Super Rich Tom Hanks Has Drug Addict Rapper Son Wrecking Everything

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Above is the picture of a child of a famous rich film star.  Tom Hank’s son is doing gangsta hand signs and sneering at the camera pretending to be a rough tough cream puff.  He is an adult, not a teenager.  He wants to be a famous black rap artist gobbling about doing drugs in the hood.  I assume his relationship with the hood and the thugs there is via purchasing drugs from them.  He just got out of rehab which his desperate father probably paid in hopes of changing his changling child.


Tom Hanks’ son Chester hunted by police after ‘smashing up hotel room’  | Daily Mail Online


Hanks had been making an appearance at a nearby nightclub where he was spotted drinking champagne and vodka in the VIP area.  A source told The Mirror: ‘He was pretty obnoxious once he started drinking at the club. He kept saying “do you know who I am?”‘


The source claims Hanks then went back to his hotel with a British actor friend and three female promoters, where he was sick in the car park.


‘He asked the girls if they would join him in the bed, but they are not like that,’ said the source. ‘So he started screaming and making a right noise.


‘He saw some sprinkled make-up and started asking ‘who’s got the coke?’ But nobody did drugs there.’


Some people would imagine that genetics has caused the inner city black community to become the mess it is today.  Understanding how culture creates social systems is highly important.  All genetic types have had various cultures.  For example, the Viking culture which was very violent and exploitive, was created by Nordic types who today are quite passive and soft not even slightly resembling the previous culture.


The Victorian middle class culture created during the Industrial Age is breaking down across the planet.  The middle class believed in hard work, making huge sacrifices so one’s children could prosper later, building things, tending things, making things better, the home as a shrine to domestic order, men supporting women so they can tend these new homes that aren’t huts or shacks or Tiny Homes: this was the New Order of things.


In Europe, working middle class people fought for labor rights and more power and better homes and then periodically, every 40 years or so, they would be swept into massive wars which increasingly were fought in the cities where production was greatest wrecking the middle class homes and annihilating the families living there.


An overall streak of pessimism has been created due to this.  Why fix up a beautiful home if some small event blows up literally and destroys much of the city including your little home sweet home?  Why have families when no one cares if you are dead or alive?  Why plan for the future when the future means even worse city-destroying weapons will annihilate you?


This culture of nihilism is very powerful.  Right now, in the West, our young people have been told that we will now all roast to death, the cities will be underwater soon and life will be hell and they should all go deep into debt in school to avoid all this by not consuming anything and moving into Tiny Houses and small shacks and mud huts and humanity will be saved if only you don’t do what the middle class tried to do since 1800.


In the black community which now occupies much of our dead former industrial giant cities, they see nothing but destruction of the middle class homes everywhere they look.  Middle class blacks cannot fix up their homes since they will be destroyed in the future, a 100% chance of that at this point of deindustrialization.


Deindustrialization is celebrated by the ‘green’ people who want to see everyone revert back to Viking days thinking the world would be less violent…which is hilarious. The one thing that would cause the Norse people to switch culture rapidly would be a collapse of modern society, after all.  They would revert to Viking activity again or die off.


Hank’s son, raised in greatest wealth and power at the top of life’s pyramid, has chosen to behave as if he grew up deprived.  The ability to behave like a homeless person is very high in the top of society because the children of the very rich believe not in hard work, thrift, careful use of resources, etc. instead like the very lowest classes who don’t give a hoot about all that, they live a life of careless abuse of themselves and everything around themselves.


Smashing stuff is a rich/poor indulgence.  The traditional working class/middle class is all about not breaking stuff, not smashing things, not burning down cities, etc.  They know the overhead cost of destruction very well since they are the ones who have to fix everything afterwards.


Children who have servants cleaning up after them don’t care if their actions make for tons of work.  Children raised to clean house and be careful about breaking something and being forced to pay for fixing things they break will grow up not smashing things for fun.  If they do this in college, they look back in shame on doing stupid things like that and are vigilant about their own children doing this, too.


I had an amusing conversation in my small village with a young man who isn’t in prison but kept clean and works with his dad in a small business.  He told me about when he and his friends decided to smash some of the windows of the town’s trucks at the garage.  They were caught.


His father not only took him to court but when the fines had to be paid and the windows fixed, he made his son work for others to earn the money for this.  The four other boys didn’t do any of this and laughed it all off.  Three of them are now in prison.


White boys can be just like black boys in this regard.  When the parents don’t enforce middle class rules on them, they often end up in serious legal trouble due to no belief in protecting homes, being civilized, etc.  Uncivilized rich and uncivilized poor come in all skin colors.  The obvious thing to look at is Asia: Asians have had ‘declining’ cultures in the past that led to them falling far behind Europe, for example.


But then they changed direction often quite suddenly and even violently and become totally different.  Asians overall do better in school than all other ethnic groups today. Are they genetically superior?


No, they are CULTURALLY superior!  I call this site ‘Culture of Life News’ because all things are bound together by culture.  If we teach our children that being loud, violent, destructive, confrontational, rude, etc. is good then we get a society that is a series of smash/grab/slash chaos.  Everyone at the top of the entertainment pyramid made fun of middle class hard work, behave yourself, don’t start fights, etc. culture and so we get the present mess that is destroying our country with both the very top of the pyramid seeing social collapse as the bottom.


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17 responses to “Super Rich Tom Hanks Has Drug Addict Rapper Son Wrecking Everything

  1. Gurrker

    Barbarians are the bane of civilization. I believe history is quite clear on this. Every individual human ever born was born a barbarian and, without the efforts of those here before them, will continue to be a barbarian into adulthood. The civilizing of these new arrivals is the function of culture. One of the great lies of our times is that all cultures are equal and deserve equal respect. This is pure horseshit and allowing barbaric subcultures any undeserved status serves the best interests of nobody. It is even worse when such a culture is glorified! Boy oh boy has this country lost its way. I will openly admit that while I am not a racial bigot (skin color, eye type, hair etc.) I most certainly am a cultural bigot. Those who glorify barbaric cultures are to be disrespected if not outright despised.

  2. melponeme_k

    The indolent child culture only got started around the 50’s/60’s after WWII. Before that, children were expected to be little adults and do actual work around the house. My grandparents and great-grandmother helped my mom raise me. So I had a lot of the old lessons pounded into me.

    As a teen, it was so popular for kids to have parties while their parents were away. It got so bad some family friends refused to take vacations because they were afraid their houses would burn down. To trash your own home, on purpose, and leave the mess to be cleaned by your parents was beyond my comprehension. I always knew the house wasn’t mine and I had no right to abuse it.

    Where can we trace it? Back to films and TV shows showing kids having huge parties. Monkey see Monkey do.

    This past winter I was amazed at the lack of children wanting to make an extra few bucks shoveling snow. A few years back, there would kids of all kinds offering to shovel…even adults! But now, no one. If I were younger, I think I would go walk around and offer to shovel for a 20. Luckily my neighbors helped me out with shoveling and I would shovel their sidewalk if they were away.

  3. melponeme_k

    Speaking of failed cultures.

    Woman from India travels the US and potentially infects citizens with incurable TB.

    Didn’t they used to screen for this disease?

  4. Elaine Supkis

    Once upon a time when I went to school in Europe, we had to have chest x-ray proof of no TB. Now, we let in people with ebola.

  5. Petruchio

    ” Asians overall do better in school than all other ethnic groups today. Are they genetically superior?” Well, it isn’t all cultural Superiority to explain things such as academic performance. That certainly IS a important factor. But here’s one I would argue is at least EQUALLY important: numbers. If you take a country like China, with a population of 1.5 Billion people and compare it to a country such as the United States with a population of 360 million, China has a built in advantage. China, by population, has nearly a 4 to 1 people advantage over the USA. What does this mean? It means, just by numbers ALONE, you are going to have more Chinese students who excel at science, who excel at math, who excel at being musicians, etc. This numerical advantage is also a huge advantage in most any form of war. I believe it isn’t all cultural. The pure brute force of numbers can carry the day as well–or at least be a huge factor.

  6. Elaine Supkis

    Correct. The US has a population boom…in poor children in the cities or aliens. This could be used as cannon fodder except they are difficult to order around or handle.

    The Chinese have been a great power for much of the last 5,000 years. Will be in the future.

  7. Pontiff Holysh*t

    The breakout of Rock and Roll coincided almost to the day with the first successful Soviet H Bomb test. I am not sure that was entirely a coincidence. Incidentally, several rock stars were CIA brats. Think about it: the young were told these weapons would make them safe, instead they find out they are all likely going to die instead. The natural reaction would be to party like there is no tomorrow.

    When Rock and Roll first hit, religious conservatives warned everyone one that this is bad news: this will corrupt the youth. In the cold light of day, they may have been right. And believe me, nothing is more irritating for me to admit than religious conservatives are right about anything, let alone Rock and Roll.

    It is true there were the roaring 20s previously, but that it what it was, mainly. People in their 20s partying, or at least relatively young adults. It wasn’t a widespread youth movement.

    In other news, I had a dream last night that I was being seduced by two beautiful harlots, but they turned out to actually be demons and I could see their true form. It was very annoying because at first I thought I was getting laid, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  8. LOU

    ‘The Victorian middle class culture created during the Industrial Age is breaking down across the planet. The middle class believed in hard work, making huge sacrifices so one’s children could prosper later, building things, tending things, making things better, the home as a shrine to domestic order, men supporting women so they can tend these new homes that aren’t huts or shacks or Tiny Homes: this was the New Order of things.’

    It is racial. Blacks didnt ‘believe in work, family, and offered scant STEM contributions’.
    Elaine, there is a term for Mr Hanks, it is ‘Wigger’. A White ‘nigger wanna be.’

  9. Elaine Supkis

    The ‘white trash’ is no different.

    It is all about class and culture.

  10. Christian W

    Lou, the rot in the Black community is a symptom, not a cause. If anything the rot in the Western culture started with the dominance of the White American culture after it went as global as it could post WWII. Baywatch boob TV, Gangsta music (or MTV if you want), Kim Kardasians butt, Hollywood, McDonalds and Coca Cola. Oh joy.

    I was talking with a Quantum physicist who said that there really hasn’t been any new development in physics since the pre WWII era. If you think about it you can see that WWII destroyed the Old School European centres of learning in Germany and surrounding countries. A couple of generations of talented men and women were lost and with them the next generation of top physicists and scientists. There have been no new Einsteins, Schrödingers, Bohrs and so on.

    The US “imported” a lot of the top European scientists which kept things going for a few decades, but the real, fertile European scientific culture was never fully recovered. A mighty, ancient oak was destroyed. The cultural switch of Jewish scientific and cultural geniuses for Jewish Zionist financial madmen was a bad deal, no doubt about it.

  11. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, the Jewish culture in Germany and other central European states before WWI and WWII was focused mainly on science and the arts…great composers like Mahler, for example, flourished there…and it petered out once Israel was founded.

    It is now consumed with lust for the Holy Land that has turned Jews into Nazis. And like the previous incarnation under Hitler, Naziism makes people stupider and stupider since it is easier to not think of anything and instead steal stuff.

    This has degraded the Jewish community very badly over time and will eventually destroy it intellectually. This is why the royals of Europe were nearly always VERY DUMB, too.

    Being allowed to make the rules, do as one pleases and steal stuff or kill people at whim always dumbs down people. The Jews came out of the cruel ghettoes smarter than people surrounding them because they had to keep their wits to stay alive sort of like the Palestinians are becoming under the ghetto abuse of the Jews in Israel.

    In 200 years the Palestinians will be the smartest people on earth! And I am not joking, this is how evolution works.

  12. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @# 10

    I am not entirely the inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would entirely concur with the assessment presented in your last line, at least in so far as Jewish scientific geniuses are concerned.

  13. Christian W

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a result of exactly the perversions leading up to WWII I was talking about. Einstein, who had already fled Nazi Germany and was living in the US, wrote to Roosevelt to warn him of the new theoretical possibility of atomic super bombs. The chain reaction towards atomic warfare was already under way.

    The following generations of top scientists have been in the service of the MIC and CIA and their likes, across the globe, ever since.

  14. Seraphim

    @The civilizing of these new arrivals is the function of culture

    It cannot be said better. You have to use the words in their proper and accepted sense:

    “Cultura” was the Latin term for the care of the soil and for the attention given to the spirit. The action of cultivating the soil=agricultura, the sum of knowledge acquired by an individual.
    “Cultura” itself comes from the verb colo, colere, colui, cultum: cultivate, grow, care for, but also dwell, inhabit. Wherefrom colonus, colonia.

    Now, for the spiritual meaning: “cultura animi philosophia est” (Cicero). It has another important derivative “cultum”, cult (religious).

    The Greek equivalent was “Paideia”, the rearing and education of the ideal member of the polis, through schooling (study of sciences and laws), practice of arts and sports. Where from Pedagogy=Paidagogia.

    Therefore “cultura” was the rearing of the responsible citizen (civis), member of the Polis/Civitas=City. Civilization is the ensemble of learned “civil” and “polite” behaviour. Through Education, derived also from the Latin ēducātiō (“A breeding, a bringing up, a rearing”) from ēdūcō (“I educate, I train”) which is related to the homonym ēdūcō (“I lead forth, I take out; I raise up, I erect”) from ē- (“from, out of”) and dūcō (“I lead, I conduct”).

  15. Elaine Supkis

    The element that destroyed ‘education’ and ‘culture’ and ‘politics’ in the ancient empires was slavery.

    Slavery means the elites don’t have to lift literally a finger to do anything including reading, writing and arithmetic. This leads to internal rot very fast.

    Note how the upper class children, despite hard pushing by parents, if they are spoiled rotten will end up like Tom Hank’s child. Aping ghetto stupidity.

  16. Jim R

    This is the reason the very top echelon of elites send their kids to seemingly cruel, “outward bound” style boarding schools, where children sleep in the cold and are forced to make their own beds, hike through the mountains, carry their own food and supplies, etc.

  17. Petruchio

    “Slavery means the elites don’t have to lift literally a finger to do anything including reading, writing and arithmetic. This leads to internal rot very fast. ” Let’s also include the extreme favoritism that exists among the elites. Take George W. Bush for example. He went to THE most elite prep schools, got a degree from Yale AND a (honorary) MBA from Harvard, I’m wagering all of you that, during that whole time, “Dubaya” rarely cracked a book. I’m not including Mad magazine and Playboy as “books”, Bush’s main reading materials. Bill Clinton? Likewise. Clinton is no simpleton like Bush Jr., but in ANY political system that isn’t rigged, Clinton wouldn’t get elected/appointed dog catcher. Like Al Gore, the Clintons, and the Bushes, these guys would be in jail in any honest system of justice.. They say the “cream rises to the top”. So does scum, which is what inhabits the US political system.

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