Leftists Desperately Paint Black/Hispanic/White Texas Bikers As ‘Whites’ To Prove Whites Are Evil

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Suspect in Waco shoot-out revealed to be a retired DETECTIVE as it emerges bikers will escape toughest charges because county can’t afford to prosecute all 170 of them: the top person being prosecuted is a former cop who is BLACK. Yes, black.  I pointed out day one that these biker gangs and I know biker gangs very, very intimately, were racially mixed trending towards Hispanics.  I pointed out that the effort to make these guys ‘white supremacists’ is misguided.  But since the top liberal writers and publishers are now on the warpath trying desperately to prove that whites are evil, violent racists and using this shoot out in Texas to make their racist point ignoring the fact that it is now totally obvious that the bike gangs were Kumbaya ‘we are the world’ integrated gangs!


People even came to my own website to tell me that all the guys in the shootout were ‘white males’ and ignored my careful research into the gangs proving they were not ‘white’ but Hispanic which means, ALL SKIN COLORS.  Hispanic culture goes from totally ‘black’ to utterly ‘white’ with their culture being the tying in point.  Here is a prime example of vicious, racist liberal commentary attacking these Hispanics as ‘whites’ from Salon which is full of racist hate towards ‘white males’ which is nonstop:  White America’s Waco insanity


And indeed we did get a front row seat to such insanity this week, when three biker gangs in Texas, had a shootout in a parking lot that left nine people dead and 18 people injured. More than 165 people have been arrested for their participation in this thuggish, ruggish, deadly, violent, white-on-white street brawl but there has been no mass outcry from the country about this. Though these motorcycle gangs were already under surveillance because of known participation in consistent and organized criminal activity, as Darnell Moore notes at Mic, “the police didn’t don riot gear.” Moore further notes that “leather and rock music weren’t blamed,” and there hasn’t been any “hand-wringing over the problem of white-on-white crime.”


A quick look at some of the police line up photos with names show that these gangs are the perfect image of INTEGRATION not ‘white-on-white’ crime.

Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 7.03.18 AMScreen shot 2015-05-20 at 7.03.07 AM


Black and liberal ‘intellectuals’ have latched onto this stupid event to make it look as if the chaos that has totally engulfed much of the inner city black community also is engulfing the ‘white’ community the same way.  All statistics show that the crime rates in black communities is very high with the second community prone to crime being…HISPANIC.  Way down the list is say, Asian communities.  Blacks do worse in school than all other groups and any black students, many of whom are actually recent immigrants, that score decently in any tests, is offered many scholarships by top universities because they have to fill quotas of black students and well-educated candidates are rarer then hen’s teeth.


Hispanics come in school statistics a close second to blacks when it comes to dropping out, failing tests, getting in trouble in school, being arrested, etc.  Far from being ‘privileged’ they are definitely on the same path to destruction not that white families are not also under fire, too, thanks to free trade destroying jobs and marriage for all groups of citizens of all skin colors.


This social destruction is beginning to tear up the middle class as children of the middle class who are white and are not handed out huge scholarships to go to school if they do as well as blacks in tests and school grades, are saddled with huge debts they can ill-afford and who can’t marry, buy homes and do stuff I did after college 50 years ago.  I had zero debt!  And was POOR for three years due to a huge recession/inflation cycle of the 1970’s which also saw the elimination of my field of study wrecking my plans to teach.  So I went into real estate in New York City instead.


The fact is, these bikers were not only not ‘white’ at all, they were not poor, either.  They have, like the black gangs in the inner city, lots of expensive vehicles and tons of free time to roam about causing trouble and a number of them were either drug dealers, had prostitute girlfriends or other illicit money making ventures going for them and the criminal operations in the US have grown greatly as industry is relocated overseas.


Just like the curse of gambling has spread like wildfire decimating much of the country’s home finances as the working class is stripped of much of its wealth via gambling which is a moral failing, so it is with illegal drugs whereby addicts steal from family, friends and neighbors to buy expensive illegal drugs. 25 arrested in Rochester, N.Y., area drug smuggling ring | ICE: they are all Mexicans.  Big Cocaine Bust In Upstate NY In “Operation Southbound” is another drug bust of Mexicans.  32 Arrested in ‘Operation Crazy Train’ Heroin Drug Bust …is another, all in Rochester, New York where another mass arrest was made today for pot smuggling…all Mexicans.


DEA Makes Record-Breaking Heroin Bust in the Bronx today…Hispanics again.  Blacks smuggle less due to Africa being very far away whereas Mexicans and Central Americans come across the huge border at Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas to bring in drugs to inner cities where they parcel it out to black street dealers who then pass it to mainly young black males to peddle to people mainly in cars coming from outside the slums to buy drugs.


Instead of trying to understand all this, liberals want to demonize white people and excuse blacks from any responsibility for their own social and economic activities like collecting welfare instead of forming strong families.  But then, the  mess in the slums is rising daily due to student debt which prevents anyone from forming a solid middle class family.  Which concerns me greatly.  This isn’t a race issue but an economic issue.  And won’t be fixable if liberals spread hate against white males instead of courting them, too.


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68 responses to “Leftists Desperately Paint Black/Hispanic/White Texas Bikers As ‘Whites’ To Prove Whites Are Evil

  1. e sutton

    I think we’ll eventually see the fallout from all this with another real estate crash. Several of my friends have what you could call “starter castles”, much more room than they actually need, especially now that their children are either in college or married with their own kids. Who, exactly, is going to buy these suburban homes for $250-$750K when the generation coming up is saddled with an epic amount of student debt? Where are the jobs going to come from when the little job growth we have is for waitresses, busboys, and bartenders?

    When I was in college it was possible to flip pizzas and pay your tuition. If a loan was ever needed, it was nominal and there were still “good” jobs around before the massive offshoring was done by our looters in Congress. I see a world of hurt coming, with all Americans, young, middle aged, and old, becoming desperately poor. And for the old fogies, who do you suppose is going to pay your (our) Social Security? Lastly, what will it buy when we see the Zero Interest (ZIRP) policy eroding what’s left of the value of our cash? Ruminate on that for a while.

  2. e sutton

    Addendum to the above: Elaine is the last person I worry about. Being self-sufficient and independent of the “system”, she has covered all bases. I do, however, feel her angst over her children’s and grandchildren’s future. Seems like it might become “Walton’s Mountain” time on Elaine’s mountain. 😀

  3. Jim R

    Of course if we’d legalize all those recreational drugs, deflation would immediately take hold in their markets, and whole distribution networks would crash.

    But then how would the CIA finance its far flung war-starting network?

  4. emsnews

    Correct, Jim, Sutton. I worry about the future. I worry about race warfare since my own family is mixed ‘race’. I worry about student loans because these hang over one of my children.

    And yes, free trade is doing all this and the importation of high tech workers does this and illegal aliens does this and the stupid anti-Muslim/anti-Putin warmongering is doing all this.

    As is ZIRP loans to big banks and Wall Street coupled with low taxes on huge incomes…the left should be rolling!

    IT IS NOT.

    The left is dying leaving the field to fascists who have solutions to much of this, at least. The delusions on the left is infuriating.

  5. Doug Uhrig

    What does this mean for CIA cash flow?


  6. Jim R

    Haha, Doug, that would put a lot of Afghan warlords out of business, too!

    Yeah, mixed-race … it’s a barge-load of gunpowder just waiting for a match around the USA these days. Be nice if the current administration would quit dumping gasoline on it.

    But humans will fight over anything. Watching what’s going on in the Ukraine, (and those people are ALL whiter than you and me) they are fighting over little linguistic differences, over which branch of orthodox, over some 75 year old perceived past allegiances… bottom line, it is also a symptom of overpopulation, hate to say it, but it is.

  7. vengeur

    The funny thing about the liberals trying to portray these Biker gangs as “white” is that when they cast their net to ensnare the evil racist whites, thanks to “diversity” they net a bunch of Hispanics and a few blacks too. Just like in Baltimore when it turned out that some of the evil racist cops were ..ahem… blacks ( and even a black woman). OOPs! So the poor liberals are having a harder and harder time with their old “blame whitey” schtick. The only place diversity doesn’t happen is in the black inner-cities, where white “gentrification” is vilified and whites are put to flight by crime, rioting etc.

  8. Jim R

    The gangs by the way. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe I ever said that they were all white…

    They have a well-developed pack mentality to them. So do cops, and so do the military. There’s a lot of overlap in those groups. When I encounter these folks on the highway, I try to be extra courteous and give them lots of room. And you DO see them on the highway in Texas from time to time. They are definitely NOT all of one race/ethnicity.

    One of the things they are fighting about is ‘colors’ — one gang wears patches on their jackets that have some similarity to the patches of a rival gang. How silly is that?

  9. emsnews

    I used to also do medieval warfare. People love to follow flags, wear insignia, have rally points. Leftists, do, too. Look at any left demonstration and you see the tags, the flags, the images, the ‘we are one’ stuff.


    Gangs proliferate when social systems collapse which is why Eastern Europe seethes with gangs as do most Muslim nations. And the US lower class is very gang-oriented and has one interesting ingredient: black gangs are nearly useless because so many hate each other, they can’t congregate with themselves without being very violent.

    This is why black and black male murder is much, much higher than Hispanics killing Hispanics and both are much higher than whites killing each other.

    The loyalty issue is key to running a gang. Hell’s Angels have high loyalty levels which is why it is harder for the Feds to put them in prison. Hispanic gangs are stronger than black gangs.

    I used to pull black gangsters out of prison for ‘reforms’ and know a great deal about the structure of the black Newark, NJ gangs. Just like I know personally how the California bike gangs operate.

    I know that strong gangs have mentoring of new members and if a new member shows lack of deference to the Old Ladies and the Founders and their fierce pride, you get the snot beaten out of you and kicked out or if reformed, the novice has to show very great deference.

    The level of giving orders is very high, not low. People join gangs for someone to control them, not for ‘freedom’. They learn that to be strong means to back each other to the death.

    This is a most powerful force in humans, very much in males.

  10. Christian W

    Isn’t all of this part of the major economic and political theme of today; namely that the Elites and supporting class, the top fifth, is cutting off from the rest of society and leaving four fifths of the citizens (+illegal aliens) in the dust to fend for themselves, including the traditional Middle Class?.

    I see all this race baiting in media and focus on race issues as a way to muddy the waters, saw confusion, encourage race hatred, fear and uncertainty and so on. Not that there are not genuine issues that have to be addressed, but how do you address them when the ruling elites like things the way they are and actively support policies to make them worse (worse for others that is but just swell for the elites)?

    This is like the squid (top fifth) squirting ink to protect it’s getaway (successful theft and segregation) while the remaining 80% rip each other to pieces.

  11. And when the bike gangs go Kumbaya, ‘we are the world’, and ‘share and share alike’ on the liberals’ families during a home invasion, the liberals will become CONSERVATIVES pretty damn quick!

  12. Christian W

    So the real game is class warfare, which the elites are winning without breaking a sweat. It suits them fine to have the losing classes add internal race warfare to help bleed them to death.

    This is like the Zionist gambit in the Middle East. Let the subhuman Muslims bleed themselves to death with vicious infighting while we keep out of it and get ready to mop up the battlefield and pick and chose which pieces we want to pick up for ourselves afterwards.

  13. Christian W

    @ 11 Ed-M

    That’s what I am saying. The (White) Liberals will become Tea Party NIMBY-ists pretty darn quick and support the elites in their policies hoping the elites care to send a Sturm Abteilung to come and protect them.

    A little race baiting and stressing of race superiority, a little promise of economic support, a little promise of jobs and bread, a little promise of security from internal and external threats, happily adapting never ending warfare, and there we go. Uncle Adolf is back in the saddle.

  14. JimmyJ

    These gangs won’t get prosecuted in any meaningful way simply because they have both popular support and they are part of the official drug distribution network run by Gov.

    Up here in Canada I’ve seen this in several communities. The only time someone does get prosecuted they are made out to be lone wolfs.

    The Pickton murders are a great example. Willy Pickton ran a slaughterhouse where gangs could subject dozens of street women to utter destruction, but he was prosecuted as a lone wolf because they couldn’t prove gang association. despite a well known reputation and long term complaints. The politicians put the lid on further prosecutions.

    I have other less public stories from other communities of the same thing. Powers that be need the gangs and even if there are authorities that want to end their influence there’ll be others running interference.

  15. Petruchio

    @#3JimR: Maybe the tide is slowly turning. The states of Washington, Oregon and Alaska have legalized pot. Plus, Washington DC is legal and two cities in Maine have legal pot. True, the government doesn’t really care all that much about pot. Or maybe they do? The ‘gubmint’ make their money cultivating and/or selling heroin and cocaine. Using the US military to guard and transport the poppy crops in places like Afghanistan. Stuff like that. I imagine the fast-growing private Prison Industry is going to fight this pot legalization business tooth, fang and claw, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out, imho.

  16. Elaine Supkis

    The anti-drug laws were passed to please the middle class who didn’t want their kids to be druggies.

    This is still mainly true.

  17. Narciso Lopez

    Elaine is losing it.

    “25 arrested in Rochester, N.Y., area drug smuggling ring | ICE: they are all Mexicans” –Elaine

    The following were arrested:
    Ronald Gunter, a/k/a “Randy” – 552 Mill Rd., Greece, N.Y.
    Jennifer Bottenfield – 49 Mayberry , Rochester, N.Y.
    Allan Francisco – 416 Clay Ave., Rochester, N.Y.
    Darlingston Wright – 452 Alexander St., Apt. 4, Rochester, N.Y.
    Saul Torres – 51 Owen St., Rochester, N.Y.
    Lavelle D. Chestnut – 326 Sherwood Ave., Rochester, N.Y.
    Alvin McDew – 71 Avenue C, Rochester, N.Y.
    Evelyn Jones – 403 Melville St., Rochester, N.Y.
    Damon Burton – 454 Melville St., Rochester, N.Y.


    Lol, those names don’t sound very Mexican to me but Elaine clearly has decided all of them are Mexican because she’s sick and tired of whites being called for having blinders when it comes to white criminality.

    “Big Cocaine Bust In Upstate NY In “Operation Southbound” is another drug bust of Mexicans.” —Elaine

    Those charged were:

    DONALD ABRAMS – Syracuse NY
    RAVAUGHN BAKER – Syracuse NY
    LYLE CAMIGE – Felts Mills NY
    JOSEPH CROSSON – Cortland NY
    KAMAR DAVIDSON – Brooklyn NY
    JOHN GALAN – Syracuse NY
    TAMARA GLOVER – Cortland NY
    SHANE GRANGER – Cortland NY
    COREY D. GRIER – New York City
    RAYSHONN HESTER – Currently in State Prison
    GAGE A HILL – Cortland NY
    TONY KING – Syracuse NY
    TERMAINE KIRBY – Cortland NY
    GEORGE MACON – Cortland NY
    OSCAR MORALES – Buffalo NY
    DEBORAH OLIVA – Cortland NY
    SANTOS OLIVER – Pitcher NY
    CARLOS ORTA – Solvay NY
    JIMMY PE?A – Bronx NY
    BILLY PRINGLE – Syracuse NY
    TOSHIRO SCOTT – Syracuse NY
    LISA SPECTOR – Cortland NY
    ANDRE WALKER – Cortland NY
    RUSH WALTS – Evans Mills NY


    Lol, Elaine is clearly bullshitting some more just like she pretended that the Bandido biker gang was started as a hispanic gang. All the biker gangs were started as white gangs and have only recently started to open up to minorities to bolster the ranks of “muscle.

    “32 Arrested in ‘Operation Crazy Train’ Heroin Drug Bust …is another, all in Rochester, New York where another mass arrest was made today for pot smuggling…all Mexicans.” —Elaine

    ELIGIO ADAMES – Rochester, NY
    JERRY ALVAREZ – Buffalo, NY
    JOSE ALVAREZ – Rochester, NY
    EDWIN CRUZ- Buffalo, NY
    JASON FIGUEROA – Rochester, NY
    JOSE GAUTIER – Buffalo, NY
    ANTWAN HINES – Rochester, NY
    ROBERT JACKSON – Buffalo, NY
    PHILLIP LAGARES – Rochester, NY
    NELSON MARCIAL – Rochester, NY
    LUIS MARTINEZ – Rochester, NY
    ANGEL L. MELENDEZ – Rochester, NY
    BRYAN MOORE – Jamestown, NY
    JOMIAN OLIVO-PEREZ – Rochester, NY
    JAKELINE ORTIZ – Rochester, NY
    MARTHA PADUA – Rochester, NY
    SANTOS RODRIGUEZ – Rochester, NY
    JOSE ROMAN – Rochester, NY
    NYDIA ROMERO – Rochester, NY
    TOMAS SUERO – Bronx, NY
    RICARDO VAZQUEZ – Rochester, NY
    WILLIAM J. VAZQUEZ – Rochester, NY


    The link Elaine provided gave absolutely no information but just googling gives this list that is not as ridiculous as the previous two.

    The article states that those “Mexicans” are from New york. Exactly how do you figure that all those Hispanics are Mexican? From My experience the vast bulk of hispanics on the east coast are from the Carribean not Mexico. New York is mostly Puerto Ricans but according to Elaine that’s close enough for all of them to be “Mexican.”

    None of the links that i followed give any ethnic backgrounds on those arrested except to state that they are from New York, where Mexicans are pretty thin in comparison to Puerto Ricans, Colombians, and Dominicans.

    “Instead of trying to understand all this, liberals want to demonize white people and excuse blacks from any responsibility for their own social and economic activities like collecting welfare instead of forming strong families” —-Elaine

    Its quite clear that Elaine has zero credibility on this issue because all i see is Elaine trying to excuse white people from taking any type of responsibility for white criminality (its the jews on wall street not ‘real whites’) while demonizing blacks and “Mexicans.” According to Elaine its Blacks, Mexicans, and Jews that are responsible for the collapse of America. Asians get a pass because they are “safe” and have married into her brood.

    Its obvious that American gangsterism is now coming home to roost now that our foreign looting expeditions are all turning to shit. Poor Elaine has gotten old and wants a nice police state to protect her from all the feral blacks and Mexicans.

  18. e sutton


    Elaine did a really good job of putting you and your Mexicana and negro brethren behind bars where you belong back in the day. Too bad for all of us that the liberal p*ssies we have in power choose to blow you and allow you to commit more rapes and crimes. Should you show up anywhere near her home, rest assured Elaine will kill your ass with a sawed off shot gun if any of your heathen “frens” come near her (and she’s got plenty company here where I live in NC!) so come on, bitchez, bring it on, babe cakes! Show us what a big “mon yo r” . That is the way ya’ll say it, right, sambo?

  19. Narciso Lopez

    e sutton


    Elaine did a really good job of putting you and your Mexicana and negro brethren behind bars where you belong back in the day. Too bad for all of us that the liberal p*ssies we have in power choose to blow you and allow you to commit more rapes and crimes. Should you show up anywhere near her home, rest assured Elaine will kill your ass with a sawed off shot gun if any of your heathen “frens” come near her (and she’s got plenty company here where I live in NC!) so come on, bitchez, bring it on, babe cakes! Show us what a big “mon yo r” . That is the way ya’ll say it, right, sambo?

    I’m not from the south so laughably bad attempts at insulting me with southern grammar and regional insults like Sambo and whatever “mon yo r” means will not translate.

    The reality is that Elaine is prone to confusing her opinions with facts. Two of those links about crime she attributes to Mexicans are clearly incorrect. The articles clearly show the arrested having names that are not Hispanic; as such, its highly likely that they are either white or black not “Mexican.” The third link the majority of the names listed are Hispanic but are attributed as being overwhelmingly from New York where the majority of Hispanics are from the Caribbean (Dominicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans) and not from Mexico.

    The biker gangs were all founded by white ww2 or vietnam era veterans and its only been in the last 20 years of so that they’ve started to become much more integrated. The reason is quite obvious to anyone with half a brain, they need the “muscle” and drug connections that some minorities have.

    Elaine is just in denial that whites have been involved in the drug trade since its inception. Elaine wants to pretend that its just minorities at fault for crime but since she says she once lived in Arizona she should be aware of the meth trailers blowing up back in the 90’s before they restricted the sale of cough syrup that were the source of the precursor chemicals.

    Mr. NC and Elaine should be aware of how notorious some whites who live in trailer parks are for cooking up meth and every now and then blowing up their mobile homes. As a kid trailer parks blowing up were always on the news and you always saw that the people living in “mobile communities” were not minorities. Meth is a drug that has always been associated with whites just like blacks are with crack and Hispanics with Marijuana/peyote.

    As a note to Elaine, i’m not sure why you get so offended with the white bashing because its just the logical extension of black and mexican bashing being extended to all the peasants now that the elites have to target all Americans.

    You have to give it up to the elite they are superb at divide and conquer because they even have Elaine riled up at blacks instead of those that are responsible for destruction of Americans civil rights.

    Elaine has pretty much been awol on the derivatives beast, gnomes, elite black magic rituals now that the media has started on the domestic info wars. Its pretty shocking how Elaine fails to see how the media have completely manipulated the entire population into bashing each other instead of focusing on the real problems that the elite are causing.

    The ebola scaremongering initially bamboozled me but Elaine was hook and sinker into it because of her near death experience with the Asian flu. Vaccines are useful but its not like they are a magic bullet. Most disease lethality fell due to improved sanitation and medical care not vaccines. The anti-vaccine people are in basically hysterical but its not like everything they say is totally bunk. As a kid i got like 8-12 vaccines but now days kids are getting like 60+ vaccines for ridiculous things that they are not at risk for. Vaccines should be given to vulnerable populations that are at risk not forced on everyone to bolster big pharma’s profit margins.

    The Racial riots are nothing but Ebola 2.0 and its highly effective because white people are still in denial about slavery and jim crow racism. Its a real fear that what goes around comes around. Its basically totally bullshit but highly effective.

    From my vantage point blacks tend to be quite vocal in calling white people cracker and white devil, etc and it has a huge effect on older white people in scaring the shit out of them.

    I live in Arizona and as such blacks are just not visible and the scare mongering is focused on Mexicans drug cartels and little green martians from outerspace.

    Elaine you’ve been hustled by the scare hustling by the media. That’s how elites have always controlled people. Scare the shit out of them and it justifies all kind of militarism.

  20. Ziff

    Our local paper ran a picture front page section B , of one of the gangs involved , all whitey white.

  21. vengeur

    Operation Crazy Train: Of the 32 arrested , 30 have Hispanic surnames. Why on earth would anybody assume any of them are of Mexican Origin? LOL. Probably because there are 30 million illegals in the country, millions of which are from Mexico.

  22. Coldtype

    @ N. Lopez
    You’re going about this all wrong. You’ve got to read Elaine as absurdist performance theater in order to absorb the full effect of her genius.

  23. e sutton


    I live in Arizona and as such blacks are just not visible and the scare mongering is focused on Mexicans drug cartels and little green martians from outerspace.

    Gawd, who knew Arizona was such a paradise! Few/no blacks? How soon can I get my white ass over there??? Ssssh! Don’t tell any negroes. We don’t want Arizona to get destroyed like the rest of the U.S.

  24. e sutton

    Mr. NC and Elaine should be aware of how notorious some whites who live in trailer parks are for cooking up meth and every now and then blowing up their mobile homes. As a kid trailer parks blowing up were always on the news and you always saw that the people living in “mobile communities” were not minorities. Meth is a drug that has always been associated with whites just like blacks are with crack and Hispanics with Marijuana/peyote.

    Yeah, white trash love dem sum meth. Real attractive on the teef, too. One of the reasons I don’t usually have a problem with Hispanics is #1, they WORK, # 2, normally no one gets violent when high on marijuana or peyote. And not all of us white trash live in trailer parks, Narcisco. Some of us are in Tiny Houses! 😀

  25. e sutton

    Oh, and they’re erecting a MONUMENT to that sainted negro, Michael Brown, in Ferguson. You remember him, the one who roughed up a sales clerk while swiping some cigars? And then tried to take down a cop? Yeah. Theatre of the Absurd? We’re living it!

  26. Christian W

    @ comments 1, 2 and 3.

    That pretty much nails it.

    The left hasn’t been allowed real input since the 1980’s, if ever, and they were bought off with the cheap credit and infinite money scam. They thought they had it made. Now the war boomers are just looking at making it across the line in one piece and the younger generations don’t know anything else but the modern mass consumption lifestyle.

  27. John

    Off topic I am afraid Elaine, but this might interest you:


  28. Elaine Supkis

    The left is busy demonstrating against warm weather, demanding another ice age.

    Useless. Utterly useless.

    About Arizona: Um…the crime rate there is pretty ferocious. I once patrolled near downtown and barely a month went by without me going after some criminal thug and nailing him.

    They were all over the place and still are. Living on a ranch meant no cops, ever. We had to use guns to protect ourselves and did use these. More than once.

    In between killing rattlers, of course, or chasing off mountain lions going after the horses.

    Some posters, obviously living in cities protected by cops, make fun of me and think I am being silly. Har.

    Ridiculous. Sad. Pathetic and clearly shows how unattached to reality some people are when living inside a bubble.

  29. Lou

    ‘Useless. Utterly useless’.Evil.
    Fixed that for ya.

    Elaine, there is the ‘Colorado Gazette’. It covers the black riot in their very White city. No mention of race of criminals.
    The nice n—–.

  30. Lou

    The riot is old news so the graduation pic of the nice negress is gone.
    Gazette won a Pulitzer, which is a dubious distinction.

    Buzzwords, underserved, youths, teens, thugs, etc.



    ELAINE: I hope you can refrain from being totally racist. Racism is very real and is very wrong. I am against racism, I have a mixed race family and I hate Nazis, too.

  31. Lou

    Advice to CW and the other ‘anti Whites’. Uncle Adolf / The new Joe Stalin is here……. His name is Barry Soetoro.

  32. Lou

    ‘The left is dying’. Good Riddance.

    Eldridge [a witness says EC killed a few people in Africa –before his ‘christian conversion’].
    The Rosenbergs who left behind their children, who fund Mumias spawn thru the ‘Meeropol Foundation’.
    That Foundation got input from Stalinist crony Pete Seeger. After he couldnt kiss Stalins ass PS went on an environmental kick [the clearwater sloop].
    Mao, Fidel, Raul, mass killers all.

    Then there was Che. Che was a rapist as well as a child killer. The feminists
    loved him. Sontag – that hideous old hag. Born Miss Rosenblatt!!! Steinhem worked for the CIA. Jews, Zionists, Commies, Killers. The left.

  33. Lou

    the rabidly anti-American Che Guevara was a professional murderer, responsible for liquidating resistance to Fidel Castro’s hellish communist regime. He performed his job enthusiastically, killing people personally (including children) and exulting in the rush it gave him. As he wrote in his Motorcycle Diaries (which admirer Robert Redford managed to edit into a hagiography),
    My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!

    Che was a sociopath who personally murdered at least19 people, some say 600—but his face appears on the T shirts of gullible college students all over America.
    ‘We don’t need proof to execute a man. We only need proof that it’s necessary to execute him. A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.’

    Bill Ayers was a psychopath who liked explosives; now he’s an honored professor.
    The ANC is another example of murderers and criminals who are now high up on the world political pantheon

  34. Lou

    ‘lack and liberal ‘intellectuals’ have latched onto this stupid event to make it look as if the chaos that has totally engulfed much of the inner city black community also is engulfing the ‘white’ community the same way.’
    Thanks, Elaine.
    This technique is called ‘stirring the pot’. If theres no heat create some.

  35. Lou

    ‘Elaine is the last person I worry about’. Look for a picture from a year + ago where she was shoveling deep snow and maybe rethink yr statement.

    No situation is permanently peachy keen.

  36. Ziff

    Jimmyj , I’ve noticed this too, Van. Sun just ran a series about the continuous gang presence among longshoreman. Also why do some drug ops get busted some not. Mystery , one suspects gov corruption, but maybe they just like to keep it going with RCMP inside , better the devil you know.

  37. pist white

    Bring back jim crow and have mlk day changed to james earl ray day

  38. Elaine Supkis

    Longshoremen always tended to belong to gangs from way back when most were Irish and Italian!!!

    They have epic battles with bosses that go back several hundred years, too. Anyone wishing to be a longshoreman and not belong to any group is doomed. This is a rough world they live in and forming gangs is quite natural which is why cities see so many underclass gangs, too.

    The biker gangs are generally middle class due to the expense of owning both a car and bike.

  39. Narciso Lopez

    “Arizona: Um…the crime rate there is pretty ferocious. I once patrolled near downtown

    Some posters, obviously living in cities protected by cops, make fun of me and think I am being silly. Har.

    Ridiculous. Sad. Pathetic and clearly shows how unattached to reality some people are when living inside a bubble”


    Arizona is a pretty big state but the wild west days ended a long time ago. Mountain lions you will never really see in Maricopa county. Coyotes and scorpions are really the only dangerous creatures on land baring humanity.

    I’m just stating that you have a tendency to inflate dangers that you confronted in the past instead of realizing that dangers are very time and place specific.

    i.e. your Flu experience has really impacted how you view the antivaxxers as anti-science clowns when if you look at it they do have some legs to stand on.Vaccines are useful but only should be offered to vulnerable populations that are at high risk of negative complications or death. The reality is that having 60+ vaccinations mandated for children today is basically nothing but profiteering by pharmaceutical companies. Children should only get vaccines that protect them from dangerous child diseases and adolescents should get those that they are at risk for.

    Bad experiences with inner cities clearly have you on the war path against black males. Not to say that blacks behave intelligently but when people have no ability for legal redress for constantly having their rights violated you get explosions of violence. Cops get away with ridiculous murders and basically are completely protected by having the ability to avoid answering questions until they talk with union lawyers and have weeks to come up with an “official statement.” Cops have legal rights that ordinary citizens don’t have and the reality is that its leading to a ridiculous amount of abuse. Cops get lots of leeway because people do realize that druggies and thugs can be incredibly violent but to pretend that its okay to break someone’s neck by not using a seatbelt while breaking harshly is complete bs. Cops have a tendency to become abusing when they are not held accountable and the reality is that lots of people like Elaine worship the police instead of understanding that police abuse is not a myth.

    Blacks and Hispanics are not to blame for drugs violence. Middle class whites are just in denial that they are the biggest market for illegal and legal drugs. The whole prohibition nonsense just increases the profits of drugs and leads to incredible amounts of violence because the profit margin is worth murdering for. Drugs should be legalized and the artificial profit margins expunged by giving crack heads access to needles, cheap drugs, and when they desire it help to quit.

    Whites are just as violent as Blacks and Hispanics but Elaine is blind to the nastier government sanctioned gangsterism of the US government. Elaine seems to love Empire as long as its the US extracting the tribute intelligently so that she can get subsidized solar panels and what not.

    Its, Like genocide of native americans, Slavery/jim crow, and land theft from Mexcio, foreign imperialism, etc never happened.

  40. Jim R

    Flu experience has really impacted how you view the antivaxxers as anti-science clowns when if you look at it they do have some legs to stand on.

    Well, there’s that (Elaine’s rants), and the FACT that anti-vaxxers ARE anti-science clowns.

    And, Elaine BLIND to the empire? Really!? She has been going on about it for yeas, ever since this blog (and EMS on several other venues) started.

    Some serious cracks appearing in the foundation and facade now. We seem to be inevitably playing out the first chapters of the Foundation Trilogy, it was foreseen many decades ago.

  41. vengeur

    Fun Fact for Narisco: Male Blacks ages 17 to 40 (4% of the US population )
    commit 40% of the murders in the US. So when you say “Whites are just as violent as Blacks and Hispanics but Elaine is blind ..” you either don’t know the facts or you are lying.

  42. Narciso Lopez

    RE: Jim R
    “FACT that anti-vaxxers ARE anti-science clowns.”

    People who question the global warming scam are called the same. Science is about questioning the scientific consensus not joining a lets bash anyone that we disagree with. Science always changes due to new information contradicting accepted scientific consensus.

    Pretending that Vaccines are miracle drugs is anti-science when like any drug they have their benefits and dangers. Drugs interact with each other and so do vaccines that is why its important to limit the amount of vaccines people receive. Its obvious that Vaccines should be limited to actual population groups that are high risk. Only those Vaccines that protect against diseases that are actually likely to be contracted should be mandated for the at risk demographic.

    History is clear, the dramatic decline of deaths from diseases did not occur because of vaccines but was do overwhelmingly due to basic sanitation and health care. Simple things like the improvement in diet, sewage, water treatment plants, and basic medical care had a much bigger impact on the decrease in death rate than vaccines.

    Its not to say vaccines are not effective or necessary in all cases but its ridiculous to pretend that we all need 60+ vaccines. At risk populations should get vaccinated but its dishonest to pretend that Vaccination should always happen irregardless of whether or not the tradeoffs are worthwhile.

    Jim R: “Elaine BLIND to the empire? Really!? She has been going on about it for yeas”

    Again its taking things out of context. Elaine likes to pretend that its blacks and minority males that are hyper violent while she seems to be blind to white violence. In fact, Elaine likes to engage in the white past time of pretending that whites are the most oppressed group in America instead of being the most privileged demographic. Lots of whining about poor white males being bashed. Its like she assumes black males are put on a pedestal while white males are tied to the whipping post. Its amazing how oblivious Elaine is to the racial bashing of none white males. White males get much less hate and its dishonest to pretend otherwise. Blacks and Hispanics males are all thugs that hate education and Elaine sees nothing hypocritical about believing such nonsense.

    Exactly who is responsible for the genocide of Native Americans? Who is responsible for enslaving blacks? Who’s responsible for Jim Crow and segregation? Who’s responsible for conquering the south western united states from Mexico? According to Elaine it seems that whites are completely innocent babes that are no where as violent as black and hispanic thugs.

    Blacks are overwhelmingly viewed as subversive and a threat to white power structures due to having the moral high ground in America. All Civil rights movement all piggy backed on the black struggle for basic civil rights and its dishonest to pretend that blacks are no longer oppressed. The stain of slavery and racial discrimination is not a myth or ancient history.

    Racism didn’t end in the 60’s due to Elaine and white hippies deciding to treat blacks fairly but was due to blacks marching and spotlighting the hypocrisy of White America lecturing the world about civil rights, democracy, etc.

    Its amazing how every white person in the 60’s was marching along side MLK instead of being the silent majority accepting racial discrimination. It never ceases to amaze how young white liberals (and old ones like Elaine) like to pretend that the civil rights movement was somehow due to them and not due to the stars aligning for blacks to shame America into ending the worst racial discrimination.

  43. Lou

    ‘Elaine likes to pretend that its blacks and minority males that are hyper violent’.

    and what group commits most murders in USA? Yet that group is from –a mere- 3% of population.
    sobering fact.
    YBMs are 3% of population yet from that group most killas are found.

  44. Lou

    Who is responsible for enslaving blacks?
    yr answer is in yr question. Africans were responsible.

  45. Petruchio

    Here’s one more “fun” fact: the LEADING cause of death among black males, aged 18–29? Homicide, with the perpetrator(s) overwhelmingly being black themselves. I’ve always wondered why homicidal black males almost never attack/murder the people who are responsible for oppressing them. I realize that attacking whites seems a stupid idea to most blacks, but most blacks are not homicidal. Usually people who turn to murder have no concern about the consequences of their actions and logical thought escapes them.

  46. Narciso Lopez

    May 22, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    Fun Fact for Narisco: Male Blacks ages 17 to 40 (4% of the US population )
    commit 40% of the murders in the US. So when you say “Whites are just as violent as Blacks and Hispanics but Elaine is blind ..” you either don’t know the facts or you are lying.

    Amusing how you are so oblivious to the pitiful “but mommy look at the blacks” excuse when people point out Elaine’s refusal to respond to her links being misleading or her opinions unsupported.

    Statistics in isolation mean absolutely nothing and its one of the things Elaine also fall prey to. Just because blacks murder each other at high rates doesn’t mean racism ended or that blacks aren’t screwed by America’s soft caste system.

    Elaine bashed Eric garner for selling loose cigarettes like that in any ways justifies the cops putting him in an illegal choke hold (its a banned hold for the simple reason that people die from being put in choke holds). Elaine bashed him for being a thug damaging a reputable business with his illegal hustling of single cigarettes. Selling single cigarettes is not thuggish behavior and its amazing how Elaine thinks that businesses shouldn’t have to deal with small proprietors with lower operating cost stealing customers (lets just ban all capitalism).

    According to Elaine’s previous post, Freddy Gray is a thug that brought his own death upon himself by not seat belting himself and breaking his neck when the cops decided to give him “nickel ride” treatment.


    Elaine focuses on his record instead of look how the police murdered him. His record has nothing to do with the police abusing people by giving them “rough rides.”

    Nickel ride’ form of police abuse persists

    In Baltimore and other cities, police have used ‘rough rides’ as payback in the past. “Cities have paid out millions to settle suits from injured passengers in police vehicles. Fast turns and sudden braking is seen as a way to punish the arrested”

    Rough Rides’ and the Challenges of Improving Police Culture.
    Freddie Gray isn’t the first person to be gravely injured while riding in a police van.

    Elaine bashed Freddy Gray for being a black thug while completely ignoring the police being responsible for his death.

    Its the basic bs argument, “but look mommy” at the black man’s record instead of having to acknowledge that cops do in fact murder people willfully and get away with it.

    Even wiki has the rough ride

    Elaine my basic comments are that your black bashing is ridiculous because you immediately pass judgement without waiting for facts to come out. The cops immediately start leaking bullshit lies that defame the victims of police brutality. With Freddy Gray the cops leaked the bullshit story about the other rider seeing him try and kill himself (not possible since they were in separate compartments) and you ran with that plant.

    Elaine you constantly use links that are incorrect or misleading. Pretending those drug bust links you posted were all Mexican was clearly false in two of the three links and the last one all the hispanics were from New york and nationalities were not stated. You cannot assume someone is Mexican simply from their name when due to the geographical location most hispanics in that location are from the Caribbean or South America. Mexican is a nationality not a super ethnicity. George Zimmerman is called Mexican by lots of people even though his parents are white and Peruvian.

    Sometimes like trayvon martin and Michael brown Elaine’s initial opinions are correct but In Eric Garner’s and Freddy Gray’s cases its clear that the police are completely responsible for their deaths.

    The Walter Scott shooting in NC is clearly a cop murdering a poor black man running away. The cop would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t lied because people naturally assume running from the cops is a sign of guilt. News reports state that due to child support debt he had a suspended license and ran in desperation because he didn’t want to be put back in jail. Walter Scott wasn’t a thug even though Elaine isn’t shy at convicting every black male as a thug sight unseen.

    Elaine ran a couple of hit pieces on five of these police shooting and all five she bashed the black men and anointed the cops innocent. 2/5 is what Elaine is on her predictions of the black thugs being responsible for their own deaths.

    Not the worse prediction record but it just goes to show how Elaine has blinders when her post are incorrect about a black man being guilty of their own murder by the police or a Hispanic (half white and half Peruvian).

    Lots of Elaine whining about white males being “bashed” by liberals and its astonishing how she thinks nothing about her black male and hispanic male bashing.

    Statistics in isolation mean absolutely nothing and the government makes reporting on crimes based on race impossible to really document. Its nothing but pure conjecture to rely on minimal reported criminal databases to make blanket statements about ethnic crime rates and the supposed criminality of any ethnicity (Age brackets have an impact and the difference in different ethnic median age means the data is open to broad interpretations).

    Crime statistics are just like the IQ nonsense in that the data is incomplete. All IQ data is bs because there is no standard IQ test worldwide and the US cannot be used as a proxy for the world. Since in the US educational data is incomplete because we have privacy laws; hence its illegal to share educational test without consent. Not sure how anyone can gain access to private test scores and the only thing released is so broad based and general that its almost completely useless.

    Do you notice how no links are provided when statistics are clearly from sources that are not reputable? Elaine links to very weak internet sites and its the reason why she doesn’t respond to my comments because with time errors become increasingly easy to spot.

  47. vengeur

    In the FBI murder statistics , whites are lumped together with Hispanics, which make the “white” murder rate much higher than it is.

  48. The biker gang arrestees aren’t all Hispanic and Black. Five of your sampling of twelve have White Anglo names. The Daily Mail’s mugshots have a White Anglo majority — and indicate a White Anglo majority of the arrestees. So this isn’t just a Latino problem. Do you really think, Elaine, that Whites have left the biker gang business since the Rolling Stones concert that YOU negotiated with the Rolling Stones and Hells Angels for security? Either both gangs were integrated Anglo / Latino, integrated White / Mexican / Black ~ or ~ the White / Black gang was fighting the Mexican gang over turf.

  49. DeVaul

    Well done, Narciso. Well done.

    You are right. Elaine has pepper sprayed us with lies and half truths for almost a year now, and after ten years, I think I know why.

    Elaine is a White Supremacist, and by that I mean she believes that White Culture and the American Dream (with all that it entails) are the “be all and end all” of existence in America. Any culture that threatens that is not to be tolerated and needs to be put down — with violence, if necessary.

    The problem for Elaine is that the Industrial Age is over and the American Empire is about to implode from its own hubris (as well as about a dozen other fatal problems), and no amount of railing at foreigners or pummeling dark skinned Americans will stop what is inevitable. History has preordained it. It’s a done deal. Fate has sealed it. There’s no going back.

    But we can learn one thing from Elaine’s hysteria at the end of our world. If this is the way one of the most informed people of her generation is reacting to the approaching storm, what can we expect from the rest of her generation? It does not bode well, does it?

    Once again our children will be left to pick up the pieces of a shattered world, and I have a feeling that this time their utter contempt for their lying elders will be almost universal.

  50. Jim R

    DeVaul … did you ever wonder why there aren’t more skinny nerdy white guys among the players in pro sports? Humans are not inherently all the same.

    As for the American Dream, take a moment to contemplate the little selfie-cartoon for this blog. I don’t think you’ll find a more pro-American blogger on the ‘net.

    It is what it is.

  51. Elaine Supkis

    Yup, anyone daring to point out the obvious is a ‘racist’. This is the oldest game in the liberal lexicon.

  52. Elaine Supkis

    Also, the ‘industrial age’ is NOT over at all. It was terminated in the US which was very stupid. I howl about that daily. But it simply moved elsewhere.


  53. Narciso Lopez

    Elaine, “Yup, anyone daring to point out the obvious is a ‘racist’. This is the oldest game in the liberal lexicon.”

    Elaine you clearly jump to conclusions that are not supported by the links you provide. You whine about liberal attacking white males yet you fail to see anything wrong with how you condemn all blacks that get shot by police as thugs. You don’t even wait for the facts to come out you just jump on the blacks are thugs. Elaine you have posted links to some very dubious crime databases and to stories that are poorly corroborated.

    Eric Garner was put in an illegal choke hold for the crime of selling loose cigarettes. You wasted no time calling him a thug that brought it about himself for selling untaxed goods and being fat. Black markets exist for a reason and its silly to call him a thug when he was clearly put in a choke hold and then ignored when he cried out that he couldn’t breath.

    Freddy Gray didn’t break his own neck Elaine, the cops clearly murdered him and its not the first time that they’ve severely injured people by giving them the “rough ride” treatment. His record does not in anyway justify the cops brutality. The videos seem to show the cops putting their knees on his neck and its seems that is why it looked that his legs were broken (human body goes limp or contracts when a spinal injury occurs) and the “rough ride” seemed to have lead to the terrible fracturing of his neck that the coroners report showed.


    Cops do brutalized people and their magic incantation “stop resisting” while beating the crap out of them is no longer working now that cameras are so ubiquitous. Cities prefer to pay multimillion dollar settlements to victims rather than change their policies that lead to cops abusing people for refusing to follow their orders.

    Cops need to get punished for lying about beating the crap out of people when they get challenged. Cops seem to think that they don’t have to have probable cause to detain and question people. Right to remain silent is a constitutional right just like the prohibition against unreasonable searches.

    Elaine seems to like the idea of frisking of blacks irregardless of it being unconstitutional. Police are useful just showing up and being seen. Its why restaurants, diners, 24 hour convenience stores give freebies to cops so that they stop by and scare off any would be criminals. Communities have to view the police as being there to serve them and not as tax collectors and fine enforcers of ridiculous city ordinances.

  54. Elaine, “Yup, anyone daring to point out the obvious is a ‘racist’. This is the oldest game in the liberal lexicon.”

    And the Conservatives have picked up on that game, too, for pointing out the obvious when it comes to white criminality or the ongoing structural discrimination against blacks, usually committed by liberals with the best of intentions, or the highway department, ex.: White Man’s Roads through Black Men’s Homes

    Now when a conservative darling paper such as the Daily Mail points out the obvious, Elaine just sweeps it under the rug and says “the culture’s Hispanic!” (no it’s not), and “they’re all Mexican!” (no they’re not).

    Mr. Lopez has PWNED you many times in this here thread, Elaine. Go back to your area of expertise: bashing banking gnomes!

  55. Elaine Supkis

    What the hell???

    Unlike many people, I actually took the ‘inner city crime’ issue directly in hand, big time, for years and years.

    I don’t have a desire to see even more cities burn down due to violent thug gangs. That is insane. The real racism is…letting thugs run riot in black communities!

    If you are black and own a home and live where there are black thugs committing many crimes large and small, guess what? Your home is WORTHLESS.

    If you are a working stiff black person surrounded by thugs robbing and breaking in…YOU LOSE EVERYTHING YOU BUY. Your cars, your entertainment systems even screwdrivers (yes, a thug stole my screw driver while I was fixing a door lock),

    You go into any and all black city communities and you see bars on all the doors and windows while the people there live INSIDE THEIR OWN PRISONS while the thugs run riot in the streets.

    I installed many of these things when I lived in black communities.

    Now, black leaders, to GAIN POWER FOR THEMSELVES are siding with thugs, demanding and getting the police to cease protecting black communities and in NYC and Baltimore and Ferguson, etc, the murder rate of blacks killing each other and incidentally, killing white people too, has shot upwards this last year.

    And will continue upwards, the black community is now on a suicidal jump off a cliff and no one can save them.

    Bankers: They are shoving all of us off a cliff, too. But LIBERALS WANT TO DIE THIS WAY. So I can’t stop no one since everyone seems to adore jumping off of cliffs. Sad.

  56. Elaine Supkis

    And liberals don’t give a damn about bankers: they are terrified of it being slightly warmer and are embracing the banker/ruling elite solution of heavy taxes on energy used by poor people and raising the price of food by turning it into gasoline.

    We have a very, very fractured political landscape. The major antiwar person in the Senate is a libertarian, for example. The liberals are following Obama off this cliff, egged into going into war with China and Russia while the Zionists on the right want eternal war with Muslims.

    I see NO antiwar movement. The anti-banking movement died in the cradle killed by CO2 fears stirred up by Bilderberg elites like Al Gore.

    Obama this week announce that slightly warmer weather which we are not having, is the enemy of mankind and his #1 war thing is a war against it being warm during winter, he is…demonic at this point.

    The liberals cheered this on! Meanwhile, Obama and the liberals want to burn down our cities and they are getting this wish and I see liberalism being utterly destroyed by this and no one listens, instead, they make up stuff about racism to feel good while flames engulf what is left of our manufacturing cities which were first decimated by free trade creeps who just got what they wanted from a corrupt Congress: more free trade deals that hurt US citizens.

    Gah. And the left is silent.

  57. Narciso Lopez

    Elaine: “The real racism is…letting thugs run riot in black communities!”

    Elaine the point i’m trying to make is that you complain about liberals bashing white males yet you are not shy at bashing black males as thugs.

    You have a tendency to focus on blacks like they are at fault for the collapse of the rule of law and are somehow leading to a final solution type race war.

    Elaine you are being very tribal in scapegoating black males and to a much lesser extent hispanic culture for the breakdown of rule of law in the US. The collapse of Rule of law is directly tied to the elite scaring white people (Muslim, black thugs, Illegal aliens, Asian hordes, etc) into allowing them to gut all our civil liberties. The race scare hustling is very nazi and Elaine you tend to indulge quite a bit in it. You may not be aware of it but just look at how lou, jim r, and various other commentators join you in bashing the coons, chimps, etc.

    Racism according to Elaine seems to be no longer directed at blacks or other minorities but white people. Wow, thugs running riot in black communities is the “real racism”. Elaine do you really believe that the civil right movement created equal schools or an equal shot at success for the historically violently suppressed black population? Jim crow was not a peaceful thing but a very violent system of keeping blacks in their “place.”

    Lots of pseudo science and idiotic pieces on Pro sports implying that blacks are subhuman that are only fit for hard labor or athletics. Pointing out a statistic that blacks murder each other at high rates does not justify police abuse or mistreating blacks. IQ is also one of those abused pseudo science concepts that used to justify shitty schools for poor people (i.e. they are racially or culturally inferior and its a waste of money to try and educate intellectually deficient populations).

    Lots of people hate school because its mostly indoctrination and poor education for the majority with only a lucky few being selected for advanced/gifted programs that provide an adequate educational basis for later success. I went to school in the 90’s through 2006 and it was obvious that schools were mostly just warehousing students. Elaine went to school way back in the day before it turned into a complete farce with the elimination of trade schools that are more appropriate for most students. The harsh reality is that most kids hate school and would be much happier learning a trade or useful work skill instead of being expected to waste their times getting bs degrees in social studies, political science, etc.

    Things like shop, home economics, and other practical education were all basically history by the time I was in school. Only shop still existed and it was an elective that had limited space. Stupid crap like ceramics, marketing, photography, etc replaced the older practical courses that you saw in movies from before the 80’s. From my neighbors kids that were born in the mid 90’s they told me that today most electives are computer based marketing nonsense.

  58. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, trade schools are a lot better and have been turned into ‘junior colleges’. Which charge an arm and a leg for anyone wishing to learn a skill.

    About thugs: they are all skin colors. But I do NOT see liberals excusing white thugs. They get all hot under the collar and yell a lot about white thugs while pretending black thugs are cute children. Even as adults.

    This is highly insulting for blacks, by the way.

  59. Lou

    I see NO antiwar movement. The 1% learned from Vietnam. Scrub a war from the news. Desert Storm was hidden. Same with the last 8 years.
    war war war. but hidden from the news.

  60. Elaine Supkis


    The solution was to end the draft. Now, rich kids never have to worry about being drafted. And poor ones desperately want jobs so they rush in to war for the elites who protect their own children.

  61. Lou

    I dont think you talk to many young ‘patriotic’ males.
    Valor is part of the reason soldiers enlist.
    Theres a huge color billboard in LA, ‘Hispanic Marines’. The soldier is in ‘dress blues’. Very impressive.

  62. Name (required)

    @ Narciso

    Here is your problem:


    OK, Ronshai Jenefor was only one, but the problem is there is always one.

    Elaine is trying to help you by warning you that “Black Power” = brainpower, not degenerating into drug gangs, and that American blacks must fix this problem because what will happen on the current path is eventually true white supremacist gangs, heavily armed and trained, will attack the inner cities and perform ethnic cleansing while police and former white liberals, fed up with stories like that above, look the other way.

  63. Name (required)

    The Salon article actually has some valid points. For example, institutional racism and white privilege are genuine, unfair problems that American blacks are faced with. The racist commenters on this blog seem to want to ignore that.

    But again, as a “discrete, insular minority”, allowing one’s culture to degenerate into promoting ignorant, violent drug gangs as a way of life does not seem to be a very clever way to fight back.

  64. Elaine Supkis

    The US supports rank racism in Israel.

    The same exact people condemn this in the US…while collecting money from rich Jews. THINK. What is going on here?

  65. Lou

    This is a hoot—http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-quigley/40-reasons-why-our-jails-are-full-of-black-and-poor-people

  66. Lou

    Elaine, as you shovel snow and think about Obama ‘disappearing coal from our energy chain’, meanwhile,


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