Disgusting Dugger Parents And TLC Are Criminally Exploiting Helpless Children

Reality TV is quite unreal but then when the curtain suddenly falls we get real reality TV which shows how insane the entire business is.  The Honey Boo Boo scandals was easy to predict, for example.  The abusive exploitation of a lovely young, vivacious child ended up being a story of raping juveniles.  Then along came this horror story: How the Duggars’ custom home separates their sons from their daughters due to the boys of the family acting sexually inappropriately in a hot house atmosphere where children were produced for entertainment purposes and to enrich the exploitive parents.  I grew up in a huge family of 7 children and all the girls were sexually or physically abused including myself, who was raped by one of my father’s fellow astronomer at Yerkes Observatory.


All the huge families I knew over the years had similar problems.  Supervising an army of children is extremely difficult and in general, we raised ourselves in most regards.  Neighbors and sexual predators hunt these huge families.  In the slums, welfare mothers who pop out babies nonstop to stay on welfare produce millions of sexual abuse victims who generally are tossed into the streets to survive at a young age.


The Duggar business was a business.  Once the family owners decided to turn rampant child bearing into a corporate business, they began the grim work of producing WORKERS who were ordered to act and talk a certain way to insure the family business would thrive.  This meant lying about many things.  The fact that the parents prostituted their children this way is the real crime.  Turning children into TV characters in order to get rich off of them is highly destructive.


The death/insanity/social dysfunctional rate of child actors since 1900 has been huge.  The destruction of childhood has a severe price to pay.  Many a famous adult actors have had terrible deaths due to suicide, drugs, self-hate, etc. it is grounds for regulating the exploitation of children who are in entertainment.


A typical case was Michael Jackson whose self destructive life arc is a loud warning sign.  Recently one of the twins on the popular family TV show committed suicide and he barely made it to adulthood. Judy Garland is another famous example, she survived to adulthood but her childhood demons including having rich studio owners and powerful directors drugging her as a child so she would perform more, led to her lifetime drug and drinking problems.


When my daughter was very little, her winsome voice, ability to learn quickly and act naturally on camera attracted attention in New York City.  I was offered a contract.  I asked to talk to the former child actor who played Spanky in the movies in the Great Depression.  He visited us and in tears, begged me not to sign the contract so I turned it down and am very happy I did so.  My daughter now has a cute child who is the same sort of talent and she says she gets offers in Manhattan all too frequently.


Children who even appear in commercials end up tormenting themselves as adults.  The cruelty of other children directed towards kids who are in the public eye is astounding and painful.  Children are artless and will openly say and do things their parents say and do in private.


Various laws were passed to protect children performing in public so the parents can’t steal all the money like poor Judy Garland experienced.  Laws preventing overwork have an effect too but this hasn’t protected children on ‘reality TV’ at all, they are ‘performing’ 24/7.  Their vain, disgusting parents change into monsters as they strive to project a fake facade continuously.  All these shows from the 16 and Pregnant MTV, Dance Mothers, the 8 Goselin multi-birth children, etc. should be entirely outlawed.


Already, the camera crews for these exploitive shows are being hauled into divorce court as spouses fight over their child money machines.  These crews witness all sorts of child abuse and exploitation.  These families are mentally ill.  I grew up in such a family.  I demanded to move out when only 12 years old so my father let me move into his observatory.  I left when I was 16.


Our sexually dysfunctional, violent family hates each other into old age and virtually no one has any contact with anyone else at all.  It is immensely sad and very stupid.  My parents were quite unable to raise an army of children and it showed up quite early, I figured this out when only 5 years old.  When I was raped.


At least my parents didn’t try to make money off of us.  Mercifully.  But the mania for putting small children on TV so their ugly parents can strut and fret on the stage is a crime and those ugly ‘Housewives’ shows about ‘rich’ (but deep in debt) females and their unfortunate captive children should be the first to be canned though the rate of these women going into rehab or prison may eliminate these nasty shows sooner rather than later.

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8 responses to “Disgusting Dugger Parents And TLC Are Criminally Exploiting Helpless Children

  1. melponeme_k

    Show business is the very heart of the corruption. Because it tries to push whatever ideas the elites hold dear at the moment, be a corporate business, sell product, entertain and the last and least…be art. Well the art aspect is almost dead. That is why the reality television model is popular now…it fulfills the first three items on the list. I don’t see it disappearing any time soon. There will always be more broken people willing to exploit themselves on camera.

    I was offered a part in a road company for Annie way, way back. But my mother refused. She didn’t want me growing up on the road without roots, regular school or the ability to play outside. When I was little, I thought she was insane. But looking back, she did right by me. When I remember what I went through during the audition process, I think now that I escaped.

    The business at heart, hates performers. That all came out during the Sony scandal last year. The studio powers believe that actors (from top to bottom)don’t contribute to the project, don’t have talent and are just a drain on their finances. Computer generated humanoids will be what we watch on TV and film in the future. Just as robots will take our places in manufacturing.

  2. Petruchio

    “The studio powers believe that actors (from top to bottom)don’t contribute to the project, don’t have talent and are just a drain on their finances.” Very well said!. That is EXACTLY how CEO’s in most businesses look at their employees! It’s really all about applying the “Golden Rule”: he who has the gold, makes the rules. And I do mean “he” and not “she” in the case of acting; VERY few female execs in the business. I will mention in passing that current Soap actors are making about 20% to 30% LESS than what Soap actors were making 20 years ago. All management cares about is getting it on the cheap, except for their own salaries, THEN it’s “the sky is the limit!”.

  3. Lou

    I do not watch Reality TV. I dont watch much TV.
    What was the show [cancelled before it ran?] ‘reality show about black guy w many girlfriends’. All your baby mamas, or ???

  4. JimmyJ

    The Duggers are like most people, not just religious ones, in that they don’t have the critical thinking skills to self regulate. Recent research indicates that the amount of grey matter determines the capability to think and act morally. Maybe, but I suspect its simply that they haven’t had a personally serious enough consequence to hammer home their criminality. When you are hurting you tend to consider why.

    These parents should have had their kids removed. Not that foster parents are any better. Lots of foster homes have sexual abuse, too. But only that consequence would have made it clear they weren’t providing a safe environment for kids. Superficial solutions such as catwalks and separate bedrooms notwithstanding.

    This whole episode won’t help similar kids at risk because religious folks will simply close ranks and accuse others of a secular attack. So yes, it’ll be up to secular Nanny State officers (social workers, police) to enforce the law because religious communities obscure these kind of activities, across faiths, and prove that a strong secular social conscience is necessary. Except they didn’t in this case did they. So Religion:1, Duggers Girls:0.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    NONE of their pathetic children had privacy. NONE.

    The boys and girls had this big room on either side of the house with small partitions and bunk beds. To make it easier to FILM. This is beyond disgusting.

  6. Petruchio

    Reality TV is cheaper. That’s another reason it’s so popular with tv moguls. You can get non-actors to perform much like trained seals just so they can get a little fame–or notoriety.

  7. Seraphim

    @fellow astronomer at Yerkes Observatory

    Was he a “Catholic paedophile priest”? Or rather the Polanski type, who always get away?

  8. LOU

    Seraphim—indeed. the joos media had a field day, I mean decade, with the priest scandal.

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