Iraq NATO Troops Don’t Exist, ISIS Rolls Relentlessly Onwards

Defense chief: Iraqis showed ‘no will to fight’


Ashton Carter, in an interview with CNN, rejected calls for sending U.S. ground troops into Iraq to fight Islamic State militants. He also said U.S.-led airstrikes have been effective.


ISIS kills 400, mostly women & children, in Palmyra – Syrian state TV while Iran holds military drills to counter regional ‘aggression’ as the fighting heats up further.  NATO created this mess and NATO feeds this mess and then our politicians wring their hands and claim they had no idea this would happen after illegally invading Iraq and murdering the dictator there who gave significant human and civil and religious rights to the population of Iraq.  Now, it is a funeral pyre for Modern Thought.  Outright Medieval, in fact.


Arab Air Strikes Hit Military Bases in Yemen as the war expands into Saudi Arabia, itself as ISIS claims ownership of bombing a Shi’ite mosque inside Saudi Arabia.  Netanyahu Thanks US for Blocking Push for Nuke Ban because the Jews will need this for Armageddon.


1000s form human chain outside Japan parliament over US military base which is news hidden from Americans who think that Abe and his gang love us.  Abe’s wife went to the WWII war criminal shrine to thank them for invading Asia and attacking Pearl Harbor and the US didn’t protest this at all because our rulers are all children who don’t know much WWII history, it seems which is why they push for war with Russia, too.


Alexander Cockburn: Whatever happened to the Anti-War Movement?. New Left Review 46, July-August 2007.  Back then, the old warhorses of the antiwar movement noticed that the movement was pretty much dead.  It remains very dead today.  Last February 2015, another leftist noticed this, too:  The slow, painful death of America’s antiwar movement –


* With last June’s collapse of the American-trained and -armed Iraqi army and recent revelations about its 50,000 “ghost soldiers” in mind, here’s Stone on the Laotian army in January 1961: “It is the highest paid army in Asia and variously estimated (the canny Laotians have never let us know the exact numbers, perhaps lest we check on how much the military payroll is diverted into the pockets of a few leaders) at from 23,000 to 30,000. Yet it has never been able to stand up against handfuls of guerrillas and even a few determined battalions like those mustered by Captain Kong Le.”


Just six months earlier we had one of the dumbest demonstrations on earth, the ‘Largest-ever’ climate-change march rolls through NYC howling for more cold weather which we got in spades.  The global warming movement has killed the antiwar movement.  This suicidal movement that will eventually kill liberalism totally especially if we are going into another Maunder Minimum.


I began attacking liberals for this stupid fixation on preventing warm weather just recently. Before, I simply pointed out the obvious, that the planet is cooling.  Massing huge amounts of data to show this extraordinary information, I naively thought that sane people would see the future clearer and take measures to protect themselves.


Instead, due to huge pushing on the part of our government and the Bilderberg gang’s media, we have raging insanity when it comes to simple weather with NASA and NOAA now claiming no one can predict the weather which is criminal.  Weather prediction is laughably easy: you look at sun spot activity!  Duh!  This has been known for many years now.  Since my grandpa’s youth when he made his living counting sun spots and making weather predictions.


The utter defeat of NATO in Iraq still is ignored just like the US was utterly defeated in Southeast Asia 50 years ago.  We learned  nothing from that disaster and are learning nothing from the present disaster.  But life is a harsh teacher and the War on Terror is far from over, it is consuming our culture internally as well as externally and all this is pathetic when we think about all those warriors who fought for America over the last 200 years, spinning in their graves, enraged at the stupidity going on today.


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6 responses to “Iraq NATO Troops Don’t Exist, ISIS Rolls Relentlessly Onwards

  1. Seraphim

    “News media coverage of the Camp David summit between President Barack Obama and Gulf Cooperation Council members has focused largely on Obama’s success in getting the GCC States to go along with the negotiation of a nuclear agreement with Iran. But the much more consequential story of the summit is Obama’s decision not to confront Saudi Arabia and Qatar about their financing of an al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria that has made the most dramatic gains in the jihadist war against Bashar al-Assad’s regime….
    The GCC States came to the summit hoping that they have could get the Obama administration to support a “no-fly zone” on the Syria-Turkey border, according to diplomatic sources in Washington. But Obama was holding out for a different deal. Immediately after the summit, Ignatius reported that both sides had gotten what they wanted. The Saudis and their GCC allies got “assurances of American willingness to challenge Iranian meddling in the region,” while Obama got the official endorsement of the GCC for the nuclear deal.”

    It is quite transparent that the policy is the disarmament of Iran and then a full attack against it by GCC, Turkey and Israel, now almost openly an ally of KSA. In any combination “Assad must go” and Syria partitioned and transformed in an offensive base against Iran.

  2. Elaine Supkis

    Of course. EVERY country that disarms in negotiations is then brutally attacked and this includes Russia.

    Iran knows this.

  3. CK

    You do realize that Palmyra was a stop on the old Silk Road and a planned stop on the new one? Syria is about the only country left where the US and its subjects can impede the New Silk Road that China is developing and simultaneously impede Iran’s most direct access to the Mediterranean ports of Syria and Lebanon. And voila ISIL comes a winning for the USA..
    Unmentioned here was the recent coup attempt in Macedonia, Macedonia is part of the pathway for the Russian southern natural gas pipeline route to Serbia and thence to Europe. Which also explains why the USA and its subjects are currently trying to create a new nation our of another part of Serbia, Vojvodina. The South Stream is planned to pass through the province of Vojvodina on its way to Hungary. The American’s bought off the Bulgarians but there are many routes for gas to flow … and Bulgaria has a history of not staying bought. Finger to the wind and all that.
    Happy days in Libya also, as ISIL takes another major city Sirte.

  4. Elaine Supkis

    And…China will make a deal with ISIS because they don’t give a heck about what ISIS believes and they never attacked the guys running ISIS who are nearly all people attacked by NATO in the illegal invasion of Iraq.

  5. CK

    A lot of American experts have spent a lot of pixels telling us what ISIL thinks and what its belief systems are. I expect them to be as correct as they were when telling us how weak China is, how evil Putin is, how free Ukraine is, how many WMD Iraq had, how many Jews Iran has harmed.

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