing to make money.

    I remember when the Hell’s Angels began to be sucked into the drug trade. Before then they all worked as factory labor, mechanics, etc. and were quite proud of this.

    The horror of what we are doing to the laboring class infuriates me greatly. I feel bad for all of them including black men who have embraced the criminal life of hate and crime. This was NOT true for them 60 years ago.

  14. emsnews

    True story: I got to know the Angels due to two things. One was, when I was a teenager, Sonny Barger who was president of the gang, bought a new bike that was all chrome. He was showing it off when I came over and drew a very accurate picture of it showing even the screw heads, it was so detailed.

    He paid me for it and I went off. Later that day, the bike was stolen. The only picture of it since it was only one day old at that point, was my drawing.

    The police used it to look for the bike. The guy who stole it learned quickly that he was a dead man walking so he dumped it into the bay at San Francisco.

    It was found, he was found, he was put in prison and an Angel in prison for murder killed him there, in Compton.

    Sonny thanked me and called me ‘my little bratty sister’. Heh. NO ONE EVER TOUCHED ME. I was always ‘friend’ and treated very well.

    Second event: Frankie was dying of a drug overdose and brought to the night Free Clinic when I, still a teenager, was supervising the care of drug problems as usual.

    I forced him to walk in circles, slapping him in the face every time he tried to go to sleep, shook him and shoved him around until he recovered. He was very pissed off about this later and said a girl shouldn’t slap him around.

    He was going to harm me when Sonny ordered him to defer to me and promise to defend and even die for me and he had to do this and he followed his pledge to me.

    I warned Sonny about drugs. He and his wife, who was once a very pretty lady, both went to prison for drug dealing. Really sad stuff.

  15. Well it turns out the criminal elements may have had something to do with the Philadelphia train crash:

    “Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board are considering the possibility that before this happened, the cabin may have been struck by a rock or a bullet, based on a radio discussion overheard by the assistant conductor. The windshield of a nearby regional train had also been hit by a projectile shortly before the Amtrak train derailed.”

  16. Here’s the link for the above quote: The Amtrak disaster and America’s crumbling infrastructure

    If you look up the area of the bad curve on Google Maps, you’ll find that the adjacent neighborhood is a white / latino area whose housing stock is rundown and beginning to crumble (I found one boarded-up, blighted rowhouse). A lot of the industries in the immediate vicinity are shut down and bricked up so that means fewer jobs.

    Because it’s white/latino majority the residents are doing what they can to keep up their homes. Had it been a poor black area, it would already look like Sandtown.

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