Mayor DeBlasio And His Wife Think 1977 Was The Best Of Times, Not Pure Hell


▶ New York Blackout of 1977 – YouTube

I lived in the center of Brooklyn, New York from 1974-1986 during the worst years in that city’s history.  Everything was falling into ruins, the city was going bankrupt, crime was out of control and my lovely neighbors decided to celebrate a sumer storm causing a black out by looting and then burning down much of my neighborhood.  Now, the wife of the new mayor, Ms. McCray, said in public that the best time in NY history was 1977, the worst year ever for the rest of us law abiding, tax paying citizens.


Teenage victim of McDonald’s assault arrested on gun charge –the girl at the center of a You Tube video event where she was mercilessly beaten by another black female fellow student over a ‘dissing’ issue is in the news again due to her desire to get revenge: during a wild caught-on-video fight runs from cops and is impaled on barbed wire in Brooklyn:


She was planning to attack a rival at the Linden Plaza apartments in East New York and was waiting for the 19-year-old woman in the lobby of her building at about 8:30 p.m. when the would-be victim called 911.


When cops showed up at the Lincoln Ave. apartment building, Ballinger dropped her purse and ran off. The pocketbook contained a .40-caliber Baretta, officials said.


Cops found Ballinger nearby but she ran off and jumped over a low wall — and into a thatch of razor wire near a train yard.She was carrying a backpack with an imitation pistol inside, cops said.


A 20-year-old man, a 14-year-old boy and two girls, ages 14 and 13, were in the lobby with Ballinger and are facing trespassing charges, officials said.


Everyone who is of criminal intent is now carrying guns in New York City and the shooting rate and attempted use of these guns is rising rapidly now that the stop and frisk scheme was stopped.  The mayor has a major problem: his wife is black and she celebrates social chaos and destruction thinking this is great times for black people because they can go shopping at midnight and not pay for anything and can run wild doing as they all please while the city pays for all this via welfare/housing/school stipends.


De Blasio, McCray talk city crime rate, 1977 life -Chirlane McCray (wife of the mayor) recalls a rosier than real 1977 New York City while de Blasio insists less stop-and-frisks makes city safer…this news story is causing his already dropping popularity to take another nose dive.  Of course, the same people who marched in Manhattan yelling, ‘Kill the cops’ are even happier with this duo.


As we have reduced stops, we have reduced crime,” the mayor said during a live radio appearance Friday. “I think the numbers are overwhelmingly clear.


This is typical delusional talk that fools no one.  Arrest numbers have dropped like a rock because the cops don’t have any idea what to do anymore.  None want to go to prison while dealing with violent repeat criminals.  Instead, they handle these with kid gloves or don’t bother at all.  As I predicted, this is no shock to me.  My biggest fight against crime was to convince the cops to work with me arresting my darling neighbors, the ones who were career criminals.


Convincing the DA to prosecute them and punish them took all my political muscle, too.  It was not easy in 1977 to do any of this.  Our mayor back then, Beame, was a weaking.  This is the time period when I got to know Giuliani really, really good as he was my Fed prosecutor tool for going after corrupt politicians.


“To me, this has actually been a great ratification of the fact that we can protect individual liberties while making ourselves safer.”…


New York is not safer.  It is increasingly more dangerous and I fully expect the Brooklyn/Queens border where many blacks now live to explode this summer over any and all excuses.  It has been quite a few years since the last mass looting expedition and many stores have ventured to open in these areas again, finally.  It takes around 40 years to recover from looting sessions.  Some never recover.


McCray offered her rosy recollections of the late ’70s, when she came to New York from Springfield, Mass.

“The city was strong,” she said. “The city was inclusive and dynamic. We want the city to stay that way.”…


Holy cow!  The city was not ‘inclusive’.  Blacks worked hard to drive out anyone and everyone who ventured into the hood.  I was told point blank that I had no right to live in the house I paid for because I was white!  Al Sharpton tried to get me killed because I told middle class home owner black adults that they had a right to control crime in their own neighborhood!


George Arzt, a City Hall reporter who later worked for Mayor Ed Koch, echoed Giuliani’s assessment (that the city was a disaster area back then, burning down and going bankrupt due to too much social spending and not enough spending on infrastructure).


“Obviously, 1977 wasn’t a great year,” said Arzt.


“The city was running a deeply austere budget. We had to cut back on cops, uniformed services, parks, other services. There were all kinds of calamities, blackouts, snowstorms.”…


De Blasio, asked if his wife’s pining for 1977 was a gaffe, said she was referring to the amount of affordable housing available at the time.


“I think she has no illusions about how tough things were in this city in 1977,” the mayor said. “But she made a really powerful point: Until recently, good times and bad, you could find (an affordable) place to live.


‘Affordable housing’ back then was RENT CONTROLLED.  I am very biased here.  I was a super for a landlord before I bought a half burned building to rebuild.  The building I rebuilt was typical: it was RENT CONTROLLED and died.  Landlords couldn’t afford to do any upkeep or heating due to rampant inflation which the city denied.  So rents were set at post-WWII levels while the dollar collapsed in value the the price of energy shot upwards.


Hundreds of thousands of perfectly fine apartment buildings burned down during this period due to rent control laws and inflation.  Nearly the entire rental stock of the Bronx went up in flames.  Much of my neighborhood did the same.  One could spot the rent controlled buildings by the broken windows and burned facades.


Now, the new mayor is trotting off to Albany to demand expanding rent control again. He isn’t going there to lobby to stop white flight when it comes to schooling.  Statistics show that white students virtually vanish from schools there by age 12.  They are around 14% and of that, a hunk is Asian going to tech schools.  The rest move to the suburbs like I did when I had to flee after having two children of school age.  I could afford only one going to private school.


The catastrophe of the school system is shrugged off.  Instead of facing reality, the liberal solution is to dump more reforms and money into increasingly black/Hispanic schools that can’t teach anyone anything since few seem even slightly interested in learning anything.

▶ The Bronx in The 1980’s PART 1 (Original) – YouTube

▶ The Fire Next Door – The Bronx, Part-1 of 2 – YouTube

The other reason my family is now leaving NYC again is this:  MTA wants to spend $32B to repair aging system struggling to meet its record ridership.  The suburban trains are fine.  You get comfortable forward facing seats and computer service, too.  No crammed riders with plastic sideways seats!  I remember the WWII subway system: it had forward facing seats that were comfortable!  These were replaced with Japanese-designed trains for cramming in way too many commuters.  Extremely uncomfortable trains, they are very annoying to ride.  They are cattle cars.


Instead of fixing that and encouraging home building, the new mayor wants more welfare cases burning down our cities, turning public transport into a nightmare, and more crimes.  This is not a good solution but certain groups think this is paradise…for themselves.


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30 responses to “Mayor DeBlasio And His Wife Think 1977 Was The Best Of Times, Not Pure Hell

  1. Jim R

    .. from a comment at the end of it, the article itself was ripped off from here:

  2. Petruchio

    !977. The year David Berkowitz, better known as The Son of Sam was cruising the streets shooting people at random. A 3000 year old dog was telling him what to do. I believe also that year NYC experienced a record setting heat wave.###It’s no wonder the school systems are going down the drain. The process of integrating so many different cultures and languages makes any ACTUAL learning next to impossible. Throw in a big dose of political “correctness” and you have a perfect recipe for a dysfunctional education system. I suspect that is EXACTLY the true intent of all this “celebrating of diversity and multiculturalism.”

  3. e sutton

    Now, now, Elaine, you must give them room to destroy. After all, Ms. Mosby said the exact same thing in Baltimore. You must allow blacks to do what they do best. DESTROY. Their contribution to our society is incalculable.

  4. e sutton


    You know, at the time, many years ago, I wrote the Son of Sam killer off as a looney, fruity, tooty wootie, but as I look back on it now, I wonder how more people didn’t lose it during the negro revolution of the late ’60s through ’70s. Such insanity! Those who control what we see and hear are very much setting the stage for our next big “event”. Stay tuned. It promises to be quite the spectacular.

  5. e sutton

    There go Elaine, hating on duh black folk agin. She an uppity white girl who doan no nuthin’ bout wat we bros have to go tru, sho nuf, gnome sane. Elaine come from a obser-vuhtouree and she think she no ever thang, so nuf, mo fo. Well, she a old white woman who doan no nuthin! She think she so smart and sheeit, gnome sane?

  6. LOU

    Elaine, in researching Mind Control, scientology and David Berkowitz, I read of an odd -eerie case. Someone who worked at Pratt and their partner were murdered in NJ- in a cult or satanic killing. Does that ring a bell?

  7. LOU

    ‘ I wrote the Son of Sam killer off as a looney, fruity, tooty wootie, but as I look back on it now, I wonder how more people’.

    I believe he may have been mind controlled. look it up.

  8. LOU

    this is contradictory—-Statistics show that white students virtually vanish from schools there by age 12.
    They are around 14% and of that, a hunk is Asian going to tech schools.

  9. Henry

    I believe the Black riots are being encouraged by the establishment. They know that the country is headed for an economic disaster. It’s only a matter of time. They fear the 99% turning on the 1%. The best thing for the oligarchs is divide and conquer. Blacks against Whites, Women against men, young against the old, gay vs straight, and everyone against the Muslims. Identity politics conflict is better for them instead of class conflict which they really fear.

  10. Elaine Supkis

    Correct, Henry.

    This is definitely a scheme to get whites to fear and hate blacks. Already, people are increasingly terrified that black people will blow up and whatever white flight hasn’t happened so far will happen now.

    This has hit urban schools very hard. Since no one is allowed to talk about how black students cause chaos in schools, whites have simply picked up and moved as far as possible from urban schools in general.

    Schools are more segregated today than when I was in school years ago.

  11. Petruchio

    ” Since no one is allowed to talk about how black students cause chaos in schools,…” Yes, ‘political correctness’ is and always has been a tool for the 15, for fascism. That’s also why the feminist movement was allowed to gain media coverage. The MSM simply ignores news they don’t want the general masses to see or hear about.

  12. Narciso Lopez

    “It’s no wonder the school systems are going down the drain. The process of integrating so many different cultures and languages makes any ACTUAL learning next to impossible. Throw in a big dose of political “correctness” and you have a perfect recipe for a dysfunctional education system.”

    Clearly you’ve forgotten how in the past plenty of Europeans were Americanized successfully. The Adults rarely learned English well and relied on their children to translate. Children are the ones that were successfully integrated because at young ages the human mind is very good at picking up languages and learning in general.

    Same thing happens today but the education system has been completely destroyed with the push to indoctrinate children over teaching the basics. Some kids are smarter than others but today everyone is special and you cannot hurt their feeling by expecting them to reach “unrealistic” standards. So the hippy generation decided to dumb everything down and to relegate teaching to a secondary consideration. Self esteem and propaganda is everything now days and its why education is such shit.

    There has been a major decline in education because the teaching profession has been watered down to include fake degrees that have nothing to do with teaching. The dirty secret of teaching is that experience trumps any type of certification. Its takes years for a teacher to learn how to deal with and educate children.

    Right now schools are basically just warehouses because its too “expensive” to actually hire experienced teachers to educate children.

    Education has to have an emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, basic mathematics, and a foreign language should be required. Unfortunately for children today all those things require teachers with a mastery in those subjects and years of experience.

    Its much cheaper to hire young idiots from teach for america or those with bs teaching diplomas that have zero experience. Teaching like every profession requires years of experience and today the school system has been destroyed by the rich wanting indoctrinated drones and the government wanting morons that are incapable of thinking for themselves.

    Elaine at times makes it seem that Children are at fault for “not wanting to learn” when it should be obvious that the fault relies on the shitty schools failing to educate them. Even experienced teachers find it difficult to control 30-40 children and the young idealist wanting to expand young minds are out of their league. Young kids tend to be feral unless you can intimidate them into behaving.

    Lots of those young idiots that call themselves teachers have no idea how to deal with children let alone how to teach. Parents today have basically added to the dysfunction of the education children by refusing to help teacher control children (most of the time lots of parents will attack the teacher instead of disciplining their precious angels).

    Lots of teacher use the threat of calling their parents to control kids. It used to work back in the day because kids tended to be afraid of ass whoopings that parents gave children. Women tend to do the same, they use the threat of telling their fathers to get kids to behave. Now days beating kids is child abuse and not a time tested way parents raised kids.

  13. Elaine Supkis


    I am from the peak of the baby boom. We had double sessions during much of my schooling which was horrible. I had to get up at 4:30 am to catch a 5:00 am bus!!!

    The classes were HUGE. We were packed in like sardines. My high school had thousands of students and was so full, when they goofed one year and had the morning and afternoon sessions at the same time in the halls you literally could not move!

    And…our high school won many awards, we had a huge orchestra (I was first cello) and two choruses and a full band and we aced many national and local tests, I came in second in the National German Scholarship Exam but then won due to the person who won cheated (he was a German kid born in Germany!).

    No, schools are not overcrowded now. The average class is well below 30 per teacher. I never had classes with less than 40 students.

    What has changed is the destruction of black children so they no longer can function in schools. When I was a teen, black students were perfectly fine behaving generally in school. NYC was an outlier and was deteriorating but this was mainly due to the immense wave of kids pouring in and overwhelming the schools.

    In most cities, schools are closing due to lack of students. Not overwhelmed at all.

  14. LOU

    What has changed is the destruction of black children so they no longer can function in schools.

    DNA. Nature, not nurture.

  15. Elaine Supkis

    Culture is not genetics.

  16. LOU

    I disagree. African culture [cough] in 1500 AD was pure genetics. You think Black ‘regression to the [african] mean’ is from Culture backwardation, fine. I disagree.

  17. Petruchio

    @#13 Narisco: You are making a false comparison!. Those Europeans you refer to were encouraged, even coerced into learning to speak English. Not so today. Immigrants coming to this country are NOT required to learn English; they just learn enough to get by. Listen to them when they speak to friends on their phones. They speak their native language. Many immigrants to this country are here STRICTLY for the benefits: free health care, WIC, EBT, etc. Today’s immigrants to the USA are much different than the European immigrants from the 19th and early 20th centuries. European immigrants were coming to a country (USA) that had a common culture, not the least of which was skin color. Today’s immigrants come from literally ALL OVER THE WORLD. No common culture, no common language, no sense AT ALL of the need for assimilation into this huge “melting pot” that once was the USA. Immigrants today have a strictly mercenary reason to live here. Alos, today’s immigrants have a very deep sense of entitlement; the USA owes them the right to be here. to work here. All of course without any obligation in return. As I said earlier, immigrants today are here STRICTLY for the bennies. Narisco, your argument does not stand up to scrutiny.

  18. Narciso Lopez

    Elaine: “TOTALLY WRONG….The classes were HUGE. We were packed in like sardines. My high school had thousands of students and was so full…
    No, schools are not overcrowded now. The average class is well below 30 per teacher. I never had classes with less than 40 students…In most cities, schools are closing due to lack of students. Not overwhelmed at all.”

    Maybe you’ve heard of the echo boom and classes were absolutely crowded and they still are here in Arizona. 30-40 kids was pretty typical and today its the same thing. Schools also have to bring in those stupid Portable Classrooms that are ridiculously cold.

    You clearly are buying in to the sensationalism that Schools have to close due to a lack of students. We are not Europe with the huge collapse of births and its silly to ignore the reality that immigration has basically keeped the total amount of around 4 million births (decline did occur in the 70’s but recovered by the late 80’s)

    You can clearly see that the baby boom is clearly not larger than today’s or the last few decades total birth numbers (around 4 million per year). The decline of children is clearly exaggerated and its clearly a regional thing if schools close due to lack of children. Lack of children is mostly confined to Europe, Japan and parts of the rust belt in the US. The US overall has only recently seen a decline to below 4 million births.

    Baby boomers have an inflated sense of their numbers when its obvious that
    since the 90’s the amount of births has been equivalent more or less to the height of the baby boom (The birth rate may have declined but the population is much larger (almost 2x) so the amount of total births is pretty similar).

    Here are the numbers that Elaine clearly has never bothered to check before presuming that her generations dwarfs the modern generation of children. Elaine its clear that there are more children in the school system today than the so called baby boom. There might be more teachers today but lets face the fact that lots of them are unqualified due to the destruction of higher education giving out inflated grades and weak teaching credentials.

    Year Live births
    1935 2,377,000
    1936 2,355,000
    1937 2,413,000
    1938 2,496,000
    1939 2,466,000
    1940 2,559,000
    1941 2,703,000
    1942 2,989,000
    1943 3,104,000
    1944 2,939,000
    1945 2,858,000
    1946 3,411,000
    1947 3,817,000
    1948 3,637,000
    1949 3,649,000
    1950 3,632,000
    1951 3,823,000
    1952 3,913,000
    1953 3,965,000
    1954 4,078,000
    1955 4,097,000
    1956 4,218,000
    1957 4,308,000
    1958 4,255,000
    1959 4,244,796
    1960 4,257,850
    1961 4,268,326
    1962 4,167,362
    1963 4,098,020
    1964 4,027,490
    1965 3,760,358
    1966 3,606,274
    1967 3,520,959
    1968 3,501,564
    1969 3,600,206
    1970 3,731,386
    1971 3,555,970
    1972 3,258,411
    1973 3,136,965
    1974 3,159,958
    1975 3,144,198
    1976 3,167,788
    1977 3,326,632
    1978 3,333,279
    1979 3,494,398
    1980 3,612,258
    1981 3,629,238
    1982 3,680,537
    1983 3,638,933
    1984 3,669,141
    1985 3,760,561
    1986 3,756,547
    1987 3,809,394
    1988 3,909,510
    1989 4,040,958
    1990 4,158,212
    1991 4,110,907
    1992 4,065,014
    1993 4,000,240
    1994 3,952,767
    1995 3,899,589
    1996 3,891,494
    1997 3,880,894
    1998 3,941,553
    1999 3,959,417
    2000 4,058,814
    2001 4,025,933
    2002 4,021,726
    2003 4,089,950
    2004 4,112,052
    2005 4,138,349
    2006 4,265,555
    2007 4,316,233
    2008 4,247,694
    2009 4,130,665
    2010 3,999,386
    2011 3,953,593
    2012 3,952,937
    2013 3,932,181

    1957 is the peak baby boom year with 4,308,000 million births while 2007 with 4,316,233 is equivalent in size and possibly the peak of the US unless we get another boom.

    You’re not special Elaine plenty of kids have been born since you were a kid.

    Looking at the numbers its clear that most people have no idea of the size of the birth cohort numbers and are relying on the media sensationalism.

  19. Jim R

    Culture is a thin veneer on top of genetics. At the end of the day, it’s about genetics.

  20. Elaine Supkis

    Arizona has a zillion aliens filling the schools now.

    Not true of much of the country. California has lots of illegal alien children, too, ditto, Texas.

    In NYC virtually all white students over the age of 10 are gone.

  21. Elaine Supkis

    About student stats:

    The population of the US was below 100 million when I was a child. Today, it is triple that and the student stats are FLAT. Not growing so we were three times as great a force in population proportion when I was young compared to today’s children.

    Here is a web site with school class sizes:

    The average class in Arizona is only 23 students which is nearly half the size I went to in school. I don’t know where the ‘classes are just as big’ garbage comes from.

  22. Elaine Supkis

    Some states the average class is only 17 students! Wow. Wish I had that!

  23. LOU

    Elaine, when did USA population hit 150M and 200M?
    In yr 2000? ‘USA Today’ celebrated, ‘USA population hits 300M’.

  24. LOU

    This is via Drudge, about a city in Penn.

    5 to 37% Hispanic in a few years,

  25. Jim R

    From Wikipedia:

    1900 76,212,168 21.0%
    1910 92,228,531 21.0%
    1920 106,021,568 15.0%
    1930 123,202,660 16.2%
    1940 132,165,129 7.3%
    1950 151,325,798 14.5%
    1960 179,323,175 18.5%
    1970 203,211,926 13.3%
    1980 226,545,805 11.5%
    1990 248,709,873 9.8%
    2000 281,421,906 13.2%
    2010 308,745,538 9.7%
    Est. 2015 321,043,000 4.0%

    Sources: United States Census Bureau

    So apparently Elaine is 100 years old or so…

  26. Elaine Supkis

    Do note how it jumped from 7.3% to 18.5% in the period when I was born and first went to school. DOUBLE. Now, it is at 4% which is half of the 1940 numbers.

  27. Narciso Lopez

    Elaine’s in denial. Average is not the same as a median and the tiny little schools with 20-30 students do exist but they are not typical of most students.

    My mother was born in 1957 and she told me classes had 40-50 kids in the beginning but over time they decline to 30 or so which is still typical. Its dishonest to pretend there wasn’t a massive build up to accommodate the post ww2 boom. Its quick clear that you are exaggerating the amount of children throughout your school years because its obvious that by the time you were in middle school the build up of infrastructure was more than adequate to lower class room sizes.

    Elaine likes to link to modern day “class averages” but what about back in your day? A stat in isolation means absolutely nothing and has to be put into context.

    Its clear that states that have had large population growth and especially cities have large class room sizes while the reverse is true in states and cities that have lost population.

    Its obvious Elaine is full of shit when it comes to statistics.

    “The population of the US was below 100 million when I was a child…” –Elaine

    1910 92,228,531
    1920 106,021,568
    1930 123,202,660
    1940 132,165,129
    1950 151,325,798
    1960 179,323,175
    1970 203,211,926
    1980 226,545,805
    1990 248,709,873
    2000 281,421,906
    2010 308,745,538

    Elaine was a child during WWI when the population was well below 100 million.

    You clearly have very faulty memories of the population size back when you were a kid or you are one of the oldest people on earth.

    Elaine: :Arizona has a zillion aliens filling the schools now…Not true of much of the country. California has lots of illegal alien children, too, ditto, Texas…In NYC virtually all white students over the age of 10 are gone…

    Right all those “zillions of aliens” were all born on Mars? Where is your data backing this up? Is this strictly based on your gut or some type of truthiness?

    Exactly what does it matter that White students over the age of 10 are all supposedly gone? That little sentence strikes me as a siren song to the white nationalist types.

    The US is adding 20-30 million people a decade and supposedly most states are New York with most of its growth having occurred befor 1970 (NY 18 million people in 1970 and its only recently that NY has reached 19 million)

    Elaine clearly doesn’t do facts but makes up whatever she wants to make a point that is not well supported.

    Elaine you have a habit of linking to dubious websites on crime or make statements of facts that have poor documentation to support the conclusions that you are drawing.

    Some how black people and hispanics have “bad culture” while whites and Asians have “good culture.”

    Its pitiful to pretend that culture is something that can be easily categorized as good or bad. Human being create systems that help them adapt to whatever conditions they find themselves. Blacks seem to have adapted to welfare but to pretend that the US government didn’t promote that is laughable.

    The government is clearly pushing dependency with drugging out the population and throwing people welfare bone, so that they lose the capacity to function apart from big business and their political lackey’s.

    Elaine seems to be completely aware of how her black bashing looks to anyone that isn’t a white nationalist like lou and his ilk.

    Its not to say blacks aren’t feral but its dishonest to pretend that they are somehow an independent people when its clear that whites continue to completely dominate them.

    Hispanics tend to be passive due to a much longer history of “civilization” with a system that punishes radical or free thinkers. Add in the US bribing the leadership class and Latin America is basically a backwater due to a refusal to reform the despotic inheritance from the Spain/Portugal.

    Asians are in love with accreditation and while its making them successful its not a sure bet that jobs in the future will always need that type of narrow education. China, Korea, and Taiwan have all hopped on the Japanese/German mercantilism bus but sooner or later it will crash due to the target countries no longer having the capacity to consume at previous levels.

    Whites are typically full of shit and whining about how everyone is mooching off them while they ignore that the US, Europe, and Japan have been bleeding third world countries dry for centuries. All those debt that the Western powers have piled up on third world nations is completely odious and you won’t hear Elaine talk about how we sabotage countries to rip off their resources.

    Its clear that things are breaking down and that propaganda is pretty much all our government has left now that they completely controlled by the rich. The rich don’t care about the economy anymore all they care about is that their financial bubble doesn’t pop and take their billions with it.

  28. LOU

    ‘The population of the US was below 100 million when I was a child…” –Elaine’
    Okay- so if she was born about 1945 she was wrong by 40M.
    The ‘Greens’ defend immigration.
    Read some books by Pat Buchanan.

  29. Elaine Supkis

    Wow, all these accusations that I don’t cover issues which I have covered extensively…READ MY PREVIOUS 2,000+ stories!


    Schools today spend a LOT more than when I was a child. I know of virtually no double session schools today whereas they were all too common when I went to school.

    Aircondioned schools in the desert when I was a child was NONE…NADA, just for example. If it was 105 degrees we roasted and no one cared.

    Schools in cold climates weren’t much better, either. It is so different today.

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