White Mass Killer Caught: Appears To Be Mentally Ill Drug Addict, Arrested More Than Once


The FBI caught the mass killer today and he is a classic case of someone latching onto something, while being a total loner, and then going insane and killing people who he has decided to hate for some reason.  Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof was given a gun for his birthday | Daily Mail Online: evidently he had a number of black friends in school when he was younger:


And some friends said they did not know him to be racist.


‘I never thought he’d do something like this,’ said high school friend Antonio Metze, 19. ‘He had black friends.’


A young man with a blunt sugar-bowl haircut, Roof used to skateboard in a Lexington suburb in South Carolina when he was younger and had long hair then.


Childhood friend Joey Meek had seen him as recently as Tuesday, said Meek’s mother, Kimberly Konzny. She said she didn’t know why he was in Charleston and was not aware of his being involved in any church groups or saying anything racist.


‘I don’t know what was going through his head,’ Konzny said. ‘He was a really sweet kid. He was quiet. He only had a few friends.’


An awful lot of people who suddenly go on rampages are just like this guy.  His uncle gave him a gun two months ago and lo and behold, he used it.  He is a high school drop out, and a drug addict.  Also took hallucinogenics and was arrested for this.  Clearly increasingly out of touch with  reality, he decided to do something utterly horrible and of course, totally illegal.


We get this in all types and skin colors and ethnic backgrounds.  No one is immune to this sort of mental break down leading to attacking innocent people.  Most often they attack family members and we read every day about people murdering family members while strung out on drugs or due to hallucinations, etc.


Here is a black version of this sort of mental illness:  ‘I HAD TO DO IT’: Suicidal artist, blogger wanted in four attacks on Asian women – claims he was playing bizarre game ‘Bash Asian Women in the Nose’: an obviously insane black man was going about the City punching Asian women in the face.  It was racist and he thought it is a great idea:


“I had to do it,” Tyrelle Shaw, 25, wrote on his blog “Mr. Talented.”


The site is full of pictures of the lanky artist with celebrities like Russell Crowe, Ben Stiller, Tracy Morgan, “Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker, who was killed in a crash in 2013, and television judge Judy Sheindlin. “History needed my reaction towards Asian Women,” he wrote.


Here is his website explaining why he wants to attack Asian women specifically (which is quite racist):  Mr. Talented | 🇺🇸 America has taught Me that each Human being has 36,000 days to do something extraordinary. In less than 2,000 days, I’ve independently launched a start-up, wrote a book, obtained celebrity contacts & most importantly reached YOU. Here’s my business card: MrTalented.org 30-seconds of your time could change the course of history.


June 7th 2015 New York City 9:38PM
I’ve been rejected by Women my entire life. I never understood why, but whenever I stopped to woo- I always ended up getting the same excuse every single time. Sorry I have a Boyfriend or Sorry I’m in a rush. Some Women even ignored me completely. It got really bad. This weekend I decided to talk to over 150 Asian Women, which ended horribly. I had to punch a White dude in the mouth for kicking me. I followed two asian girls around SoHo just to see why they’re lives are ten times more important than a Black Mans in America. Unfortunately that didn’t end well. By the end of the night I really decided to fight my battle using violence. Humans don’t understand me. I see tons of Asian Women walking around with White Men and I never understood how they even made it on a date, if I’m trying so hard just to get one number. I’ve been rejected so much I feel absolutely numb. Tonight was the night I realized that Humans found racism popular. Now the whole World Hates me because I’m African American.
Around 8PM. I realized that I would have to use violence in order get the response that I desire. By starting an independent civil war where I will hit over a million Asian Women in the face with a stick will change history.


The NYPD is now searching for Mr. Talented.  I hope they arrest him.  But his strange way of thinking echos similar rationales for attacking strangers or family members.  It is totally unhinged.  This man is obviously a stalker and followed women around plotting to harm them because ‘they rejected him’.


Every woman fears this sort of lunatic and there are plenty of these, women are far more often murdered by strangers who are male stalkers than female stalkers (and there are some of these horrible people, too) and I had a stalker follow me once when I was young….only he didn’t fare too well.


The fact is, the world teems with people who are thinking in destructive ways and are very self-regarding and think total strangers are out to get them, we call this ‘paranoia’ and it is a  mental disease.  The kid in South Carolina who decided to murder innocent black people in a church was paranoid, too.


It is a mental disease.  I will also note that there are no riots about this killing.  This confirms to me that the riots were and are attempts at stopping the police from arresting people resisting arrest, not civil rights.  And of course, civil rights is a mixed message, too.


The mentally ill have civil rights with can be good but has gone too far so unhinged people that are scaring their own families and neighbors cannot be put in an asylum because we just don’t do this anymore.  Now they go to PRISON and that, only after doing something horrible.  Like these two guys, one white, one black.


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6 responses to “White Mass Killer Caught: Appears To Be Mentally Ill Drug Addict, Arrested More Than Once

  1. Lou


    3 Struck by Stray Bullets Near Peace Rally

    AMREN http://www.amren.com/news/2015/06/3-struck-by-stray-bullets-near-peace-rally/

    Three people were struck by bullets in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood after a gun fight erupted on the streets while a peace rally was being held nearby in the wake of another recent shooting.

    Police confirm the gun fight sent stray bullets into a nearby home, striking three victims inside.

    The peace rally held nearby was to help to curb violence in the city. Recently, a 16-year-old boy riding a bike was fatally shot in Dorchester. A 16-year-old boy and 14-year-old boy have been charged in the shooting and have pleaded not guilty.

    Eleven people have been killed in Boston this year, down from 25 at this point last year, though shootings in the city have increased. There were 22 gunshot victims in the city during the month of May compared to 12 last May, according to the Boston Globe.

  2. Petruchio

    “Every woman fears this sort of lunatic and there are plenty of these, women are far more often murdered by strangers…” Really?? I thought women were, like most murder victims, killed by people they know/knew. Such as women being killed by their husbands or boyfriends or a family member. I’m sure women are killed by strangers, but I’m wondering what those numbers are in comparison to murder victims being killed by jilted lovers or husbands who kill the wife for insurance money.

  3. Elaine Supkis

    They are also raped and murdered by strangers. Sheesh.

  4. Lou

    They are raped and murdered by MEN and boys.

  5. Silverado

    Drugs alright….legal drugs put out by BIG Pharma AGAIN as in psychotropic drugs. Some of the alternative news sites like this one are pointing at this.


  6. Elaine Supkis

    So…crazy guys who get medication for their insanity…end up still being crazy.

    There is no ‘magic pill’ to fix crazy thinking, this requires a lot of counseling and sometimes being locked up but we no longer lock up people showing signs of dangerous forms of insanity, they are only locked up if they commit crimes.

    Blaming the drugs for this is cart before the horse thinking. What sort of aid would you give someone who is insane? Thin air????

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