No Butter In Japan: Trade Restrictions Are Very Severe In Japan

As expected, only libertarians and far left liberals in Congress voted against the latest stupid trade treaties that the Bilderberg absolutely adore and push so hard to impose on everyone.  Fascists in places like Japan loves these deals because they don’t protect US jobs and allow them, even first world economic powers, to continue exporting hugely to the US while restricting imports.  Here is the latest from Japan:  Japan braces for another butter shortage!  Yes, butter has been for generations, restricted in Japan and you are not allowed to buy more than a tiny amount at a time and this disappears regularly.  A top economic nation cannot have enough butter…or toilet paper…or any common thing the rest of us take for granted.  All in the name of preventing even the most normal imports.



“The government plans to have butter imports on a scale sufficient for stable supply,” said Agriculture Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Tuesday, adding details of the emergency measure will be announced this week…Last year’s butter imports—7,000 tons in May and a further 3,000 tons in September—were the first time in years that Tokyo had raided foreign dairy markets.


As always, the comments to this article are revealing:


SensatoMAY. 27, 2015 – 07:23AM JST
“The government plans to have butter imports on a scale sufficient for stable supply,” said Agriculture Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Tuesday

I am getting very tired of supermarkets here regularly running out of butter for days on end, and having to hoard it since much of my cooking relies on the ingredient.

I really do wish Japan’s ministry of agriculture would simply get out of the business of deciding how much butter Japan will import. Let the free market decide! The agriculture bureaucrats are doing a horrible job of ensuring “stable supply” — an advanced economy like Japan should not continually face chronic butter shortages as it now does.


The government of Japan actively prevents any farm products from entering Fortress Japan.  One would imagine all the trade partners flooded with Japanese goods would protest.  But no, our government, the government of Australia or the European Union lets this ride and makes protection deals with Japan whereby we take 90% of the cost and the potential pain on behalf of Japan’s very active territorial demands and push for war with China and Russia.  The US has zero reasons for war with China and Russia.  Our military rule of the planet when both countries were much weaker has been a total disaster.


Trillions wasted on wars with a billion Muslims.  Trillions wasted on protecting trade rivals who ravage our nation causing us to run up a massive, historic trade deficit paid for with fake money called ‘dollars’.  The dollar is strong right now because our allies who are our trade rivals, are desperate to export to our country to balance their budgets and Japan is running trade deficits now, regularly, ever since Fukushima.


Japan to join US-Aussie military drills in July as Japan knows that via the Bilderberg gang rule and corruption of Congress, they can control our government along with all the other foreign powers like the Saudi royals, and by pretending to be part of our military machine, infiltrate the diplomatic and military ranks and thus, use our mighty power for themselves.  They know the American public will be dragooned into war very easily by media propaganda.


US-China war ‘inevitable’ unless Washington drops demands over South China Sea  says China.  This is news in Europe but not the US, of course.  We cannot go to war with most Muslims and then add a billion Chinese and go to war with them, too.  The US won WWI and WWII only by coming in VERY LATE.  We didn’t take the brunt of the worst fighting.  The Chinese and Russians did that.


China raps Japan after Abe’s wife visits Yasukuni shrine as Abe plays the Banzai! game.  Yes, this is very clever and insanely stupid.  He is deliberately insulting all of his neighbors due to US support for Japanese imperial pretensions.  The US thinks that WWIII will be like WWI and WWII with the US untouched by war for 80% of the fighting and then jumping in at the middle or the end to sweep all before it due to not being touched by war hardly at all.  We didn’t have to import food, fuel or manufactured goods until after the Vietnam War, we had zero trade deficits until the middle of the Vietnam war!  Today, we are extremely vulnerable to having food, fuel and manufactured goods disappear if war happens.


Worse, WWIII will BEGIN with the US being decimated violently via nuclear bombs raining down mainly on our nuclear power plants.  Think the people opposing US imperial power in Asia and Eurasia don’t understand or know the import of what happened to Fukushima and Chernobyl?  Of course, they understand perfectly well just as I understand.  Way back in the Cold War, our major cities were slated for bombing.  No longer!


Our elites bombed most of our cities and support the burning of what remains of our cities and tells the mostly on welfare residents they have good reason to loot and burn what remains of what used to be our major industrial cities because our rulers have zero use for the cities and hope the poor there kill each other off even faster which is why they now support withdrawal of police from the inner cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, etc.


The Russians and Chinese know this which is why they will not bomb any of these cities, figuring that protecting the populations there, when the suburban areas, destroyed by nuclear power plants blowing up and polluting everything, will then be systematically murdered and looted by raving gangs from the cities because the welfare money keeping them all happy and fed will collapse.


This Mad Max future is obvious to me.  Look at Ukraine:  No Bottom in Sight as Ukraine’s Economy Continues Free Fall.  Inflation is raging, the US wants to park nuclear missiles there aimed at Russia, the oligarchs are attacking the eastern half of their own country again, bombing civilians. This will end badly for Europe for it repeats the typical mistakes made every 50 years in Europe, thinking ‘Russia is weak, let’s go to war with them!’  Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Ditto with China: Japan is not strong.  It is very weak.  The people there have entirely given up.  They can’t even reproduce anymore.  The younger generation is not having children because working conditions are punishingly stupid keeping males at work for ungodly hours and the women don’t like the men at all and are rejecting them and living with mom (NOT DAD) which is very much like the US inner cities, by the way.  The collapse of the family in Japan is most profound and deep and getting worse by the day and the only way a country can go to war easily is with a disposable male population which China has in spades as do Muslim nations.


Our foreign rulers have infiltrated our political system:  Hillary Clinton’s financial disclosure omitted ‘pass-through’ company used by Bill | Daily Mail Online


Hillary Clinton’s financial disclosure omitted ‘pass-through’ company used by Bill Clinton to collect consulting fees – and nobody knows how much
Former president uses a shell company called WJC, LLC to move money from his clients to his own pocket
Since the company’s accoutns are typically empty after each transfer, Hillary didn’t have to disclose its existence
Candidates must declare family assets worth $1,000 or more
US government has green-lighted Bill Clinton’s consulting relationships with his former counselor Doug Band, entertainment investor Casey Wasserman and film investor Steve Bing
Band’s company Teneo Holdings gave Hillary aide Huma Abedin a second income after her husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, resigned in disgrace following a sexting scandal


The Democrats and Republicans all consume this swill.  Both parties do this with gusto.  They pretend to be outraged by this when out of power but then happily eat away when in power.  Our media owners don’t want reforms because many of them are also bribing someone.  So we get very little outrage except when the party supported by a media giant is out of power then they blast away, when in power, they shut up.


This is also how the antiwar people operate: if someone they support is in power, war is great and fun and good. When out of power, they are evil, and war is terrible.  I am furious with the collapse of the antiwar  movement today.  Utterly deranged with students more interested in fighting balmy weather rather than stopping WWIII.


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13 responses to “No Butter In Japan: Trade Restrictions Are Very Severe In Japan

  1. Jim R

    They are trying an interesting approach to dealing with radionuclides: put their fingers in their ears and close their eyes. It’s amazing how unified the country is. Their government can actually get them all to do this. History since the Curie family suggests that this will not work.

    I was just wondering if they decided not to use agricultural products from the affected prefectures, or if the cows simply all died up there…

  2. joseppi

    This has the smell of proxy militancy….

    “As it pushes ahead with a military “pivot” to Asia partly aimed at countering China, Washington wants Southeast Asian nations to take a more united stance against China’s rapid acceleration this year of construction on disputed reefs.

    “These countries need to own it (the issue),” one U.S. defense official said on condition of anonymity, adding that it was counterproductive for the United States to take the lead in challenging China over the issue.”

  3. Jim R

    As for the police, one of the biggest considerations for anyone trying to run a city is that they must be paid. Police are expensive. Maybe not as expensive as gold-plated bankers, but nonetheless they must be paid, and their pensions must be kept up.

    And as the overall collapse continues, broke cities can neither afford to rebuild the riot-damaged neighborhoods, nor can they pay police without any tax revenues from those neighborhoods.

    Also, the quality of individuals who sign up for police work tends to decline with the economy. Persons with a certain sadistic thuggish streak tend to be more eager for these jobs. Sort of like Gresham’s Law, for county employees … And eventually they’re hard to distinguish from organized crime.

  4. Lou

    300,000 dollars a year for someone who maintains the roads.

    PLENTY OF BUTTER IN L.A.,’Staggering’ overtime pay found in L.A. Department of ……/la-me-ln-transportation-overtime...
    Los Angeles Times
    2 days ago – New audit finds unusually high overtime billing in L.A. city’s Department of Transportation … and thousands of miles of resurfaced city streets needed to be striped. … 67 employees claimed more than 1,000 hours of overtime in 2013-14, … Galperin said 2,000 hours of overtime in a year would equate to 38 …

  5. Sunger

    Jim R said “Also, the quality of individuals who sign up for police work tends to decline with the economy. Persons with a certain sadistic thuggish streak tend to be more eager for these jobs. Sort of like Gresham’s Law, for county employees … And eventually they’re hard to distinguish from organized crime.”

    I wonder how many of the killer cops had PTSD issues from “service” in the ME. Here we have wasted the lives and health of countless military service men and what do we have to show for it? A Middle East that has had all the secular govts smashed. And a clear path for our once buddies- ISIS to rape and ravage the area.

    The ME will now continue be a source of constant danger and upheaval- just ready for a Russian/Chinese security presence to restore order to the ME- which is where most of the world’s economical oil is located.

  6. Sunger

    Oh, I forgot the secondary objective of ME military activities- to balkanize and wreck any country which could threaten Israel.

    Case in point- Syria.

  7. billibaldi

    Dear Elaine,
    I would not characterize the Japanese as very weak. The Japs have one of the biggest navies in the world and a bigger army than the Brits. They have a well-established military tradition. Their equivalent of the secretary of Defence is a General, not some ponce in charge of dispensing pork barrels. Also as you have pointed out previously where the Japanese have bought military items, they have always insisted on technology transfer. War with Japan would not be as one-sided as you might have implied.

    As for demogrphics the Japanese could always hire sepoys from Australia and Pakistan. (The Lord knows, through stringent bi-partisan effort Australia has managed to send almost all its industry off-shore and this would be a good little money earner.)

  8. Elaine Supkis

    The Japanese imperialists have the same problem as the Nazis and other ethnic cleansers: they HATE everyone! Who on earth is going to fight for them?

    During WWII, there was a huge population boom in Japan and also after the war. Then it vanished. At first, like China today, there was this excess of males but now there is no one of age to fight AND DIE. Single sons of aging moms don’t make good cannon fodder.

    No, the Japanese plan is for the US soldiers to die for the imperial fascists. This won’t work, either. The US is now hiring illegal aliens to fight and how much do they want to die?

    Not bloody likely.

  9. Jim R

    Didn’t Rome do the same thing? Hire Huns and Visigoths and etc. to soldier for them when the homebois didn’t want to do it any more?

  10. Elaine Supkis

    Yup. And the barbarians ran Rome by 120 AD. The Roman Romans were left to fester and die.

  11. Jim R

    Historians actually stick a fork in Rome about 475 AD, but if you look at the sculptures, the Ceasars stopped looking like Italians at some point. They had German, or African, or other features. Some of these foreign Ceasars were actually pretty good, and tried their best to save the place.

    It was in 475 AD that a conquering general decided he DID NOT WANT to be Ceasar, and the whole idea of ‘Ceasar’ ended.

  12. Silverado

    Hmmm….they absolutely loved our huge Douglas fir logs that were shipped out of Washington state ports for decades by the shipload (which I never understood when our sawmills were being shuttered here. Why export raw materials instead of finished dimensional lumber products? Maybe someone could ask Weyerhaeuser though I’m sure they’re too busy these days selling…real estate…). And they’re doing the same thing with their autos times 10 but for some…reason they don’t like our…butter?? A Google News search turned up this:

    That’s just another failure of the mono cultural culture that Japan really is.

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