US Pot Calling Putin Kettle Black: NYT Claims Russia Is Nasty Due To Copying Bilderberg Schemes

Renewed shelling hits residential areas, local market in eastern Ukraine – YouTube

The Bilderberg gang spent lots of money undermining the elected government of Ukraine engineering a coup.  This led to many things including blaming the shooting of a Malaysian jet flying the same time as Putin was flying over Ukraine and then blaming it on Putin even though it made zero sense and had precious little proof.  I said back then that if they refuse to release any of the black box information it meant that the Kiev coup shot it down and lo and behold, this is exactly what is happening today: zero information.  The US arms and then eggs on the Kiev coup to attack eastern Ukraine and thus, push Putin into a war there which so far he has refused.  So now they are whining via their main mouthpiece, the New York Times.


Russia Wields Aid and Ideology Against West to Fight Sanctions –


 Even as the Obama administration and its European allies try to counter Russia’s military intervention across its border, they have found themselves struggling at home against what they see as a concerted drive by Moscow to leverage its economic power, finance European political parties and movements, and spread alternative accounts of the conflict.


The Kremlin’s goal seems to be to sow division, destabilize the European Union and possibly fracture what until now has been a relatively unified, if sometimes fragile, consensus against Russian aggression. At the very least, if Russia can peel off even a single member of the European Union, it could in theory prevent the renewal later this month of economic sanctions that are scheduled to expire absent the unanimous agreement of all member states.


The Bilderberg gang is insane.  When the Soviet Union fell, they rejoiced and immediately began attacking unions, destroying the working class via ‘free trade’ and forcing citizens to take in armies of legal and illegal aliens causing jobs to disappear for citizens who were pushed into ghettoes, etc.  Now, the chaos this is causing is coming home to roost.  So the Bilderberg gang is blaming Putin for this.  How dare he undermine Europe and the United States!


Must be propaganda and money!  Yes, anyone explaining the disaster of the Bilderberg diplomacy game is called ‘a Russian troll’ and this way, no information comes in to explain the obvious.  One of the funniest lines in the NYT hit piece is this one:


American and European officials have accused Moscow of financing green movements in Europe to encourage protests against hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a move intended to defend Russia’s gas industry.


I swear, they want to kill me via making me laugh to death!  Ahem: Obama has declared war against WARM WEATHER.  To fight this war, we are to stop using any fossil fuels including natural gas!  We are to protect the environment by living in Tiny Houses and not driving cars or heating our homes since we are supposedly roasting to death.  How on earth can the NYT which howls about it being too warm during blizzards due to ‘global warming’ turn around and accuse Putin of funding liberal left wing groups to stop burning fossil fuels???  This is beyond pots calling kettles black.  It is pure insanity.


The liberal movement is being destroyed by global warming and the desire to flood all liberal nations with aliens in the hopes these aliens will vote for liberals.  European Union squabbles over refugee quotas because now the rulers are worried that the masses will rise up in rage due to this scheme.  The right wing grows stronger and stronger as floods of aliens pour into Europe and the US.


Leftist liberal Democrats in the Senate are screaming for putting anyone in prison who ‘denies’ global warming.  Are they agents of Russia?  If so, arrest them!  They are ‘double agents’ after all.  Actually, all our Senators work for foreign powers with the #1 being Israel, after all.  Arrest them all, I say.

Ukrainian army and police handing out draft papers on a public bus in Zaporizhia , Ukraine –the women on the bus chastise the military recruiter while the men are silent.


‘Impeach Poroshenko!’ Massive anti-govt rally held in central Kiev this last week and zero news about it in the US.  The US and UK Bilderberg leaders desperately want Putin to be overthrown.  This is their entire reason for screwing around with world oil markets this last year.  Oops, it led to more chaos in the Middle East and is hurting places like Texas really hard.  Attempts at isolating Russia’s energy market and bankrupting the place has collapsed due to China and others wanting this energy.


Which is ridiculously funny since European and US liberal leaders are screaming about how using this energy is evil and we are all going to die if we use this energy!  Germany is going for ‘green’ energy big time and I bet Russia is being blamed for Germany’s liberals doing this to themselves.  But then, Germany’s industries are all consuming Russian gas and Putin has made it clear, this will end sooner rather than later due to Germany’s support of US missiles, troops and bombing of Russians on the borders of Russia.


Here is the top comment to the NYT story which the editors, all Bilderberg conspirators, think is the very best letter:


David San Francisco, Calif. 8 hours ago
Good relations between the West and Russia will have to wait until Putin has been deposed.

Putin was barred by the constitution from standing in presidential elections, having already served two consecutive terms as president.

He promptly disposed of that little constitutional issue by becoming president again in 2012.

Russia has no laws that are meaningful and consistently applied.

It spins so many lies despite self-evident truth to all with senses that words from the government are meaningless distractions.

No citizen there has security, rights or self-worth that can’t be taken away in a moments breath.

Putin makes it very easy to understand what lever is effectively being deployed by the West and what isn’t.

Sanctions are working and should be tightened. In addition, the West must strengthen and expand NATO. It must not allow the illegal expansion of Putin into sovereign territory.

Putin managed to put a constructive relationship with the world community back decades by returning his country to the Cold War.

He thinks the worst of people because he is the worst of people.


Yes, depose Putin!  This is the clarion call.  The US loves overthrowing elected governments.  We have this farce of ‘elections’ here which are totally rigged.  Bush/Clinton/Bush/that other guy/Clinton=tyranny. The NYT pushes hard for each of these characters all of whom are Bilderberg big shots.  Some ‘elections’ we have with billionaires dominating everything and the owners of the media secretly meeting overseas to conspire as to who they will put into office.



The Bilderberg schemes has led to this:  Russia will take part in multinational navy drills in disputed South China Sea as the Russia/China alliance gets stronger and stronger.  One of the top energy producing powers joined with next door neighbor, the world’s #1 manufacturing power means that Europe, dying due to destroying workers, eliminating citizen powers, flooded with aliens who are filled with hate and despair looking for looting opportunities, the liberals screaming that capitalism must die to save us all from roasting to death and drowning and polar bears are more important than people, we have rampant insanity raging with the US seeing race riots again, too.


China produces millions of educated people while the US struggles to reform its collapsing public education system which can’t teach the poor anything since no one wants to learn because education gets in the way of a criminal career…while the remaining students go to college to learn high school stuff and then is loaded down with huge debts they can never ever escape while discovering that this ‘education’ doesn’t create good jobs and any good jobs that exist see the bosses hiring foreign temporary workers to keep down wages anyways…and all of this is the fault of Putin?


HAHAHA.  Before Putin lifted a finger, the Bilderberg gang was systematically destroying our economy and wrecking education and flooding first world nations with aliens!  If he is encouraging them to do this then they should arrest themselves for being traitors!  After all, the policies they are now whining about are…THEIR POLICIES IN THE FIRST PLACE!


These rulers of ours have wrecked NASA and NOAA forcing both to lie about the simple weather.  They have passed energy taxes that hurt the poor badly and have hectored us about burning fossil fuels while their own CO2 footprint is bigger than Mt. Everest.  They are doing this, not us.  When we complain about all this hypocrisy, they hector us even more saying that we are ‘trolls’ for Russia or China or whatever.  Liberals in particular should be ashamed of being used like this by the very rich.  It is ridiculous and stupid and annoying and this is why I am attacking liberals: I am a real liberal and pissed as all hell that  liberals are being played for fools.


Oh, news from Russian reporters:  Probe Reveals Red Cross Raised $500M for Haiti but Built Only 6 Homes / Sputnik International.  Foreign workers were brought in and paid $100,000+ to save the poor there.  The big fund raisers used the money from bleeding heart people to raise their own wages and fly all over the place having fun in the sun.  They do this all the time.  Most ‘rescue’ money goes into the headquarters of the ‘charities’ and like the Clinton Charity Fund scam, the money is used as political tools and bribes, not saving any humans.

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14 responses to “US Pot Calling Putin Kettle Black: NYT Claims Russia Is Nasty Due To Copying Bilderberg Schemes

  1. melponeme_k

    The Red Cross…pfffft

    My grandfather (WWII vet) would spit fire whenever he heard The Red Cross mentioned in his presence. He called them a bunch of crooks. He and other soldiers had run-ins with them during the war. I believe they used to charge soldiers for blankets etc.

    I would NEVER donate to them.

  2. Nen

    The G7 tried in vain to isolate Russia, but as we have seen during the past few months this effort has been to no avail.

    The strategic alliance between Russia and China is stronger than ever. The cooperation within the BRICS format has also been strengthened. This developments will make Russia stronger in the long term, despite some pain in the short term.

  3. ziff

    OT wierdness, muslim vs muslim, does the desert make people crazy? Why no news coverage? why is Israel silent? Stranger still watch this.

  4. Jim R

    According to Russia expert Stephen F. Cohen, if they overthrow Putin, the next Russian leader is likely to be one of the ones who thinks Putin is too soft and squishy and needs to be tougher with the US and NATO.

    And is likely to have enthusiastic support from the Russian military.

  5. LOU

    melponeme_k My grandfather (WWII vet) would spit fire whenever he heard The Red Cross mentioned in his presence. He called them a bunch of crooks. He and other soldiers had run-ins with them during the war. I believe they used to charge soldiers for blankets etc.

    I recall how cigs were given free at Red Cross stations.
    WW2 killed less American GIs than did the cigs.

  6. Duski

    Here in Finland, I tend to think that free speech is dead. Not that I could not speak / write what I think of, but if I do, I run the risk of ruining my personal life.

    Whenever I talk politics, anything about Russia especially, I really feel like treading on thin ice. Propaganda is so thick and old hatreds so deep that people will react with their feelings of hate and assume all propaganda as true and anything countering it Putin-trolls or worse.

    So, penetrating this veil of propaganda that fits peoples old thinking patterns is basically impossible. I just try to inject some logic and make people think here and there, but directly opposing official truths will make anyone discussing with me think I’m some sort of looney. I can’t really tell anyone (except my wife, thank god) what I really think.

    And not that I think Russia is the “good guy”, no. But at least Putin seems to try to work for his peoples and nation.

  7. Seraphim

    @The Bilderberg gang is insane; Good relations between the West and Russia will have to wait until Putin has been deposed.

    Only insane people can put their whims above their own interests (not to speak about other people interests). There is no rationing with insane people. And their whims is to punish Russia, to inflict the greatest possible harm on her out of the same deeply seated hatred that pushed the same people who people the corridors of the Bildrebergs, CFR, Neo-Con/Trotskyst, AIPAC, to exact revenge against those despicable goys who hindered their plans of domination and plunder for centuries.

  8. Mewswithaview

    Treasury secretary Jack Lew booed at Jerusalem Post conference – –

  9. Being There

    Our Neo cons and liberals are trying to create a global system of the hard and soft power of military and finance to advance our hegemony only.
    That, my friends has nothing to do with the populous, only the oligarchs.
    The fact is that we are subjugating everyone of earth to austerity and low labor wages along with the end of the modern nation state. This creates big trade zones to feed the insatiable needs of infinite growth for big banks and global corporate monopolies.
    We are forcing the monoculture system of agriculture on the world which is sure to be a disaster since that’s not how nature worked so successfully to support life through millions of years of fluctuations.
    I don’t agree that this is just a Jewish power grab, I think the jews get used to create the system by which this can be accomplished for those oligarchs who wanted to grab back everything FDR set up to protect the interests of the people and build the greatest middle class in history.
    In the meantime, thanks to the cold war, Americans have been softened for any anti Russian propaganda any time our leadership needs to pull that rabbit out of the hat.
    I said on FB today that we can’t hold on to power when we’ve hollowed ourselves out on our own economic system…….

  10. LOU

    Online rumor is the future for us [Leonas Little People] is to be chipped, BUT the chip will be edible.
    Just saw that a few minutes ago.


  11. Jim R

    It’s good to know the chip will be edible. I hope it’s free of GMOs. 🙂

  12. Gurrker

    An excellent analysis of current geopolitics which may help illuminate the current demonization of Russia (and China):

  13. Seraphim

    @I don’t agree that this is just a Jewish power grab

    Why? When their fingers are demonstrably in every pie. You may say that is not a power grab anymore, because they grabbed all the power already, plus the money, MSM.

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