Egypt Military Coup Is Real ‘Police State’


There has been endless whining about US thugs getting bad experiences when tangling with cops or armed citizens.  We are told, this proves that the US is a ‘police state’.  Here is a real honest to god police state: Egypt.  The US, NATO nations of Europe, Israel and above all, Saudi Arabia encouraged, armed and assisted a violent coup against an honest elected popular government.  Since the coup, all demonstrations have been cruelly crushed, any sign of dissent on line leads to prison terms, the previous dictator has been freed while Morsi and his fellow party members are going to be executed.  Excuse for this?  He ‘killed demonstrators’.


Detainees ‘gang raped by Egyptian security forces to eliminate public protest’ | Daily Mail Online:


Egyptian state security forces are gang raping and sexually abusing men, women and children on a massive scale in a bid to stifle public protest, according to a shocking new report.


Since the military takeover in July 2013, Egyptian authorities have played a ‘direct role’ in state sexual violence, including the rape and blackmail of detainees and use of ‘virginity tests’, it is claimed.


The report by the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) concluded sexual violence was tolerated and carried out by the authorities as part of a strategy to ‘eradicate opposition’ and ‘stifle civil society’.


EU and US denounce Morsi death sentence except The U.S. is supporting oppression in Egypt by handing out billions in aid and arming the oppressive generals who rule with an iron fist paid for by NATO.  Condemnation is simple words but when money is handed over to the oppressors, this is what matters.


Q&A: Egypt death sentences ‘a bargaining chip’


More than 100 defendants, including former President Mohamed Morsi, were sentenced to death in an Egyptian court this weekend over a mass prison break in 2011. The verdict – which will be referred to the grand mufti, Egypt’s highest religious authority, for confirmation – has sparked international condemnation.


Sixteen others were sentenced to death for “espionage”, accused of colluding with Iran and the Palestinian group Hamas to destabilise Egypt. Among those sentenced in absentia was Egyptian political scientist Emad Shahin, a visiting professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. In a statement, he denounced the verdict as a “travesty of justice”…


Al Jazeera: Hundreds of people have been sentenced to death since Sisi took power. Do you think there’s going to be a point when this is too much for Egyptians, and there will be another uprising?
[Sisi] is putting before the Egyptians a tough choice: Either the military rule and him, or chaos and explosions and radicalism. He is part of that problem. He created that problem.


Shahin: The indication or the signal for this to happen is the ability of Egyptians to see where military rule is taking the country. Six decades of military rule in Egypt, and look where we are now. Look at all the statistics and indicators regarding Egypt. We are on the bottom of most comparative data: health, literacy, corruption, competitiveness. We’re really in the bottom, and some people are still trying to go through another six decades of military rule.


The Great Powers have needed to control the key country of Egypt since civilization first began thousands of years ago.  The Suez canal is highly important to Europe and keeping control of this is a #1 issue.  The mass of poor people in Egypt are troubling insects to the rulers of our planet who want free access to various countries so they can do unimpeded business.


The new initiative by China and Russia to build the Silk Road undermines the power of those who control the shortcut from India and Asia to Europe via the Suez Canal.  This is why there is so much nattering about starting WWIII suddenly.  The US has been forced to begin negotiations with Russia and China over nuclear issues due to things being on the brink of WWIII.


Egypt’s Leader Reinvents Himself as Bulwark Against Terrorism – WSJ: The Wall Street Journal is a Zionist publication that pushes hard for free trade, no taxes on the rich and constant warfare.  Naturally, the owners of the WSJ want to have a brutal strong man in Egypt to oppress the Palestinians, work with the Zionists and NATO Bilderberg gangsters and keep those pesky native citizens of Egypt caged.


The Egyptian leader’s tough response to the emergence of Islamic State coupled with Iran’s expanding sway in traditionally Sunni Muslim spheres of influence have boosted the 60-year-old retired army general’s stock in the region as a bulwark against extremism.


At the same time, his declarations about the need to “revolutionize” Islam to increase tolerance in the Arab and Islamic world have helped his image in Washington, opening the way for the Obama administration’s cautious embrace of the Egyptian leader.


The administration lifted a ban on arms sales to Cairo in March and promised to restore a $1.3 billion aid package, an annual commitment set forth in the 1979 Israel-Egypt peace treaty.


Why are so many oppressed Sunni responding to help from Iran?  Duh…this is because their rulers are complicit with NATO nations and Israel and the brutal, vicious, very right wing, oppressive dictators of Saudi Arabia who give women zero human rights and enslaves millions of workers who have zero rights, too.  SA is one of the most oppressive regimes on earth.  ISIS is liberal compared to the Saudi Royal rule.


Egypt always had intellectual liberals, real liberals who have dangerous lives.  It gave women more civil rights than most Muslim nations and the Universities there were much more modern than most Muslim schools.  It is now a terrified police state unlike the US which is so out of control, violent gangs terrorize major cities from coast to coast spreading death and fear whether they are biker gangs, drug gangs or plain thugs.


About the ‘prison break’ that Sisi is accusing his victims of doing:  They were sitting in their cells, helpless, when various people, most likely military soldiers, entered the prison and told them to all flee.  MORSI REFUSED.  This fake ‘escape’ whereby Morsi would have been shot dead, failed, so Sisi decided to make a death penalty case out of NOT fleeing the prison.  This is so Orwellian.  And another sign this is a Saudi-style police state.


The Arab Spring began in the streets and ended with NATO bombs and military coups.  So sad, so very sad.  Speaking of Saudi Arabia:  US Officials Predict Saudis Will Buy Pakistani Nukes — News from  I doubt the Zionists will allow this.  Indeed, there is zero possibility that they would allow this it would lead to a palace coup in Saudi Arabia.


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5 responses to “Egypt Military Coup Is Real ‘Police State’

  1. joseppi

    Israeli Defense Minister is using WWII and nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a moral guide for dealing with Iran –

  2. mike

    try running for the hills with a health insurance bills strings attached and unrestrained………………fascists

  3. Christian W

    Egypt is an extension of the US Empire. If it suited the elites something would be done about the drug gangs. Probably no one on earth is so spied upon, and thoroughly mapped out in every detail, as US citizens are by their own government. The Soviet system and Stasi had nothing like it.

    Btw. It turns out the US elites, the Rockefellers and the CIA etc, run a programme in the 50s and 60s to promote modern ‘art’… Wonder what brain washing programmes the CIA run today… hmm.

  4. Elaine Supkis

    ‘Modern Art’ began in EUROPE…the refugees fleeing WWII brought it to the US. Its main headquarters was in New York City. It was entirely a foreign affair for foreign consumption which was then foisted on the US public via the schools.

    I fought this ferociously when in the university system. Still hate it.

  5. Christian W

    Yes. The CIA paved the road for ex Soviet, and Eastern bloc artists who made it over, to stress the point how artistically free and successful they were in the West.

    Of course if the CIA and elites open the doors and roll out the red carpets for your career it means that your success is politically motivated, while their actions simultaneous suppress the careers of possibly more artistically deserving (domestic) artists.

    The same of course applies to CIA promoted journalists, authors, academics and so on.

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