Seinfeld and Maher, Jewish Jokers, Make Obscene Attack On US Students For Being PC

Fiddler On The Roof – If I Were A Rich Man [With Lyrics] – YouTube

‘Humor’ is a strange thing humans do, mostly we laugh at nasty stuff like people falling on ice, for example.  Most humor comes from feeling superior to the object of our amusement.  The other form of humor is by oppressed or poor or outside the tribe people making fun of either themselves or their rulers but behind the ruler’s backs so the humor has to be hidden from the elites.  Usually, this is done via ‘snark’ or ‘Double entendre‘ or ‘sly wit’.  ‘Fiddler on the roof‘ by Joe Stein (who I knew very well while in NYC) is a classic example of Jewish Shtetl wit which is how the persecuted Jews mocked the Russian rulers.


For 100 years, after leaving the Shtetl behind and other ghettos opened their gates and Jews went out into the greater world, this wit and sly humor went a long, long ways, slowly but surly dying over time.  The Nazi persecution of the Jews revived this a bit but that was over 60 years ago and the deterioration of Jewish humor continues as Jews become more and more powerful especially in Israel where they ape the Nazis and have the same ‘humor’ as Nazis had used on Jews, that is, laughing while killing or torturing or moving into ghettos the ‘inferior’ Palestinians.


All despots and racists are, for the most part, very unhumorous.  They tend to find terrible, nasty things to be uproariously hilarious.  Ancient Rome shows how this works: Fascinating History: Caligula’s Idea of Fun:


“As an example of his sense of humour, he played a prank on Apelles, the tragic actor, by standing beside a staue of Jupiter and asking: ‘Which of us two is greater?’ When Apelles hesitated momentarily, [Caligula] had him flogged, commenting on the musical quality of his groans for mercy. He never kissed the neck of his wife or mistress without saying: ‘And this beautiful throat will be cut whenever I please’.”


Now let’s look at today’s news: Bill Maher Calls College Student A ‘Little Sh*t’ For Criticizing Jerry Seinfeld, this is a Jewish ‘comic’ who is extremely nasty when ‘joking’ about Palestinians, being obscene and nasty to someone who asks the equally obnoxious Jewish ‘comic’ Seinfeld to tone down his racism and sexism:


After San Diego State University student Anthony Berteaux, a campus editor-at-large with The Huffington Post, penned an open letter to Jerry Seinfeld telling him he was disheartened that the comedian thinks college audiences are too quick to call jokes racist, sexist or prejudiced, Maher told him to back off during a segment on “Real Time.”


“Now, I sure wouldn’t want to be judged by what I wrote at 20, but stupid though I was in 1976, I wouldn’t have presumed to lecture George Carlin on comedy,” Maher said, referring to the late, famed comedian. “Though I sure wish George was around today to write a letter back to this kid, as only he could. But since he can’t, allow me: Dear you little shit, I’m sure you’re busy with your new letter explaining astrophysics to Stephen Hawking and giving jump shot pointers to Steph Curry, but try to get a clue.”…


“I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC,’” Seinfeld said. “[Young people] just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice.’ … They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”


When a bunch of privileged men go around mocking women, other ethnic groups, the poor, etc. they think they are very funny.  Since rich Jewish men own much of the media, they have giving fellow Jewish males and some females lots of support, time on the air and in print and in the movies, etc. to spew out noxious nastiness disguised as ‘humor’ when it is often not funny at all but rather, extremely cruel or making everyone else but themselves ‘stupid’ while they are like Seinfeld did, are the ‘smart’ ones.


Just as WASPs couldn’t create comedies easily, now Jews have basically lost this skill and this is connected with power.  Here is another example from ancient Rome: Mary Beard: humour in ancient Rome was a matter of life and death


Caligula is supposed to have issued a ban on laughter throughout the city after the death of his sister – along with a ban on bathing and family meals (a significant trio of “natural” human activities that ought to have been immune to political interference). But even more sinister was his insistence – the other way round – that people laugh against their natural inclinations. One morning, for instance, he executed a young man and forced the father to witness his son’s execution. That same afternoon he invited the father to a party and now forced him to laugh and joke. Why did the man go along with it, people wondered. The answer was simple: he had another son.


Just like no one dares even crack a smile around the dictator of North Korea and laughs heartily when the fat little monster laughs and he only laughs when he is destroying someone or something or threatening them, Jews in the humor industry are using the same tactics as little Kim: Bill Maher says liberals are killing comedy – The Washington Post


“I used to fight with this audience all the time, because we used to get the audience strictly from liberal sources, then we got the audience like from everywhere and I’ve had a much better time the last couple of months,” he said.


Ross called comedy “medicine.” “You don’t want it watered down; you want it potent,” he said. “We have a responsibility to shine a light on the darkest aspects of society.”


The very last thing Jewish comics want to do today is shed light on the darkest aspects of Judaic racism.  This is a very high top priority thing.  No one is ever allowed to notice that Jews are virulently racist.  If anyone dares say this they are attacked and called ‘anti-semitic’ which then enables more racism and vicious jokes by Jews who think they are superior to everyone else.  This is Nazi ideology.  I will note here that some posters who come to my site pretend that it is OK to discriminate against or abuse someone because they are intellectually inferior.


This is disgusting.  The opposite is true.  You can’t mock them or abuse them, if someone is intellectually inferior you protect them and help them.  Just as anti-semitic jokes are nasty, so are jokes about white women or ‘trailer trash’ or other groups who are viewed by rich Jewish men as inferior animals.  This has to stop.


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40 responses to “Seinfeld and Maher, Jewish Jokers, Make Obscene Attack On US Students For Being PC

  1. Lou

    Elaine, Seinfeld is worth 1/4 BILLION or so? The problem is you pay attention to these talking heads and their agitprop.
    I dont watch much TV or believe the jewsmedia.

  2. Lou

    Maher is a ‘half breed’? One parent was Christian?

  3. e sutton

    Probably not even worth mentioning, but I’m fine with blacks as long as they aren’t shoved down my throat. The constant bitching, moaning, and axing for more money for more useless projects aimed at keeping them from killing each other gets tiresome. NO OTHER RACE does this! One hundred and fifty solid YEARS of unrelenting bitching about how awful the white man treats them. After more than 50 years one would think they’d take at least some of the many government set asides designed to powder and pamper their asses and contribute something (anything) to the economy, but no! More tears, more bitching, more wailing, more moaning, that the white man hasn’t done enough for them.

    A negro that has 3/4ths the brain of an otherwise qualified white is given an affirmative action job/degree and we all are expected to worship at the shrine of the exalted negro. No. When the Russians or Chinese take things over, they’ll be the ones to put these worthless negroes in their place once and for all. I don’t advocate making fun of blacks because of their inferior intellect. But I cannot remain silent while they bring down civilization by their lazy, stupid ways. When was the last time you heard someone complain about a Norwegian family moving into their neighborhood? With blacks, it’s universally recognized that property values plummet with they move into neighborhoods. They bring nothing but ruin upon every society they enter. And I’m supposed to be happy about blacks becoming the dominant race? Yeah. Pull the other one.

  4. Elaine Supkis

    Um, this is typical stereotyping.

    How many lazy, low IQ white Europeans are there? Plenty. The Chinese have a billion people, if just 20% are high intelligence, this means 200 million people which is 50% of our population level.

    Blacks in America are only 13% of the population. So 20% of that is very few people indeed compared to say, China.

    CULTURE matters and the work ethic in the US has been throughly crushed by the elites via welfare and free trade shipping jobs overseas to increase profits.

    This is hammering the white ‘trash’ population which is around 20% and the black innercity which is hit at around a 80% rate. There is precious little in between the top 20% blacks who are successful and smart and the rest. But then, what, pray tell, is being done to the hard working middle class that is white?

    The same garbage! It is a matter of time before that group suddenly finds no one wants them, too.

  5. Seraphim

    @fine with blacks as long as they aren’t shoved down my throat

    It certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Slave trading was a major feature of Jewish economic life in the Dutch and British West Indies, a major stopping-off point in the triangular trade. Both North American and Caribbean Jews played a key role in this commerce.
    “On the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750’s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760’s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760’s and early 1770’s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.” [Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History (New York: Behrman House, Inc., Pub, 1983), pp. 14, 23-25.]. Of course, American planters received them reluctantly!

  6. Lou

    Elaine misses a lot of things in the media. I can relate. She has snow to shovel, chores to do.
    What is being ‘pushed’ is getting White women to go with Black men. I dont watch much TV [maybe 15 minutes a week]. I do not go to the movies. At another blog this was pointed out.

    The Jews have a few things that they are pushing thru the media.
    1] White men are dumb, ugly, creepy
    2] Blacks are geniuses. [Morgan Freeman played God in one film, or his vox did]
    3] Pairing White women w ‘suave’ Black men.

    Look carefully at TV, ads, films and you will see.

  7. Elaine Supkis


    Black males who are successful such as football players, actors, etc. are very very attractive to white women because fame and money is the honey that attracts the bees.

    Cheerleader slender blonde white women fetch the highest marriage stakes prices in our culture. The sad part for males is, these prizes come with lawyers in tow.

  8. CK

    What was that guy’s name again, Hope? Robert Hope a comedian I think.
    Carson wasn’t there a Carson who did decent comedy …
    And wasn’t there a Sterling just recently who was very attractive to an adventuress of some sort? Cost him a basketball team as I recall.
    Slim attractive women will always be attractive until they age out of their attractiveness. Gravity is inexorable, just ask any pair of large breasts.
    Invade the village, kill the men and boys, steal the women. A working form of multi-culti diversity thinking.
    Men have access to lawyers too, it is a recent development in the civilized world; the talking heads are not sure if it is a good thing®. Love is fleeting, contracts can be invalidated, a good single malt scotch is a joy forever.
    A snifter of scotch, a fine Cuban cigar, a good book, Julie London singing in the background… and someone you can pay to not be there in the morning when you awake. As James would have said ” That is a man’s world.”

  9. Elaine Supkis

    And a poor way to raise children.

  10. Jim R

    Pffft, who’d bring children into a world like this? If people had any damn sense, they’d be extinct in 1 generation!

  11. Lou

    Via Taki Mag

    One of the great narratives of the West is the evil of the slave trade.
    Yet, we don’t see a single black descendant of the slave trade trying to return to Africa.
    Instead, we see Africans whose ancestors were not sold as slaves(and, if anything, whose ancestors captured and sold slaves to whites and Arabs) risking their lives in rickety boats to go to Europe/West to live amongst white people.
    It’s as if the greater injustice had been perpetrated on blacks who were not captured and sold into slavery to the West. And those blacks now use unsafe ships to come to the West and to live under white governance.
    By the way, many people seem to overlook the sexual dimension to this.
    Just about 99% of the men in the photos are MEN.
    Why is this? Isn’t Africa filled with poor women as well as poor men?
    So, why are all the refugees men and not women?
    Could there be a Joe Buck factor(Midnight Cowboy)? Or Joe Black?
    In today’s age, even Africans have access to the internet and pop culture. They must have been Hollywood movies with interracial couples. They must have seen rap music videos with Negro studs and white chicks. They must have seen interracial porn where black men dominate over white men and take white women. They must have seen sports where blacks dominate the field and are treated as gods in both US and Europe. They must have noticed and heard that the #1 sex tourism destiny for European women is black Africa. Rates of STD have gone up among British women because of this sex tourism.
    So, a lot of black African men may feel like Joe Buck or Joe Black, racially and sexually superior to white men. They may have the impression that European men are a bunch of pansies and fruits. White men can no longer pleasure their women, therefore white women now prefer the superior Negro over the wussy white guy.

    99% or more of the ‘migrants’ you see in photos are MEN, not women.
    When it comes to the US-Mex border, it’s not just the men. Mex women also come here to find work in restaurants or as nannies. Maybe more men come, but plenty of women come too, which is why so many Mex migrant men and Mex migrant women have lots of children.

    The Vietnamese Boat People crisis was also about men AND women, not just the men.

    But when we look at Africa and Europe, it is a Male Invasion. So, it would be dishonest to overlook the sexual dimension of this.
    And since white European women are into rap music and hip hop culture(and interracist Hollywood movies), they might like the idea of a Europe teeming with big Negroes. Or maybe it’s just PC brainwashing. Or maybe they are like the Eternals in ZARDOZ who, having been cocooned in safety and prosperity for so long, have no idea what is happening. Because it’s a disaster worse than the Fall of Rome.
    Rome was invaded by whites, and those whites could eventually become civilized and advanced, indeed more so than Southern Europeans.
    But as Europe fills up with Joe Blacks, it’s gonna be one big hell hole.
    It is the suicide of Europe but also the cuckolding and rape of Europe.
    The fact that US, the most powerful nation on Earth, twice elected a black guy must also encourage blacks to make the horny journey. And Obama is a what? A product of an African male sexually conquering a white woman.//

    Taki mag

  12. Lou


    Black males who are successful such as football players, actors, etc. are very very attractive to white women because fame and money is the honey that attracts the bees’ [Elaine]

    Wrong, it is despite the males Blackness. It is the money.

  13. Petruchio

    There’s a “flip side” to the TV/Movie narrative about the “superior” black male: the white males who are ALWAYS portrayed as clueless dunces. I guess it’s perfectly OK to portray white males in movies and on TV as morons, but you better not portray criminals as being black. Blacks gotta be the cops now. Even though homicide is THE leading cause of death among black males aged 18-39–mostly it is black on black crime. It’s really weird and kind of interesting how, in this politically correct world, how some groups receive extreme sensitivity and some groups, like white males, get ZERO sensitivity; they are fair game to be prejudiced against. I recall reading an article about reverse discrimination. The official position in our PC society is: “it is OK, to punish white males for past discrimination. It isn’t fair, but that’s just too bad; someone has to pay the price for past prejudice against minorities such as black and women. Funny how the :morality” changes depending on how is being discriminated against.

  14. Seraphim

    @we see Africans whose ancestors were not sold as slaves(and, if anything, whose ancestors captured and sold slaves to whites and Arabs) risking their lives in rickety boats to go to Europe/West

    I’ve heard this question obsessively asked as a supreme argument for the white superiority (and even supremacy).

    I did once ask the following question: “Suppose a society in which everybody has the opportunity to freely choose his/her ideal job. Who would choose freely the job of shit cleaner? (even street cleaner, no matter that it is now called ‘agent de surface’). Or nurse in charge with washing the bottoms of the elderly dumped in nursing homes?
    The first person I asked the question was a lovely slender, blond, blue-eyed girl with an angelic air about her. The answer came even before I finished the questioning: NOT MEEE!!! Other people answered: Well, the shit cleaners, I suppose. And who are the shit-cleaners?, I asked facetiously. Well, the ones who can stand the shit! Have you been to India?
    You see why the Afro and others can’t wait to come to the “White supremacists” zone? Of course, there are also the cowards who flee the kind attentions of, say, Syrian opposition for their failing to fight the “brutal dictator” Assad, or Boko Haram…

  15. Lou

    Seraphim, you unintentionally prove my point. Black ‘civilizations’ are oxymoron s.

    Petruchio, the ads on You Tube [where I watch regularly] are eerie.

    Here, this is one of countless,

  16. Lou

    Here is a list of ‘favoring black geniuses’,,
    Wall St Journal
    Alarms for home
    Dating sites
    Cheerios commercial
    Banking ads
    High tech schools/training facilities
    Auto dealerships
    The U.S. Military
    ALL colleges
    LEO recruiters
    New TV programs.
    Cheerios commercial is a HOOT. Rich Black dad, White wife, mulatto kid. But EMS does not notice. How statistically improbable, rich and staying to raise child. …………..

  17. Seraphim


    And your point is?
    A story circulating in a socialist country of yore where the Marxist worship of work was exalted to the such heights that it became a necessity (so much so that the state took care of the malingerers by treating them in special sanatoriums where they were cured by intensive work for some years), a child was asked at school: what is work? A the little girl answered what her father was talking loudly at home: Work is something for tractors, negroes and women. The father was called at school and given a scolding cum a lecture in political correctness.

    And about white bimbos loving BBC. Is it only money? Nowadays when females are so much liberated that they can demand to enjoy the pleasure of sex to the max, would not they look for the ones who can offer them more than the “the wussy white guy”? So, WTF “the #1 sex tourism destiny for European women is black Africa”, if not for “that”? Understandable, the feathers of the “white guys” are a bit ruffled, which anger them so much that they feel the necessity to “show them sluts”.

  18. Elaine Supkis

    What we are seeing is the collapse of the lower working class.

    It does not require genius IQ to work. It does require ‘the work ethic’ and racists here cannot understand how this is actively undermined by culture and entertainment processes.

    Blaming the victims is stupid. The ‘dumbing down’ of society is hitting everyone, not just ‘nasty people’ whoever they are.

    We have cut loose the working class and now sneer at them and mock them and yes, the males and females of the once-proud working class that actually got married, had families and had some sort of social structure, are now cast offs of no use of anyone except as male and female sex objects and used for amusement purposes.

    The evolutionary hammer that gave black males so much physical power (weak slaves died younger and had few to no children) still is operational but fading fast and the same evolutionary hammer that created the northern hemisphere peasant class is also fading fast.

    This is why black athletes dominate various sports, for example. White supremacists can’t stand this because they think they are genetically superior which is ridiculous.

    Yes, Northern Europeans (LIKE ASIANS) are ‘smarter’ than the average African today overall but that is fading, too due to evolutionary pressure pushing down the EDUCATED SMART adults who have few to no children while the welfare mothers reproduce like rabbits! See how this works????

    White superiority is doomed. Not due to blacks but due to smart white males refusing to have more than one child (also true in Japan) but instead, choosing to opt out of the evolutionary flow.

    My father was a genius and so is my father-in-law. My dad had 7 children with my mother who also had a very high IQ. We were all very smart but NONE of us had 7 children.

    I could only have 2, for example. It was economically impossible to have 7 children while working full time, living in a city. Impossible, except if you are on welfare in NYC.

  19. Lou

    Yes, before feminism ruined things [I know EMS will disagree] the average family size [1960s] was four children.
    And one man worked 40 hours to support 6 [2 = 4].
    And the big employers were IBM and the Big 3. They paid mid to upper class wages.

    Now the big employers are Mc donalds and Wmart. Poverty wages. No unions.

    If the snide ‘racists here’ in yr recent [10.24am] comment was aimed at me, I allow others to have their opinions.
    Opinions, well, everyone has one.

  20. Lou

    Salon sent out a tweet basically saying that’ white America had to own this incident.
    It was direct contradiction of a tweet they put out that said the Muslim community was in no way responsible for the Tsarnev brothers.

    Typical anti White, leftist s–t.

  21. Petruchio

    “Yes, Northern Europeans (LIKE ASIANS) are ‘smarter’ than the average African today overall but that is fading, too due to evolutionary pressure pushing down the EDUCATED SMART adults who have few to no children while the welfare mothers reproduce like rabbits! See how this works????” Let’s not harp strictly on blacks as a lower educated group that are making babies “like rabbits” There are plenty of UN-educated Asians doing the very same thing, which is to say, going on public support–of ALL kinds available–and making lots of babies. Yes, there ARE intelligent, hard-working Asians who come to this country and work hard, but there are ALSO lots of uneducated Asians looking to ride the gravy train and make lotsa babies at public expense. BTW: notice how many of these foreigners pretend to not understand English, but when it comes to navigating the social services/public support system, these very same people are EXTREMELY competent at doing so? One more thing about these foreign folk who come to this country, get on public support and start making lots of babies, all without putting forth much effort to learn English: the barely concealed CONTEMPT they have for the taxpaying public who allow them all this free money/support. Well, they should be thankfull I’m not in charge; it would be different.

  22. Lou

    Petruchio, yr tale reminds me of a nice senior citizen Black man I knew.
    He spoke fluent spanish, having lived in Mexico.
    He said at hospitals, the disrespect the orderlies etc offered was amazing.
    The staff didnt know he understood their mexican spanish.

  23. Elaine Supkis

    Yes, the French do this too and it horrifies them if you reveal you understand them.

  24. Lou

    Thats human nature – I guess. Elaine, what about TPP?

  25. Elaine Supkis

    Looks like the elites are going to push it past Congress again.

  26. LOU

    YES! But then what? Do you know any specifics?

  27. CK

    Oh Elaine it is a wonderful way to raise a civilized man child to appreciate his superiority.
    A Loie Fuller, a Josephine Baker likewise, would love a man who could take her or ignore her as he saw fit.
    A superb way to raise children of either sex.
    Eventually women have 100% of the pussy and 100% of the financial assets but by the time they acquire them they are not all the useful for gaining a male’s approval.
    Young, slim, virtuous and fertile … even an old fart like me will raise a snifter to that lady.
    By the time you achieve my age, the gentleman’s salute is not a given, it is a hard earned thing.

  28. Petruchio

    @#27: After reading your comments. I couldn’t help but remember that, not only as women age their attractiveness to men generally declines, but the tables turn. Almost ALL men would prefer continued bachelorhood over a marriage to a plain Jane who is also a bitter divorcee. It’s actually a no-brainer decision. Also: as men and women age, it is no longer men pursuing women. It is the women who have to compete for and pursue men. Reason? Women FAR outnumber men as both groups age, so the women have to compete for men, not the other way around.

  29. LOU

    Petruchio, past age 40 – or so.
    Men are fewer [via death] than women.
    The Ones who will not marry, no way.

  30. Elaine Supkis

    You guys grossly underestimate the value of PROPERTY older women have. These assets remain very attractive to men and looks and sex have lower ratings compared to vast tracts of land and a big bank account, etc.

  31. LOU

    I am here–send me a riche Grande Dame.

  32. Petruchio

    Elaine: it’s an age-old problem we men have always had. We think with the wrong head! I doubt if there is a cure for this weakness.

  33. CK

    An adult male of 70 is not worried about property.
    Maybe a younger more avaricious male in his 40’s might find property a reason to indulge the fantasies of a much more mature woman. But what do you talk about after you have moved out of his wet spot? What does it make you when the only reason a man will endure your company is the hope that you will dump some “property” on him. Let us not try to kid a kidder or bull shit an honest male.
    When a man in his twenties meets the perfect woman he weds her if he can because she is perfection in his eyes and mind.
    The woman does not marry perfection she instead has decided to marry a doable project. His friends will have to be abandoned, his style and tastes will have to be amended and excised, he will be a project and if he refuses or is the least bit recalcitrant to the feminine agenda … no head for him, no sex for him. As it is now shall be and has ever been; nightmare without end, ah woman.
    To raise the Gentleman’s salute, To have the “right head” erect a smile of approval for the qualities espied by its owner. It is not at Pertuchio would have us believe a “wrong head”. It is the head that is incapable of lying, It is the head that acknowledges The Truths. When it refuses to salute the problem is not in it but in what is viewing.
    It is the head upon which civilization depends and society must maintain. Without it you lap up the juices but produce nothing and bear nothing. Or you send it scurrying down fecal holes in hopes of massaging a prostate into exuding its contents and pretending you are special. ( The Supremes agree with the second definition holeheartedly.)
    Are you a whore? Would you be a catamite too? Would you screw/indulge the fantasies of anyone for money?
    And the lady said “What do you think I am.”
    And the lawyer said “we have already established that, now we are merely negotiating the price.” And how soon after you will depart.

  34. Elaine Supkis

    Young men love property very much. Just like young ladies overlook shabby, boring old coots if they have lots of money. Money makes the world turn round, doesn’t it?

  35. Petruchio

    Elaine: I don’t know about that. I’d marry Jessica Biel in a heartbeat even if she didn’t have a penny to her name.

  36. CK

    No Elaine money does not make the world go round.
    Young men love passion, sex, challenge, knowledge, stuff and things are way down the list of what are loved. Show me the next planet, the next mountain the next blank space on the map or the sky chart. Young women love attention. If the attention comes with expensive presents, young women will spread wide and scream with joy. Us old coots know the differences between what is earned, what is purchased and owned and what is rented and returned in need of an oil change.
    Money is the means used to calculate how successful one is at meeting a challenge, at climbing a new idea and making it come to halter and walk.
    Never confuse the method of keeping currently fashionable score with the game being played and the objectives thereof. Money is the medium of scorekeeping to some, bedpost notches to some, hours unfettered by the imposition of the needs and wants of others to others. Half the world is full of eggs; the other half has sperm. Neither is cheap, neither is dear both are almost equally spread and available. Woman is born with about 400 eggs never makes another one, from menarche to menopause once every 28 days one of them becomes available for use. Men have billions and billions of sperm that die every day and are replaced daily. Sperm are not cheap eggs are not dear, as we fraternize so we continue.

  37. Fisco.

    E Sutton or whatever you call yourself, you are an awful, disgusting, miserable piece of work. Gosh..i cant remember the last time I heard such a bitterly racist statement. You strongly believe in horrible generalisations “things plummet when blacks move into the neighbourhood”. Myopic of you to think everything a human has to offer depends on the colour of the skin. It is better you creep into a cave somewhere and keep silent.

  38. CK

    I am going out on a limb here and suggesting that @Fisco is not from Detroit, Birmingham, Indianapolis, Baltimore, St. Louis, Atlanta, Gary, NOla, or any other majority black, black run city currently in the USA nor a resident of any African city of any size whether African in origin or Afrikaans or English or Belgian or French or Portuguese or Spanish or German, nor from any of the favelas of South America or Central America.
    Whatever IT is, it doesn’t depend upon skin colour; skin colour is merely the most easily noticeable indicator of generally good things versus the lack of good things; civility vs non-civility, production vs parasitism.
    Name calling is déclassé here it’s been done to death by the progs and the sjw and the hasbara and no one pays any heed to the squeals ( we do have a few troll feeders [MOI]). Observation tells many things to those who are willing to observe. Blinders prevent observation but do allow fantasy thoughts to reign. So welcome to COLN pull up a chair take off the blinders and relax. EMS the owner, grand dame and doyenne is a bit under the weather but she should return sword unsheathed and attitudes akimbo real soon now.

  39. Petruchio

    @#13CK: Your comment reminded me of this joke. Or maybe it’s not a joke. Here it is: A bride and groom are at the church where the wedding ceremony is gonna take place. Sometime before the ceremony, the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be disappear! The Groomsmen and the Bridesmaids try to find the couple-to-be. Finally, they find the future couple in the basement bathroom in a…ahem, compromising position. The groom has a big smile on his face and says, “That was the best BJ I’ve EVER had. The Bride has a huge smile on her face too and says, “That’s the LAST BJ I’m EVER gonna give!” And so it goes….

  40. CK

    Once they have said I do, they don’t. That was the pre Boomer attitude as I understand it. I am told that women enjoy sex more now. Not that they are actually any better at it, just that they talk a better game.

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