Another Catholic Church Burned By Jewish Arsonists


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Now that the US has had its ritual 10 minutes hate of a real live white racist killer, we go back to other news, news virtually no one in the US will hear at all and certainly the Pope won’t make a peep about this, either:  Israel church where Jesus ‘fed 5k’ burnt down in arson attack (news from Britain which doesn’t have the high level of censorship as here in the US):
In recent years, mosques and churches have been targeted by vandals in similar attacks. They are often attributed to extremist Jews in West Bank settlements.


Such attacks are widely condemned across the political spectrum in Israel.

The site is owned by the German Roman Catholic Church, and Berlin’s envoy to Israel Andreas Michaelis said he was ‘shocked’ by the incident.

‘I strongly condemn this attack and every form of violence’ against places of worship or people working in them, he said in a statement.

‘Religious institutions must be as well protected in Israel as they are in Germany and Europe.’


HRA releases report on Israeli violations against Christian, Muslim holy places | The Electronic Intifada


The neglect, destruction and abuse of these places of worship in the intervening 56 years, however, suggest that Israel’s intentions were cynical rather than honourable. There is hardly a week that passes without news emerging of a fresh, and unpunished, offence against an ancient mosque, church, graveyard or shrine. Even when such abuse springs from the actions of individual Jewish citizens, such as vandalism, it is clearly sanctioned by public policy and its implementation by state officials.


Here are some videos of earlier Jewish attacks on churches in Israel:

▶ Christian prayer book set on fire in attack on church in Jerusalem al-Quds right after Pope prayed there.

▶ Jerusalem church building torched in apparent hate crime – YouTube

Condemning hate crimes in the US while utterly ignoring these same crimes in Israel is at the core of the cynical, hypocritical system we live in here.


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8 responses to “Another Catholic Church Burned By Jewish Arsonists

  1. Lou


    Since when did Israelis have any tolerance?

    You, the feminist, have yet to discuss their sex slavery.
    Tel Aviv has 300? whore houses. Christians imported into sex slavery.

    I think you did mention the NJ ‘rabbis’ arrested for body part trafficking.
    a few years back [along w the new mayor]. Where did the bodies come from?

  2. Elaine Supkis

    Um, virtually all religious systems have used or encouraged or wanted ‘whore houses’. It is a human trait.

  3. Lou

    Um, do countries in the 21st century [besides Zion] help in human trafficking
    of the ‘enemy’ [Christians]?

  4. Petruchio

    Now remember, boys and girls: the Israelis are GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE! It is a testament to the complete gullibility of some people that, even though there is NO evidence to confirm it, many folks think that the Israelis are GCP! Of course, if they did any research, they would discover that, a.) the Palestinians have more reason to be called GCP and b.) that a lot of Israelis are unlikely to be even jewish. I find it fascinating that none of these religious right(wing) head cases have EVER actually done some ancestral research into the people who currently call themselves Israeli. I wonder how theses religious wingnuts would ‘spin’ their findings.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    Genetic studies of the European Jews is verboten in Israel.

  6. Elaine, they turned Gordon’s Calvary, the “Place of the Skull” and most holy site for Protestants, into a depot / parking lot for buses. Now the “skull” overlooks as many as fifty motorcoaches!

  7. And they can’t wait to get their hands on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I bet. They’ll probably turn it into a mini-mall, or an electric transformer station.

  8. “Genetic studies of European Jews is verboten in Israel.”

    That’s because there was a study done, and the only Middle Easterners who shared any of the same traits were found in one small area in southeastern Iraq.

    Kinda tells ya somethin’ don’ it?

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