Political Murders And Race Crimes Are Often Connected to Mental Illness

A state Senator, Reverend Clementa Pinckney, was shot in the church mass murder last night.  We know absolutely nothing of the shooter’s  motivations or even who it is but of course, this looks a lot like the Gabrielle Giffords Shot: Congresswoman Shot In Arizona not far from my university home in Tucson.  Nearly the same number of people were killed in that event.  The killer in Tucson was deranged.  We have no idea of what motivated or the mental condition of the killer in South Carolina.  Like the Sandy Hook mass murderer or the Aurora Colorado movie theater mass killer, the most common thread with these people is mental instability or outright insanity.


Mass shooting at Charleston church in South Carolina leaves 9 dead | Daily Mail Online


It has been suggested that the shooting was timed to coincide with two large political rallies in the city, as just hours before Rev Pinckney met with Hillary Clinton as part of her presidential campaign and Jeb Bush was also due to visit Charleston today but his appearance has now been canceled… The suspect is described as a clean-shaven, 21-year-old white male and is believed to be wearing a gray, hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, and Timberland boots.


Police were seen soon after taking a man matching the description into custody.


However, the man was released and the Charleston Police Department tweeted that the gunman was still at large.


It is quite natural to assume this is a race based murder.  But seeing how it is so very much like so many other previous killings, the chances that this is someone who is deranged and wanting lots of attention and to have chaos in his wake is very high.  Often times, people who are going crazy will latch onto some sort of justification for their planned attacks though there are cases like the very recent German airlines pilot who decided for utterly no reasons at all to kill everyone deliberately in his planned suicide.


That case reminds us how little motivation suicidal people need to do a mass murder.  Jared Lee Loughner is the shooter in Tucson.  Here are some facts about him:


Tong Shan, a former friend and classmate of Loughner’s, recalled observing significant changes in his attitude and demeanor a year prior to the shooting. Shan, who became friends with Loughner on the day of their high school graduation, said that they would often spend time together after class in college but lost touch after the semester ended. When they met again in mid-2010, Shan recalled that Loughner appeared, “Radically different. […] From the way he was talking to me [online]… you can see. It was just questions and questions and random, weird questions that didn’t go together,” she said. “He wanted to know everything…he would just trip out.” Recounting her early experiences with Loughner in light of the shooting, Shan said Loughner was “a good person that just somehow changed so much. I don’t know what the hell happened to him.”

Shan stated that her last encounter with Loughner was in October 2010, after he was suspended and dropped out of college and just before he purchased the semi-automatic handgun used in the massacre. She said that while Loughner was “anti-government,” he never appeared violent, nor did he mention his plans to buy a gun.


Alarmed friends, family and others tried desperately to get help for him, he was addled by drug abuse and scared everyone around him but due to laws passed about putting deranged people in hospitals…making it nearly impossible to do this until they finally do something horrible namely, murder people, no one can stop people who plunge into insanity and who then refuse any help or medication.


This is a choice we have made in this society.  Was the present mass murder gunman crazy?  Or sane and doing this for cold political reasons?  We cannot tell yet.  I am for stronger laws for insanity cases.  I am very lucky that my husband, when he was brain damaged at work, listened to my demand he go to the hospital and stay there until he was under control.  He goes every time I ask him and this is quite heroic of him.  But someone suffering from severe mental illness thinks they are totally sane when they are not at all sane.  Convincing them to voluntarily go into a hospital for treatment is nearly impossible.


The present killer who was evidently wearing a disguise or maybe not (precious little information is being released) may get away with this entirely.  Just like the two murderers in New York who conspired with a woman working in the prison to escape, for far, not found at all.


One of the unfortunate effects of the church shooting in South Carolina is how everyone might react.  One hopes that everyone helps capture this mass killer just like all other mass killers and that it is not used to race bait.  But that is hoping too much. Like most assassinations, the desired effect is for more outrage and mindless fury aimed at the wrong targets like we saw with the Charlie Hebdo killings.  The response fixed nothing and things are getting worse, not better.


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14 responses to “Political Murders And Race Crimes Are Often Connected to Mental Illness

  1. Being There

    And what’s being done about mental illness in this country?

  2. Christian W

    Exactly BT… Another policy failure that can be traced back to Saint Ronny Reagan when his policies threw the mentally ill out on the streets.

    The worship of Reagan by the US middle class (because he made them FEEL good and proud to be Americans i.e. the faith based thinking) never mind his actual policies, always was very perplexing to most Europeans.

  3. vengeur

    Oh BS. That is one you can’t pin on Reagan. Who “threw the mentally ill out on the streets.” The “civil rights” people worked overtime to see that happen. So don’t give me this BS that it was conservatives responsible for that. TOTAL bullsh*t. And on Jared Loughner, he was the son of liberal Jewish parents, his mother even attended the same synagogue as Giffords. Of course that was HUSH HUSHED to make everybody believe Loughner was a rightwing christian gunnut.

  4. vengeur

    Well, this mass murder is everything it looks like: WHITE RACIST Murderer. God help this country, because it is going to get much worse in every imaginable way from here out.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    He was just a nut with a gun just like the horrible young man who decided to murder a bunch of very innocent people in a most despicable way possible. Insane.

    And yes, this latest murderer was motivated by racism. He should be executed.

  6. It looks like someone is trying to start a race war! Even if it’s only a lone mentally deranged individual with a gun.

  7. Well we’ve found our individual! And my source states that the individual planned and carried this out in cold blood and claims (without EVIDENCE) that calling him mentally deranged is an insult to all mentally ill people.

    Daily Kos: Dylan Roof a Terrorist

  8. Date of attack was same day as slaves’ revolt. Article includes a disgusting history of racism in Charleston before the war of Southern Aggression.

  9. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, and racism is involved in many crimes by EVERY TYPE of human. It is not confined to white males.

  10. Lou

    I found this online–cant vouch for it,

    Sounds like another massacre by someone on prescription antidepressant such as these people……
    Mother in Texas drowns her 3 kids in bathtub. Became a big story in the news.
    Black guy down South killed his family one at a time when they came home. Laid them side by side in the basement after giving them clean clothes and a bath.
    Woman on Prozac was talking to Jesus who asked her to prove her faith by letting him drive the car. She took her hands off the wheel and closed her eyes causing a 3 car pile up.
    Retired Army General shots his whole family after playing golf.
    White guy in Texas shot a bunch of people in church. Was hearing voices and poured cement into his toilet where the voices were coming from.
    Mother in California smothered her children to death by wrapping their heads in duck tape and then swallowed a can of Drano.
    Police officer shots his wife and kids and drowns himself in neighbors swimming pool.
    Two kids set off a fire alarm in an elementary school. While hiding in the woods they shoot the kids coming out of the school.
    A friend of my wife drown herself in the ocean. Another friend hug himself from a balcony in a house he was house sitting. Both were on Prozac.
    A school nurse gave my friends daughter Prozac. She started hearing voices and was cutting herself. It cost him over $100,000 for treatment and 2 years for her to go through with drawl.

    This kind of gruesome shit has been going on for years. Nobody talks about it. it is the big taboo.

    Some years ago a book came out and I think it was called PROZAC NATION. If you want to read more about this madness go to the web sight called SSRI STORIES. Thousands of people have been killed by users of these drugs. A lot were family members. Homicide detectives now check the medicine cabinet when called to a crime scene where someone has killed their family. They want to see what kind of wonder drugs the killer was on.

  11. Elaine Supkis

    Prozac didn’t stop hallucinations. People with hallucinations have existed since humans existed. And our vivid dream world confuses our brains and we hallucinate easily compared to say, birds.

    The pills don’t always fix what is wrong with people and misdiagnosis is common since mental illness is a very tricky business. This is because all humans are more or less ‘insane’ compared to any other mammals.

  12. Lou

    This is because all humans are more or less ‘insane’ compared to any other mammals.
    Ergo, ‘Sanity is not being able to think’?
    I assume animals do not think.

  13. Elaine Supkis

    Ever been around a cat???? 🙂

  14. Lou

    Im not ‘into’ cats. Why? Are they ever so sane?

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