Labour Leaders In UK Say They Must Appeal To White Working Class Youth

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In much of Europe and definitely in the US, the Bilderberg elites who meet in secret every year to plot how to loot the world and run an immense international empire for their own benefit, run both the left and right wing political parties.  The voters surge from one pole to the other every several years in a desperate attempt to get someone to do what they wish.  Instead, they get the same old, same old.  Over and over again, change is prevented.  Every time one of the left or right political parties is savaged in an election in this futile attempt to get traction with politicians, the leaders, all of whom are part of the Bilderberg conspiracy, join the media owners who are very definitely part of the Bilderberg gang, to explain defeat or victory with voters all of which is done with zero mention of the Bilderberg gang plans which are hatched annually.


The banking system imposed on the European Union and the US is run by internationalists who are at the core of the Bilderberg gang.  The Bilderberg gang is NEVER mentioned in the news, thanks to this participation.  Anyone talking about these gatherings is called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and mocked by the Bilderberg news medi owners.  Left or right wing media, they all do this.  Fox News, for example, never talks about the owner of that media megagroup going off to Bilderberg meetings, nor do the owners of the New York Times ever mention this.  This gang nearly destroyed the first world banking system due to looting it.  The reverberations of this collapse continues with little comment from any politicians:  Bank of England official received emails related to Libor rigging, court told | Business | The Guardian


A senior Bank of England official nicknamed The Hammer was sent emails that, it is claimed, played a key role in the rigging of lending rates between banks, according to evidence presented in the first criminal trial in the Libor scandal.


Martin Mallett was the Bank’s chief currency dealer until he was fired last November for serious misconduct. In 2007, along with traders at big-name banks including Barclays, Lloyds and BNP Paribas, he was copied into emails that were used to skew Libor, a jury has heard.


The claim was made at the trial of Tom Hayes, 35, a dealer in Japanese yen derivatives at the Swiss bank UBS and then the US firm Citigroup, where the prosecution claim he earned £4.8m over a four-year period after attempting to rig Libor – the London interbank offered rate – on an almost daily basis.


There were scams all over the place and the central banks were center to this mess and this is due to viewing public facilities and banks are very much at the heart of running any facility or country…for one’s own pleasure and the pleasing thing to do is to loot it ruthlessly and leave it in shambles as if a barbarian horde overran the countries and burned down the cities and killed off much of the population.  This Attila the Hun approach to economics still is being enforced which is why our major cities continue to rot and burn and the working class continues to be hammered harder and harder and the lower class has joined in the destruction and killing.


The lower working class and the unemployable welfare class in the cities are at war with each other and has virtually no leaders because anyone daring to explain how all this works is chastised and attacked by the left while the right wing operators who keep themselves in power by sounding as if they like lower working class people, laugh all the way to the bank while providing virtually no services to the lower working class who are desperate for someone to save them from the destruction that is consuming so many cities and threatening the countryside.


No one dares to say, ‘national socialism is good.’  In Israel, the Jews happily enjoy one of the fiercest forms of national socialism which they have attached to the US Congress that, thanks to bribes, cheerfully funds national social policies in Israel while denying this to US white working class people.  National socialism is racist.  Jews love it for this reason.  Best of all worlds for them.


England just had an election which the Conservatives won, big time.  The Labour Party is reeling from all this and struggling to understand why they failed so badly.  I predicted this failure when the Scottish independence vote failed thanks to false promises made by both Conservative and Liberal leaders and this split the Labour Party fatally.  The deeper problems of Labour are being belabored by the Guardia which is the top publication for labor politics.  The Guardian is a very severely censorious publication that, like the Huffington Post, likes to keep everyone in ideological prisons and doesn’t let any dissent disturb readers so they learn nothing.


Here is one of this week’s articles trying desperately to understand what ails Labour which are sadly illuminating the problems while not seeing what they are lighting up due to being blind to their own ideological failings: Liz Kendall ‘will back white working-class young’ | Politics | The Guardian


Children from white working class backgrounds in particular need to be taught more about aspiration and the chance to improve their lives, Liz Kendall, one of the Labour leadership candidates, has said…She praised one primary school for having an “aspirations week”, saying such programmes were needed to “teach girls and boys, particularly from white working class communities, about the chances in life they may not even know exist – like being an engineer, a chemist and even leader of the Labour party”…


Burnham, the shadow health secretary, who is trying to dispel his image as the candidate of the left and of the unions, said there were three areas in which Labour needed to win back people’s trust: welfare, immigration and economic competence.


Anyone in UKIP talking like Liz would be savaged by the Guardian and other media and readers would be told, ‘This person is a racist!’  Liz won’t say, ‘White working class MALES.’  Her solution to the marginalization and destruction of the working class is for them to become lawyers, chemists and other top professions!  Why not call on them to all be ballet dancers?  Or movie stars?  This is insane.  Basically, Labour Party has decided that anyone who works with their hands in industry is STUPID.  Or ridiculous and all those dumb workers should go to school to learn to be upper middle class doctors and lawyers instead!


This is why Labour is dying.  It will continue onwards due to being run by the Bilderberg gang which knows that voters will hate the Conservatives pretty soon since that party has zero desire to save the working class, too.  The upstart UKIP party did take a stab at trying to help the lower white working class and was called names and attacked ferociously by the media.  They won only one seat in Parliament but then, a party won 50 seats with only one quarter the votes that UKIP got which, like the US, happens when votes are concentrated in specific areas.


UKIP was for the entire nation, not one ethnic group or region, so its voting success was diffuse but a warning to the Bilderberg infested parties that there is real unrest hiding in plain view.


Here is another delusional ‘solution’ by another left wing politician that won’t go anywhere soon:  The British left must learn to speak a new language – Spanish | Owen Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian


Leftwing students never spoke to “normal people”, he said, and treated working-class people as though “they were from another planet”, bewildered that they did not respond in the way Marxist textbooks said they should. The enemy, says Iglesias, “wants us small, speaking in a language no one understands, in a minority, hiding behind our traditional symbols”.


Here is an astonishing admission coupled with a refusal to change course:


You can see how the already inward-looking left could become ever more insular, with leftwing meetings serving as group therapy rather than a means to win over the unconvinced or the unreached, and activists retreating into online “safe spaces” free of those who think differently. Our language often seems intended to exclude, full of rhetoric and terminology that only those who have associated with leftwing milieus could ever hope to digest. Social media abounds with activists attacking others on the left for failing to abide by the strict rules of communication.


There is no mention of real policies.  The entire left has decided collectively that we are all going to roast to death and the Bilderberg group which has heavily invested in taxing free air, cling to this ideology not due to any beliefs but due to the money flowing like crazy into their pockets via the global warming scam.  This is hitting the lower working class very hard indeed.  Using energy is expensive and precarious and the death rate from cold is rising in Europe and the US thanks to this scam.


Every shred of warm weather is labeled ‘The End of Time!’ and howls about how we are going to die is broadcast loudly.  Blizzards, record cold and disturbing signs the sun is going to be weaker the next several solar cycles is denied, mocked or ignored.  The working class, for the most part, isn’t roasting to death in winter, they are frantic due to the high cost of energy.  In the US and Canada, many have been able to access firewood to stay alive.  And the leftists want to restrict that as much as possible, too, while loudly telling the middle and lower classes, we should all live in tiny huts and not travel or consume any energy.  This is not a winning storyline for any party to take for long as the planet begins to decisively cool down.


Yes, we had another warm spurt due to sun spot activity.  But that is now fading fast and even though this last two month’s sun spot activity has reactivated el Nino in the Pacific, the Atlantic Ocean continues to cool down while cold comes pouring out of the Arctic over and over again, as summer comes.  This week, for example, where I live it will be far below normal after we had several warm days.


The article above continues the analysis which goes haywire as the left wing commentator fails to understand how strictly ‘liberals’ enforce thinking, punishing and banning forever anyone who dares to dispute any issue, using statistics, evidence and logic:


How ironic that the right preaches rampant individualism but often displays great solidarity, while the left professes collectivism, but often operates in the most rampantly individualistic way.


Study after study shows that most Britons believe in policies that are on the “left”: like a living wage, public ownership of utilities and services, or workers’ rights. Ukip voters are, on some measures, even more on the left on economic issues. Though many want these policies, they may not be convinced they can be delivered; or they may prioritise clamping down on immigrants or benefit claimants over renationalising the railways. But many could be won over by a left that learned to communicate in a way that convinced and inspired.


All antiwar demonstrations have vanished replaced with anti-warm weather demonstrations.  Even in Canada this late spring, the left marched demanding loudly that it get much colder…in the snow and ice!  When the recent warm spell happened, instead of rejoicing, they howled with rage so voila!  Arctic cold is returning!  How many workers in Canada want it to be cold in summer?  I am betting, zero.


The things the workers want are the things that Hitler promised the German people.  Only then he used them as cannon fodder in his global looting expeditions.  Which failed just like Japan’s failed.  Japan wants to repeat this looting business due to running trade deficits recently.  The Bilderberg gang wants Japan to confront China and Russia for them.  Only the poor, pathetic Japanese public will be annihilated if this screws up and nuclear bombs go flying.  The Bilderberg gang is certain that by demonizing Putin and the Chinese, they will continue looting the West.  This is insane and suicidal.  But who said anyone who is part of this scheme, is sane?


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3 responses to “Labour Leaders In UK Say They Must Appeal To White Working Class Youth

  1. nclaughlin

    “Aspiration Week” indeed! It is a double edged sword. The opposite edge is shaming for the purpose of inducing self blame for external economic conditions.

  2. Elaine Supkis

    I needed some rest so I watched a BBC series made 40 years ago about the British navy.

    Which has nearly disappeared these days. So I ended up doing two hours of research looking for data and writing a story. Some rest! 🙂

    Sadly, one of the main sources according to Google is…CULTURE OF LIFE NEWS!!! HAHAHA…wow. Talk about a quiet death, falling asleep, O great Lion of Britain. Yikes.

    Did find a site run by retired naval officers howling about this. Was hard to find them. Poor chaps.

  3. Being There

    Yes, well these guys have all the high cards as I like to say. It’s like playing war with the best cards—must be totally boring at this point. And to the billions of people who are on the outside of this hearty party I ask:

    Are your arms to short to box with the elite?

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