Liberals Cannot Admit That Black Families Are Collapsing

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The New York Times has yet another article about a ‘study’ by professors that jump to ridiculous conclusions based on biased data crunching.  They do this with weather data and sociological data.  In today’s case, the professors claim that ‘Democratic voting’ states have better marriage rates than ‘Republican voting’ states which is a falsehood ignored by the NYT reporter.  Instead, comments at this story are almost all Democrats patting themselves on the back making fun of Republicans who want more marriages.  This is why I have been increasingly angry with liberals who refuse to understand why parts of the US are disintegrating.  It is an economic disintegration as well as cultural.


The North-South Divide on Two-Parent Families –


The new geographic analysis comes from W. Bradford Wilcox, a University of Virginia sociologist, and Nicholas Zill, a psychologist. They did the analysis, they said, after reading recent Upshot articles on upward mobility and marriage — and realizing that the geography of American family was somewhat different from the conventional wisdom.


That conventional wisdom stems from the fact that politically conservative states, for all their emphasis on family values, have long had high divorce rates. In the Northeast, California and Illinois, divorce is notably low. As a result, some researchers have argued that families in blue states are more stable than families in red states.

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And here are the famous ‘red and blue’ state maps which were NOT updated after the last election which saw a Republican sweep of much of the nation.  Back in 2008, there were more ‘blue’ states than today.  Now, the Senate is very much ‘red’ not blue.  Liberalism is in retreat, not growing.  Even using the Obama election maps which hides this switch to ‘red’ we see that  the bulk of the ‘more marriage’ states are either mixed Republican/Democratic or are very red indeed.


The true problem was uncovered many years ago by a New York Senator, Moynihan in his famous The Negro Family: The Case For National Action report which liberals savaged and mocked but since  then Moynihan’s fears were confirmed by events.  The things he pointed out are now glaringly obvious and nearly impossible to talk about because anyone mentioning any of this is attacked as a racist while racists refuse to understand why this is happening, too.


Moynihan argued that the rise in single-mother families was not due to a lack of jobs but rather to a destructive vein in ghetto culture that could be traced back to slavery and Jim Crow discrimination. Though black sociologist E. Franklin Frazier had already introduced the idea in the 1930s, Moynihan’s argument defied conventional social-science wisdom. As he wrote later, “The work began in the most orthodox setting, the U.S. Department of Labor, to establish at some level of statistical conciseness what ‘everyone knew’: that economic conditions determine social conditions. Whereupon, it turned out that what everyone knew was evidently not so.”


Back when Moynihan wrote his report which was suppressed, the out of wedlock birth rate of black children was only 24%.  Now it is rapidly approaching 80% which is a catastrophe for black children.  Since marriage rates have collapsed in most black communities, this is where children are mainly growing up with no real good contact with fathers. Ignoring this information means the sociologists who wrote this latest ‘study’ could talk about how stupid ‘conservatives’ are who emphasize marriage because ‘conservative’ states have high children out of wedlock situations.


Instead of examining dire the situation in black communities which nearly uniformly vote for the Democrats not the conservative Republicans we have yet another snide attack on conservatives demanding more marriages!


The states with the highest rates of marriage are in the upper midwest, the German/Scottish white ethnic states which vote increasingly Republican. Ditto Utah and Idaho, both voting conservative and both very religious.


States with high black/Hispanic populations are doing poorly and many of these have alarmed voters who have secure families voting for more marriage, not less marriage. That is, they vote GOP out of desperation seeing the ravages of policies encouraging the collapse of families in minority populations.


There is a crisis across the board. In the northern Plains states with the highest children with both parents rates are still barely at 50%. This is terrible. No cause for celebration.  The New York Times previously last month published these maps and this story:

Screen shot 2015-06-11 at 6.37.43 AM

How Your Hometown Affects Your Chances of Marriage –


 The most striking geographical pattern on marriage, as with so many other issues today, is the partisan divide. Spending childhood nearly anywhere in blue America — especially liberal bastions like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington — makes people about 10 percentage points less likely to marry relative to the rest of the country. And no place encourages marriage quite like the conservative Mountain West, especially the heavily Mormon areas of Utah, southern Idaho and parts of Colorado.
The places that discourage marriage most tend to be cities, including San Francisco, Philadelphia and New Orleans, as well as their surrounding areas. Nationwide, the jurisdiction with the single largest marriage-discouraging effect is Washington. But the New York area stands out even more. If we boiled down the list to only the country’s 50 largest counties, the top five in discouraging marriage would all be in the New York area.


One of the most striking relationships we found in the data was between political ideology and the marriage effect: The more strongly a county voted Republican in the 2012 election, the more that growing up there generally encourages marriage.


It clearly shows that in the Southern States marriage is still quite strong…in middle to upper income families.  These are mainly white families, something the NYT doesn’t mention just like the NYT didn’t mention black population statistics in the other story today.  Back to the Wikipedia article about Moynihan’s prescient study:


From the time of its publication, the report has been sharply attacked by Black-American and civil rights leaders as examples of white patronizing, cultural bias, or even racism. The report has, at various times, been condemned or dismissed by the N.A.A.C.P.Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. Among the complaints lodged at the “Moynihan Report” are the stereotyping of the black family and black men, inferences of inferior academic performance by Black-Americans, portrayals of endemic crime and “pathology” in the black community, and a failure to recognize both cultural bias and racism in standardized tests.[9] The report was criticized for threatening to undermine the place of civil rights on the national agenda, leaving “a vacuum that could be filled with a politics that blamed blacks for their own troubles.”[10]


Black leaders attack anyone and everyone who points out that black lives do not matter even slightly to blacks, they hate each other more than anyone hates themselves.  This internal self-hate is astonishing to see.  Belligerent and angry, chip on the shoulder, arrogance and fury eats away at the black community and this chaos is deadly.  They are killing themselves at an astonishing rate and the present campaign to stop the policing of black communities is not making life better, wherever it succeeds such as Baltimore, New York City, Chicago, etc. there is a huge rise in black on black crime.


Black leaders want to blame white people for this mess.  The NYT article about marriage in the liberal left cities shows that far from being strong, is weak.  And furthermore, the low marriage rates in places like New Orleans, NYC, Los Angeles, etc. is due to the influx of gay and transgender people who flee the hinterlands due to religious persecution as right wingers hate women’s rights, gay rights, etc.


The GOP’s campaign to remove civil rights won’t fix this marriage problem which is economic in nature as middle class jobs vanish marriage is harder and yes, children do suffer during divorces but the remarriage rate is still high for middle and upperclass families whereas in the welfare/jobless community, there is zero reason to be married and very much one is punished for being married due to child welfare laws.


When I was poor but married way back in 1974, my welfare neighbors made fun of me.  They all lived in bigger apartments (mine was one and a half rooms for family of three) and had more money for food and didn’t have to find work to pay for things whereas I scrambled to make money while caring for a baby.  But as I moved up the economic ladder, they then complained that this was unfair and not due to working very hard.


The culture of hard work, being careful, protecting property even or especially if it is the landlord’s property (I became a super very quickly back then due to this, one landlord offered me an apartment for free that was double the size of the previous landlord due to my diligence) and this ability to move up the ladder works only if one is working hard and believes in working hard.  We see entire countries collapse when the population wants to retire at age 50 and work short hours before then and are not diligent.


Then there is free trade which has punished severely anyone in the blue collar and now white collar workforce who want to work hard and want these jobs and want to be married.  They are the ones being thrown on the fire to die!  They vote first Democratic and then Republican in a fading hope that someone will stop this ridiculous free trade catastrophe.


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13 responses to “Liberals Cannot Admit That Black Families Are Collapsing

  1. LOU

    Germany has done well, yes?

    ‘We see entire countries collapse when the population wants to retire at age 50 and work short hours before then and are not diligent.’

    If you mean Greece, 1 in 5? works for the government.

  2. LOU

    as seen at SBPDL,

    I was an AFDC Social Worker.
    There were two races of welfare recipients in San Francisco in those days.

    I never saw a single chinese, Japanese or Korean welfare recipient. The Chinese were at that time the poorest ethnic group but they were not on welfare. I knew most of the other Social Workers – they didn’t have any Chinese either.

    Then there were the whites. There weren’t many of these . They were grateful for the public aid. They said they had more than enough money and they thanked me.

    and there were the blacks. They were bitter and resentful. They were always complaining about money. One common tactic was to hold their baby out the window and threaten to drop it if they weren’t given more money.

    Based on that experience, I oppose all forms of cash public assistance, food stamps, subsidized housing and subsidized medical care.

  3. CK

    Malcolm, Elijah and Louis held different views; views antithetical to the gimmedats and the dindunuffins. Two dead, one marginalized three correct.
    It’s hard out there for a non-pimp.

  4. Narciso Lopez

    “They vote first Democratic and then Republican in a fading hope that someone will stop this ridiculous free trade catastrophe.” —Elaine

    Trade is not a bad thing but what is called “free trade” is basically a corporate dream where they have zero responsibilities to pay taxes, adequate wages, or follow laws that in any way inconvenience them.

    Free trade is really about destroying the power of national governments to regulate for the benefit of the general population. Trade has very little to do with it and right now its basically just wage arbitration due to almost no workforce in the world being powerful enough to demand an increase of wages.

    What we have is the chickens coming home to roost. We’ve been engaging in this behavior overseas where we help murder labor union leaders, prop up dictators and other tyrants, and basically help Corporations evade any type of social responsibility to the “host” nation.

    Corporations and the Rich are basically the only people that mattered overseas and the same thing is boomerang right back home. Its impossible to have an overseas empire without it destroying the core because the elite always lust for more and with time the domestic economy is destroyed due to the tribute of foreign peoples destroying the work ethic.

    The decline of our industries is clearly just a product of our empire being hollowed out due to the tribute displacing domestic production. Its impossible to compete with such desperately poor people when technology basically provides them with more or less equivalent production capacity.

    Any poor nation that invest in infrastructure and basic improvements in worker training can easily undercut American and European production that requires minimal “skills” or does not require a complicated manufacturing processes that can only be done with highly skilled labor.

    Germany has remained a manufacturing power due to their focus on highly skilled engineering products that cannot be easily replicated in a short time period. It will take decades for China to takeover those “niche” manufacturing sectors. China has an advantage that Russia and South Korea have a positive view of the country and both offer a natural trade and technological partnerships that bolster that country. China clearly respects the Russians and South Koreans and over time those two will natural gravitate toward them since the disdain that we and the Europeans offer cannot compete.

    Lots of Americans are delusional when it comes to the South Koreans and Russians. The South Koreans hate the Japanese for being arrogant and their predatory behavior (Japanese have repeatedly invaded) while China was always a consistent power that only required a minimally invasive acknowledgement of China as the “Middle kingdom.”

    China clearly has trouble with the idea of any type of dependency on other nations but over time you can see how they are realizing that economic prosperity implies a reliance on “reliable” and most importantly “independent” foreign nations. The US threatening them with a naval blockade and the attempt to instigate aggressive behavior from China’s smaller neighbors is basically helping them overcome their past dislike of Russia.

    Russia has clearly woken up to the score that the early soviets had an accurate view of its “western partners” as shameless looters that had nothing but ill will towards the Russian nation. Not sure why everyone wants to plunder the Russians since they clearly are quite willing to trade for goods that their northern location denies them.

    China clearly is seeing how the Russian are being treated and understand that if they fall they are next since pretty much they are the two big boys standing in the way of the “Western Powers” complete domination of the planet.

    Trade or the lack of it what destroyed the Soviet Union. Nations naturally want to trade for goods that they cannot readily acquire domestically (no nations is really self-sufficient) and the Soviets only offered an ideology and minimal economic help but could not offer a trade partnership since they were into being dependent on no one for anything.

    The US dominates the planet because we vacuum up goods and historically was the only hope nations had for trade. China seems to be learning the lesson that Trade is the only hope of gaining friendships that can prevent the US from isolating them. The problem is that they are into mercantilism and this creates friction with foreign nations that have zero hope of having balanced trade relationships.

    Nations have to strive for balanced trade because negative or positive account balances are destructive to nations since it leads to bankruptcy that wipes out trade relationships. The problem is that Mercantilism is basically about screwing over your neighbors to gain economic advantages that require that sooner or later an invasion to “collect” on debt that cannot be paid since those nations are prevented from earning the cash through balanced trade.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    We are the center of world trade due to running epic, gigantic, worst in the world’s trade deficits.

    EVERYONE wants this trade deal with us! And they have it! All trade treaties make our trade deficit worse, not better. Our media almost never mentions the trade deficits anymore.

    This next election will be about cops arresting black people, sex, school loans, warm weather being evil or any sort of assorted things but NOT about this trade deficit.

    I bet it will barely be mentioned.

  6. Christian W

    (#6): We are the center of world trade due to running epic, gigantic, worst in the world’s trade deficits.

    EVERYONE wants this trade deal with us! And they have it! All trade treaties make our trade deficit worse, not better. Our media almost never mentions the trade deficits anymore.

    It’s the curse of Bretton Woods.

  7. Christian W

    @Narciso Lopez

    Very nice post summing up the dynamics behind the current situation.

    The US is combating the Chinese mercantilism with their military operations, hybrid warfare and overthrowing foreign governments/ coups. What use is Chinese trade deals if some dictator takes over the joint and rips everything to shreds Ukraine style?

    And of course the US has agents working day and night to undermine the Chinese landbased systems and trade routes as well. It will be fascinating to follow how Russia and China counter the US destabilizing operations in Central Asia and Caucasia etc.

  8. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, destroying everything wherever the Chinese and Russians build works…and creates WWIII in the process.

  9. Looking at the NYT rich marriage / poor marriage map, I see that it is not just the influx of gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc. due to religious persecution that makes rich people less likely to marry by age 26. There is also the high cost of living, and the tendency of people to stay in college longer (to get Masters’ and PHD degrees) has a more common effect to discourage early marriage. Explains why South Florida is in the same late-marriage or no-marriage for wealthier people stratum as the Left Coast, the Northeast, Chicago, Minneapolis, Santa Fe and New Orleans.

    Now the Black Belt in the South? That’s a different story altogether.

  10. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, that map is meaningless.

  11. LOU

    Blacks are 13% of USA population and often do not marry.

  12. LOU, that’s because the males often end up dead or in prison. When will the gangstas (=criminal elements) ‘get it’ that Black Lives Matter? ;^)

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