Liberals In England Cannot Understand That Global Warming Is Slaughtering Them In Elections

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General election 2015: election map looks like Maggie Simpson

Liberals in England are suffering from hysterics after the recent election.  Here is the Huffington Post boasting about how a global warming maniac leftist was going to rule England just before the Labour Party was crushed:  The U.K. Is On The Verge Of Electing A Climate Change Champion As Prime Minister | ThinkProgress which turned out to be totally wrong.  Or rather, the average Brit decided they didn’t want to be ruled by a global warmist who wants to push them all into Tiny Houses, aka, peasant hovels, and let in even more aliens.


The defeat of the liberals was totally expected by myself and I predicted this would happen and to me it is quite obvious why this happened.  Just like the last US election was very easy to call.  It was obvious that the majority of voters would flee the Democrats since the one last remaining issue, sexual rights, was dwarfed by fears that liberals would destroy everything in the name of saving polar bears and replace us with illegal aliens.


Polls done by media never predicted these defeats of liberals nor asked people much, what they wanted in an election so these elections came as nasty surprises for liberals.  Warnings from myself were greeted with jeers that I am an evil racist who wants to have the world roast to death.  Here is one of many stories at the Guardia, a rag that censors anyone talking about rational science if they notice that the planet isn’t getting hotter and hotter:  Jon Cruddas: this could be the greatest crisis the Labour party has ever faced | Politics | The Guardian interviewing the now deposed head of the Labour Party, Milibrand:


“There is no trade-off between tackling climate change and building an economy in which working families succeed,” he wrote. “Indeed, success on one will help us achieve the other.”


This is an outright lie.  Two lies.  First, ‘climate change’ is a silly thing, it always ‘changes’ since day one about a billion years ago.  It will continue to see ‘changes’ in the future.  In recent climate history, it has gone from Ice Ages to Interglacials at a frantic pace with gigantic differentials between warm and cold, very cold.


The fixes proposed by liberals have been basically to make us all live like in North Korea except for rich liberals who seem quite content to gad about the entire planet, flying jets, sailing yachts, living in palaces, etc. they are not serious at all about this stupid ‘global warming’ which they renamed so they wouldn’t have to explain why it isn’t getting warmer but rather, colder.


In an op-ed in the Guardian this February, Miliband wrote that tackling climate change is the “single most important thing we can do for our children and our grandchildren.”…“We must be guided by the science, which shows that emissions are higher than anticipated and some effects are coming through more quickly than foreseen,” Miliband wrote.


The ‘effects’ he is talking about is rapidly rising ice levels, Antarctica, the North Pole, Hudson Bay and much of North America are much colder and ice is expanding.  It is going to be near freezing again tomorrow here on my mountain and it is almost June.  This is ridiculous.


Families face sharp rise in winter energy bills – Telegraph reports:


British Gas has already warned that energy bills could rise by up to £100 next year for 10 million households.
Experts say that average annual energy bills could rise by £118 to a record £1,428 next year – when more expensive tariffs are included – if all the six big energy firms raise their prices as expected.


The global warmists on the left have been screaming for higher energy prices so people would use less and this means poor people get less and less until they freeze to death in winter.  Liberals have shown no mercy about this, none what so ever.  They plan to attack us over things like burning firewood to stay alive like I am doing.  It scares me to see this hostility towards anyone struggling to deal with extreme and deepening cold.


Here is yet another editorial in England bemoaning the fall of the Labour/Global warming crew:  Jon Cruddas: this could be the greatest crisis the Labour party has ever faced | Politics | The Guardian


For Cruddas, there were some bitter battles. Radical, far-reaching work produced by his policy review was ready to be taken up, he now says, but was left to gather dust by those around Miliband, who opted instead for their minimalist, safety-first offer, and a few “free money bribes” such as the energy price freeze, which failed to add up to a convincing, overarching national story.


Making promises like that, telling voters, Labour wanted to stop the rising cost of heating one’s home while at the same time, screaming about how we are all going to roast to death unless we prevent people from burning ANYTHING…is not going to work.  And the politicians had zero plans to honor their promises.


This is why Labour died in Scotland after promising so many things to the Scots if they didn’t vote for severing their alliance with London.  Now the backlash there is huge and Labour basically ceased to exist.


Writing on, Straw says Labour lost working-class voters to Ukip and was complacent in thinking that Nigel Farage’s party would damage the Tories most. “If we want to win back power, we will need to reach far beyond our metropolitan areas,” he says. “We need to think deeper about why we seem out of touch to so many and understand the demands of cultural anxiety as well as economic prosperity.”


Labour leaders are very definitely ‘out of touch’ with voters and here in the US if global warmist leftists continue to deny that it is getting much colder, they will lose more and more elections and might end up totally without power.  That is, a GOP Congress and President will result and we are very close to  having this happen.


Perkyparky 2h ago

The majority of political parties in the UK are all signed-up to a current economic model that is frankly broken :
You cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet … the average 7 year old understands that.

Depletion of resources and raw materials , e.g. phosphates for plant fertilisers

Climate change and ocean acidification.


Species loss and environmental degradation.

The politics of the future will have to address these issues. The Greens are already considering these things and there is space for a modernised labour party to present a better economic model that is more people and planet friendly . e.g. insulating our housing stock would be a start and aid the poorest in society disproportionately, and provide jobs and opportunities.


The above is a common comment by liberals who think voters want more global warming restrictions as well as eliminating much of modern economic life.  Note the ‘overpopulation’ bit combined with demands that England let in a flood of illegal and legal aliens.  The aliens issue is huge.  A commentator there points out the alien issue is most disturbing and like myself, warns fellow liberals to not push for more aliens:


Grasscroft 2h ago

It COULD be the biggest crisis ….. NO it IS the biggest crisis.
All self inflicted by failing to listen for years… Remember the ‘BIGOT woman’.. A dyed in the wool supporter of Labour from birth concerned about migration numbers. Then there is the Bank of England governor admitting that migrants are depressing wages…

So we have told you and you don’t listen


Here is another reader saying the same thing:


plastikman2010 3h ago

In my view labour went for the wrong demographic. It went for the london demographic and never really talked about people’s real fears over immigration etc. That left it open to attacks from ukip that really ate into its vote in northern areas. Labour has to reconnect to its traditional voters and then appeal to the more aspirational in society as well. Labour need to come down much harder on immigration and be seen to be standing up for British people. All i heard from labour on immigration was we need to integrate people better and help new immigrants fit in. I don’t think i ever heard one labour politician saying we need to restrict the numbers drastically as well. The people want severe cuts in immigration not just better integration. Labour lost at least thirty seats because it would nt talk about immigration!!


Just like here on my blog when I discuss why the GOP is triumphing and the Democrats are fading fast, when I talk about race wars, the Democrats using black voters to keep power for white Bilderberg gang members like Hillary Clinton, when I talk about how encouraging rioting, attacking police as ‘enemies’ and allowing blacks to be very openly racist while persecuting everyone else for even mentioning things like ‘black lives don’t matter to blacks’…we have a backlash from hell building up and it is huge when we include the Democrats letting in millions of aliens and rewarding them.


This will end badly for liberals.  Period.  Thinking that using minorities to destroy white communities and disenfranchise white voters via fear, violence and mayhem is INSANE.  Dangerous as well as stupid.


Even suggesting this is leading to a huge backlash against liberals. And liberals don’t allow debates anymore which is why I have a lot of ire here, I cannot post anything at ANY liberal site anymore since they do not allow any dissent and this emphatically includes the Guardian which wonders why they are so out of touch.


Duh.  This is why censorship backfires.  It prevents people at the top from knowing what people really think. And the last thing liberal websites and publications want these days is a dose of reality.

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24 responses to “Liberals In England Cannot Understand That Global Warming Is Slaughtering Them In Elections

  1. e sutton

    Yours is about the only sane voice of reason I listen to these days. And you’re absolutely correct. Speaking for myself, I gritted my teeth, held my nose, and voted STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN last election. I skipped voting for Obama a second time in 2012 as I was forced to see what an absolute lying phony he is. The last time I voted straight republican was 1984, so yeah, the libs managed to turn me away big time. And I’m fully aware that the Repubs are phony as well, but they seem less inclined to let the negroes run amok when some street hoodlum gets his panties in a wad over being kept from pushing heroin and dope on the street. I weep not over his death and would like to see many thousands of his friends join him in his all-expense paid trip to hell.

    The seduction the libs do to coerce people into believing the global warming nonsense is quite scary. I got into an argument about a year ago with a college educated lib over global warming. They*WILL*NOT*TOLERATE different opinions. For them, the matter is closed. Very well then, bitchez, your days of seeing your lib gods and goddesses in power are OVER. Sadly, that leaves the rest of us with a**holes like Jeb Bush to pick from. Is it too early in the morning to start drinking? 🙂

  2. Old Ari

    Finally someone talking about “Peak Phosphate”, Just as the coal and oil will run out, the phosphate mines will be empty, so much phosphate ran out of the laundry machines into the oceans, The amount of food which can be produced, must begin to diminish. Thank god, I’m a very old man with no dependents, And there is nothing anyone can do about it!

  3. melponeme_k

    A somewhat closer to reality analysis of our current situation.

    However the writer doesn’t touch aspects of illegal aliens, non-taxation of the elite, their corporations, no tariffs, supporting Israel from money to fighting their wars and the collapse of our culture.

  4. Christian W

    ‘But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ said Alice. ‘Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the cat. ‘We’re all mad here.’ – Lewis Carroll

    “Here” in this case is the political squirrel wheel operated by the elites. Vote for Bilderberger Party A or Bilderberger Party B or Bilderberger Party C or Bilderberger Party D and fight oh so hard to prove that A is better than C, or C is better than A.

  5. Sunger

    Yup those darn liberals and all their climate change nonsense!

    You have to be really dumb to think that just burning trillions of tons of buried oil, gas, coal could possibly have any kind of effect on earth’s climate.

    And then they say “but the burned carbon emissions stay in the atmosphere for over 40 years.” Haha. LOL. Haha. Nice try hehe.

    But we know better. These scientists trained for around 30 years to become competent in their fields of study. And they have the nerve to think that we don’t see that they are just making this stuff up so they can turn us into commies and make us live in tiny houses!

    What will they think of next to make us into commies?

    Unforunately it won’t take much if the rest of the electorate is as ignorant and scientific illiterate as the GOP morons.

  6. vengeur

    “The fixes proposed by liberals have been basically to make us all live like in North Korea”. Made me laugh. Thanks.

  7. vengeur

    DeVaul posted this yesterday, and is the perfectly describes the “climate deniers”: “Nichts erfordert mehr Charakter, als im offenen Gegensatz zu der herrschenden Meinung seiner Zeit, laut und klar zu Sagen… Nein.”

  8. melponeme_k

    British female sexually harassed and target for racism at Devere.

    Interesting view of her boss Alderson at the Devere site.

    There he is crowing at all the Free Trade, H1B visa Brit expats in the USA or as they still call it in reality…the colonies (shhh, we aren’t supposed to discuss this classism).

  9. vengeur

    News Flash from Baltimore: Crime and Murder increase in wake of Riot.
    Hmm. Who predicted that this would be the result of the riot? HINT: her name is Elaine and has a website.

  10. Christian W

    Liberals In England Cannot Understand That Global Warming Is Slaughtering Them In Elections

    It’s not Global Warming slaughtering the Liberals in the UK. When the LibDems formed a government with Cameron and the Tories they threw the vast majority of their own voters under the buss. The whole point with the LibDems were that they were not Tories and not Labour, yet by supporting the Tories and their austerity policies they proved themselves to be Tory lites. Over night the LibDems lost maybe up to 70% of their voters. These voters never forgave the LibDems for their betrayal.

    In a similar fashion Labour lost the election because they were yet another shade of Tory ‘lites’. What’s the point in voting for Tory lites, when you can vote for the real thing?

    Of course, if you voted for the UKIP, you’d be voting dark blue Tory. The Greens aren’t much, but they are not of much consequence either. If they ever became of consequence, you’d find that their leaders were lite Tories.

    Now there is an inquest in the Labour party of how to rid themselves of the New Labour Tories (ie the Blairites), but that won’t be easy as the New Labour Tories are the ones that are firmly established within the Establishment, naturally.

    The Liberals and Left, also in the US, are being slaughtered because the elites want Deep Blue, Deep Brown and Deep Black policies and the various party leaders and political bigwigs fall in line accordingly.

  11. JimmyJ

    New research showing soil biochemistry (facilitated by isopods) retains more carbon than previous models considered. Duh! Life has only had 4 billion years to adapt to a carbon atmosphere.

  12. emsnews

    And until the last 2 million years, the earth was much, much warmer which is why we are NAKED APES not polar bear furry critters. We managed to survive the Ice Ages by killing large mammals and putting on their skins.

    As for people claiming the garbage about global warming had nothing to do with the defeat of the liberal left and green party complex: HAHAHA. Right.

    Unfortunately, this will happen here, too. Obama shutting down ALL the coal burning electrical plants on the eastern half of the nation will bite hard and I see many borderline voters getting very pissed about all this. I am pissed so they will be pissed.

  13. Christian W

    Global Warming IS the elite policy. One of many they use to screw people over. So it is the elites USING their policy to screw people over. Not hard to see is it.

    Then people, for some reason, still insist on voting for the elites to screw them. Then they wonder why they get screwed over time and time again.

  14. Floridasandy

    I couldn’t agree more. These elites are telling us that they want our energy costs to rise drastically (to line their own pockets, of course) and yet some people will vote for this.

    Carbon credits have been exposed for the racket they are, and people are wishing up, if not actually warming up,

  15. Petruchio

    @#13Christiam W: Voter turnout , last Congressional election, was at an all-time LOW. This trend of low voter turnout is consistent. More and more voters are simply voting by NOT voting. The main reason is these voters believe their vote doesn’t count, so why bother. These voters have a point, but the are playing right into the elites’ hands. People have to understand: just voting does NOTHING to change the system. Doing the hard things that will MAKE your vote count is essential. Things such as getting people to the voting polls (Elaine has mentioned this) or signing petitions to get third and fourth Parties onto the voting ballots is another.

  16. Christian W

    Yes, not voting does not bring direct change. But voting for the elites just perpetuates their self serving policies as well. In the current system the politicians will go with the men with the money bags, not the voters however much they petition and pester. The elites have the resources to hire expert ruckus makers as well, a lot of them.

    So what does “doing the hard thing” in today’s political system mean? Since voter approval of the US Congress is at an all time low, it should be doable to get a protest started that showed the dissatisfaction is larger than the satisfaction?

    Otherwise this “Turkeys voting for Christmas farce” will just keep going on and on and on and on and on until there are very few Turkeys left.

    Somehow it’s not cool to vote for really slimy, criminally insane, riot creating people who promise to keep their riots away from your back yard yet are sure to create really big, brutal and murderous riots in lots and lots and lots of other peoples’ backyards.

  17. emsnews

    The canard that ‘Congress has low voter support’ is a LIE.

    People when polled say they don’t like Congress at all but when asked if they like their own representatives, say ‘YES’!

    See? They hate the OTHER PARTY. Not their own!!!!

    I have carried petitions for elections more than once in the past. I ran a political club in NY city that took out the President of the City Council because he double crossed me, for example.

    Good lord! The key to gaining something is to carry petitions during PRIMARIES and then ‘get out the vote’ in elections. I used to go door to door telling people to vote, helping them to the polls, giving them lists of my candidates to vote for, etc.

    This works! Amazingly so. What happens now is our Congress critters are bought after the election by the very rich who give them oodles of money to vote for things that are bad for America. Then our media lies about all this and yes, we have a collapse of trust happening but it isn’t due to people being mad about the bribery which is totally hidden from view by our media.

    I wish to god the liberals would march against bribes in Congress. I would happily join, I have marched against this in the past!

    But no, they march against warm weather. This infuriates me no end. Utterly useless to deal with the real crisis here. No antiwar marches, either, just anti-modern tech marches.

  18. Seraphim

    I am a bit confused. You call Ed Miliband a liberal. Both Milibands were the sons of Ralph Miliband (born Adolphe Miliband; 7 January 1924 – 21 May 1994), British sociologist who was known as a prominent Marxist author. He has been described as “one of the best known academic Marxists of his generation (Trotskyst)… Miliband was born in Belgium to working-class Polish Jewish immigrants. He fled to the United Kingdom in 1940 with his father, to avoid persecution when Nazi Germany invaded Belgium. Learning to speak English and enrolling at the London School of Economics, he became involved in left-wing politics and made a personal commitment to the cause of socialism at the grave of Karl Marx.” (Wikipedia)

    “Mr Miliband (David) was accused of inheriting a “hatred” of Russia from his Polish-born Jewish grandfather Samuel.
    The accusation was made by Gleb Pavlovsky, one of President Vladimir Putin’s closest advisers, who said Samuel fought under the command of Trotsky in the Twenties, eliminating White Russians opposed to communism.”


  19. Christian W

    E: People when polled say they don’t like Congress at all but when asked if they like their own representatives, say ‘YES’!

    See? They hate the OTHER PARTY. Not their own!!!!

    CW: I think they like their own representatives because they send a lot of loot to the home state. They don’t like the other representatives because people see they are a bunch of corrupt thieves, never mind that their own representatives are corrupt thieves too! Loot trumps all.

    E: Good lord! The key to gaining something is to carry petitions during PRIMARIES and then ‘get out the vote’ in elections. I used to go door to door telling people to vote, helping them to the polls, giving them lists of my candidates to vote for, etc.

    This works! Amazingly so.

    Maybe it used to work. Now the elites just bat any annoying candidate out of the park using money, the media and gerrymandering. A large part of Congress are incumbents who have held their seat for 20 years and more. We see that they are corrupt bastards, yet there they sit year after year growing more and more bloated and hideous as their tentacles sink deeper into the murky depths of Washington DC.

    E: I wish to god the liberals would march against bribes in Congress. I would happily join, I have marched against this in the past!

    But no, they march against warm weather. This infuriates me no end. Utterly useless to deal with the real crisis here. No antiwar marches, either, just anti-modern tech marches.

    This is the power of media at work. Read this interesting article by Glenn Greenwald.

    It highlights how the elites use certain themes to move certain demographics and certain political groups. In this case the elites use “gay oppression abroad” as a theme to pretend to support human rights.

    It works the same way with the “liberals”. Global Warming is used as a theme to distract “liberals” from the real issues. Media never stops telling us that unless we are all taxed to death the Sky will literally fall on our heads in the form of Global Warming. Therefore conscientious “Liberals” (wanting to do the Right and Proper Thing) run around screaming “The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!” thereby making themselves lost causes to reality, which of course means they have no political impact apart from stopping real reform and the focus on real issues, like Elite Misrule. Job done.

    Tbh I think most Americans have stopped voting because they see how the system works, or at least they have a gut feel how rotten it all is.

    At this point it takes more than voting to stop the US Murder Inc.

  20. wellwell

    Elaine, once again you’ve been proven right. Cold weather kills TWENTY TIMES as many people as hot weather, according to a study of 74 millions deaths in 13 countries from 1985 to 2012:

  21. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, I did the statistics to prove this, too.

    Nothing is colder than another Ice Age and if this happens, yes, 99% of all humans will probably die. The survivors will be mainly in Africa and South America.

  22. pist white

    The only thing worse than a liberal demoncrap…ΩΩΩ
    ELAINE: I had to eliminate the rest of this rant. Please control yourselves.

  23. Lou


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