Racism Is Very Real And Both Left And Right Indulge In Racism

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Raft of the Medusa

Both the far left and far right are foaming at the mouth lately about many things including especially race issues.  Race issues interest me because so much confusion, hatred, double standards, lies and basic deceptions surrounds these issues.  I see in daily life in middle class communities perfectly fine race relations at work and at home.  The connubiality that exists since the Civil Rights Act was signed is significant and healthy.  But where there are bad race relations has to be examined and carefully understood for we stand on the brink of race relations collapse…in the Blue Collar lower working class.  And this has been caused by free trade.


Here is the far left discussing this collapse blaming it on people who point out that the inner cities are filling rapidly with unemployable black males who have no hope of jobs, marriage, security, or anything:  Racist Hate Bloggers Can Pat Themselves On The Back Now. | The Smirking Chimp


I just visited a website where the blogger apparently is in the pay of some right wing group these days. I’ve watched this site for several years now just to seek what materializes there. In the past two years, this blogger has moved away from rather rational mainstream writings into the territory of blaming black people for the ills of black neighborhoods everywhere.


The rhetoric has become more and more anti-black with references to young black people as “gangstahs” and “thugs,”essentially blaming blacks for their own disenfranchisement in increasingly racist USA.


This began when black people protested the Ferguson police killing and other police killings of blacks. Apparently some political group hired this blogger to heap blame upon black people to politically please hate mongering conservatives, probably aimed at some sort of new Southern political solution to help conservative politicians who are losing public support these days.


The writer, Jon Damos, pats himself on the back by pretending that blacks in our former manufacturing towns are not turning into drug dealing, thieving thugs and gangsters but is instead, totally unable to change anything because they are victims of ‘racism’.


I bet this guy would then turn around to the equally bad off ‘white trash/yahoo’ population of say, West Virginia, and call them all ‘racist’ even though inner city blacks are quite often openly racist and certainly leftists in general are quite racist, excusing one race for being degraded and sympathizing with them while chastising, mocking and threatening poor working class whites who are equally imperiled and facing the same annihilating forces that are destroying the black families.  Both races are facing the same doom, both struggle to deal with this via gangsterism drug dealing.


This drug dealing afflicts the ‘white trash’ countryside trailer communities and the inner city black slums.  Both chose this same solution to the collapse of blue collar jobs and this is also happening in Europe as well.  The wealth of society has moved to the very top while the very bottom has been cut loose to die like the Raft of the Medusa.  This famous painting shows both black and whites abandoned on a raft to lighten the load of a trading ship.


Charleston killer Dylann Roof grew up in a fractured home where ‘violent’ father beat his stepmother and hired private detective to follow her when they split, she claims in court papers.  This violent father with tattoos gave his son a gun for his birthday.  The father is obviously a racist and obviously ‘trailer trash’ and is very angry and as Roof’s friends from school said in the past, the boy changed when he lived alone with his violent father, for he didn’t act like a racist back when his step mother still lived with them.


Yes, racism exists!  The question is, who DOESN’T have problems with this?  In Israel, American Jews happily and with deadly force, act extremely, tremendously racist and are proud of this but when they come here, they pretend racism is evil especially ‘anti-semitism’.  But then they go back home to Israel and out pops this Nazi racism again, without blinking an eye.


No US media talks about this absurd situation and black politicians in Congress, funded heavily by Jewish election money, won’t say a peep, either.  Racism is at the core of Judaism.


I was not even slightly surprised that there were no riots after mainstream, middle class blacks who were praying in church and who are model citizens, were shot down.  Instead, the Charleston shooting victim’s families confront Dylann Roof in court ‘I forgive you’: Tearful relatives of Charleston victims confront ‘killer’ in court with heart-wrenching speeches of Christian FORGIVENESS – as he adopts a vacant, remorseless stare.  


Many religious groups forgive too fast.  You cannot forgive someone who doesn’t think they did any wrong.  Justice must be served and in this case, the drug-addled, insane, freaked out murderer will pay the full price as he ought.  Like the Aurora mass killer, he must be kept locked up since he has proven himself incapable of seeking help before going on a rampage.
Outrage after Charleston judge tells relatives of murdered churchgoers that the killer’s family are VICTIMS… as it is revealed he was once reprimanded for using the n-word in court: this white judge IS a racist.  And should be barred from the bench and I suspect now that he has revealed his inability to judge dispassionately, he will be forced out.  The killer’s family DOES have victims: the mother, the step mother, the sister.  They are victims of sexual predatory males who are frustrated and mean like junkyard dogs.


And the non-racist sister shows her true nature:  Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof was identified by sister Amber Roof who did all in her power to help catch him when there was no direct identification of who the killer was besides the photos.


Charleston shooting branded an ACCIDENT by Rick Perry who believes Dylann Roof was acting under the influence of drugs because Rick Perry IS a ‘racist’.  This is not an ‘accident’.  This is planned mass murder.  There is no way around this fact.  The gun didn’t drop to the floor and fire.  It was directed by Roof who wanted to start a race war.


Many people on the left want this race war thinking that blacks will win and then we would all live in harmony in our Tiny Houses and have socialism along with protecting the earth from CO2 and being somewhat warmer than yesterday but significantly cooler than the Medieval Warm Period.


But I have spoken again and again about this delusional thinking.  No, black people will not win a race war, they will be annihilated and I am against this entirely for this reason.  And penning up blacks in cities and whites in poor rural holdings and hoping all the lower working class would just keel over dead is ridiculous and cruel and stupid.


I am for protectionism, I am for securing our borders, I am for not moving all our manufacturing overseas, I am for the working stiffs, not the upper classes nor the idle rich.  I am horrified that gangsterism is spreading relentlessly.  It is anti-women’s rights, anti-children’s protection, anti-social in the extreme and it is killing off, literally, both blacks and whites with blacks leading the self destruction way of life, with a huge murder rate that is terrible to behold.  And step by step, the white lower class is mirroring this decline into self-destruction.


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16 responses to “Racism Is Very Real And Both Left And Right Indulge In Racism

  1. Mish Mich

    It is interesting to look back at how this gang phenomenon developed. There was a huge surge of militancy in the USA during the 1960’s, with the Watts riots, Black Panthers, Malcolm X & the Nation of Islam. The situation was defused, not by addressing the concerns of people like MLK, because only lip-service was paid to the calls for justice. It was defused through the flooding of urban areas with a series of narcotics, which people disillusioned with the accelerated decline of their environment, rather than any improvements, often turned to dull the pain of poverty and racism. Initially, it was heroin, then crack, and now meth. Drugs that channeled the energy into crime needed to finance the dependency that accompanied them. Away from any resistance to oppression and the fight for social justice.

    I witnessed the same process under Thatcher in the UK, in Bristol. Before the riots, there was a low-level narcotics problem – even hash was hard to come by. After the riots, which left a huge optimism that things would change, but within a year the policing had changed to heavy-handed, and yet the pace became flooded with drugs.

    I think it was the TV version of Chris Mullen’s “A Very British Coup” which portrayed those who ultimately profit from this approach as being senior-level politicians.

    It is the same in any enclosed society, such as a prison – when drugs are on tap, there is a compliant prison population – when the tap is turned off, there riots. I remember reading reports in the newspapers about a clampdown at some prison, and a week later there would be reports of prison riots at the same prison. Because, drugs make the situation tolerable – just as they did for many in St. Paul’s, Bristol. What is interesting is that what happened in Bristol was a year before riots broke out across the UK. So, the response was like a lab-test for the rest of the country – and sure enough, just like so many urban areas in the USA after the 1960’s riots, the inner cities were handed over to criminal gangs, who eventually took over much of the policing, and appeared to have freedom to bring in and distribute the drugs that maintained a compliant underclass – with a significantly reduced life expectancy for many from the toll of drug addiction, gang violence and poverty that followed.

  2. Fisco.

    Fair and impartial analysis on the shooting incident. The obsession with climate issues on this forum persists, it just has to creep in somehow.

  3. Elaine Supkis

    I live on a mountain in the far north. It is getting colder and colder so I am furious about all the global warming hysteria.

  4. ziff

    yup racists;

    and DR phil had a real doozy on one time , they’re out there

  5. Lou

    Here my dear—-http://www.thelocal.fr/20150616/french-told-to-stop-eating-nutella-to-save-planet

  6. e sutton

    I don’t want to disrupt the “we’re all the same, race doesn’t matter” party, but facts tell otherwise. Elaine completely ignores the bell curve studies that clearly indicate a racial IQ imbalance. No. It’s still 1963 in Elaine’s world. All colored people are really just white people in disguise. And yes, the colored people value education and hard work just like the white fold do. HONEST! Saying or thinking otherwise is just racist. Gnome sane?

  7. Lou

    E Sutton — I did buy n read ‘Bell Curve’ [all 700? pages].
    I didnt relate to the endless charts in the book.
    The book neglects two things,
    high testosterone in Blacks,
    White indulgence. as soon as LBJ said ‘charge’, Blacks regressed to the ‘African mean’.

  8. Seraphim

    @Racism is at the core of Judaism

    And it passed it to its bastard offspring Protestantism, especially in its Puritan Anglo-American version. The Puritans came to America to build “the New Israel”. In their G-d inspired views the descendants of Ham, the third son of Noah, has been cursed by Noah to be the “servants of Shem and Japheth”. Ham is the progenitor of all black, brown, colored, barbaric and primitive peoples. Ergo, all colored are destined to be the servants of the whites.
    The idea, first proposed by the German Humanist Johann Boemus in 1521, was enthusiastically adopted by most of the New World reverends and doctors. E. g. Dr. Samuel A. Cartwright of Natchez, Mississippi who wrote a series of letters in 1843 “Truths of the Bible and the Justice and Benevolence of the Decree Dooming Canaan”. Or, the Bishop John H. Hopkins of Vermont: “Noah judged it to be their fittest condition”. In the words of the Reverend Frederick Ross: “Shem was blessed to rule over Ham and Japheth (the WASPS!) was blessed to rule over both”. Voila.

  9. CK

    Having now read the Manifesto of the 9th grade dropout, I would like to learn his editor’s name.

  10. “Racism is at the core of Judaism.”

    Correct — and also Christianity. It goes all the way back to the beginning: Christians thought they were made a new ‘special’ race by their being inducted into Christianity and being ‘adopted’ by their god as ‘sons’. Hence they classified humanity into two races: themselves, and everybody else, who would be doomed to the flames once their god shows up. Of course, the Romans were wise to that, and suspected Christians of hating the whole human race.

  11. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, I did previously mention that, I believe. Yes, a State Senator was murdered and no flags at half mast! That is pure racism, of course.

    The Deep South isn’t without racism, far from it. But then, many people are the same way, we see in South Africa how white racism has been replaced with a vile form of tribalism that is killing or tormenting everyone else, only it is now blacks doing this.

    When people gain power they indulge in racism and tribalism. Old as all humanity.

  12. Seraphim


    Again we compare apples with oranges. Christians were “inducted” into “Christianity” by Baptism. Anyone could have been baptized. It actually was the command of the Christ:
    “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”
    “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”

    It is about Salvation, the ultimate goal of mankind, not about a new organization of society. It was not making any difference of “race”. One of the first to be baptized was an Ethiopian, a “Negro”. Nobody was excluded from being “inducted”. Everybody was invited to join, nobody was forced (especially in the Roman times when they were persecuted and hounded for 300 years). Christianity never justified slavery by non-baptism.
    Judaism remaind monoracial. Only the Jews were the “Uberrasse” and all the “nations” damned and destined to serve them. They rejected the Christian message because it was addressed to the “Goys” also. The Judaic attitude towards slavery seeped into Christianity with the reverting to Judaism (like “the dog returning to its vomit”), first slowly and furtively in Catholicism, then openly in Protestantism and brazenly in the American Protestantism, which justified slavery through the Old Testament. E.g. a Baptist preacher, Iveson L. Brookes of South Carolina, wrote (1851): “What is remarkable too it was negro slavery, or the bondage of the Canaanitish descendants of Ham, whom God authorized to be held in hereditary bondage, under the laws of the Jewish polity”. Many people opposed strenuously the baptism of Negros and Indians under the pretext that they would not make “good servants”!

  13. Lou

    But then, many people are the same way, we see in South Africa how white racism has been replaced /

    Was there ‘racism’ or a necessary separation?
    Where was the ‘White racism’?

  14. Lou

    This is from ‘SBPDL’

    I don’t know about Minneapolis but in other parts of the U.S. black owned businesses are as scarce as the negro scientists and doctors I see only on TV. Black owned businesses just don’t exist in significant numbers and where they are found they are usually marginal at best. The CVS in Baltimore is a chain store and it’s doubtful any of the pharmacists were black for obvious reasons as just one example.

    Blacks are typically found “working” in AA government “jobs” and AA private sector make-work jobs to keep the $PLC/NAACP scumbag lawyers at bay. That is one unreported reason for the failure of the VA to deliver adequate care to veterans. The VA is stuffed with blacks who don’t and won’t work, can’t be fired and know it.

    anon said…

    Flipping through the major cable news channels – CNN, Fox, BBC, MSNBC, as well as a couple minor ones – ONN, Fusion and Al Jazeera, I find nothing less than 5 programs espiusing the DWL BS “we still beez o-pressed” sob story. Many linked to sympathy-filled stories about those killed in SC – no mention of the hundres of Whites & others that died at the hands of Blacks just today (like every day).

    One line that makes me howl with laughter & disbelief is about “the talk” that Black parents (What are these mythical things ?) have to have with thier sons and how this has had to happen for generations. Ha ! Maybe because they continue to breed generation after generation of evil, amoral, violent, lawless barbarians ! WTH ?

    Enough, already. Enough. I’m so tired of the propaganda. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

  15. Elaine Supkis

    This overlooks the ‘white trash’ anger issue which isn’t fixed with peace marches and pleas for unity, etc.

    The entire underclass in America is being forced into drug dealing and gangsterism. The is echoed in movies and songs and TV shows. It is the predominant culture of the working blue collar class that has lost 80% of its factory jobs that had some security, benefits and retirement pay.

    The ability to found a family is vanishing in the white lower class just as fast, only delayed by two generations, as the black lower class. It is very hard to escape this culture because the single mom family is a disaster with no male leading it and providing backup for the mothers.

    Also, in nature, male primates kill offspring of other males when they take over a harem. So the death and abuse rate of small children exposed to a parade of males entering the nest is growing worse and worse for black children, 70% of whom don’t grow up with their biological fathers, to the ‘white trash’ children who are increasingly as bad off.

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