Democratic Leader Demands That Police Back Down Are Working…Raising The Murder Rate In Black Cities

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Baltimore Homicides the past three months.  All but 5 murders are black victims with a dozen classified as ‘not known’.


The black murder rate per person is tremendously higher than the white murder rate in America.  Recent protests against police coupled with frightened mayors and governors punishing the police with increasing harshness has led to a surge in blacks murdering each other and anyone in their vicinity.  This mess can’t be easily fixed for several reasons.  One is the disconnect between suburban/rural gun crimes from inner city crimes in general.  Most suburban/rural gun crimes are people killing family or neighbors over domestic disputes and divorces.  Most of the victims of this are women and sometimes sadly, children.  But the drive by shootings, the drug shootings and revenge shootings are city events for the most part.


The above map shows recent shooting victim locations in Baltimore.  When I read the main media outfits they make it sound like only a small corner of Baltimore is seeing this surge in murder after the riots and the arrest of four cops, two of whom are black.  The police have basically ceased confronting thugs who now know they can do as they please and they want to shoot guns, not suddenly become productive citizens.


We can see clearly that the murders are all over Baltimore at this point, not just one tiny corner.  Many are south of Druid Hill Park but this is no comfort to victims all over the city.  The map below shows all the dead white people, we don’t know who killed them, just that there are still white people in Baltimore and they are also dying but in far fewer numbers.  Only one is in the district south of Druid Hill Park.

Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 10.19.04 AM


Generally speaking, most whites going into the inner cities to buy drugs are not killed simply because they are the customers keeping the flow of loot into the hoods.  Drug dealers and thugs have been celebrating the end of policing in Baltimore because business in now flourishing and no one is going to be arrested and if you fight the police or resist arrest or run from the cops, you most likely will succeed because the cops no longer have any mandate to be forceful at all.


As I watch how this evolves I am not surprised, the entire reason I began street patrols in NYC way back in 1977 was due to the near total loss of policing there as liberals decided that black people should be excused for being criminal because of racism.  Our neighborhood rapidly descended into hell particularly after the black out riots that burned down a huge hunk.


The liberals at the New York Times are shocked that shootings are shooting up in Baltimore and are now making excuses for this and even pretends that these murders are confined to the sites where rioting happened and are not bursting out everywhere in Baltimore:  West Baltimore’s Police Presence Drops, and Murders Soar –


 Officials from the western Baltimore neighborhoods hardest hit by the spate of murders — including City Councilman Nick J. Mosby, who is married to Ms. Mosby, the state’s attorney — say commanders have also doubled the number of officers per cruiser for safety reasons.


“The visibility has significantly decreased,” Mr. Mosby said. While many people in his district want a larger police presence, he added, “you talk to others and they don’t even want to see a police officer.”


So…the husband of the woman who charged four cops with murder notices the after effects of her activities!  Namely, cops double up, are far less visible and not at all proactive…and many of the people in this part of town don’t EVEN want any patrols at all!  DUH.  They want none because they are thugs, criminals, crooks and robbers!  Any criminals around the nation seeking safe hunting grounds will gravitate to this neighborhood now.


West Baltimore still can’t top Camden New Jersey which has the highest crime rate in America.  The city is very poor, only 3 kids passed the SAT tests for college last year.  It is the drug dealing headquarters for Philadelphia which is across the river.


Across America gun violence and murders are up this year in what many see as the first alarming sign that a 20-year trend of declining crime is being reversed:  The number of murders has surged by 103% in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and 59% in Houston, Texas..


In New York murders have risen by 20%. In St Louis shootings are up 39%, robberies 43% and killings 25%. Last year 57 police officers were murdered, up from 27 in 2013.


The sudden rise in murders is directly due to the anti-police news coupled with black riots.  This has spooked the police and police being killed has doubled.  This war between the police and people resisting arrest in various ways will continue and worsen.  The desire to have safety while having police be very cautious is impossible so the police go into default mode which is to ignore 90% of what is going on and to confine their activities to protecting ‘safe’ neighborhoods.


I remember vividly arguing at meetings with the mayor of New York City about all this way back in the 1970’s.  It got so bad, I even made an offer to walk the beat with cops when they came to my neighborhood!  As their escort!  Getting proactive policing was like pulling teeth and we desperately needed this.  The thug community hated my guts.  To this day, the left accuses renovators of being ‘gentry’ and ‘driving out the poor’ when fixing up dying housing.


They neglect the fact that most poor people abuse property.  They break everything, throw trash everywhere and kick in doors, punch walls, shatter windows.  I was a super in a slum.  One guy, for example, came home drunk and couldn’t find his key so he completely destroyed the front door of the building before I could stop him, getting in!  Thought nothing of doing this, the landlord had to fix it, not him.


This attitude leads to rapid deterioration of housing for the poor.  Build something new, they wreck it within a decade.  Keeping public housing units habitable costs much more per square foot than middle class housing due to vandalism and carelessness.

“We emulated the guys who were best in pool, best in Ping-Pong, best in basketball,” said George Butler, 40, sitting in his barbershop near the scene of the worst rioting and looting in April. “And that counteracted the other guys we looked up to” — drug dealers.


Mr. Butler went to prison a decade ago for distributing heroin with a feared drug organization. But he wants the police back on the job.


Police assertiveness “is a gift and a curse,” Mr. Butler added. “To some extent, it keeps the violence down. But when they become overaggressive or abusive or combative to the citizens, then it causes them to be in an uproar.”


He is a retired drug dealer and now wants some cops but not too many to interfere with other drug dealers doing business.  I would suggest that the war on drugs end, have said this since day one.  The war on drugs makes the profit margins sky high.  To make it less lucrative means handing out drugs to people who want to be drugged all the time.  Availability isn’t a problem, it is ridiculously easy to find illegal drugs.


According to the government of Baltimore, drug prices have dropped recently due to the looting of pharmacies by thuggish drug dealers.  So competition is soaring and shootings over territory of prime street corners is going up.

Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 10.17.43 AM

Here is a video from Chicago, a city seeing similar rises in crime and drops in policing:  The youths here are illegally running in the middle of a major street and there is no traffic because drivers backed off and waited for this pretend gun battle to end:

Everything they are doing in this video is highly illegal.  And for good reason.  The danger is real, too.  Shooting fireworks at each other’s faces can lead to blindness and other tragic events including starting fires.  The thing here is, these teens were practicing shooting at each other and this cannot be taken lightly.  It is basically mayhem in the middle of the street in the middle of a major city.


Black America Rages as Murder Rate Soars |Sunday Times London


 Back on Chicago’s South Side, Lorraine Banks, 53, a city bus driver, said she did not blame the police for backing away. “They can’t do their job no more. Every day they know it could be their last and now they’re being demonised just for doing that job.”
She laughed when told by The Sunday Times that the only police officer encountered within the few blocks around St Sabina had been dozing in his Land Cruiser, parked on a quiet side street. “If I was him, that’s what I’d be doing,” she said. “They’re clocking on and clocking off right now so they can go back home to their families.”…
One posting on a St Louis forum used by police officers stated: “I’ll continue to do my job, but that is all. I refuse to be a punching bag for the public and the press. Why should I do anything other than the bare minimum?”…“If I make even the slightest mistake my career, my savings . . . and even my freedom are in jeopardy.”


In the first two weeks of last month arrests by Baltimore police were down 57% on 2014. There were 42 murders, making it the deadliest month in the city since 1972, when its population was nearly twice the present size. During the protests over Gray’s death there was widespread looting and rioting.


The solution offered by liberals is to disarm the police even though they are still punished if someone is hurt due to other circumstances.  Do Britain’s gunless bobbies provide answers for America’s police? – The Washington Post asks.  The claim is the bobbies don’t kill anyone and this is a miracle and better than in the US.  Of course, this is true but does it mean England has less crime?  The answer is NO.  Basically, the police are doing what the cops in Baltimore are doing: staying away, being less proactive, not responding to crime.


Crime statistics in the United Kingdom – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


“No criming” is the practice of writing off reported crimes as not constituting a crime – marking as “no crime”. This is applied inconsistently across crimes and regions, frequently incorrectly,[2] and at times fraudulently, for the purpose of improving statistics to secure promotion.[1]


In the aggregate, in the period November 2012 – October 2013, an average of 19% of crimes reported to the police are not recorded, with one quarter of sexual crimes and one third of violent crimes not being recorded, with rape being particularly bad at 37% no-criming.[2][6] Reporting is inconsistent across local forces: “In a few forces, crime-recording is very good, and shows that it can be done well and the statistics can be trusted. In some other forces, it is unacceptably bad.” The failure to properly record crime has been called “inexcusably poor” and “indefensible” by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary Tom Winsor. 20% of reviewed decisions to cancel a report were found to be incorrect, and in about a quarter of cases there was no record of victims being informed that their report had been canceled.[2]
Senior members of the policing establishment admit to long-term, widespread “fiddling” of figures, such as John Stevens, Baron Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, former head of the Metropolitan Police Service:[7]


The Mayor of New York City has been playing this game.  He has claimed recently that crime has gone down when it has gotten worse, just the arrest, investigation and reporting of crimes has dropped due to the police backing off greatly.  We see this all over Europe as police have been unable to cope with a huge surge in crime ever since the EU leaders sucked in much of Eastern Europe into NATO and the European Union causing a huge crime wave there.  Below is a graph showing crimes per capita:


Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 10.43.22 AM

The US is much, much lower than nearly all of the EU and the Common Wealth nations of the UK, etc.  Lots and lots of car thefts, for example and then there is the issue of rural crime which is caused by mainly foreigners invading and stealing stuff with utter impunity.  We do not have this here in the US.  First of all, nearly 100% of all farmers and ranchers in the US are heavily armed.


United Kingdom vs United States Crime Stats Compared

Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 10.51.41 AM


The US has a much, much higher murder and violent crime rate and the vast bulk of these are due to the drug trade that has taken over all our dying industrial giant cities which have been effectively destroyed by free trade and the US trade deficit.  Of these violent crimes, less than half are by the majority white population.  England doesn’t have all that many murders but then, like much of the EU, drug dealing has been basically legalized.


THIS HAS NOT LED TO A DROP IN ALL CRIMES.  Not at all, but it does lead to a drop in drug related murders.


Crime in Germany: Car-theft epidemic at the border with Poland | The Economist


“We’re a border city and we’re right by an excellent Autobahn”, explains Frankfurt’s spokesman, Christian Hirsch. “The gangs steal paintings, machinery and gardening tools, too, and recently they stole a bronze sculpture.” But, he adds, “you have to remember that the cars that are stolen here don’t all belong to local residents. Sometimes the cars have been stolen somewhere else in western Europe but the crime is discovered here.” The thieves’ favourite brand is Volkswagen, which is stolen four times as often as other car brands.


There are early signs of success: after a small decrease in 2011, last year car thefts in Brandenburg dropped to 3,355 per 100,000 residents. But residents are not convinced. “Yes, the police sometimes catches the thief driving the car, but he’s just the little guy in the operation”, says Diethard Remmer, who works in a Ford dealership in Frankfurt an der Oder. “Besides, after several hours he gets released again. The politicians have to see to it that we get harsher punishment for these gangs.”


Europe is experimenting with the idea that putting people in prison is bad so they let criminals loose very easily and this has created more, not less crime.  I don’t see Americans who are white and living in fairly crime-free communities signing up for this solution.  Not at all.  If someone stays away from the inner cities and reservations (yes, the murder/rape rates there are much higher than suburban white America) they will be basically fairly safe, safer than in Europe from petty crime, grand auto theft and other nuisances. The left has to try to understand this.


The last election showed clearly this is a huge issue for Middle America which the  left hates and despises even though this is the safest part of the population.  I am all for moving the lower classes to something better but history is clear: this happens only when industrialization and unions develop and this happens ONLY when there are trade barriers and tariffs.


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15 responses to “Democratic Leader Demands That Police Back Down Are Working…Raising The Murder Rate In Black Cities

  1. Jim R

    Of course the ‘news media’ always likes to throw gasoline on the ‘race war’ … even when a lot of the cops are also black/hispanic/etc.

    But the most powerful underlying dynamic here is never mentioned in the news. The global macroeconomy is in contraction. It is shrinking. Getting to the point that even the best statisticians can not jigger the figures to make them look good. It is (1) a natural part of the economic cycle; and (2) a consequence of the Malthusian realities outlined in The Limits to Growth back in the ’70s … and a couple centuries earlier by Malthus. Growth never goes on forever.

    And, with shrinking economies, these cities are not hiring enough police. There is some rough sociological guesswork that says how many police you need per 100,000 population … The figure varies with many factors, but in fact places like Baltimore can’t afford to hire enough police. Therefore the police they do have are either working a lot of overtime or, with the recent publicity, simply avoiding areas where they might have to do something. Like in a lot of 3rd world countries.

    Since the macroeconomy is still a long way from the reset it needs, this part of the picture isn’t going to change any time soon.

  2. Petruchio

    All of this social unrest is by design. The elites are rubbing their hands with glee at these spikes in the crime rates, especially homicides. It gives them a reason to impose Martial law. Plus, it keeps the ‘soiled masses’ from concentrating their anger on the REAL source of the problem: the neo-liberal, warmongering policies the elites love so much.

  3. Elaine Supkis

    Just as I was about to despair about liberals in Congress in the Democratic Party, they dug in their heels and caused the TPP free trade secret train to hell to derail! Thank god for that!

  4. LOU

    Check it out… here’s a running list of 100% REAL Bantu names I’ve been jotting down as I’ve come across stories about Bantu American youths in recent weeks:

    Cudellious Love (59) murdered white woman (AZ)

    K-Vonne Jenkins (21) sex offender (KY)

    Malandus Pearson (32) killed two white teen-age girls while DUI (MS)

    Daquantrius Johnson (21) stealing a wedding ring and other items from a woman who was dying from a brain aneurysm in a Taco Bell (KS)

    Qwinterrious Dodson (22) theft by receiving (GA)

    Antwonetta Jones (22) strangled baby after delivering it and put it in trash compactor (LA)

    Ruhemmeion King (17) 2 counts of felony-murder (GA)

    Xzoyloysius Wood, Jr. (19) shooting suspect (VA)

    Shaquaid Cox (18) rapist and burglar (OH)

    Shanetria Lanier (21) neighbor of Detroit “Freezer Mom” (MI)

    Shontavious Chestnut (25) murdered innocent white in Atlanta Kroger robbery (GA)

    Desunda Brown (18) teen-age girl charged with Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery and firearm charges (TN)

    Dayvone Malvo (20) arrested for indecent exposure (TX)

    Dominiq Marquan Deloach (18) murdered innocent white bystander to an
    argument (NC)

    Tariq Jordan (15) murdered innocent white bystander to an argument (NC)

    Yvon Norton Jr. (20) guilty of rape, kidnapping, gross sexual imposition and intimidation (OH)

    Nehemijel Houston (?) guilty of conspiracy to commit murder (NC)

    Centrilia Shardon Leach (?) guilty of conspiracy to commit murder (NC)

    Demarquise Elkins (?) murdered infant (GA)

    DQuan Ingram (21) aspiring bus driver (FL)

    La’el Collins (22) signed 3 year $1.65 deal with Cowboys and is suspect in
    murder of ex-girlfriend at LSU (LA)

    Carniyka B. (?) sold me a chicken sandwich at Charlotte Airport (NC)

    Johnesda Perry (19) murdered infant (PA)

    Shyrome Jaquane Johnson (25) obstruction of justice in homicide investigation of white 5 year-old girl (SC)

    Rohbanni Wilson (24) sex offender and murderer (FL)

    Ymmacula Pierre (30) female NYPD cop who used credit cards of murder victim

    Donte Adaryll Noble (41) killed mudshark girlfriend in Spartanburg (SC)

  5. LOU

    Can you give me stats on the ‘color of crime’? I doubt Whites are doing the murders etc.

    —-Europe is experimenting with the idea that putting people in prison is bad so they let criminals loose very easily and this has created more, not less crime.

  6. LOU

    HUD proposal to diversify wealthy neighborhoods…

    Only certain income-bracket neighborhoods will get the double-dose of vibrant diversity. In the majority of areas that are predominately White, have no public transportation, and average home values are well above $350K, there will be no mass importation of Somalis, Syrian Muslims or high-risk Congolese. The nicer areas won’t feel the hurt like average Americans will.

    I live in such a neighborhood. It isn’t suburbs, but a very well organized exurb about 35 minutes away from the “city” life. Bus routes stop far from our area. Our “minority” folks are just a few Indians and Chinese (both wealthy). It’s safe and comfortable.

    If you really want to escape the Blacks and Muslims, either pay the price of admission to a safe zone, or live in the country on property. It’s always the middle class, public schooled folks who are manipulated and used for experimental social fads.

    No, they will only “diversify” white working class neighborhoods, and leave the wealthy neighborhoods untouched. Rich dumb white libs are a core constituency of the Depend-O-Crats, and they will do nothing to endanger those votes, and that financial and cultural support. (Interestingly, that implies that they realize exactly what they are doing: deliberately destroying the lives and wealth of their political enemies.) On the other hand, working class whites were written off by DOCs back in 2011. They came right out and said so:

    It’s the neighborhoods of the working whites that will be “diversified.”

    Which is a shame. Wouldn’t it be entertaining to see the looks on the faces of Web Designer Forrest and Yoga Instructor Calista, and their precious snowflakes, when the Dindu tribe set up shop next door, and the vibrancy began? I’d give a month’s pay to be able to watch that on a 24 hour webcam feed.

    No, the rich white suburbs will, sadly, remain untouched.

  7. LOU

    ‘The black murder rate per person is tremendously higher than the white murder rate in America…
    DUH. Are most White women raped by Blacks? And what did Norman Mailer write about prison rape?

    ‘This mess can’t be easily fixed for several reasons.’.
    Holder and Obama – remember Trayvon???—- do what they can to make Blacks more violent and empowered.

  8. Elaine Supkis

    Except it is making them weaker and weaker.

    This is the sad part of the whole mess. This weakness is so dangerous, black people are raging at each other. It spills out and hits others but the main target of black rage is aimed squarely at blacks!

    This dangerous self destruction has definitely been encouraged by Democratic policies. If a black family is moved where there are no other blacks, the children end up far better off due to no exposure to black culture.

    Except the media has huge exposure which again, hits mainly black youth who now think the rapper/drug dealer culture is something to emulate and rich white children as I wrote here in the past, adore this culture too.

  9. Christian W

    It is basically war profiteering. The elites squeeze the last money out of the ruins they created by encouraging drug dealing and gangsta culture (criminality) – i.e. the War on Drugs, MTV culture.

    Also the desperately poor ghettos and elite schooling system are the most effective psychopath factories that I can see.

  10. e sutton

    Whites now wish to emulate the blacks, who are celebrated in our media and culture as violent, disrespectful, stupid, and lazy. Witness the white girl who passes herself off as a negress and champion of civil rights. She became “black” and got herself a full college scholarship and an Affirmative Action teaching post at a university teaching “Afro American Studies”. I’ve taught 3rd graders who had better reading skills than most of these “Cawlidge Graduates”. I find it amusing to see these blacks smirking as they stride across a stage to grab their diversity diplomas. It’s no wonder our nation is going down the toilet, when being stupid and lazy are the rewards and being intelligent and bookish is “uncool”. As for the negroes killing each other, far be it for me to get in their way. Let them reduce the number of welfare recipients. Blacks bitch about the lynchings that happened down South, but they are far more adept at culling their numbers than any whites were.

  11. e sutton

    This dangerous self destruction has definitely been encouraged by Democratic policies. If a black family is moved where there are no other blacks, the children end up far better off due to no exposure to black culture.

    So the reward for my hard work, buying a home in a nice neighborhood, is to import the VERY PEOPLE I tried so desperately to get away from???? Gee, Elaine, thanks! Thanks a lot! How about we put up a Section 8 rental up near your mountain? No? Think of all the “vibrant diversity” you and your family are missing out on!

  12. LOU

    ‘ If a black family is moved where there are no other blacks, the children end up far better off due to no exposure to black culture.’
    The last two words are oxymorons.
    there is no ‘black kulture’.

  13. e sutton

    Well, Lou, Elaine believes in diversity. That is, DIE versity for you and me, but not for SHE! It’s a classic, white lib routine. She’s on a mountain in one of the whitest areas in the entire country and moving blacks into peaceful, functioning, white neighborhoods is just peachy keen! Golly, I just want to run right out and buy the whole freakin’ world a coke! Gnome sane?

  14. JimBoy

    You are missing the point. Elaine is speaking hypothetically, Recognizing that the beliefs in black lower class neighborhoods are so toxic that when children are removed, they have a better chance of success. Nowhere in her statement did I detect her advocating their removal to your or anyone else’s neighborhood. Her statement could imply, however, that if the bad policies that created this toxicity were eliminated, decent behavior could be the result with ultimately people not caring whether (decent) blacks moved in.

  15. e sutton


    Well, maybe. Seems that segregation in the old days might have served a purpose. I mean, Elaine loves to bitch about being around the negroes in the ’70s, and god knows nobody wants to live near them, so why suggest anything other than blacks taking responsibility for their own actions? Why do they have to be around white people to learn how to behave? I mean, we all are supposed to be equal, right? At least, Elaine says we are all equally intelligent, athletic, as good as the next, etc. ……why do blacks need to be around whites so they can be successful? They should have taken a city like Detroit, after the whites left, and really gone with it. Instead, everyone is scratching their heads, wondering how they’re going to pay next month’s water bill. At one time it was called the Paris of the mid West. Yeah. Blacks. Civilization. Good times. Yeah…..

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