Ferguson, Baltimore and New York City: Black Male Thugs Shooting And Killing Anyone In Their Vicinity

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Thugs love to point out that cops shoot them.  But what about the victims of thugs?  Here is one from New York City.  A very young child.  Unlike the thug pictures used to promote the idea that they were sweet young men when shot by cops, using photos years ago instead of their mug shots, this is a real child who really was totally innocent killed by a black thug who believes that black lives do not matter at all.  And this philosophy of the Street has taken off like a rocket with black thugs shooting up all those cities where cops were told to stand down. What a surprise this is not.  I know very well after fighting crime in black neighborhoods in the past, stopping thugs is a violent, ugly business and I was not delicate or nice about it, either nor were anyone working with me.  We were tough, hard and persistent and we used muscle.  Liberals believe that being nice makes thugs nice.  Nope.  Never.


The little boy is dead.  Shot by a black young male.  Unlike with cop shootings, the family is demanding a stop to these black thugs shooting guns:  Shooting victim’s family begs de Blasio: ‘We need stop-and-frisk’ | New York Post


A surge in New York City murders — including four people slain in just five bloody hours as the weekend began — has grieving family members begging Mayor de Blasio to bring back the NYPD’s right to search for guns.
“We need stop-and-frisk,” Stacey Calhoun, the devastated uncle of one of the four fatalities, said Saturday afternoon, tears filling his eyes over the nephew he had just lost.
Jahhad Marshall — a charismatic 23-year-old with a promising future as a chef — had died of a stray bullet to his back early that morning outside the Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City, police said.
“Somebody has to put their foot down,” the anguished uncle said.


Here is a picture of the recent victim, Marshall.  Will black leaders make memorials about him?  Plaques in the street where he died?  Will Obama talk about him?  No, this is just another hard working, non-criminal black citizen shot dead by black thugs running wild.

Screen shot 2015-06-02 at 3.36.56 PM

Gunplay Rises in New York, Reviving Issue for de Blasio – NYTimes.com


Shootings in New York City have been rising for two straight years, the first time that has happened since the end of the 1990s, when the city was still in the early years of a remarkable downturn in crime.


Homicides by gunfire, seen as a key measure of preventable violence, are up steeply this year. Of the 135 killings through May, 98 involved a gun, up from 69 such killings at this point in 2013 and in 2014.


This is a 100% rise in shootings.  Highly significant.


Taken together, the trends raise concern heading into the summer months, when street violence is often most pronounced. So far this year, there have been 439 shootings, 20 percent higher than the same period in 2013, which was a historically low year. But this year’s figure is still well under the more than 2,000 logged over the same period two decades ago…


Two decades ago was when I told NYC that I was packing up and leaving. I needed to protect myself, can’t fight thugs as I aged.  Today, it is nearly impossible to do what I used to do every week back in 1979.  Give more time and the statistics will match that dark period when riding the subway required arms or deep connections with the subway cops which I had in spades.


I once had an entire car of young vandals arrested.  They were stunned when it happened.  Freaked out when I showed up in court.


This year, officers have stepped back from some areas of policing, particularly with regard to marijuana possession and some other low-level offenses. They have logged hundreds of thousands fewer stops, summonses and arrests than in previous years. Mr. Bratton, the nation’s pre-eminent practitioner of so-called quality-of-life policing, has called the drop in police activity a “peace dividend” gained from low crime and paid to average New Yorkers.


No one wants the cops to give them tickets.  It is immensely annoying but then, when we are the victims of dangerous drivers or criminals, we want the cops to hand out tickets and make arrests!  This is quite natural.  What is unnatural is to have politicians attacking the police in very murky cases where it is pretty obvious that the cops were not doing anything wrong considering the circumstances.  Yes, there is police brutality and they sometimes break the law, themselves.  But the cases chosen by the black leaders to highlight were NOT clear cut at all but very murky and when all the information comes out, it is obvious that no one patrolling streets would have done much better or different.


In Baltimore, the mayor and the prosecutor decided to attack the police in an extremely murky case.  Now, the city is being abandoned by the cops who fear touching any thugs for any reason.  And I don’t blame them, I would depart, myself.  Why expose oneself this way?  Better to let the thugs do their thing, as the mayor said, ‘Let it burn.’


Bloody Baltimore – The Washington Post


SOON AFTER the rioting in Baltimore ended in late April, the world’s media turned their gaze elsewhere. Then, as a petulant police force retreated to its station houses, the real carnage began.


May was the most lethal month in the city in more than 40 years; in per capita terms, it may have been the bloodiest month since recordkeeping began.


There were 43 victims of homicide in the city last month, the most since August 1972, when Baltimore ’s population, now 600,000, was about 900,000.


The police are ‘petulant’ because they have no idea how to do anything.  Someone who has no experience dealing with thugs would think, ‘Oh, this is so easy!  Be gentle’.  Um, no.  Thugs are always looking for an ‘out’.  This includes screaming in pain when not in pain or pretending to collapse only to take off like a rabbit a minute later, etc.  This happens day after day after day and telling real from fake is very, very tricky.


Of course, liberals hate me for saying all this, it means I am a nasty person.  But I will note that any liberal who becomes a cop usually ends up acting like and thinking like cops they hate because this is pure survival.  The mess that Ferguson and Baltimore are today is a GOP victory tomorrow.  Because no sane person wants what those cities now have: total chaos and rule by armed black thugs who have no mercy for anyone…anyone at all, babies or the elderly or anyone in between.


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30 responses to “Ferguson, Baltimore and New York City: Black Male Thugs Shooting And Killing Anyone In Their Vicinity

  1. melponeme_k

    “Here is a picture of the recent victim, Marshall. Will black leaders make memorials about him? Plaques in the street where he died? Will Obama talk about him? No, this is just another hard working, non-criminal black citizen shot dead by black thugs running wild.”

    Of course there will be no memorials for this poor man. He would be a beacon of hope, a source of civic pride and proof that options are open to all black citizens other than crime. We can’t have that. The elites need all of them to live in fear, misery, indebted, welfare jailed, jumping at racism both real AND imaginary plus committing crimes.

  2. Floridasandy

    Obama has done a lot of damage to the black community since he has been president. Would he say that child could have been his son?.., or would he remain mute to try to continue to tribalize America to hold control for liberals.

    I was actually shocked to read that there were 43 homicides in Baltimore in ONE month. That family should start a recall movement to get that incredibly incompetent mayor out now. There should be a message that the citizens will not tolerate their city being looted (by both leaders and thugs), and not being safe. Look how much money these cities get, and where does it all go?

    Certainly not to protect the people.

  3. Floridasandy

    Oh, and recall de lasso while you are at it. Crime is up over 30 percent in the housing projects in NYC , and the people are ignored there by the media as they protect the mayor from criticism.

  4. Floridasandy

    I guess autocorrect changed deblasio to de lasso. Very helpful!

  5. Elaine Supkis

    The elites are ruining our nation, both left and right elites. Actually, their differences are nearly impossible to see if we are talking about the top 0.01%. Nearly all of this difference is ‘cultural’ rather than economic.

    Many leftists who are poor or middle class have pinned their hopes on a ‘revolution’ coming from black and Hispanic thugs setting our cities on fire.

    This is beyond stupid, of course. Hoping these vicious criminals will bring hope, safety, economic equality, etc. is insane. They are LOOTERS just like the people at the top!

    Intolerable for the middle which is being squeezed from below and above.

  6. LOU





  7. Narciso Lopez

    Elaine Supkis:

    “Many leftists who are poor or middle class have pinned their hopes on a ‘revolution’ coming from black and Hispanic thugs setting our cities on fire.”

    Blacks and Hispanics are now thugs setting “our” cities on fire?

    Thugs don’t just come in two varieties, there are plenty of white thugs but Elaine would rather pretend that they are Hispanic like the biker gangs. Its obvious that integration is happening with Hispanics and Whites while blacks are finding it difficult to link up with any outside group.

    Blacks maybe rioting but to lump in Hispanics is silly since the two groups are culturally different in terms of discrimination and how they respond to it.

    Blacks are into “burn this bitch down” type protest now that they’ve lost all hope. Not sure why they’ve decided to become self destructive and increasingly prone to blatant property destruction but its clearly something that began to happen after the murder of the peaceful black protest leaders (i.e. 1960s).

    Hispanics and Whites tend to be following blacks into the self destructive behavior but at a much slower pace.

    Look at how in New Mexico the cops were having to deal with protest due to them shooting a homeless guy and some unarmed white hippies/druggies. It was clearly a case of the Albuquerque police being way too gun ho and blasting away at the “riff raff” when it was obvious that they were not in any danger. New Mexico is quite a poor state but there is no real racial politics in that state because Hispanics and Whites have a completely different history than the Black/White slave/master dynamics that continue to poison the Eastern and Southern United States.

    Interesting enough it seems to be the Media trying to instigate violence using questionable police shootings as a pretext. In Washington they shot some Mexican who was allegedly throwing rocks and the Media went in over drive trying to push a “brown lives matter” type rioting. Didn’t happen since most of those “illegals,” like Elaine likes to call them, have jobs and were not buying what the the media was selling.

    Its seems to me that our government wants to declare martial law and wants rioting as a pretext. Blacks seem to be foolish enough in listening to the siren song.

    Whites and Hispanics are economically integrated enough that they have too much to lose in burning down the cities that they call home. Elaine wants to lump in Hispanics as violent criminals but its obvious that different ethnic communities in the US behave differently to each other.

    Elaine reads too much of the drug wars in Mexico and assumes that its going to happen here as well. The Mexican government is using drugs as a pretext to murder people that are challenging the Neoliberalism and whole sale privatization of everything of value in Mexico to foreign corporations and domestic looters. Its why the present President of Mexico is constantly going through scandals with the police and military being blatantly responsible for murdering civilians and then lying about it.

    The US is clearly back to its dirty war type posture of supporting Latin American right wingers in murdering the left and terrorizing the population with murder squads composed of US trained military and police units. Its why we have been supplying Mexico with armed Helicopters and military equipment so that they can use the drug war to kill off social movements demanding and end to the Washington Consensus that is basically what is being applied to all Americans now.

    Elaine conveniently forgets US imperialism against Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Economic refugees is what you get when the US government has no alternative to corporate cronyism except to militarize and create death squads to prop up right wing governments that do anything the US demands.

  8. Ernest T. Bass

    White thugs are always the worst and most bloodthirsty. Oh, and then they claim they are heroes. Elaine, what kind of thuggery did you pull during your supposed “superhero crimefighter” days? Or is that all just made up out of whole cloth?

  9. vengeur

    “White thugs are always the worst and most bloodthirsty.” LOL . Yes, whites invented the “knockout game ” too.

  10. Floridasandy

    Look at these posts. We are all turning on each other, just as intended. The Baltimore thus are black, however, and their parents should frogmarch them in to return the stolen loot, and apologize for burning their own city in the height of stupidity.

    Who doesn’t understand that what goes around comes around?

    narciso , a thoughtful post but certainly Mexico’s unemployment rate is officially lower than the U.S., especially with China setting up factories on the border to expedite goods to the U.S.

    Americans get blamed for everything that goes on all around the world, but maybe it’s time for foreigners to turn to their own countries instead of scapegoating us. It’s past time for Americans to spend their tax money on America instead of everybody else too.

    It’s not right wingers by the way, it’s leftists-wake up and smell the coffee,

  11. Elaine Supkis

    Many factories sending stuff here were once in Detroit, etc and are now in Mexico.

    As for the rage about me talking frankly about black thugs: they are DOOMED. Yes, DOOMED.

    Whites can be thugs, too. And far, far outnumber black thugs who stick mainly to their own neighborhoods…but do leave to strike out at middle class suburban communities.

    The crushing blow that will happen will be VERY POPULAR when we finish with the ‘burn down the cities’ business which the left seems enamored with, stupidly.

    Geesh…if the left stopped this city burning, why, this would be a big triumph leading to election power, winning, etc. It doesn’t take all that much. But it does require liberals going after blacks for their criminal attitudes and killing themselves and anyone who dares live anywhere nearby.

    I remember when integration was the solution. Long dead. I had a front seat watching it die.

  12. Elaine Supkis

    Racism: In NYC and other liberal cities, huge housing projects for the poor, all subsidized by the taxpayers, were erected to make life kinder for poor people. Like today, many poor people were ‘whites’.

    I watched in NYC as almost every project went from mixed to nearly totally black. Why?

    They made it nearly impossible for anyone else to live there and then, thanks to thuggery, the last people in many of these high rises were then systematically looted, raped, murdered and tormented by the thugs who took over nearly everything.

    The solution in many cities was to literally blow up the buildings. In NYC, these monster crime havens still stand tall and cost the city and the state billions to control, fix, supervise, patrol, etc. And they remain scary, scary places for anyone who doesn’t belong to a powerful drug dealing gang.

    When I was poor, I lived in a terrible slum and became the super of the building, fixed it so it was much better then bought my own slum which was half burned out and rebuilt it and during this, my leftist neighbors howled like banshees that I was replacing black thugs with working class people who didn’t have much money but were not ‘revolutionaries’ doing illegal stuff.

    I told them all to go to hell.

  13. LOU

    Here, my dear, gal w ‘French’? sounding name – she is NYPD and not fired, buys herself a diamond ring.


  14. Floridasandy

    Has there ever been such a pathetic mayor before?

    Quote, clueless Baltimore mayor:

    “It’s a very delicate balancing act, because while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

    Yikes, my sympathy to Baltimore residents stuck with that!!

  15. LOU

    It being Yahoo- no pic of the black guy, just ‘word on the dog’.


  16. LOU


    It’s gonna be a long summer. Lotsa YTs going to have their minds widened.

  17. LOU


    Long story short, there’s a 14 year-old who is 8 months pregnant. Four family members want her to get an abortion –at 8 months. they kill baby.


  18. LOU

    from link, comment,

    A 14 year old child pregnant by a family member? Welcome to the success of America’s welfare system. Animals with the morals of an alley cat and no more conscience than a rabid dog. This is what these “social engineering” policies the government has wasted billions of dollars on the last 50 years has gotten us.

    Two good things about Texas justice, they have the death penalty and use it and they can hand out very long prison sentences. Apparently, the charges against these animals is not serious enough for the needle but they will go away for a very long time. Maybe the taxpayers in Texas will get lucky and someone in the prison system will take care of the death penalty part of it for them.

  19. Narciso Lopez

    June 3, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    “narciso , a thoughtful post but certainly Mexico’s unemployment rate is officially lower than the U.S., especially with China setting up factories on the border to expedite goods to the U.S.”

    The Mexican Government lies about unemployment and its obvious that the real rate is substantially higher. Underemployment in Mexico is 25-28% according to most websites. Underemplyment aka the informal sector is basically eeking out a living in the most precarious way possible and having to dodge corrupt police and government officials who demand bribes for not shutting down unlicensed businesses.

    28% of workers were in the informal sector, where businesses don’t have official accounting records or provide benefits.

    underemployment may be as high as 25%

    Mexico doesn’t really manufacture anything its all just assembly work of imported components from the US, Korea, Japan, and increasingly China. This is something a lot of Americans don’t understand. Its like Americans drink the kool-aid that Mexico is a huge manufacturing powerhouse. The Chinese back in the 90’s studied Mexico Maquiladoras and learned what not to do. i.e. force domestic participation and not to settle for simple assembly work but instead systematically gain control of the entire industrial process.

    Its why so many Mexicans cross the border, even people with degrees can’t get jobs because all the manufacturing jobs are foreign transnationals that have minimal contact with smaller Mexican manufactures and rely strictly on international intermediate goods.

    The dirty secret is that small manufacturers are the majority of employers not the large transnationals that have only 60-100 thousand total workers world wide. Its why Germany still has an industrial base, the mittelstand are responsible for most of the manufacturing in Germany.

    In the US we only have a little bit of manufacturing left and we will soon be exactly like Mexico were the majority of people (70%) will be left to their own devices while the rich and international corporations are coddled.

    Lots of people just aren’t necessary with the robotics and heavily computerization of most manufacturing. Very few people are needed today to make modern goods and the job losses are killing the economy because robots don’t buy what they make.

  20. Elaine Supkis

    Of course Mexico isn’t a huge manufacturing power house. It is quite passive UNLIKE CHINA. China is producing lots and lots of higher and higher quality manufactured goods, scientists, intellectuals, etc. Relentlessly rising unlike Mexico which is simply a worse clone of the anti-worker former slave states in the US which have destroyed the northern unions.

    And yes, robots loom as replacement for humans. This was written about by Asimov years and years and years ago in all his robot stories. He was a brilliant thinker and a fine writer and I miss him greatly.

  21. Petruchio

    “Mexico doesn’t really manufacture anything its all just assembly work of imported components from the US, Korea, Japan, and increasingly China. This is something a lot of Americans don’t understand.” An excellent point and very true. This fact of Mexico being primarily an ‘assembly’ economy gives further proof of the lie (as if any is needed) that NAFTA was going to create jobs, be a boon to BOTH the US and Mexican economies. Of course, when people like the despicable Al Gore was campaigning on the alleged benfits of NAFTA, he was lying then AND Gore KNEW he was lying at the time.

  22. Elaine Supkis

    And the entire GOP voted for it!!!

    Plus la change.

  23. charlottemom

    No argument with Elaine ‘ points. The death and destruction continues in the black community and it seems to be happening with more violence, more frequently. Of their own making, perhaps. HOWEVER the looting, corruption and lawlessness is systemic in America writ large. It is all of our own making. Our economic system is in shambles, debt everywhere, corruption bribery cronyism isn’t a byproduct it is the driver. Jobs..where? Education? HA! We peddle war and weaponry. Entitlements include not just welfare but medicare, outrageous pensions. Everyone wants theirs. Housing project thugs are not prosecuted, BUT neither are wall street thieves, traitorous politicans.

    Exactly who is going to put Humpty dumpy USA back together again? It’s looking more like we have lost our collective national soul and we have passed the point of no return.

    Back to this murdered child…
    “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”.
    This sucker’s going down!

  24. Floridasandy

    Narciso, but they come here for jobs which are non-existent here also– and, even worse, the money they do make or collect they send to Mexico-not even spending it on businesses in the United States.

    A double whammy for America, especially with Obama promising even more to come across the border with retroactive tax refunds-a traitorous act really.

    Globalism mostly helps the rich and connected- if the loans weren’t available to the connected there wouldn’t be robots everywhere. I see Disney laid off a bunch of workers and replaced them with foreigners and made the Americans train them to take their jobs.

    This sucker may be going down if we don’t get a grip on the true nature of what is happening

  25. @melponome_k: Actually the elites want to do away with the American people. Yes, do away with us. They’re using blacks as guinea pigs to see what works, apart from the obvious: extermination camps. Because the Jews and other liberals will immediately scream bloody murder, and because we don’t have the resources to do it, given how the USA.gov makes everything it has control over so expensive and complicated.

  26. Lou

    plus la change.???

    A glimpse of the future – the 1% + the 4% that will service their robotic factories and farms.


  27. Lou

    Yes, do away with us. They’re using blacks as guinea pigs to see what works, apart from the obvious: extermination camps. Because the Jews and other liberals will immediately scream bloody murder

    not sure what you mean. The blacks will scream— that they are being killed?

  28. Elaine Supkis

    We are all guinea pigs.

    By the way the only animal I am allergic to are Guinea pigs! So allergic, if clothing that touches them touches me hours later, I become very, very ill.

  29. Lou, the Jews and liberals will be on the OUTSIDE screaming bloody murder! You won’t be able to hear the blacks scream coz they’ll be in the gas chambers. At a camp. Fifty miles from nowhere, like Elaine’s mountain.

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