Immigration Pressure Concerns Many Native British Voters

▶ Peter Hitchens: Young should leave UK while they can, whole system rigged by political elite – YouTube

Like in the US as the Republicans swept the election kicking the Democrats out of power in both the Senate and the House of Representatives as well as many state governments, the left responded by doubling down on the very things that upset the majority of voters the most.  Clinging to the global warming plan to deindustrialize the rest of what is left of our once-mighty industrial base coupled with embracing and enabling many millions of illegal aliens on top of encouraging race wars…we have defeat visiting the British as well as the US liberals and they have no idea how out of step they now are and are determined to be as out of step as possible.


Emboldened by support of liberals, thugs are now killing police nearly daily.  Here is today’s victim:  New Mexico Police Officer Fatally Shot while making a regular police stop of a car driven by a Hispanic male sporting gangsta tattoos.  This week a New-mom police officer killed in Omaha day before start of maternity leave, again, an assassination.  The President is silent.  Civil Rights leaders are silent.  This silence is fatal, of course, but they don’t understand how this is backfiring on them all.  Instead, thanks to the news media, everyone hears about the police brutality events…which are quite real but I noted in the past, turning obvious violent thugs into ‘victims’ is what has degraded things badly.  Innocent victims like the man who had a stroke as a vicious cop tasered and attacked him…everyone condemns this.  But the victim isn’t being turned into a hero. This is the difference from say, the Ferguson thug.


We just had an election in England which I forecast would be about immigration and energy issues.  The Guardia is big on being very mindlessly liberal so on the heels of this repudiation of Labour/Liberal Party policies, they are doubling down telling everyone that New British citizens are a cause for celebration, not concern which is pure insanity.  Crime is rising, the public health system, falling apart under the mass numbers of immigrants both legal and illegal, has been swamped and since most of these don’t pay taxes, is running out of money.  The citizens of England can’t be taxed too much because many have lost their jobs due to free trade and global business deals.


The Guardian won’t relent about any of this.  Here, a black reporter chastises fellow Brits about the immigration issue:  How David Cameron and Nigel Farage are making children fear immigration | UK news | The Guardian


Consider what we learned last week from a survey of 6,000 schoolchildren by the group Show Racism the Red Card. There was consensus that racism is to be deplored. But also a startling level of hostility to asylum seekers and Muslims. And why so? Without doubt, because of a dizzying amount of misinformation about the state of the nation – things as they seem to be.


That is why the surveyed children thought the percentage of foreign-born people in the UK was 47%, when it is more like 13%. Why they thought the number of Muslims has reached 36%, when it is about 5%. Almost certainly the distorting mirror convinced the 49% who said migration is out of control, and the 31% who thought “Muslims are taking over England”. Confronted with this vision of demographic and cultural apocalypse, the pupils were understandably pessimistic about their own futures, with 40% predicting that they would not earn enough to have the lives they want.

Children worried about too many foreign speaking, other religious beliefs, flooding into their schools are chided for being against more of this.  No kidding.  The author and the people who did this study went to great lengths to castigate the Conservatives and UKIP leaders blaming them for making native British school children scared of being swamped by foreigners.  This is silly.


The children are the front lines in this war to render the native English politically helpless.  Comparing statistics which include all older adults so that the bulk of people over the age of 60 are native Brits, not foreigners, and then concluding that the schools are the same proportion as the 60 year old cohort, is dishonest.  In the schools due to the high birth rate of many immigrant people from high birth nations, means the schools are not 13% of the students who are non-native but rather, it is now closer to 30-35%.


The fact that the Guardian publishers and the university people conducting this survey are lying about basic statistics has angered a number of readers and here are some relevant points:


TheThird 4h ago

This “debate” is a load of people talking about something else, because of what they can’t say.


Immigration is a vital aspect of any contemporary western democracy; everyone understands that – except the BNP and they don’t matter because they can’t get one MP elected.


Deregulated immigration is a vital aspect of Free Market Capitalism; the Free (from regulation) flow of surplus affordable labour (and goods, services and capital) to the market. That’s why it’s called Free Market Capitalism and not Regulated Market Capitalism.


You might think Free Market Capitalism is a good thing or a bad thing, but it needs deregulated immigration to work and it doesn’t work any other way. The Guardian thinks it a good thing, just as Labour and the Conservatives think it’s a good thing, but the Guardian and Labour can’t say that they think it’s a good thing, because they’re supposed to be against Free Market Capitalism. What they can say, is that if you oppose the free flow of labour to the market, you’re a racist.


Although the Conservatives think Free Market Capitalism is a good thing and they can (sort of) say it, they can’t say that deregulated immigration is a good thing because it’s unpopular. So they also say that if you oppose the free flow of labour to the market, you’re a racist – as David Cameron saId about Ukip members, just as Hugh Muir in turn says David Cameron is “stirring up trouble about immigration,” while failing to provide one example.


So everybody’s calling everybody else a racist/xenophobe/whatever, because nobody wants to say; ‘This is Free Market Capitalism – we want it – do you? If you do, this is how it works…’


Here is one important point:  Muslim population in England and Wales nearly doubles in 10 years.  The other is, the liberal/left always supports destroying sovereign citizens because they worry about the future and don’t want wild spending and armies of foreign labor displacing them.  The capitalists are basically LIBERAL operators.  Big time.  In the classic meaning of ‘liberal’.  They are internationalists.  They want freedom from sovereign populations controlling entry and exit from their home base where they live.  The capitalists want to have no borders, anywhere which is why they also support imperialism.  NATO, the European Union and the US are all very much an imperial machine.  More Brit comments:


Amroth TheThird 4h ago

Yes – the worker has been turned into a commodity. And we are importing that commodity from a cheaper source – just as we do with absolutely everything else…yet this example of capitalism doesn’t seem to bother the left wing.

Reply Report

fullofsense TheThird 4h ago

You should write the book “Immigration, The EU and the hypocrisy of The Labour and Conservative parties – For Dummies”.
It is very weird how for so many on the left, neoliberalism is not seen as a Labour party agenda and that the Tories are seen as the enemy of the average waged worker.
I see that you have seen right through the bullshit, as I suspect many others, too. Hence the Labour Party being in the state it is now was it pursues being Tory by playing the long con, whereas the real Tories believe in the short , upfront con, with their ethos intact.
Labour have learned the hard lesson of “following fashion” and in doing so have become the party of reaction as opposed to proaction and progression. The shame of it all!
Julianne Ryan 5h ago

These left wing groups should be banned from brainwashing children. ”Show racism the red card” has what exactly to do with immigration or kids views on Muslims?


These kids gave their honest views(kids often can exaggerate or be inaccurate) and a left wing group has used this to claim they think that because of Farage and the media(what bull) and gave them misleading ‘facts’ to now assure them they were wrong..and again brainwash them that they thought how they did because of the evil press & Farage.


Actually no. They often live in areas which see immigrants getting every new council home. They see hardly anyone talking about Christianity, they see Muslim youth everywhere(Muslim birth rates are over double our own) and thus their views are a reflection of their reality….


What you’re doing is attempting to disguise their reality & pollute your own agenda into it…it’s a highly disingenuous article. Not least because it feeds into the average Guardian readers prejudices of the ‘right wing’ media of ‘farage’ of ‘kids being misled’ when it’s only people like you, left wing teachers, completely bankrupt college professors that are misleading people and kids all the time.


Under 20’s we have 11% Muslim population who are far more religious vocally than any other religious group in this country…and Muslims are often on the news for acts of terrorism and whatever else…thus it’s constantly out there and the growth figures indicate this also.


As for immigration we have seen more people emigrate to the UK from 1997 to 2015 than from 1066 to 1940….so no the mass immigration figures aren’t some myth.


1. You misled children by comparing national figures with their reality which mostly covers youth.. The youth figures are wildly different.
2. You misled children AGAIN….by citing 13% of Uk nationals are foreign born….


13% is hugely higher than it’s ever been(was 2.9% 50 years ago) and a heafty percentage are simply born from immigrants & haven’t really assimilated hence they still have preference for their parents country & thus give the appearance of being foreign born.


So the kids were not led by Farage or the media..simply reality. Where as you & your dreadful article attempts to distort reality in the guise of actually bringing ‘facts’ while using disgraceful lefty groups to brainwash kids. It’s despicable.


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26 responses to “Immigration Pressure Concerns Many Native British Voters

  1. melponeme_k

    Question to Hitchens is to emigrate WHERE? The elites have their hooks and claws into every civilized Western country. Which they are systematically destroying as he states.

    So where would we all go? China doesn’t want us. Hell, they want to send their extra bodies HERE. They want the stupid free for all immigration. Plus, although they are highly intelligent and very motivated to emulate successful culture from the West, they are also, historically, just as racist as the western world.

    So there is nowhere to go. But to stand and fight.

    The Brits have to kill their royalty. Once the royals and their system is gone it will not only free them it will help free the rest of the western world. Because the elites love royalty and it makes them all wet and slippery just hoping for their trailer trash children to marry into them.

    We, in the US, must recall every representative from top to bottom, call for a constitutional convention and kill the elite.

    If we don’t do it within the next 10 years or so, we will never be able to do it.

  2. Ken

    For argument’s sake let’s say Hitchins is right. We are too far down the slippery slope and there is nothing we can do to stop this. Where does that leave us?

    No one wants to be called a racist, and most of the third world is non-white. So as long as the current system persists we cannot change course.

    Simply having the current system collapse is not a solution. For one thing, if our economies collapse the ripple effect will be felt very hard in the third world. No more free food and medicine given as “aid” to them. They will be forced to flood into western nations in ever greater numbers.

    Anyone with a viable solution to this mess is welcome to share it with the rest of us.

  3. vengeur

    A flood of immigrants is GOOD for you, kiddies! LOL. And when the sh*t really hits the fan over all of this , the mischief makers responsible for it all will be long gone.

  4. Lou

    Just days ago, Ms EMS was bemoaning the ‘dying off of the left’. If only that were true.
    The SJW [social justice warriors] push more and more.

  5. Ziff

    More mess and the muzzles have the unifying ideology.

  6. CK

    The robots will work 24/7/52 and a fleet of them requires one well educated maintenance man who can be had for 75k a year or less on an H1B.
    You can do the math and see that staffing a McDonald’s with robots is a proper decision versus staffing with $15 an hour humans. McDonald’s had 60+ employees in the 70’s. Kids who worked after school part time, moms who worked lunches part time weekdays, the manager balanced those 60+ peoples schedules and folks made money and worked when and as often as they wished. The Fast Food Franchise in the next five years will have 4 managers to cover the 168 hours a week that the store is open,4 floor mopper, table clearer, trash compactor persons and the part time services of an H1B machine maintainer shared with other local franchises.
    Minimum wage laws are laws to forbid work and employment. Enjoy the future.
    Most of you will be happy to be on the ( easily removable ) dole, watching Harpo and kvetching about how things used to be. To the 1%, you will be as irrelevant tomorrow as you are today and were yesterday; just more obese and with more diabetes to share.

  7. Yusef

    “Emboldened by support of liberals, thugs are now killing police nearly daily. Here is today’s victim: New Mexico Police Officer Fatally Shot while making a regular police stop of a car driven by a Hispanic male sporting gangsta tattoos. This week a New-mom police officer killed in Omaha day before start of maternity leave, again, an assassination. The President is silent. Civil Rights leaders are silent. This silence is fatal, of course, but they don’t understand how this is backfiring on them all. Instead, thanks to the news media, everyone hears about the police brutality events…which are quite real but I noted in the past, turning obvious violent thugs into ‘victims’ is what has degraded things badly.”

    The Washington Post reported in November of 2014 that 27 police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty in the previous year, but an estimated 400 civilians were shot and killed during the same period of time.

    [Open in new window]

    The number 400 is only an estimate and is likely biased low. Nationally, our law enforcement system is not required to count and report the number of civilians shot and killed annually by police officers. That’s suspicious itself and in my opinion unacceptable.

    It would be nice if I could believe the police were only killing thugs but the problem is I can no longer believe so. Neither can a growing number of my fellow citizens. We see via the internet videos clearly contradicting the police accounts of these shootings and we no longer believe the police “experts” who tell us it is all okay and just according to normal police procedure.

    I happen to doubt thugs are now killing police nearly daily. In fact, that’s a dirty damned inflammatory lie and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I also don’t think I am encouraging thugs to kill officers just because I want to be assured the people police shot down and killed had to be shot down and killed because the police had no other choice. I’d also like to hear explained why what I see in videos is not what I see. I’d like to hear why the police let the corpse of the guy in Ferguson lie in the hot sun in the middle of a street for hours after his death and why it isn’t B.S. for the police to say they had no choice about that, either.

  8. e sutton

    I’d like to hear why the police let the corpse of the guy in Ferguson lie in the hot sun in the middle of a street for hours after his death and why it isn’t B.S. for the police to say they had no choice about that, either.

    Well, among other things, they had to do a crime scene analysis. That takes time. The police are unable to control the temperature of the sun, so yeah, it was kinda hot when Lil Mikey ate his justly delivered lead sammich. And the only people who should be ashamed of themselves are those who terrorize neighborhoods, looting and stealing anything that isn’t nailed down. As the temperature rises this summer and the police are told to stand down, I see cities like Baltimore and Ferguson in for a world of violence and mayhem. Check the murder rates in these cities this past Memorial Day weekend. Not to mention Chicago. Oh, and then there’s this:

  9. Floridasandy

    Yusuf, you seem to forget who the good guys are. There shouldn’t be any cops killed protecting the citizens. Most of the time, the police are RESPONDING to a call for help. Police killings are way up, and nobody is benefiting from that.

    The criminals seem to want to fight back or run and either can get you hurt, because the idea is to catch the bad guys. Maybe if criminals stopped, the rate would go down to zero, and everybody could go home to their families at the end of the day.
    That would be a who.e lot better than some jackass mayor encouraging thug behavior and burning down the city, instead of protecting it. If anybody should be ashamed, it should be the mayor of Baltimore- but that isn’t going to happen. She will double down on stupidity, and exactly what did Baltimore do with all that stimulus money?

  10. e sutton


    I’ll go you one better. What exactly was done with the ****billions***upon ****billions*** of dollars dedicated to the welfare state of Black America? Where’s the return on that investment?

  11. Lou

    E Sutton, the return is 30 million m ore Black people in USA.
    If you feed em, they will breed em.

  12. Lou

    Rifkin, ‘The End of Work’ [its not a pretty picture].

  13. Floridasandy

    The whole welfare state is designed to keep people locked in cities, where even their own leaders will not protect them. The city homicide rates are disgraceful. (Look at Chicago this past weekend for example ) No wonder the anger level gets high,~they know something really wrong is going on but nobody points out the fix.
    So in an act of massive group stupidity, they loot their own community instead of marching on their capital demanding answers, and the media encourages this big-time!

    And the private sector is continually forced to pay for all oft this.

  14. Elaine Supkis

    Note that all the dying cities once were the world’s most wealthy, strong, manufacturing giants. By killing our cities, the international gang doing this insures these won’t be returning to their natural place as industrial centers. These centers were killed because unions forced the elites to pay living wages now they get the same products from replaceable cheap foreign labor living in TINY HOUSES and owning no cars which happens to be the paradise desired by global warming liberals!

    Which is why I am so enraged with them right now.

  15. Petruchio

    A primary reason for unrestricted, or at least very liberal immigration policies is the same: flood a country with needy immigrants and overwhelm the social services network. You don’t have to disband social service programs-which is what the 1%’ers WANT to do, just overwhelm social service programs with so much demand it can’t function. This also has the added “benefit” of driving down wages. The growth of the Labor Movement in the USA scared the bejesus out of the elites. And thus “Free” Trade, “Free” Markets and Trickle down economics were born.

  16. Floridasandy

    I am sure that our new trade relations with Cuba will consist of poor people selling their goods to the United States, hurting American business.

    We seem to have a good leader if you are a resident of some other country.

  17. Lou

    EMS, Note that all the dying cities once were the world’s most wealthy, strong, manufacturing giants.

    I heard on the radio [within last 24 hrs] Detroit was our richest city.
    Now it is one of our Blackest. Whats the Blackest country in this hemisphere?
    It is also the poorest. Its name starts with an ‘h’.

    I came over here to show this to Elaine. Thought she d get a kick out of the
    family values guy. Those college athletes ill do it to ya. But he went for underage rasslers.

  18. Lou

    The real wake-up call in the book are the crime statistics. “You will spend more time trying to obtain basic crime stats about immigrants in America than trying to sign up for Obamacare” she writes. In the “Immigrants and Crime” chapter we learn the government has extensive data on the exact count of Samoans without battery-powered radios (2,651 in 2010) but very little on immigrants and crime. The data that is there gets skewed by conflating Hispanic with white and excluding cases such as children born to illegals and immigration detainees.

    When she finally breaks through to real numbers we discover Hispanics committed half the murders in Texas in 2014 (a stat Northeastern University professor Ramiro Martinez Jr. claims to have refuted simply by saying it “boggles the mind”). Ann finally finds the big answers such as, “Foreign inmates are 70% more likely to have committed a violent crime than American criminals.”

    Hate facts like these are hidden because of the massive incentives to hide the facts. Young people don’t like them because they’re mean. Immigrants hate them because they’re in them.

    The Democrats and Republicans both hate them because they’re convinced more Mexicans means more votes. Big business hates them because cheap labor means more profits for the CEOs. Fortunately, we still live in a country with the first amendment so if someone says something shocking, we can look it up. Turns out, the doomsday villain is right and it’s the real bad guys who are telling us everything’s going to be okay.

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

    Addendum, the Gov mixes muslims, mulattos, latinos crime stats w WHITES.
    when a latino is a victim, GOV records that as a crime against a latino.
    when a latino commits a crime, GOV has that criminal as White!

  19. Yusef

    ” I heard on the radio [within last 24 hrs] Detroit was our richest city.
    Now it is one of our Blackest.”

    It indeed was one of our richest, and at the same time one of our “blackest” cities. One of our Richest and one of our “blackest.”

    As lawyers are wont to say,” the two are not mutually exclusive.”

    You mean to say: Detroit became poor because it became black. That’s not the history. That’s not the “cause and effect” relationship. In fact, that’s a pathetic and incompetent read of history. As Detroit became black, it became more and more wealthy, even cultural. Detroit, an industrial city, became a citidel of culture. The culture was indistinguishable from the wealth, and that was what distinguished Detroit as the wealthiest city– It had wealth and culture. There were some citizens, or denizens, of Detroit, who, after giving it the wealth of money, gave it the prestige of true wealth, culture.

    As “liberated” black slaves came norh seeking a better future, the place had a dynamism and excitement equal to Paris or Vienna. Not Rome, though.

    But that was as good as it got.

    I think what happened was as the city became rich and then richer, the whites escaped to the suburbs while the blacks made the sad discovery they weren’t going to share equally in the riches of the polis. They weren’t going to be cut into their share of a pie, even a proportionate share of an expanding pie. For no reason at all, they were going to be excluded.

    There was this little thing about equality and the meaning of democracy. It never matters so much once one is ensconced in “equality” and “democracy.” Once one is ensconsed in “equality” and “democracy” one could care less about equality and democracy except insofar as equality and democracy provide one the platform of priviledge and dynasty.

  20. Elaine Supkis

    Detroit was the first major city to experience rapid ‘white flight’. Blacks from the south moved north to seek jobs but discovered social services if they have babies and don’t know the daddy.

    So…we had the union workers flee the city opening up cheap housing for blacks wanting welfare and the black families which were very strong before LBJ completely collapsed as everyone wanted welfare money instead of work.

    This, in turn, led to a crime spree since young males living off of mom’s welfare scheme, end up idle and needing extra cash for bling and fun and so…the once-crimeless black youth turned to mass crime and became mainly drug dealers and running strings of prostitutes who were mostly black females.

    This degraded the black community which responded by making money celebrating this destructive life style which dominates entertainment today and has turned 70%+ black children into what used to be called ‘bastards’ but today are called ‘children with little to no contact with their biological fathers’.

    Black leaders periodically made a stab at stopping all this but were attacked by people like the now-great Al Sharpton who thinks this destruction is wonderful.

    This is why our President has done virtually nothing to fix all this. He should be demanding an end to illegal aliens taking up US jobs, for example. This alone would save millions of black young males from a life of crime. Instead, he encourages illegal aliens! This is utterly ridiculous but then, who wants to stop this gravy train? Not the rich.

  21. Yusef

    I don’t think black people are to blame– not even the ones who have resorted to a frighteningly degraded way of life and really don’t care any. (I’m not denying they have some choice in what’s happened to them or they haven’t made terrible choices.)

    We’ve all stood by helplessly and watched this go from bad to worse. And we’re going to stand by as it goes from worse to horrific. We do not have political power, let alone the black people who really are at the rump of this society.

    Detroit was dying in the early eighties as was most of the once proud midwest turning into a remarkable rust belt of abandoned and decaying industrial base. The nation turned its loving eyes towards a weird mirage of Wall Street and the phenomenon of few caring about actual productivity continues to this very moment.

    The offshoring of American manufacturing is a more important a factor than illegal immigration and as a matter of fact both have been a trend over many decades, not on any one President’s watch. Immigration has been broken but there’s never been a truly intelligent national discussion about how to fix it. Obama is a fraud but so were Clinton and of course the Bushies. (And where back in time one draws the line I am not sure.)

    Your view isn’t comprehensive enough and gives your comments a tinge or flavor of racism which I don’t believe is really there. You are attracting racist commentators though, I see.

  22. @ Elaine: “who wants to stop this gravy train? Not the rich.”

    Exactly! The urban poor are now considered redundant. So are the senior citizens. Which is why what remains of the social safety net is under attack. With McDonalds going robotic, others will follow suit. More and more people will be made redundant; at the same time more illegals will be let in because now BOTH major US parties want the Hispanic vote. Or is Marco Rubio really running for president because he thinks he’s the best man for the job?????

  23. Floridasandy

    Republicans will never get the Hispanic vote as long as their birth rate is high and they need social services-look at California for a clue. Only the democrats promise everybody everything in terms of social services, even as they continue to fail to deliver. The only hope is if republicans implement tax cuts and allow the people to keep more of their own money, institute tariffs to protect American businesses, dead stop illegal immigration, and end “birthright”citizenship.

    Then all races of Americans would benefit, and we might all stopblaming each other for everything, and have the country we all want.

  24. Elaine Supkis

    If Hispanics fall for the same trap the blacks fell into, becoming welfare cases and doing crime on the side, they, too, will see disintegrating families and killing each other stupidly on a daily basis and their neighborhoods will be worthless hell holes so owning a home will be futile.

    That future beckons!

    And it is a trap!

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