NATO Increases Pressure On Putin While Germany And Greece Make Gas Deals With Russia

The US and EU NATO machine operators have been pushing harder and harder for WWIII and are due to succeed since everyone is now in a nuclear arms race which was began by the US, not Russia.  Now, it is on the verge of blowing up over the littlest things and one of these things are fossil fuels which Europe badly wants from Russia but doesn’t want to pay for so…they are confiscating Yukos Oil financial holdings.  Oh, robbing Russia, what a fantastic idea only Russia isn’t a weak, helpless entity.  No, not even slightly.


Since NATO has decided to park lots of missiles and tanks and other things right on Russia’s borders, Vladimir Putin reveals Russia will gain an extra 40 intercontinental missiles.  This is logical since NATO has basically declared war on Russia.  Putin: Unilateral US withdrawal from ABM treaty pushing Russia toward new arms race:


The 1972 ABM treaty between the US and Soviet Union ensured that neither side tried to neutralize its foe’s nuclear deterrence by building an anti-missile shield. The US unilaterally withdrew from it in 2002, as the Bush administration claimed it needed protection from “rogue states” such as North Korea and Iran. Moscow believes that the US is actually building a global anti-missile system to undermine the defenses of Russia and China.


Which is correct, this is exactly what the US is doing.  Way back at the Missile Defense Shield meeting at Princeton University in New Jersey, in the late 1970’s, I was one of the participants and I warned everyone that erecting this shield would mean Russia and China would have to attack before it is activated.


​Anti-Russian sanctions hurt Europe harder than expected, threaten 2.5mn jobs – study: this is exactly what I predicted.  For some reason, Europe imagines it can twist Putin’s tail hard and even chop it off and nothing bad will happen.  If the workers of Europe think this is all jolly good fun, they can sit on the sidelines and cheer until a nuke drops on their heads.  I cannot imagine how this would improve their lives.


“Our hypothesis, from last autumn, of a worsening decline in exports has become a reality,” said Oliver Fritz, one of the authors of the study, the Tribune de Genève reported.


WIFO calculated that if the sanctions are continued for the next few years, Germany would lose 465,000 jobs due to reductions of exports to Russia. Italy would lose 215,000 jobs, Spain 160,000 jobs, France 145,000 jobs and the UK 110,000 jobs.


Switzerland, which is not part of the EU but followed Brussels’ lead on sanctions, would see 45,000 jobs lost, including 5,000 in the tourism sector, the study said.


The Belgians had a bright idea: steal Russia’s wealth.  Unlike with the drunk Yeltsin, this move has triggered an immediate response: Moscow will respond in kind to seizure of its assets abroad – FM Lavrov — RT News


Lavrov was commenting on the seizure in Belgium and France of Russian state-owned assets. The arrest were made on request of beneficiaries of the now-defunct oil giant Yukos, who were awarded damages from Russia by an arbitration court in The Hague. Russia is in the process of challenging the ruling.


Then there is Greece: EU shouldn’t view itself as ‘hub of universe’ – Greek PM and as I also predicted, Putin is coming in to pick up the pieces:  Greece, Russia agree explosive gas deal – Jun. 19, 2015.


So, the Greeks are now bad guys for doing business with Russia.  The pipeline will circumvent the fascist regime in Ukraine which will now wither and die on the vine due to no easy money from Gazprom.  Indeed, the ‘Green’ Germans who have claimed they won’t burn fossil fuels because Germany is going to roast to death next winter, have also done what the Greeks are doing:  Gazprom inks plan for new gas pipeline to Germany | News | DW.DE | 18.06.2015


Russian energy giant Gazprom has confirmed plans to expand its Nord Stream gas pipeline beneath the Baltic Sea and into Germany. The new pipeline would be built in cooperation with Eon, OMV and British-Dutch Shell.


Then there is this news: Tories to end onshore windfarm subsidies in 2016 instead of 2017 which the previous coalition government announced.  Yes, the Pope also thinks he and we shall roast to death real soon in the Apocalypse and if we get WWIII, this will definitely happen to us.  But fewer and fewer people are taking this seriously outside of Southern California.  Next, Britain will make a deal with Putin for some of this gas, too.


One last item: the DNC choice for ruler this election is Hillary.  Hillary Clinton charged the Boys and Girls Club a massive fee to speak at a luncheon.  This $3 million budget charity paid this dangerous woman $200,000 which she pocketed by dumping it into the scam run by her daughter.


She is doing what Bill did a year earlier, he pocketed $150,000.  This charity hopes they will give millions in government money for their ‘charity’ and this is why they felt they had to bribe the Clintons.  The Clintons claim they give 10% of their ‘speech fees’ to ‘charities’.  Suuuure.  They have accumulated $25 million for themselves this way.  Our own politicians will sink our ship with zero help from Putin.


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11 responses to “NATO Increases Pressure On Putin While Germany And Greece Make Gas Deals With Russia

  1. Petruchio

    “This $3 million budget charity paid this dangerous woman $200,000 which she pocketed by dumping it into the scam run by her daughter.” Sleaze breeds sleaze. The apple acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, or in this case the turd doesn’t fall from the a##hole it came from. Did you know that when Chelsea was a “journalist” she was the HIGHEST PAID journalist in the world? I don’t know why they couldn’t rig a Pulitzer for Chelsea! LOL

  2. amigauser

    HI, your wrong

    Russia is not strong, it is a country where the rich try to get their money out any way they can,
    The men are riddled with TB, AIDS or alcholicism, the women dream of being a “russian mail order bride” such is how awful the conditions are in russia outside of moscow, st petersburg.

    Also, Russia is military weak, not enough second and third kids have been born, to use them as cannon fodder in wars.

    Do you really think that the west would be acting the way it is if Stalin was still in charge?

    please answer the following

    how can America be bankrupt, when it issues debt in its own currency, that it can print at will, and has the worlds strongest military ?

  3. Jim R

    Tell me again, how it is that US astronauts get to the space station?

    (this is merely an example, there are many others)

    Your information is out of date, unfortunately. Maybe thirty or forty years out of date, but certainly obsolete now.

  4. Elaine Supkis

    Russia no longer has millions to toss into battle. But a top ally does: China.

    And Europe and the US both do not have millions of soldiers to kill like in WWI and WWII.

  5. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie

    US Military is the laughing stock of the World. Drag shows in NCO Clubs. Homosexuality excepted. Isis out beheading christians. A President who doesn’t know which end is up.

  6. Seraphim

    @ EU shouldn’t view itself as ‘hub of universe’ – Greek PM

    It never was! Atlantic Europe was affected by an autistic view and was unable to understand that she was an exception and the “Rest” was the norm.
    E.g. Byzantium was not a backwater of her, but a world in itself. It was the continuation of the older Mediterranean civilizations of Asia Minor, Crete, Greece, Thrace. (Actually Europe was the name of the region south of the Balkan Mountains – Thrace- and surrounding the Straits, where Constantinople once stood, name usurped by Charlemagne!) The name, as we know, came from the Phoenician Princess Europa, abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull and brought to Crete. Atlantic Europe was the backwater of the Mediterranean civilizations! The hiding place of the brigands and pirates who plagued the Mediterranean civilizations in centuries old looting, kidnapping and killing sprees.
    So with Russia. The Atlantic Europeans (and least of all their trans-Atlantic cousins) cannot figure out that it is a world in itself which was a direct continuation of the “Byzantine” and “Scythian” ones, where from all their fatal errors in assessing her real strength and believing that would be a easy target to gobble (Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler are the most glaring examples, so far). They seem to be ready to repeat their errors. We might see then indeed the “Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok” in the benign scenario, or a vast field of vitrified soil.
    “Atlantis” cannot stomach the fact that the “Rest” can perfectly live without her and like the Atlantis of old wants to punish that “arrogance”. But we know what happened with old Atlantis!

  7. e sutton


    Well, golly, you know Chelsea’s is 35 and deserves to be the highest paid journalist in the world. What did Edward R. Murrow have that she hasn’t got?

  8. Jim R

    Speaking of war, apparently we are at the bicentennial of Waterloo.

  9. Seraphim


    For a long time I fancied that it was my own ‘discovery’ that Waterloo means that quintessential British contraption: the Water ‘loo’ (closet).

    To my shame I stumbled upon the site “World Wide Words, Investigating the English language across the World”. I looked for Loo”. And what did I found?

    “Some writers have suggested a connection with Waterloo, neither the London railway station nor the battle site but supposedly a trade name in the early twentieth century for cast-iron lavatory cisterns, a joke or play on the older water closet; this idea is principally based on its enigmatic appearance in James Joyce’s Ulysses of 1922: “O yes, mon loup. How much cost? Waterloo. Watercloset.”

  10. Petruchio

    @#7 e sutton: Well, prolly the biggest thing little Chelsea has that Ed Murrow never are having both parents being in politics AND being the bought-and-paid-for political wh#res for Wall Street, Big Pharma and the MIC. And also: it was when Billy Bob Clinton was President that the Telecom Act was passed. This was the complete DE-regulation of the media ownership laws, allowing the Mega Media mergers to occur. Thanks in no small part to that sleazy political wh#re Bill Clinton, we have 6 Mega Media empires who own 95+% of all media outlets in the USA. Yep, this is just a coincidence; Chelsea is a brilliant, thought-provoking journalist.

  11. Elaine Supkis

    Left or right, they are ALL whores. When you gain entrance into the Magic DC machine, the money pours into your lap…only if you assist the super rich.

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