Many Anti-sex GOP Are Sex Fiends

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Dennis Hastert and the chain of congressional corruption: not only did he, like most everyone in Congress and our Presidents, take bribes, he had sex problems:  ‘It was sex’: Law enforcement says Dennis Hastert hush-money scandal is about sexual abuse of a male high school student during his years as a wrestling coach.  Many a right wing sports or government icon is caught having naughty sex or rape or child molestation…just like anti-sex organizations such as the Catholic Church.  Just as I attack liberals for their anti-social ‘global warming’ garbage, I attack right wingers over their fixation with sex and how they throw rocks at others while living in glass houses themselves.


All the two-faced sex stuff by right wingers is tragic for everyone else as the right wing globally attacks women, gays, children’s rights, everything.  The desire to enslave, murder, rape and abuse people using ‘you are the wrong sex/type/human’ is a deep evil.  The GOP pretends to want ‘morals’ while not practicing what they preach and we see from various right wing religious cults, they enslave women and children and abuse them in various ugly ways and when this is exposed, they pretend that God (sic) loves THEM and forgives them for being sex fiends but all those dirty women and children all get to go to hell because they tempted the rapists.


On the other hand, on the left, naked sex, being provocative and, like the famous female student with her mattress, going about dressed in Daisy Dukes with her ass hanging out while whining about evil males wanting to have sex with her…we have the mirror opposite image of the right wing.  The left wants open sex and then punish anyone doing open sex if various hidden, peculiar and obscure or even impossible to penetrate rules are broken and then the left is even nastier and more unforgiving than the right wing!


All this is crazy.  The push for basic sexual rights for women, gays and others is historic and makes for a much better society for women and gays and others.  And makes life hard for heterosexual males who have to navigate new waters.  Heterosexual males deep down want desperately to have Free Love and sex all over the place: we are the Naked Apes, after all, who proliferated due to this wild desire to have orgies all over the place during the super warm weather the planet enjoyed due to the climate being much friendlier before the Ice Ages began.


Our brains were much smaller back then but our lusty behavior was very much a lot of fun, this was Paradise which Ice Ages kicked to the curb, turning our homeland in Africa dry and difficult.  The fires of evolution shaped us since then and literal fires is what saved our species from annihilation during the Great Cooling.  To survive, humans had to regulate sex.  No longer an idle, fun life swimming in warm lakes, eating fruits and sea shell creatures, lying on the beach naked and rubbing each other, we had to kill animals, grow our own food, make something to cover our bodies, move restlessly about, etc.   All hard work.


Note what most vacations are today: a chance to go lie on a beach and cavort with comely companions and eat fruits and sea food and be warm and nearly or all naked again.  The biggest resorts on earth are nearly all in climates and places that reproduce our happy Paradise our species first lived in 2 million years ago.  Our desire for this is intense in the extreme.  And we wreck all these Paradise islands and beaches because we are nasty homo sapiens, not proto-humanoids that were much, much smaller and weaker and were mainly goof-offs wanting to have fun in the sun.


The right wing moralists claim they hate all this yet they want to have fun in the sun and run around naked, too, it is very fundamental to human nature, so they hate themselves but then fix this by transferring their agony onto their victims just like the left seems to be psychotically hating warm weather even though leftists are notorious for wanting to live on warm beach sands, eating fruit and sea animals and running around naked, too!  You can’t do this if you launch the next Ice Age!


They rail against warm weather and claim they want to live in Antarctica or Greenland and then…run off to some warm beach to hold meetings figuring out how to make the planet much colder!  This, too, is utterly at odds with our basic nature and with reality.  And like the GOP, is hypocritical, of course.


And these are our two choices for who will run things in the future.  A bunch of hysterical lunatics who hate human nature.


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16 responses to “Many Anti-sex GOP Are Sex Fiends

  1. Sunger

    With the GOP, it’s more more more culture war. And no solutions to any of the country’s real problems.

    It doen’t help that many of these GOPers are ignoramuses who think they can guide a modern technological economy using simple bible quotes from 3,000 years ago.

    What a bunch of clowns.

  2. Seraphim

    @basic sexual rights for women

    Does that mean the right to have sex or to not have sex?

  3. Petruchio

    to me the most glaring example of this type of person is still J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was a cross-dressing homosexual but his policies as FBI Director were to attack gays. Hoover was also fond of sexually blackmailing his enemies, such as Martin Luther King. Hoover stayed in power so long because he had dirt on many a powerful politician in DC. Hoover was even able to stay on as FBI Director well past the mandated retirement age because of his leverage over the folks in power in DC. Hoover’s existence provides proof of how thoroughly corrupt the ‘gubmint’ is; when EVERYBODY is corrupt, NOBODY goes to jail.

  4. Petruchio

    “Heterosexual males deep down want desperately to have Free Love and sex all over the place:…” Actually, Elaine, what hetero males want are women who are perfect ladies in all areas–except the bedroom. When it comes to sex, hetero men want a total sexual freak–but just in the bedroom and ONLY with them.. You talk of what hetero men REALLY want, there it is. Trust me on this one. I remember watching a woman do a YouTube video on this subject. I had a really good laugh at her thoughts on this subject. Then I thought to myself, “Ya know, she aint far off the mark when you get right down to it.” Then I started laughing at myself. So really, what hetero men want is Free Love and Free Sex–but ONLY for themselves.

  5. charlottemom

    I have no argument with your info and opinion on this. I hate hate the hypocrisy and corruption of politicans!!!

    My question: why is this decades old sex scandal of a geriatric former goper important now? Is this new evidence collected (via surveillance ? ) by the feds or has this evidence been sitting somewhere in cold storage for years. Both scenarios are disturbing.

    Would love to know how and by whom hastert’s votes were influenced by this backmail. And perhaps a message sent to currently bribed/blackmailed politicans of possible consequences.

  6. nclaughlin

    Three points: (1) The blackmailer does not appear to be facing charges. (2) The criminalization of using cash, as part of a move to eliminate cash in favor of digital currency. (3) The charge against Hastert is perjury, the same BS charge leveled against Martha Stewart.

  7. JimmyJ

    “they hate themselves but then fix this by transferring their agony onto their victims”

    Bingo. And I would add, they are terrified their God is mad at them for their hypocrisy which is why many North American church congregations are full of fearful, resentful people instead of innocent God loving folks. This is why these folks love the Old Testament vengeful God despite being admitted Christians and following a “new covenant”.

  8. @nclaughlin: They’ve already done away with the cash economy for the indigent poor (EBT cards for both food stamps AND welfare bennies).

  9. Lou


    Three points: (1) The blackmailer does not appear to be facing charges. (2) The criminalization of using cash, as part of a move to eliminate cash in favor of digital currency. (3) The charge against Hastert is perjury, the same BS charge leveled against Martha Stewart.

    They’ve already done away with the cash economy for the indigent poor
    Why should the poor have working stiffs cash?

  10. Seraphim

    Modern western society is sex obsessed. It looks that it cannot stop talking about sex. Whether is not enough or there is to much, it’s a right, or a duty, or a curse, doesn’t matter. We cannot discuss any problem if it doesn’t have sex introduced at a certain point along the line. This hyper-sexualization has negative health effects.

  11. Lou

    Apart from whatever Hastert did initially, which he is not being charged with, his crime thus far is lying to the Feds about what he did with his own money!

    I guess he should have just told them it was none of their damned business. Of course, that wouldn’t work because in America we are now guilty until we can prove we’re innocent. We don’t seem to have the right anymore to spend our own money however we wish. This is what I find most disturbing about the case.

    Elaine, has Hastert been found guilty in a court? You seem to find him guilty.

  12. Elaine Supkis

    Nope, I am pointing out that he has a SEX LIFE which HE DENIES and that is hilarious.

    Humans are sex fiends and cannibals, this is our genetic heritage. We strive to control this via various laws, rules and customs but deep down inside, our insidious genetic past whispers in our ears….

  13. Being There

    It’s called a reaction formation. They are human with human sexual needs like anyone else but because of religious fanaticism they can’t face their needs.
    Then they howl at others for having human needs while they continue burying their own until it comes out in strange ways… the meantime everyone else is a sinner.

  14. Elaine Supkis

    The top elite religious people are always forgiven by their strange, oddball, sexually freaky god while this god and his minions attack the rest of us mortals for being human.

  15. Lou

    The left forgives their Gods, Hitlery, Bill etc.
    this latest ‘tragedy-scandal’ is about a repub.
    Drudge links to a story. and a comment on,

    A Democrat Juninta Broaddrick said he did rape her.
    How can you be so evil as to dismiss her accusation without knowing anything about it? In addition, at least three other women accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. And we watched Bill Clinton use Monica Lewinsky for sex and then send his and Hillary’s media henchmen like Sidney Blumenthal out to destroy Lewinsky by telling the world that she was a crazed stalker who imagined the whole affair.
    Now we know Bill Clinton was recently hanging out with his pedophile Friend Jeffery Epstein, on Epstein’s Island of underage sex slaves

  16. Elaine Supkis


    Unless old age is slowing them down. Power creates sexual desire to dominate. All power does this in various ways, history seethes with sex stories of the powerful and rich.

    It is why they do all the garbage to become powerful! Duh! Same with apes, horses, birds, bees, ants, whatever, it is deep in our genetic makeup since it has been true for the last billion years.

    It began with sex in the sea with small multi celled creatures that glowed in the dark…heh.

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