Vatican Attacks Ireland Gay Rights Vote

Vatican Calls Ireland’s Vote for Gay Marriage a ‘Defeat for Humanity’: the ‘liberation Pope’ shows his true stripes.  When Ireland, of all places, totally Catholic, voted to give gays full civil rights, I was so very happy.  Conservative or liberal, gays have been denied basic human and civil rights and in Muslim nations are brutally persecuted, as women also are denied their rights.  Way back in the mid-1960’s, I have been 100% for sexual rights of men and women both.  Every clan in America has gay members most of whom had to hide this for generations.  The Catholic Church, based on the woman-hating Middle Eastern gods, has persecuted gays ferociously even as many gays congregated inside the Church.  Now that things are out in the open, one would hope the Pope, surrounded by gay priests, would free them of religious self-persecution.


In general, after 50 years of hard, hard pushing, the bulk of liberals today are pro-gay civil rights.  It was a long hard battle.  The right wing has responded by demanding that gays be persecuted nearly all of this based on the idea that ‘god’ hates gays and therefore, gays must die.  Since this same ‘god’ blames women for all the ills of the world, women were punished for two thousand years based on this horrible god’s bizarre beliefs.


Typical of this is the stupid reality TV show that didn’t show much of the reality, 19 and Counting:  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar use ‘rod to spank all their kids according to unsealed police report’ New claims have come to light right on the heels of revelations that Duggar patriarch Jim Bob called for rape and incest to be punishable by DEATH during failed 2002 Senate campaign… two month after his son first abused a minor.  Like all the power houses in right wing religious fanatical groups, the leaders call for hideous penalties for sex ‘crimes’ while committing these same ‘crimes’ with impunity.


The liberals have gained a lot of political power by supporting sexual rights and I approve of this.  But there is a lot of bad things running below the surface.  First of all, DNC clique ruling elites have decided that illegal Catholic aliens would be a great building base for Democratic victories.  I warned them in the past that the Catholic Church is very conservative and against women and gay rights.  The black community is also not supportive of gay rights, also.  The alliance between liberal white youth wishing for sexual rights and the general base of the party is a precarious thing and the GOP finds it very easy to lure Catholic voters away from the Democrats which means the basically conservative Hispanic community will eventually do the same.


The attack on the police is going to backfire, too.  Baltimore murder rate rises in wake of Freddie Gray’s death | Daily Mail Online


  • 2015 has already seen 100 homicide victims in Baltimore, with the most recent victim killed Thursday
  • In 2014, the 100th homicide took place in July and there there were 71 homicide victims in late May
  • There were 39 homicide victims from April 21 to May 20 during a period of upheaval over Freddie Gray’s death
    Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said ‘It is disheartening, but I am still resolved to continue to reduce violent crime in our city’


Police officer ‘dragged into the woods to be killed by three men’ saved when his K-9 chases after him and sends the attackers running, the thugs used a ‘passed out driver’ as a decoy.  These attacks won’t go on forever without a counter response.  Baltimore will have the same surge in black on black murder for the same reasons.  In New York City the new mayor stopped the frisking for guns and now Bill took the (f)risk, and we’re all paying the price as blacks kill blacks at a rising pace. De Blasio downplays surge in murders just as do all the civil rights leaders who pretend the problem is whites killing blacks, not the opposite.


Ridiculously, Mayor De Blasio Blames Gang-On-Gang Violence For Recent Crime Spike which is no surprise.  The thug community hates police patrols and are highly anxious to get rid of this so they can operate openly and with impunity.  They remember quite fondly the weak mayors of the 1970s who let crime rage.  Gay rights cannot exist without safe cities.  Teaching the police to respect gays is important but the issue of dealing with thugs of any sort, white or black, Hispanic or the Dugger Family, is a proper issue.  The Duggers were allowed to commit child sex crimes and abuse because they were religious fanatics and right wingers so the police gave them a lot of room to be thugs.


In the past, gays were easy hits for thugs who knew the cops would side with them.  Today, it is changing but still so slow, most gays don’t feel safe in many parts of the nation which is why the tend to congregate in various cities or a few states. Intolerance of gay rights gives power to the Democrats but many gays I have known over the years tended to be economically conservative, not liberal.  There is a huge crossover point going on here.  Just as I am socially very liberal, I am also extremely conservative on many issues especially economic issues.  The false divisions are being pushed by politicians who do NOT want anyone to stop the economic money printing machine that makes them so rich and so powerful.


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22 responses to “Vatican Attacks Ireland Gay Rights Vote

  1. Ken

    Let’s look at the big picture, shall we. The fastest growing demographic worldwide is Muslims. They tend to be one of the least tolerant groups. As they take over the world via population pressure does anyone on this site think that gay and women’s rights will survive?

    All of the progress touted by Elaine is only temporary.

  2. Petruchio

    It’s amusing and at the same time sickening to hear the Vatican rail against subjects such as gay marriage. An organization that provides cover-and protection-for the biggest pedophile ring IN THE WORLD claims the gay marriage initiative in Ireland is “a defeat for humanity”. So…what is decades and decades of covering up and protecting child sex abusers? A towering “victory” for all that is righteous and good? The Vatican has no sense of hypocrisy at all-which isn’t really news, is it? No.

  3. CK

    If you substitute cyclical for temporary you will be a bit closer to a truth.
    The acceptance of faggotry has been cyclical throughout the records of history available to us. Sometimes the acceptance sucks in a bit and some times it blows out a bit, but basically it is an issue that concerns about 3% of any human population as an avocation. As an occasional aberration among military or prison populations it comes and it goes.
    There is a long history of faggotry among various muslim sub groups ( Pushtun most famously), the English disease has had many outbreaks over the course of anglo-saxon history ( The Mauve Decades at the end of Victoria’s reign and then the Cambridge spy groups from WWII ).


    ELAINE: Gay rights runs right alongside women’s rights. Both depend on liberalism to survive. Both are hideously repressed and controlled by male power systems. The ‘god’ that hates women and gays is, to me, quite evil, not nice at all. This ‘god’ claims that good people hate gays and women which is unnatural and STUPID.

    When gays are in the ascendent, arts thrive, social systems improve, beauty grows. When the male power god takes over, it gets real ugly real fast.

  4. e sutton

    The mere idea that a bunch of guys wearing dresses in Rome can be taken seriously when they denounce homosexuality would be laughable in a sane world. Homosexuality is present in all walks of life, including the animal kingdom. It’s more of an aberration than the norm, obviously. People bitch about over population but come down hard on gays who are biologically unable to reproduce and rank much lower than heterosexuals as child predators. Sorry if that spoiled any of ya’lls brandy and cigars.

  5. jfr

    e sutton,

    How do know that gays rank much lower than heteros as child predators?


    ELAINE: All humans are ‘sex predators’ by evolution. We work very hard at suppressing our natural desire to run around having sex with everything around us. It is our nature to do this. Why do you think we managed to populate the planet so thoroughly? We also descended from cannibals who survived a series of ICE AGES. These were times of greatest distress for the Naked Apes who evolved during the very much warmer Eocene.

  6. Lou

    Ken, WHY are Whites ceding power? I need not cite examples. There are too many to enumerate.

  7. Sunger

    Just think if Jesus returned…….

    If you were driving down the street and approached jesus from behind, he would look like a woman with long golden hair, flowing robes, feminine hands, etc. You might stick your head out the car window and give that hot chick a wolf whistle…..that is until you passed him and saw he was a guy with a beard yikes.


    ELAINE: The picture of Jesus is a Norman knight.

    The reality is, Jesus was probably curly haired, with little beard and looked more like my first husband. The Catholic version of Jesus looks like my Norman ancestors who wanted the Jesus god to look like THEM. Since they ruled Europe.

  8. e sutton

    @# 5 My own opinion is that since gays are probably between 3-10% of a given population, it’s reasonable to conclude that even if all are degerates, they’re still a minority. But clearly, given their relatively small number within the gay community at large (and yes, there are gay molesters as well as straight), statistics don’t reveal them to be anywhere near the rate of molesters as “straights”.

  9. Elaine Supkis

    Anyone can be a sex predator. Anyone! And everyone has the possibility, male and female, all have this. Dr. Freud infuriated everyone by pointing this out and then there was a countermovement to pretend he was 100% wrong.

    He was right. This fact infuriates both liberals who believe humans are sweet and kind basically and it infuriates the right wing that believes that sex is evil except when they do it to everything. HAHAHA.

    We are all sex fiends and came from violent cannibals who survived the Great Crisis, the sudden cooling of the earth’s climate to terrible, cold conditions, by being violently sexual and horribly vicious, the easiest way to hunt other humans is to entice them into a trap with sex and then eat them.

    This cold fact is still denied by 99% of all humans who shudder to think this is our evolutionary past. But yes, it is.

  10. Petruchio

    @#9 Elaine: Let’s just be careful about definitions here. The feminist concept that ANY MALE who looks at a woman lustfully is a rapist is not only idiotic but counterproductive to any rational discussion of the topic. On a related issue, Elaine, let me ask you this: what is your opinion of porn? Sexual predators seem to be obsessed with it but not all viewers of porn abuse women-or males or children. Everyone knows the Internet is filled with porn sites. Should porn be banned, restricted, regulated, what? Just curious…

  11. Seraphim

    @our natural desire to run around having sex with everything around us.

    Soon the “right ” to bonk the ewes, does, cows, goats (and we would not discriminate against bucks, oxes, rams, of course). What about birds? Trees?

    @Jesus was probably curly haired, with little beard and looked more like my first husband

    Jesus Christ was Black(A Negro)!
    Jesus is Black, Jews are Black
    Israelites Unite – Jewish Man admits Blacks are the real Jews!
    The Israelites – King Solomon, King David & Jesus Are Black People, the Bible is our book ! ! !
    Jesus Was Not White! Thats A Fact… (and we can go on, and on, and on, and on…)
    Was your ex a Negro then?

  12. Elaine Supkis

    Jews were not ‘black’ but rather came from the Hittite people who were very much Middle Eastern stock that originally came from the Great Plains of…Central Eurasia where chariots were first invented and turned into war machines. They swept in from this area heading towards Egypt to loot it.

    The entire story of being slaves in Egypt are hilarious since the Hittite/Jews were looters there and driven out.

  13. Elaine Supkis

    About sex: yes, the women’s movement and my grandmother was a temperance union/right to vote activist way back in the Wild West days in Old Tucson and she also was dangerous…she was also ‘prudish’ as well as demanding women’s rights.

    I, on the other hand, was ‘free sex/women’s right’ and enjoyed sex a lot and painted nudes and ran around in the sixties having tons of fun…the new movement is prudish. They want to dress like harlots and have no one touch them which leads to insanity.

    It does not work at all. I pushed hard for ‘being strong’ and ‘DON’T GIVE MIXED SIGNALS.’ The lady with the mattress pissed me off because she dressed like she wanted to carry the mattress so she could hop onto it and have sex at the drop of a hat while whining that men wanted to have sex with her.

    GAHHHH!!! She is a horrible person and if I were a man, I would run the other way. She is a black widow spider woman. One bite and you die.

  14. Elaine Supkis

    Way back in the 1960s-1980s I gave many speeches about all this. I explained to young women, ‘Make your position as clear as possible.’ Example: clearly state, ‘NO, do not touch me.’ And ‘No, I do not like this. Stop.’ And ‘I am going to call the police.’

    While saying this, the woman must look hard into the eyes of the male and show firmness like when training a stallion or over excited dog. It works like magic.

    In the long run, men appreciate knowing exactly where you stand. Also, do not get drunk with men, flirt with them, egg them on and then suddenly decide you don’t want sex. You don’t lead them all the way to the bed and then chuck them out the door. Set limits on oneself.

    Many girls want men to pine for them and long for them and be frustrated. A very dangerous game which is why older women used to escort young girls to prevent this.

  15. Seraphim

    @Jews were not ‘black’ but rather came from the Hittite people

    Indeed, but Hittites were rather white. The problem is with the so-called “portrait” of Jesus fabricated for the television series “Son of God”. Wikipedia gives us all the details of the “reconstruction”. It used one of three first-century Jewish skulls from a leading department of forensic science in Israel to depict Jesus that way. The face was constructed using forensic anthropology by Richard Neave, a retired medical artist from the Unit of Art in Medicine at the University of Manchester. “Additional information about Jesus’ skin color and hair was provided by Mark Goodacre, a New Testament scholar and professor at Duke University. Using third-century images from a synagogue—the earliest pictures of Jewish people—Goodacre proposed that Jesus’ skin color would have been darker and swarthier than his traditional Western image. He also suggested that he would have had short, curly hair and a short cropped beard.” Highly imaginative, in fact. All conclusions are presented with the “it might”, “it would have been”, “it would have looked like…”. Actually it looks rather like the descriptions of the Anti-Christ!

    The appearance of Jesus is the one depicted on the icons. In the first centuries he was at times represented symbolically (as the Good Shepherd, as a child in the lap of his Mother – in the most classic icon traditionally attributed to St. Luke -, as the Sun, etc)., but the canonical depiction appears since the 3d-4th centuries in the Catacombs and becomes exclusive since the 6th after the Quinisext Council forbade the symbolic depictions of Christ (well before your ancestors, the Norman knights show up on the scene, sorry). They match exactly the face that appears on the Shroud of Turin (and which was the Shroud in which Jesus was wrapped) and on the Mandylion of Edessa.
    The fuss made around the appearance of Jesus is related to the ‘Jesus the Jew’ vs ‘Jesus was not Jew’ pseudo-problem. It is nevertheless amusing to see the Jews, who for centuries denied that Jesus was one of their own, reproaching Christians that they refuse to acknowledge that “Jesus was a Jew”!

  16. Seraphim

    @‘Make your position as clear as possible.’

    Missionary, or…?

  17. Elaine Supkis

    No one knew how Jesus…who is mostly fictional in the first place…’looked’. He ended up looking exactly like a Norman knight by 1200 AD. No ifs, ands or buts.

    And who was asking for pictures in European cathedrals of this ‘Jesus’ character? Why, the Norman rulers, of course. They flattered themselves greatly, you know. This is also why his ‘skin’ was made to be very pale as if he came from Norway. 🙂

  18. Seraphim


    History is not restricted to Norman shenanigans. Anyhow, they were just copying what they saw in Constantinople (and looted).

  19. Petruchio

    @#16Seraphim: “Missionary, or…?” Actually, I’m a “go with the flow” kind of a guy on the subject! lol

  20. Elaine Supkis

    Who, pray tell, attacked Byzantium and took over? Ahem.

  21. Lou

    Pride happened and the corporations roared. Meanwhile, I found this and got a kick out of it. Once laws are not enforced, the end is near,

    Anonymous Ex New Yorker said…

    This is a story from Frisco during the late 70’s. My girlfriend had an apartment on 16th street. It was two blocks South of Market Street and about five or six blocks from Castro Street. Across the street was a Catholic grade school. Next to the school was a city park.

    After the gay bars on Castro Street closed all the doped up and drunk fags would come to the park for all night sex. In the early morning we would look out the window and see the Nuns out in the park with blankets. They were using the blankets to cover up the naked fags who were passed out on the grass. This was to prevent the little kids coming to school in the morning so they wouldn’t have to see this shit. They only covered up the fags that were lying near the sidewalk where the kids walked and also near the playground. They didn’t cover the fags in the center of the park. A lot of times there would be 4 or 5 guys butt naked in a bunch.

    Her neighbors told her that a year earlier the school had put up a basketball fence to keep the fags off the school property. The neighborhood complained to the city but nothing was done about it. The reason being that these naked drunk guys had “rights”.

    I could tell you Frisco stories that would make your jaw hang open. Frisco became a “sanctuary city” in the late 70’s for people convicted of “sex crimes”. Meaning pedophiles. The pedos would meet on Saturdays in a public library filled with small children where they would talk about their desire for young boys. One day the cops busted in and arrested them all. I saw the video on a news show.

    Sanctuary cities do not give a rats ass about the safety of the local citizens. The streets are filled with shit and piss from the homeless and Mexicans. The city is swimming in meth. The blacks have tormented the people in Frisco and the bay area for years. Oakland and Richmond is a killing field after the sun goes down. These “teenagers” know that they can do anything they want and the liberal perverts that run the city will do nothing.

    If forty years ago the city wouldn’t do anything about a bunch of naked drunk guys lying next to an elementary school do you think they will do anything about a bunch of “teens” mugging people on the BART trains.

    Frisco is a nesting ground for NAMBLA (North America Man Boy Love Association) who’s members want to have sex with little boys. Their motto is “If their over eight it’s too late”. The liberals want to legalize sex with children and Frisco will be the first city to do so. I do not GIVE A SHIT about what happens to that town. Let the “teens” rape and plunder all they want. The people get what they deserve.

  22. I told the Bay Area to go to hell by 1970 and told Tucson, ‘I’m out of here NOW’ in 1974 and NYC in 1986…bad schools…and then NJ in 1992.

    I love living on my little mountain.

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