Elites Prepare For WWIII While Telling US Warmer Winters Will Annihilate US

‘The ultimate doomsday escape’: California entrepreneur builds $1billion luxury underground bunker in tiny German village for millionaires in the event of an apocalypse and where survivors can live for up to a year without leaving.  The rich really do imagine they can all troop into secure places and survive WWIII.  This is probably why they are being utterly careless about WWIII developing. NYT: U.S. to station vehicles and enough heavy weapons for up to 5,000 troops in Eastern Europe in bid to deter Russian aggression…The move would send a clear message to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.  Which is certainly true.  We are planning for WWIII.


Britain pulls spies as Moscow cracks Snowden files:’Edward Snowden has blood on his hands’: MI6 is forced to pull spies out of hostile countries after Russia and China decode a MILLION encrypted files leaked by the whistleblower. Yes, it is great to spy on sovereign nations but it is evil for them to spy on us.  Snowden released the files to the people ruled by NATO’s rulers and we all saw how our own government is illegally spying on us all.  Then the powers that rule us smeared Snowden and said he was a traitor so he handed over all this to the victims of NATO spying.  This infuriates our rulers who want to spy on everyone on earth while they hold blatantly openly secretive meetings to plot their next moves concerning ‘trade’ and ELECTIONS in ‘free Western democracies’.


This will not be a topic of discussion during the next US election except for all parties to claim they hate Russia and China and want to militarily surround and decapitate both countries simultaneously.  This, of course, will be a continuing declaration of war.  But our EU allies are getting cold feet:  Survey Points to Challenges NATO Faces Over Russia – NYTimes.com


A substantial number of Europeans do not believe that their own countries should rush to defend an ally, according to a new poll.


Do the human cattle of Europe have any control over their rulers?  Nope.  Their rulers are telling them all right now that we are all going to roast to death due to slightly warmer temperatures than during the Little Ice Age.  This terrible event, somewhat warmer weather!…is held up as the #1 terror item today and the Pentagon and NATO are geared up to fighting warm weather, not Russia.  Russia is all about freezing to death during world wars.  A topic no one at the Pentagon dares mention.


Latest hysterically funny accusation thrown at Russians by the Bilderberg gang:  Russian Groups Crowdfund the War in Ukraine – NYTimes.com. HAHAHA.  How dare they do this!  Of course, the US government feeds weapons and billions of dollars into former communist Russian countries hoping to overthrow even properly elected governments there.  The US thinks it is perfectly fine to spy on Russia and China and pay opposition parties to overturn elections, support violent street uprisings while supporting the suppression of these same things in Egypt and Greece.


The Democrats no longer run Congress after the last election delivered a very strong slap in the face due to Democratic leaders encouraging race riots.  So now the beloved war against slightly warmer weather is being terminated:  House Committee Drops Funding for State Department Climate-Change Programs | CNS News


An appropriations bill for the State Department and foreign operations, released Tuesday, excludes funding for three major climate initiatives – the Green Climate Fund, the Clean Technology Fund, and the Strategic Climate Fund – and also removes funding for the U.N.-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


Also in the firing line is funding for the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and debt relief…“This legislation is first and foremost a national security bill,” said Rep Kay Granger (R-Texas), chairwoman of the Appropriations subcommittee on State and foreign operations.


In an op-ed Wednesday, three former deputy assistant secretaries of environment and energy, Matthew Kotchen, Gilbert Metcalf and William Pizer, argued that support for the GCF was in the U.S. national interest.


“When poor, vulnerable countries pursue climate-resilient growth, they are better able to cope with extreme weather events and experience fewer disasters. And when emerging economies build out more clean energy infrastructure, we all avoid the worst of climate change in the first place,” they wrote. “The result is a more secure and stable world, benefiting our nation and all countries.”


What they want is a magical weather control machine.  Luckily, they don’t have one.  Otherwise they would freeze the northern sectors of the Northern Hemisphere to keep their mansions in balmy places on the ocean’s shores cool in summer.  What is ‘climate-resilent growth’ anyways?  Solar panels on roofs in third world countries that normally gets, at least during Interglacials, regular typhoons and hurricanes won’t stop these storms.  Unless, again, they freeze all of Canada and much of Northern Europe in another Ice Age.


The biggest US ally in Asia is Japan.  Japan pretends to go along with free trade, peaceful diplomacy and global warming garbage but note this:  Environment ministry pushes back on shift to coal!  Yes, Japan is building coal burning power plants!  Already, one of the greatest sources of nuclear pollution is Japan and there is no way of stopping this pollution which continues to pour forth.  Japan is fixing this by pretending it isn’t happening and is forcing citizens to move back to Fukushima or lose aid given to them for losing their towns, homes and businesses.


Japan doesn’t think global warming is going to happen, anyways:  Weakening of Earth’s magnetic field foreshadows future risks – 毎日新聞


Earth’s magnetic field is responsible for helping us determine directions using a compass, as well as protecting us from harmful cosmic radiation and solar winds, or high-energy particles originating from the sun. The shield has recently been weakening, however — forewarning of other problems such as climate cooling and power outages.


Then there is this scary news:  MERS outbreak kills 11 and quarantines thousands as Seoul seals hospitals as this contagious flu mutation from Saudi Arabia spreads relentlessly.  And then there is the Rise in new cases shows Ebola has not released its deadly grip in Africa.  In southern US states we have this warning: Florida officials warn of rare flesh-eating bacteria at beaches as yet another victim, a woman, is getting her hands and feet chopped off to stop this disease.


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24 responses to “Elites Prepare For WWIII While Telling US Warmer Winters Will Annihilate US

  1. Sunger

    Climate change ridiculous?

    Go thru these simple calculations for the yearly fossil fuel use of a household in New England USA. These fuels when burned go up in the atmosphere for a long long time.

    7700 lbs heating oil = avg. New England house uses 1100 gallons of heating oil/year so 1100 gal X 7lbs gal = 7700lb. of heating oil a year.

    7400 lbs of gasoline = avg houshold use of gas for cars, cycles, atvs, lawn mowers etc so 20 gal/ wk per household X 53 weeks x 7lbs/gal = 7420 lbs

    So we have 15,100 lbs or 7.5 tons of heating oil and gasoline usage per household before adding in electricity generation, military usage, energy used to produce other energy, the tractor-trailer fleet of millions which deliver goods to households, the fueling and maintenance of shopping facilities & malls, etc, the energy used by medical sector, the energy used by govt. sector etc.

    Since we have 7,000,000,000 people on the earth who all want to consume fossil fuels like americans, we have a collosal number of lbs/per household of energy used if we look at the global picture.

    Remember 7.5 tons of fossil fuel usage for each and every leaky farmhouse in upstate NY just to begin.

  2. Jim R


    Of course the proposed solution to all that is financial fraud. Carbon credits. Which will all go to already-rich plutocrats. While anyone who grows trees (one of the few activities that actually remove carbon from air) gets nothing, or so little that it isn’t worth trying to fill out the paperwork for it.

    And, if you had done a little cyber-stalking (heh,heh) you could see that Elaine actually has some solar panels of the roof. As we discussed in another thread here, it isn’t worth doing, because she won’t get equivalent credits from either the electric utility nor from the carbon-weenies.

    Furthermore, WWIII, or any war, is just about the worst thing to do from a carbon-burning perspective. All the diesel vehicles, all the aircraft, the ships at sea, and ammunition, pour carbon into the air. Way more than peace.

    And in my opinion, the climate thing is not the worst part of all this — ocean acidification will have a bigger impact on humanity.

    But there are a couple reasons for hope on the horizon:
    1) Peak oil — you can’t keep burning more and more oil forever, without running out of it eventually. Peak oil is happening just about now. If oil is easily available you don’t “frack” for it or try to refine tar sands.
    2) General economic/civil collapse — whether caused by (1) or whether it was just time for it. Again, the signs are all around.

  3. LOU

    ‘Do the human cattle’. This from the woman who doesnt like the term ‘sheeple’.

  4. LOU

    ‘What they want is a magical weather control machine.’
    The elite already has it.
    Geo engineering.

    It is hiding in plain sight.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    The folly of believing mere HUMANS control our climate whether with ‘chemtrails’ or CO2 is PATHETIC.

    The monumental natural forces like the sun or the polar shift from north to south every several million years not to mention asteroids and major volcanic events: humans are puny creatures barely able to influence anything.

  6. melponeme_k


    We are reliving the days of the former little ice age after the medieval warm trend. The first fall in temperature led to an explosion of Witch trials and burnings. The growing frost led to the disintegration of subsistence farming for the peasants. People started to starve. The money people at the time took the opportunity to bid up the prices of grain. Sound familiar? Then the Black Death appeared.

    Fast forward to the birth of Anglo North America. The pilgrims arrived during the next drop in temperature at the apex of the little ice age. The Puritans at Salem were not only dealing with failing crops but continual skirmishes with Native tribes. Food was tight. Guess what else happened? I’m sure you know. The Massachusetts Bay Colony switched from hard currency to paper. They let it all float and printed up a storm. The problems of Inflation and counterfeiting were horrific. The Puritan colonists soon found their little pieces of paper weren’t worth a damn. So the Witch Trials and the Burnings began. All focused on women with some property and both male/female debtors.

    We don’t have witch trials now. But we are getting crazy talk about persecuting people who want to discuss the science of this “global warming/weirding/climate change whatever they decide to call it. And like before we are all floating on rubber dollars with the elite bidding up the prices of food.

    History does travel in circles. Again and again and again. The human race is too daft to do a thing about it.

  7. Seraphim

    @But our EU allies are getting cold feet

    They know that in case of war they would be obliterated in hours.

  8. Ziff

    Weird weather out here in Vancouver , dry warm months at a time very rare, but up on the interior plateau it’s quite wet from the northeast. The usual west east flow is cut off. Went for a drive the other day and it was snowing up there.

  9. Being There

    NATO is also doing naval maneuvers in the the Baltic region. This would be foolish and btw, I found a great video of someone speaking in the Ukrainian govt about our NGOs teaching the coup leaders in workshops how to use social media as propaganda to build a movement. We are the kettle that calls the pot black. How long can this nonsense continue at all our peril?

    As I keep saying the Europeans have to surmise that nuclear fallout know no boundaries.

  10. Sunger

    Elaine said- “The folly of believing mere HUMANS control our climate whether with ‘chemtrails’ or CO2 is PATHETIC.”

    To a non-scientist who has no qualifications in this area of study.

  11. Sunger

    JimR- you are right about peak oil. The conventional cheap oil sources have been in decline since 2005. We are filling in the gaps with expensive fuels such as tar sands, fracking, biofuels, deep sea. But these fuels are low quality, difficult to extract, and are incapable of remotely fueling our present lifestyle.

    Finding costs for petroleum pre 1999 = 1% yearly increase

    Finding costs for petroleum post 1999 = 10.9% yearly increase since 1999.

    A 10X increase in finding costs as we entered the peak oil years in the early 2000s.

    Some peak oil folks have posited that peaking fossil fuels will solve the CO2 & climate change issues. However, a closer look reveals that this is probably hopeless as we are now over 400ppm with new coal power plants going up every day in Asia.

  12. Sunger


    Here is the address of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
    86 Water St.
    Woods Hole, MA 02543
    Ph. 508-548-1400

    Why don’t you contact these guys and tell them that they are dishonest and are just scamming the climate change issue for cheap grant money and to push their own personal politics.

    Tell them that you are the only person on earth who understands the climate issues and that that Woods Hole scientists just don’t know anything at all.

    Go ahead. Because that is what you really believe. Maybe they will invite you to give a lecture to their group.

  13. DM

    Sunger, if you tug too hard on those fore locks, you’ll pull your hair out.

  14. LOU

    Elaine said- “The folly of believing mere HUMANS control our climate whether with ‘chemtrails’ or CO2 is PATHETIC.”

    What is going on in the sky?
    I see planes spraying.

    Last nite, Michael Murphy was on the radio.
    He has a film, ‘Unconventional Grey’.
    Spraying is seen worldwide.

  15. Elaine Supkis

    If the ‘planes are spraying’ why isn’t is WORKING where there are droughts???

    Good lord!

    As for NOAA and NASA and Woods Hole, they know who I am! I grew up inside NASA!

    They also know they would lose any debate about what to fear most: Ice Ages or a somewhat warmer planet.

    They also know that Ice Ages do not hammer Alaska or California, too. they know that NY goes under a mile of ice every Ice Age! Their claim that we will roast to death has to be proven much more than they have proved it so far when we have tons of proof that ice ages happen over and over and over again and all of them start rapidly and end very suddenly and all the warmest times are right after an ice age not well in the middle or towards the end of an interglacial.

    This is why they are all lying about the past now. It was certainly much, much warmer when the mass bulk of glaciers suddenly melted 12,000 years ago. They know this and lie about it nakedly these days when they understood this a mere 30 years ago.

  16. Elaine Supkis

    It is really, really difficult for people to imagine the end of the last most recent ice age.

    Much of the Northern Hemisphere had mile thick ice covering it. Then, within less than 100 years, much of this melted down rapidly. Catastrophic floods created the English Channel, for example.

    One huge flood in the Pacific Northwest covered much of Washington State and swept away all the animals and plants before it (little ice on the coast just like today it is warmer than the NE).

    The Black Sea formed. The oceans rose rapidly cutting off many landmasses turning them suddenly into islands. Many changes happened and the piddling melting of Greenland during this most recent melting cycle is a thimble compared to the Great Melting 12,000 years ago.

  17. Jim R

    …peaking fossil fuels will solve the CO2 & climate change issues. However, a closer look reveals that this is probably hopeless as we are now over 400ppm with new coal power plants going up…

    @Sunger, this may be true, but Elaine won’t be happy until there is no more snow in the winter at 1200 feet and 42°42′ North. So they’ll have to keep busy doing that activity.

    In a couple more decades, China will probably be dictating environmental policy to the USA, which will be forced to submit, as it will be broke and broken.


    ELAINE: That statement is stupid. By the way, anyone who loves shoveling snow is free to visit my mountain in winter.

  18. Jim R

    Oops missed the closing blockquote tag. Put another opening one instead 😦

  19. LOU

    Elaine, I dont know what or why ‘they’ spray. I see them spray.
    One theory is the spraying is to cause drought.

  20. Elaine Supkis

    Why on earth do THAT??? Ridiculous.

  21. Elaine Supkis

    You need to take off the magic glasses.

  22. LOU

    Elaine, I am neither delirious nor paranoid.
    The sky is not the same as it was 20 years ago.

  23. Elaine Supkis

    Huh? We had jet trails ever since jets started flying.

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