False Claim: Greenland Is Melting–While It Ain’t And Blizzards Continue To Blow In June


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Today’s Hendriks webcam i Tasiilaq which shows exactly how much is really melting this year in one of the areas of Greenland that normally is melted by now and growing grass.


Greenland’s Vanishing Glacial Lake Mystery Solved with New Study which uses only data from just after the huge 1999 temperature spike and el Nino.  Looking at that, the ‘scientists’ could issue a hysterical report that the ice is MELTING in Greenland and will all vanish soon and the oceans will rise and all the mansions owned by the super rich will be flooded.  Steven Spielberg sells sprawling oceanfront Malibu mansion for ‘around $35million’ this week which shows how utterly terrified the super rich are about oceans rising.  It sold for many times what Spielberg paid. Spielberg has made movies about the planet flooding due to being warmer.


John Kerry picked up by US C-17 plane from airport in Geneva after breaking leg because living a gargantuan CO2 footprint while screaming that we are all going to drown due to being super-warm is the new normal.  All the characters worried sick about global warming do this.  Virtually none live life as if life is in the balance unless they live in Tiny Houses and never travel.


Terrified that cooling weather coupled with those of us on the internet warning that the planet is now entering a definite cold cycle, we have Democrats like this liberal from Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse, demanding that anyone claiming data shows cooling should be arrested and put in prison! And this, after Rhode Island was hammered by blizzards last winter! Use RICO Laws to Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics, says Senator – Ice Age Now


Fossil fuel companies and their allies are funding a massive and sophisticated campaign to mislead the American people about the environmental harm caused by carbon pollution.Their activities are often compared to those of Big Tobacco denying the health dangers of smoking. Big Tobacco’s denial scheme was ultimately found by a federal judge to have amounted to a racketeering enterprise.


New paper finds eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean was 2C warmer than present 10,000 years ago because that was the top temperature of the present Interglacial.  All Interglacials are the same: the warmest temperatures are at the beginning and not the middle of the warm spell all of which are very short in duration.


Winter is around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere and already it is setting cold records:  Australia hit by winter snow and lowest temperatures for 40 years | Daily Mail Online


The freezing weather is forcing many Australians to get creative with ways to beat the cold, from leaving the oven on to heat the house, to warming their beds with hairdryers. Most of the homes in the typically temperate country do not have insulation and so are not equipped to keep the warmth in and cold out during icy spells, accordant to Claire Cunliffe, Marketing Manager at Knauf Insulation Australia and New Zealand.


40 years ago was exactly during the previous cold cycle which saw a drop in global temperatures.  More clues that we have decisively entered a new cold cycle.


Hudson Bay sea ice coverage is atypical this year but what does that mean for polar bears?  That is, there is lots and lots of very thick ice still.  Most troubling, this thick ice is right where all Ice Ages begin: Hudson Bay.  This information is nearly totally ignored by freaked out ‘scientists’ seeking melting wherever they can find it and it is harder and harder to find as the planet cools.  Thus, the need to lie about it all.


They are not trotting out older and older data to claim that the planet is warming.  We have data from this week!  It is easy to find.  Anyone fearing Greenland is going to melt enough for Vikings to return should rest easy by now, it is obviously not happening.  But the Paris conference whereby the first world nations declare war on warming is due this winter so of course, the desire to heavily tax the masses for this fraud has to be kept up and this explains the tsunami of warming lies.


Norway – ‘January in June’ strands drivers and it is pretty cool here on my mountain after we had one week of summer earlier.  I had to cover all the air conditioners because they let in cold and burn firewood, it was so cool. Manitoba freeze damages 50 to 60 percent of canola fields this spring due to late freezes.


Blizzards in Scotland as there is even More snow for Scotland mountains!  While the June all-time record lowest high temperature shattered in Boston.  In Scotland, readers are enraged that BBC forecasters aren’t even mentioning the blizzards:


 “Basically there are blizzards on the higher hills and it’s friggin June,” says reader Ron Greer.“We are getting really buffeted just now, but what pisses me off is that the BBC Scotland forecast shows substantial areas of snow icons over the Scottish Highlands but the presenter just skims past them without a mention.“Freedom from midges though!!”


All winter long, the agony of those who lived in the areas of the planet earth where previous Ice Ages built up mile thick glaciers was ignored by the mainstream media which could barely be moved to mention that there was winter weather at all.  Most spent many hours telling us about how sunny, warm California is a hell hole and we should all reduce our CO2 footprint to the size of Cinderella’s shoes lest we also roast to death like Los Angeles and Malibu beach.  Here are some comments by Scots about this blatant lying:


Stephen N Strutt
JUNE 1, 2015 AT 3:10 PM
I couldn’t agree more as I live in Scotland, and also noticed how the TV presenters just ignore the snow coming in even though it is the 1st of June.


Ron Greer
JUNE 2, 2015 AT 11:09 AM
it’s now been reduced to’ a glimpse of summer’!



JUNE 1, 2015 AT 3:16 PM
Bradford, West Yorkshire here and I’m shivering!

There’s a “heatwave” forecast from mid-week on… the maximum daytime temperatures for it, here, have been reduced from about 22C (roughly 72f) to about 15 to 16C (roughly 57f to 60f).
15C for a heatwave is applicable to February-March. Not June.
15C in summer is what you get in a country called Iceland, which is appropriately named.

Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 8.02.57 AM

On June 3, rescuers in Scotland openly wondered if anyone has seen such a late winter as this.  The last cold cycle, no one was talking about roasting to death.  Everyone pretty much agreed that the planet was definitely cooling.  The fraud this time around is now painfully obvious.


As in the previous cold cycle of the 1970’s, the West Coast of North America all the way to the Rockies is experiencing warm weather.  This is entirely due to the Pacific Ocean, the biggest on earth and with virtually no exposure to cold water flows from the Arctic, is lagging behind the Atlantic Ocean which is already into a cold cycle. This warmth will fool the people out West for a while.  But it is easy to see that this won’t last forever or get warmer and warmer.  It is the tail end of a classic warm cycle.


Norway is having blizzards this week, too:  Det har kommet mellom 3 og 4 meter snø i… – FONNA Glacier Ski Resort

Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 8.05.59 AM

Meanwhile, the ‘green’ policies are creating tons of CO2 with diesel fueled ships sailing everywhere while Europe consumes North American trees: How Europe’s climate policies led to more U.S. trees being cut down –


Soaring demand for this woody fuel has led to the construction of more than two dozen pellet factories in the Southeast in the past decade, along with special port facilities in Virginia and Georgia where mountains of pellets are loaded onto Europe-bound freighters. European officials promote the trade as part of the fight against climate change. Burning “biomass” from trees instead of coal, they say, means fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


But that claim is increasingly coming under challenge. A number of independent experts and scientific studies — including a new analysis released Tuesday — are casting doubt on a key argument used to justify the cutting of Southern forests to make fuel. In reality, these scientists say, Europe’s appetite for wood pellets could lead to more carbon pollution for decades to come, while also putting some of the East Coast’s most productive wildlife habitats at risk.


They are going to strip the forests…AGAIN.  Like in the Victorian era!  England rose first out of the Medieval style economic system when coals was mined in Wales and fueled the Industrial Revolution including especially the invention of the coal-fired steam engines.  Now, they are taking us all back to that time.  Much of North America was stripped of forest lands during that era and this led to the creation of National Parks and other deals to save the remaining forests.


So much for ‘green’!  And I own a forest and my forest eats more CO2 than I put out by breathing or traveling or anything I do.


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9 responses to “False Claim: Greenland Is Melting–While It Ain’t And Blizzards Continue To Blow In June

  1. melponeme_k

    It has gotten to the point where we can’t even trust our local, everyday weather forecast. They were trying to sell us that it was the warmest May months on record this year. Really? For 1 week when it only hit the 80s, maybe 90s. The rest has been cold, cold, cold.

    Yesterday, they said it was warm in NYC area. Yeah, so warm I still needed to wear my jacket. So warm I’m shivering in my house because of the cold and I’m hesitating to turn on my heat because of the expense. Plus it is JUNE for chrissake! I wish someone on TV anywhere would admit that something is changing since we need our heat system on in JUNE!

  2. Lou

    2015- Los Angeles. Warm,Jan-March. Cold,April-now.

  3. JimmyJ

    “No midges” is a benefit of cold and very welcome for hikers and campers I’m sure. For North Americans think “no-see-ums”. Those and Black Flies makes boreal forest camping fun.


    The flying whilst crying hypocrisy is hideous for sure but the complete ignoring of reforestation and preservation is the tell that carbon activism is only about profit and continuing central bank ponzinomics. Its just disheartening how gullible people are about the issues.

  4. vengeur

    Now, from the “Ok, so we lied a little” Department: Global Schwarming reseachers caught lying AGAIN: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/06/04/harvard-syracuse-researchers-caught-lying-to-boost-obama-climate-rules/

  5. vengeur

    Cha-Ching!!!!! Well, Warmists gotta eat too, right?

  6. Floridasandy

    Yeah, but does it always have to be filet and lobster? 😄 this might be one issue that people in both parties can object to, because those carbon taxes are meant to come out of ALL of our pockets.

    It is warm here in Florida, but we do seem cooler in the mornings and evenings for this time of year.

  7. Sunger

    No wonder the USA has become a laughing stock among the world’s nations. Just listen to yourselves……..

  8. Elaine Supkis

    Why aren’t all the liberals lining up to move to Greenland? I hear it is melting fast meaning lots and lots of land to build Tiny Houses and organic farming!

  9. Lou

    Why aren’t all the liberals lining up to move to Greenland? BC they dont want to live like you – close to the land [bitter cold], shoveling 10 feet of snow, hunting, and those White hillbilly neighbors of yrs, o please.

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