USC ‘Art’ Graduate Students Resign After Administrators Lie To Them

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Confessions of a College Professor: Cheated by Admin, Entire First Year Class Resigns: higher education has become a looting expedition just like national defense.  People at the top of various schools and universities including public universities are paid ridiculous salaries and bonuses while professors vanish, replaced with cheap part-time labor and student fees and costs double each decade.  Trillions in debt are rapidly piling up as the looters seek more ways to stiff students.  The worst of this is total fraud: universities teaching trash!  And the graduate students at USC’s ‘fine arts’ (sic) school are being cheated totally since what they are learning is how to be non-artists.


The above photo is from the univerity’s web site advertising their wonderful ‘art show’.  Ever since WWI, the deconstructionists have destroyed ‘art’.  The piles of garbage in the above photo are stupid.  Since ‘anything is art especially if it is stupid’ movement mocking the entire concept of ‘fine art’ has been happily embraced by schools who don’t like work all that much and think having fun making fun of better art is a great business model.


As the value of real art shoots upwards, anything by any ‘masters’ of the past are now selling for many millions of dollars these days, we have an army of young people suckered into going into ‘art school’ to learn how to NOT create similar stuff but rather, like the mattress carrying porno creep at Columbia, the entire point is to be horrible, in-your-face ugly and obnoxious.  This news today scares, amuses and horrifies me:  Entire First-Year MFA Class Drops Out in Protest at the University of Southern California


As a result, they say, the Program Director left in December 2014, followed by the resignation of tenured professor Frances Stark.


After numerous meeting with the administration, they write:


[W]e have no idea what MFA faculty we’d be working with for the coming year; we have no idea what the curriculum would be, other than that it will be different from what it was when we enrolled and is currently being implemented by administrators outside of our field of study; and finally, we have no idea whether we’d graduate with twice the amount of debt we thought we would graduate with.


In the midst of this upheaval, the university was eagerly celebrating the arrival of the Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy, which came with a $70 million gift from the music industry giants. Focused on art, technology, and entrepreneurship, the undergraduate program is also headed by Erica Muhl, the newly appointed Dean of Roski. The Academy’s tagline, “The Degree is in Disruption,” employs a favorite techie term…


Here is another photo from the university’s art gallery:

Screen shot 2015-06-06 at 7.16.46 AM


Here is the problem!  Look at these black males trying their damnedest to look scary, criminal, nasty, dangerous and deadly.  And note the ‘art work’: GANG GRAFFITI!  They look like a police line up.  I bet most of them are harmless little biddies who would run from a real fight.  Note how this ‘university’ cultivates the black is evil, horrible, dangerous and criminal ‘art’ and the biggest fund for this ‘school’ comes from Dr. Dre, a man who made a billion off of turning black males into evil, horrible, dangerous criminals!  Celebrate the black power here!


The school is  upping the ante.  The white chicks are to be all about sex stuff and the black males should celebrate being criminal gangs and the white males learn to be executives of movie studios so long as they are the correct genetic heritage.  The head of this ‘school’ is the daughter of a major movie studio that made money off of telling black males they should strive to be criminals and chicks should be whores.


The students who resigned all wanted to be graduate student ‘teachers’ while earning a master’s degree.  This is the blind leading the blind off a cliff.  Here is some real artwork from the past:

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21 responses to “USC ‘Art’ Graduate Students Resign After Administrators Lie To Them

  1. e sutton

    Welcome to the new normal, Elaine. A college diploma means absolutely nothing today, other than you were a dupe to pay high prices for a fancy piece of parchment with raised lettering. Academic standards, from elementary school on up to college, have been lowered to accommodate the rising negro population, who are completely unconcerned with knowledge, logic, true philosophy, and Western Civilization’s history. Thus, diplomas are handed out like ice cream cones on a hot summer day, available to anyone, white or black, who willingly turns themselves into a debt slave for life. A college degree means almost nothing today. If the students manage to learn something, it is perhaps by way of accident. Like everything else in our world, it’s all about the cash; ie, how much can we take from these rubes? Gone is the strict adherence to discipline and the relentless pursuit of knowledge, as it was when I first darkened the doorway of a citadel of academia long, long ago. My first recollection of those times were, “You’re much too stupid to have been allowed through those doors. Keep your trap shut, your ears open, and perhaps, by chance, they won’t toss your ass out.” My how times have changed. Oh, and did I mention that I am a former teacher?

  2. e sutton

    Addendum to the above: There’s a delightful little scandal going on today in my hometown, with the University of North Carolina. Seems the women’s bakkaball team had their grades “adjusted” sos dey could play. Yeah. It’s all about knowledge, isn’t it? “Looks at me, I gots a cawlige degreeee!” Ain’t dat sum sheeit? Gnome sane?

  3. Jim R

    That’s wimmin’s bakkaball. Spelling!

  4. Elaine Supkis

    When only whites played sports THE SAME THING HAPPENED.

    This is NOT a race issue, indeed, black students are probably the ones most exploited. In the case of football which is deadly and wrecks the brains badly, it is near slavery.

  5. Jim R

    It’s not a new issue either. My father was a professor at a small private midwest school with a prominent basketball team. Back in the ’60s.

    He always got pressured by the athletic department, and the administration, to give the players passing grades so they could stay on the team..

  6. e sutton

    Well, I guess I assumed we all grew up in the same “America” as it existed over 40 years ago (sigh), so yeah, I get that “jocks” were always “slow”, as the case was and remains. We openly made fun of the (white) jocks in our classes. Everyone, including the dumb jocks, knew they were idiots – yet did have feelings-.

    Let’s not get cute, okay? We all know that certain segments of our population consistently score lower on IQ scores, and we are all expected to tiptoe around it. Elaine is one of the worst. I agree with her on 99% of everything she says except racial IQ. I’ve settled for worse compromises in my years, so I’ll give Ol’ Elaine a pass on that, I reckon. 🙂

  7. Petruchio

    @#3, Jim R: Just as an aside, the feminists want to change the spelling of women to ‘womyn’. They want to get the “men” out of womyn because it is sexist. Yes, this is something they concern themselves with. Words mean things, you know.

  8. LOU

    USC =
    University of Spoiled Children

    UCLA = u c lotsa asians.

    You missed how dangerous [due to Blacks and Browns] the USC ‘hood is.
    Students from both those schools killed by ‘die versity’.

  9. Petruchio

    @#4 Elaine: The ONLY reason colleges and Universities integrated blacks into their sports team was because it became a competitiveness issue. Previously all-white sports team schools could no longer resist the urge to win! win! win!. And so they brought in black athletes. True, academic standards were lower for white student athletes BEFORE blacks were integrated into college sports, but the need for lower standards became even more urgent after blacks came onto the college sports scene. The funniest “class” that I heard of was called (jokingly) “Rocks for Jocks”. In my opinion, they should just drop the pretense of the “student athlete”. Pay these guys a SALARY! Money. The student athletes at big time schools make ALOT of MONEY for their schools. The athletes SHOULD be paid for that. But then, that would mean that the Colleges would have to share revenue with their athletes and the folks running college sports are WAY too greedy to do that. So the charade of the ‘student athlete’ continues.

  10. ziff

    wise not to talk about “ART’, its a mess thats deconstructed itself. no good being an old master enthusiast either, no crowds at the old stuff.
    ”As the value of real art shoots upwards,” really?? , check out ‘crapstraction’ its where the hot money is going

  11. Elaine Supkis

    Art was deliberately killed before I was born.

    I remember the music department of my university. I had this raging battle in public with a top professor who was a ‘composer’. His ‘music’ was HIDEOUS.

    It gave me a headache. It was indigestible. Atonal.

    He sneered at one point, ‘Do you want MELODY???’ I yelled, “YES!’ and to his horror, the students listening to us applauded me, not him. He wanted me removed for doing this to him.

    The hatred of good art/music has infected all systems these days. We still have ‘culture’ but it is shallow and destructive.

  12. ziff

    most who whine about the poor state of the art, are whining about the poor state of their art. Why can’t art be like the old masters means you can paint like one.

  13. ziff

    Roz chast draws cartoons about art which look exactly like your picture above. Art is what happens when you have nothing else to do, yes its grown into a giant pile of BS . But then something great happens Eg. a work by Ai weiwei [ who i don’t even trust because he is a US china tool] . He created a forest of old childrens wooden stools , all those seats and no where to sit. An example of what i call ‘post art’ , stuff with no discernible link to past art. much better than ART

  14. ziff

    Another Horror , George Bush’s art isn’t bad, he has the wit to not try too hard.

  15. e sutton

    Yeah, I liken his art to his presidency. A mediocre, half-hearted, amateur act, with just enough intellect to pass as something akin to human. His wife was the real bitch, who murdered her ex lover way back in 1963. One ice cold bitch.

  16. e sutton

    Heavens, where are my manners? Link to above escapade of murder and mayhem, Texas style, bitchez!

  17. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, I wrote about her escapade running a stop sign. The road where this happened is straight, flat and open. With little traffic. I was amazed how the media hid this story after we broke it.

  18. ziff

    Thomas Kinkaid , ya he’s the one, and those ‘big eyes’ pictures, never stop staring at you , so great.!

  19. Eddie

    Wow that’s bad. You could sit by the side of the railroad tracks and watch the trains go by for inspiration for free.

  20. Craig

    Do not despair! Look at contemporary American handmade ceramicware-beautiful, skillful, creative and continuous with history. Here is a stellar example, Steven Hill:

  21. CK

    Ayn Rand already told you this in Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Quel surprise.

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