Democrats Wake Up And Stop Obama/Clinton/Bush/Bilderberg TPP Free Trade Secret Deal

All good news here.  The Republican Party, like the Democratic Party, talks all the time about the middle class, good jobs, etc.  And then stabs workers in the back. Tax cuts were dangled as fixes of financial problems caused by inflation and war/social services taxes.  People voted heartily for this when they voted for Reagan who began these nasty trade deals and he also killed unions.  Well, the Democrats imitated the Republicans in this regard and anyone like Dean or Ross Perot who had a shot at the White House only to be destroyed by the Bilderberg media, ended  up dead in the water so we had only Skull and Bones versus Skull and Bones elections of Hope and Change morphing into endless wars and more free trade deals killing unions and driving out good jobs.


Well, the Democrats slapped Obama in the face good and hard by stopping this gravy train and I greatly applaud them.  Now if only they stop being all for brining in millions and millions of legal and illegal aliens, they will recover fully, the black cities that one produced consumer goods will revive, black on black crime will fall, students struggling to pay off student loans will suddenly find this infinitely easier to do, etc.  Many good things will come if only we begin putting up trade barriers!  One can only hope.


Europe is an ugly fractured mess which has been papered over via running collective trade surpluses with the US.  They fear losing this boon and Japan is in hysteria about this.  They always were extremely uncooperative in negotiations over trade and for example, to this day, will not let something as simple as butter enter Tokyo.  They all love trade agreements so long as it prevents the US from exporting more than they import.


I am angry that Obama deserted his party.  Naturally, the media has screaming headlines saying the exact opposite.  He is the deserter, he is the one conspiring with the opposition party to do things that hurt Democratic voters who voted for HIM.  He is responsible and should never listened to Hillary and Kerry and then give them both free rein to negotiation this stupid secret treaty which was first cooked up by the Bilderberg gang in the first place.  This was NOT something generated at home for Americans, far, far from it.


The Guardian has this story that tells nearly nothing but shows how vicious the Bilderberg gang is:  At the G7, we journalists were pampered – at Bilderberg we’re harassed by police: Bilderberg | World news | The Guardian


 A friend of mine, a Swiss journalist who has been covering Bilderberg for longer than most, found himself surrounded by police in the supermarket car park as he finished his shopping. Another tired old “show me your papers” routine began. “You’ve checked me out a dozen times already,” he grumbled. “I’m going to be here all week, I don’t want to be checked every five minutes.” The lieutenant in charge of the checking shrugged: “We can check you as many times as we want. Open your car please.” My Swiss friend stood his ground: “Don’t you need probable cause?” The lieutenant shook his head and smiled: “No, we don’t.”


speaking of being simple but important, George Osborne will arrive at the Bilderberg summit tomorrow in his official capacity as chancellor of the exchequer. What Osborne perhaps doesn’t realise yet is that he’s about to land in the middle of an extremely serious Bilderberg-based news story.


If anyone posts the magic word ‘Bilderberg’ at any New York Times or Washington Post story comments section they are banned for life!  The Bilderberg meeting explained in 60 seconds by the BBC which has leaders of the corporation at EVERY Bilderberg meeting shows that in Europe at least, even the wolves who attend these meetings have to mention them very briefly and of course, to snark about ‘conspiracy theorists’ who talk about why these meetings are super duper secret and all that tosh.


The Bilderberg conference: world government or mythical secret clique? wonders another Bilderberg publication in Germany.  HAHAHA, oh, what a joke the whole thing is, right?  Koç pops up at Bilderberg: could this be the year to let it all hang out? is another EU paper making fun of these dire meetings where anyone especially reporters taking pictures is squashed by military troops.


Bilderberg Meetings | a guide to the international trade and policy …is the home page of this group of crooks.  They patiently explain that everyone has to sign super secret trade deals that hurt workers.  Few people know of this page much less read it.


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24 responses to “Democrats Wake Up And Stop Obama/Clinton/Bush/Bilderberg TPP Free Trade Secret Deal

  1. vengeur

    One can only assume that if a Republican had been President the last six years, he would have been given the task of pushing the EXACT same trade deal by his corporate masters. And almost all of them would have gone along with it.


    your wrong, the free trade authority (tpa), passed, with 28 Democrats voting for it.
    what did not pass was the TAA, help for workers who loose their jobs, and that was because their was language capping medicare in the bill, something that would have been fatal to a politician next year.
    this bill (taa) will return, minus the medicare language, and then Pelosi will sell out American workers, probably in a secret, no record midnight ballot.
    naked capitalism Web site has more details.
    if you think the democratic party will really defend workers, you really are dreaming

  3. Christian W

    There is no salvaging the current US system. Only some kind of disastrous event (for the elites) will stop the current momentum. But what will not happen, since it is far far too late in the game now and far too many bridges (and other nations) have been torched and the rot has set far too deeply, is for a reasonable approach to try and balance things again to appear. The American Deng Xiaoping is probably decades away still.

  4. Floridasandy

    If anybody thinks. Unions defend workers, they are dreaming,

    The AFL has always supported illegal immigration-more union workers down the line in their delusional minds.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, it looks like the deals will go through in the end.

    Little fighting spirit in Congress. The GOP is totally on board with this crap. But then, the only revolt I see is drug dealers demanding the cities already destroyed by free trade be handed over to them lock stock and barrel.

    Bad stuff all around. Can someone turn this around?

    I doubt it at this point.

  6. Narciso Lopez

    Lol, Elaine is clearly declaring victory too early. It already passed the senate and while the vote in the house failed they just need to keep trying for the corporate lobbyist to work their magic. The only real possibility is that the presidential campaign season might kill the whole thing due to it being a hot potato.

    Its shocking how terrible the political system has become. Obama was always a fraud and its amazing how people still defend him. From the get go i didn’t like him. He was a plagiarist that ripped off Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Prints and the United Farm workers “si se puede” chant. He’s effectively neutered the entire left with the pandering to gays, global warming, and not being George W. Bush.

    I would bash people for voting for him but in my youth i actually voted for Kerry thinking that there was actually a difference between him and bush. Seeing the blatant bullshitting that Kerry does against Russia and the Warmongering against Syria is very eye opening.

    I find it difficult to believe that he was somehow an anti-Vietnam war protester. Its obvious that he was a shameless political creature even way back then and the whole denunciation speech was a farce.

    Crazy how we can only vote for skull and bones puppets in all the elections. Obama really managed to bamboozle people due to him being black.

    Hilary is really working the whole feminist angle but her corruption is just too blatant and Jeb Bush looks like an angel compared to her.

    Its Amazing how Jeb Bush is being pushed as a good presidential candidate because he can speak spanish fluently and has some of his brother appeal to the right wing christian community.

  7. Ken

    Elaine advocates restricting free trade, but it is commonly accepted that one of the causes of the Great Depression was the Smoot-Hawley law restricting free trade. This approach has been tried, and it failed.

    While I’m on the topic of the Great Depression, another of the widely-accepted causes was the Fed actively reducing the money supply in a misguided attempt to fight inflation. The Fed is doing the exact opposite this time, but we still seem headed for a major economic contraction. The current policy has delayed it, but not prevented it.

  8. kenogami

    History is clear about this: free trade always lead to economic collapse after two generations and then mass violence and war. A few international traders get very rich by arbitrage of wages; everybody else get poorer; starvation lead to violence, revolts or wars; economic activity and trade collapse also and it takes a long time for prosperity to come back.

  9. Pontiff Holysh*t

    A lot of incorrect things are “commonly accepted”.

  10. Narciso Lopez

    Trade is a good thing because almost no nation is completely self-sufficient. Trade helps nations acquire resources and goods that are not domestically available.

    The problem isn’t trade but Mercantilism and imperialism that attempts to screw over other nations by stealing their resources instead of paying a fair price.

    What is called Free trade has absolutely nothing with trade but is strictly about destroying the ability of nations to regulate trade for the benefit of the general population and not just corporations and the rich.

    The problem that we have is that we use the lure of our domestic market to bribe the foreign elite to do our bidding. Its how the US is able to bomb nations, threaten to bomb them, and basically engage in gangsterism without being called out. The bribe of exporting to us without them having to import basically gives the US elite a pass when they engage in blatant foreign aggression and intimidation.

    WW2 happened because most of the world had locked out exports and resource scare nations decided to try and conquer their larger nations to create a ‘colonial market’ that they could send surplus manufactures while stealing resources at a fraction of the fair market price.

    Basically today the rich in Europe and the US want to rule over the entire world even though they only make up less than 15% of the worlds population. China, India, Russia, Brazil, etc all want an increase say in how the world is run but the US and Europeans don’t want to give up any power that they abuse to maximize the profits accruing to them.

    Basically The US and Europe owe most of our prosperity to being middle men in foreign trade and the “bank” that the corrupt third world elite stash their stolen loot. China is basically scaring the shit out of the Bilderberg elite because they are losing the ability to control the technology and financial profits from the usury that was hoisted on third world nations. China is providing an alternative source of financing and industrial know how that is weakening the financial and industrial monopoly that western nations possess.

    Militarily Europe is finished due to a lack of excess young men willing to die to control much younger third world countries that can absorb millions of deaths. Warfare is not about who can dish out the most damage but who’s willing and able to absorb colossal losses over a long period of time.

    Its why we use drones and firepower to avoid absorbing any type of real casualties. We are incapable of suffering millions of deaths that are necessary to break the will of foreign nations to continue resisting.

    The reality is that to beat someone you have to engage them in battle and “fairly” beat them until they are no longer able to continue resisting (have to kill the “fighting” men). Being a coward and bombing women and children just increases resistance because it leaves the fighting age men ‘burning” for vengeance.

  11. Petruchio

    Why do people like Floridasandy continue to blame Unions!?? Union membership peaked in 1975. 1975!! As far as the AFL being pro-immigration is concerned, the AFL’s opinions have not mattered to the Ruling Class of DC for decades. There are ALOT of EXTREMELY Anti-Union groups out there who have been advocating open borders for the USA. And they have been advocating these immigration policies for decades. Republicans for example. And Republicans are, based on their ACTUAL record, at the forefront of destroying Unions AND for completely free open and unrestricted immigration. No amount of brainwashing is going to change that. You can say a lot about Republicans, but being friendly to Unions? Nope. Not even Fox viewers are that brainwashed.

  12. Elaine Supkis

    Actually the GOP runs on the platform of LESS immigration…then lets illegals pour in to drive down wages, etc.

    The DNC claims to love immigrants but then has to promise better jobs for American unions who have been betrayed by every DNC President with Obama the latest example of this.

  13. LOU

    EMS— what of Nomi Prince book on ‘banks and Presidents’? ‘All the Presidents Bankers’?

    and in the laughs department—this gals ‘art’ was SHOWN AT THE UN–AFTER ALL SHE BE PRETENDIN SHES BLACK.

  14. vengeur

    LOL Lou. Just shows the monumental absurdity of the fanatical racial obsession on the part of some black americans, forever clinging to the role of oppressed , misunderstood VICTIM. This WHITE woman perfectly exemplifies the obsessive desire to be portrayed as a VICTIM of white oppression, creating phony “threats” in the mail etc. Her entire (cushy white upbringing ) life is a lie,based on hatred of whites (starting with her parents) but no matter! In such an evil , racist country, she obtained a masters degree! LOL. Racism is horrible. LOL. This woman should have a mental illness named after her- Obsessive Compulsive Victim Disorder.

  15. vengeur

    White privilege guilt disorder. WPGD.

  16. John

    @7 – Elaine has addressed those two falsehoods on more than one occasion. Perhaps she will give a synopsis of that debunking here. I remember the gist of it, but not well enough to explain it, so I won’t try.

  17. Petruchio

    “Actually the GOP runs on the platform of LESS immigration…then lets illegals pour in to drive down wages, etc.” Aw, gee whiz Elaine. Are ya tellin’ me that Republicans lie to the soiled masses during political campaigns? Wow. Another myth shattered.

  18. Floridasandy

    Both parties are corrupt, but historically republicans were protectionist. Conservatives are definitely not globalistic, and believe in tariffs when necessary and restricted immigration. The problem is that we don’t elect conservatives because the media always slanders them.

    The republicans today are mostly globalistic, but the democrats seem to be more so- think cap and trade/global warming.. It’s a bad toIme in American politics but I am more hopeful with so many people running. Of course, the democrats only have Hillary.

    One more time, unions historically were good to stop child labor and improve working conditions, but now union members are throwing their money away. Better to keep ithe dues feed your family. The best thing for working people is a strong economy which always drives wages up, and stopping illegal immigration which definitely Helps workers/wages. It’s all supply and demand.

  19. Elaine Supkis

    The factories are being moved out of our country and the only way to fight this is with TARIFFS and BARRIERS, something our ancestors had for centuries. Now we have nothing but debts and more debts and fewer and fewer jobs that pay a living wage.

    By the way, Japan which usually until Fukushima, ran trade surpluses, presided over the annihilation of worker’s rights, unions and horrifying working condition continue to cause deterioration of society there which has responded by not having any more children. Period.

    So Japan is on a death march off a cliff and with more than half of the workers being ‘temporary/part time’ even when they hold the same job for 17 years!!!!….and work ungodly hours, 12 a day…!!!!…the country is now dying. LIterally and the elites there were in a big battle with the remaining opposition parties over a new bill to make part time/temporary workers even WORSE off! Insane!

    But then, what is happening here is also insane.

  20. Petruchio

    I’m always shocked when I remember how much popular support Reagan had when he destroyed the air traffic controllers union, PATCO. It’s both amazing and sad to see how effective propaganda can be on people. A lot of these anti-PATCO people were destroying their future working conditions by supporting Reagan. This is what happens, imho, when people aren’t informed about what is REALLY going on in Washington DC. The Founding Fathers understood that for a democracy of the kind that exists in this country, an informed electorate is essential.

  21. Jim R

    Yeah, just fire PATCO. Because who needs air traffic controllers, anyway?

    My favorite living republican is Cheney. He’s the one who said, in an interview a while back, (they were discussing some security-theater nonsense proposal in front of Congress just then) that 9-11 would have NEVER happened if he was in charge, and Obama was an idiot.

    But … what about that one time … when he WAS in charge??

    Funny republicans. As for Elaine’s article:

    Maybe, just maybe, this one fact managed to shine through the stupidity in Congress — that, if they pass this fast-track thingie, they might as well just go home after that. Because they will have relinquished the last hint of a pretext that they have any say at all in regulation or government. No more goodies from the lobbyists. No more $500,000 speeches after they retire. No more waiting jobs in the industries they are supposed to oversee.

    Because if they pass it, then the rules will all be made by international corporate ‘trade associations’, and not by them.

  22. LOU

    Obama was an idiot. [end quote]

    And Obama still is an Idiot. That is why his grades are locked away. That is why he attended school[s] as a ‘foreign AA charity case’.

    Obama was an idiot. and will be until he croaks.

  23. Jim R

    Here is a nice explanation of the TPP, in graphic novel form:

    Always easier than reading all that soporific economic verbiage…

  24. LOU

    I got to page 13.

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