Ukraine, Japan And US Want WWIII

China navy warns US spy plane in disputed South China Sea as things heat up there. The US encouraged Japan to renew its history of unilateral territorial seizures and so China, deciding that diplomacy was dead, did the same thing to the howls of Japan and US rulers who wanted to humiliate China and negotiate nothing.  This comes on the tail end of Obama negotiating a CO2 treaty with China which outsiders and many Americans view as suicidal for the US.  Why our rulers are doing this is baffling.  They want to make oodles of money off of the CO2 scam while at the same time, they want to control China which is by far, the world’s greatest manufacturing power.  At the same time, the rich in the US want to import Chinese goods and profit from selling these to Americans.  A muddled mess that will end badly, I say.


Japan Plans to Expand Infrastructure Investment in Asia by 30% because of fear of China and Russia. Back in the fractured, failing European Union, NATO is the major power with 80% of the spending and muscle coming from the US taxpayers who have run up over $13 trillion in debt to pay for these sorts of crackerjack goodies.  The fascists who took over Ukraine are now open to hosting missile-defense system aimed at Russia which will have fatal effects on all of Europe since Russia has about a 5 minute window to retaliate if Ukraine launches WWIII just like Ukraine shot down that jet last year.


This means, Russia MUST do a first strike.  This is bad news for Europe because Europe is very fractured whereas Russia is not.  Making up one’s mind to blow up the world in WWIII is easier if one is only one person and not the ineffectual EU councils or the Bilderberg gang.


‘Humanitarian suicide’: Kiev backtracks on human rights pledge in Eastern Ukraine because they are fascists of the Hitler school.  Clashes, tires on fire outside Ukrainian parliament in Kiev which is not news in the US because we are to believe everyone loves Porky Pig and his gang of robbers.  They are rioting for food, fuel and pensions as well as anger about the inflating currency problem and of course, more fighting in Eastern Ukraine due to US neocons who run our government (Obama is an ineffectual puppet).   US flexes its European muscles, leading war games in Germany which is more fuel in the fire while Obama gives a really goofy speech to the Coast Guard graduates about  how global warming is the real danger and is going to roast us to death…during a very cold Spring cold wave, it is going below freezing here on my mountain tonight…Does the ‘leader’ of the free world really know so little about climate?


So, the Bilderberg gang attempt at taxing us to death using CO2 fears, is running along mightily with Obama working the bellows hard as he can while at the same time, the neocons who run our military for their own ends, plot to start WWIII in Europe with Russia and to make this a perfect stupid storm, are egging Japan and China into a nuclear war which Japan will lose not to mention, the US and much of the Northern Hemisphere.


We ARE going to ‘roast to death’ and CO2 will do none of this, it will be pure nuclear hell.


The House this week voted heavily to amend the unconstitutional and creepy Patriot Act.  A Long-Awaited Reform to the Patriot Act – Yahoo News


In a bipartisan vote of 338-88, the House on Wednesday afternoon passed the USA Freedom Act, which seeks to restrain the nation’s surveillance state while extending other key parts of the 2001 Patriot Act that are set to expire at the end of the month. At its core, the House measure ends the NSA’s bulk collection program first exposed two years ago by Edward Snowden, and requires the government to be more transparent about the data it seeks from citizens. The vote comes just a week after a federal appeals court ruled that the Patriot Act’s controversial Section 215 did not authorize the bulk collection program, which allowed the NSA to access domestic telephone metadata. The ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals didn’t end the program, which the Freedom Act would…Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to extend the entire Patriot Act, untouched, for another five years.


Since the Republican leader McConnell, wants to keep this noxious thing so he can have WWIII, the House members left town so the bill won’t pass:  PATRIOT Act in jeopardy as House skips town.



Finally showing some spine, Sen. Paul stages 11-hour Patriot Act protest, NSA programs poised to lapse | Fox News because he rightfully decided that the Senate should be stalled and this ‘reform’ dies as will the entire Patriot Act.


Paul, who is also a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, called the law, which expires June 1, an unconstitutional intrusion on Americans’ privacy. His speech underscored deep divisions over the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records, which was revealed by former contractor Edward Snowden in June 2013.


The Obama administration warned Wednesday that the NSA’s bulk collection of phone records would have to start winding down by the end of the week if Congress does not act, and several programs under the Patriot Act would lapse at the end of the month, when the act itself expires. With Paul’s speech eating up hours of floor time and congressional lawmakers still at odds over the way forward, at least a partial lapse is now highly likely.


The press attacks on him begin:  Sen. Rand Paul launches so-called ‘filibuster’ against Patriot Act is one stupid headline.  Anyone standing up to the neocons is crucified by the bulk of media from the ‘liberal’ left to the ‘radical right’.  The non-mainstream media is divided in two: the libertarians are all for Paul doing this and more while far leftists hate him for various reasons and thus, stand down which they have done since Obama was elected, demonstrating only against CO2 which is the dumbest of the dumb things anyone even stupid people, should be doing.  What a gigantic waste!  With WWIII staring at us in the face, the left is dead.


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5 responses to “Ukraine, Japan And US Want WWIII

  1. Jim R

    How will our astronauts ever get to space?
    How will WalMart stock its shelves?

    China and Russia don’t need armies or bombs any more, all they need to do is open their checkbooks.


  2. JimmyJ

    Despite Russia saying they would only respond with nukes, Elaine and others point out that Russia being polite is irrevocably losing the opportunity for first strike, eventually by surrounding missile defense systems and new technologies. That stealth sub fleet retaliatory capability is cold comfort while seeing St Petersburg and Moscow looking like Hiro-Saki.

    Probably this will be the thing that deposes Putin as right wingers see this as an immediate existential threat which of course it is. I don’t know much but I don’t see Putin as having the ruthlessness for first strike. Whereas I see the crazy Dominionists as very capable of that. Against maniacs who would toss the board, a thoughtful chess strategist is irrelevant.

  3. e sutton

    Putin is being pilloried in the MSM press. Big time. I watch the evening news just to see the propaganda they’re pitching. We’ve got a situation here where the decision has been made…repeat….the decision …has..been….made…to go to war with Russia (and China). I don’t know quite how to put this, but the petty racial squabbles we all enjoy fussing over aren’t going to worry us for much longer. Elaine has pointed it out numerous times. The left is much too busy beating the “We are roasting to death” drum. The right is drooling over the vast amounts of cash their 401K accounts will make over the next big money maker….war. The balance in your retirement account just ain’t that important anymore. Gnome sane? Tell your loved ones how much you care about them and give your dog an extra treat tonight. What’s ahead ain’t gonna be pretty.

  4. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, they think if they blast away at Putin and get populations in Europe and America really scared and pissed off, Putin will fall.

    History shows the opposite happens. And note that Putin grows stronger and stronger, not weaker. DUH. The clever creeps running our media and government cannot figure this out.

    The anti-warm weather howls are raging, too, simultaneously to keep the leftists from demonstrating against WWIII. This is working but is stupid, too, for it is definitely getting colder, not warmer, and next winter will be a doozy.

  5. Jim R

    I dunno about the rest of the global climate, but it’s nice in Texas this spring. Cool and rainy. We have hardly needed the air conditioning, and it is well into May. Usually in the 90’s or 100’s by now. Highland Lakes slowly filling back up from the drought we had a few years ago.

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