J. Crew Hunger Games: Executive Fired After Celebrating Firing Many Workers

How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended – YouTube


After firing 10% of the workers at the head office of J. Crew, four of the executive staff had a ‘Hunger Games’ party.  From 2010: The Cult Of J.Crew – Forbes


J.Crew was founded in 1983 by Arthur Cinader in the hopes of capitalizing on the success of The Official Preppy Handbook and Ralph Lauren .


The company was founded based on a parody book!  For a while, the company was a raging success.  But no more. According to the news, they laid off staff due to preppies buying stuff online. Thus, the collapse in sales.


Here is some very unwanted publicity for the struggling business:  J. Crew exec gets FIRED for heartlessly mocking sacked workers he’d just laid off with ‘survive or die’ Hunger Games jokes before going out to party in New York

Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 7.28.03 AM


A J.Crew representative provided The Daily with the following statement: “We do not condone this behavior in any way. Individuals’ actions do not represent the culture of our company–this is not who we are. The tough decisions we made last week were not something we took lightly. We do our best to make decisions with care & compassion for all of our associates.”


It wasn’t just one guy, it was four slobs who not only celebrated right after the meeting handing out the red slips, they literally jumped for joy, the executive gave the finger to the others who were fired and they had a laugh riot.  The one mistake this cretin did was to advertise openly his glee instead of going home and laughing demonically like good executives do.  The word ‘executive’ is the same word as ‘executor’ after all.


The entire business of catering to the very rich is just the same: Marc Jacobs Celebrates His New Scent, Decadence, With Magic Tricks And More – Daily Front Row:


Last eve, Marc Jacobs lured a slew of his pals, like Sofia Coppola, Kim Gordon, and Rachel Feinstein, plus a small crowd of editors to a mystery address on the Lower East Side to celebrate Jacobs’ new fragrance, Decadence. The space simply has to be seen to be believed: the entrance was tucked away behind a laundry room, chicsters could smoke indoors (there was even a cigarette gal flitting about), and the space, steeped in vaudeville history, was fittingly opulent for the new fragrance’s name. After sipping on sidecars, getting a whiff of the scent (which hits stores in October), and snacking on tiny truffled grilled cheeses and asparagus tarts…


Maybe we should call this the ‘Let them eat cake’ party.  Life is one big decadent party.  Then these same people will go forth to warn the rest of us that we should live in Tiny Houses and not buy lots of stuff and that we are as the Pope said, trashing the earth and all the fine people living in palaces should go on with their business while the rest of us are shamed into living like Calcutta.


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6 responses to “J. Crew Hunger Games: Executive Fired After Celebrating Firing Many Workers

  1. melponeme_k

    I have the Official Preppy Handbook. It was hilarious. It was lampooning WASPS basically. The kind that have a little money but walk around in clothing that are falling apart.

    It was written by a Jewish woman but with help from friends in that segment. Even still, they didn’t reveal everything about the culture. There is nothing about the importance of hard work, thrift, civics, the importance of charity (real charity not a tax scam) or the noblesse oblige of being good to all (even if you don’t want to be). In fact all that was once considered WASP has been boiled down to their money and what they did with it. Nothing else. When people think of them, they think the rich of the Gatsby era when in reality the majority of WASPs were middle class.

    And this is happening to all cultures. The only thing worth celebrating is money. No wonder why everything is collapsing.

  2. Elaine Supkis

    I am a Norman WASP.

    We were raised to do real, personal charity. My parents used to pack up our truck with food twice a year and drive into Sonora, Mexico, to feed the starving poor there.

    I remember the hot 1950’s drought there! Every mammal I saw there were showing their ribs.

    Asians have built factories there now.

  3. Petruchio

    “Maybe we should call this the ‘Let them eat cake’ party.” If you look in to the subject of religion, you will find an upsurge in Calvinism among the (supposed) “Christian” faiths that exist today. Calvinism has been around for some time. Its philosophy is essentially this: people are poor because they DESERVE to be poor. They are wicked and are sinners. Wealthy people are ‘good’ Christians because this is how the Good Lord rewards his Chosen ones. What does this “religion” actually believe, in practice? You do NOT need to help the poor; they deserve to be poor. Make them pick themselves up by their own means and if they don’t, it just “proves” the poor are lazy and deserve to suffer. Calvinism is actually based on any number of non-Christian motivations: greed, little to no concern about their fellow man (or person, if you want to be politically correct). There’s not a single charitable “bone” in a Calvinists body. Of course, if these good little Calvinist fall upon hard times (it must be because they have fallen out of favor with the Good Lord, methinks), guess who is seen screaming for a handout the loudest? Give yourself a gold star if you guessed Calvinists.

  4. Lou

    In the last century, did the populations of Mexico and Africa triple? Or quintuple? So ‘feeding the poor’ creates misery.

    re, We were raised to do real, personal charity. My parents used to pack up our truck with food twice a year and drive into Sonora, Mexico, to feed the starving poor there

  5. melponeme_k


    My grandfather was German/Dutch WASP, once a Lutheran but lapsed after his experiences in the war. He was a difficult and sometimes flawed man. But as a I get older I’m falling back on all his lessons. It is true that we become our parents/grandparents at the end.

    One of my fondest memories of him was watching sit in his recliner (he was a big tough looking guy) with all my clothing and he would repair everything with thread and needle. He would fix buttons, hems, and patch pants or let them out because I had grown taller. I wore my clothing until I absolutely could not anymore. They were either worn out or out grown. The clothing still wearable was donated.

    It isn’t like today, where people are trained to buy new the moment a button falls off. Where is that world? Will we ever get it back?

  6. Lou

    EMS, this is a depressing book but perhaps worth yr time.
    Katherine Boo’s ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’

    Katherine Boo’s first book explores the lives of residents in a Mumbai slum.

    / warning, a baby is murdered and the indians eat rats.

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