Black Leaders Pleased That Issue Of Black On Black Crime Can Be Safely Ignored

Aaron McGruder is a leftist (revolutionary) cartoonist who is black and tackles the verboten black cultural issues head on earning him the hatred of BET, the Black Entertainment network which is owned by  Viacom which also owns MTV.  These media giants promote the black thug culture.  McGruder has been censored and threatened with lawsuits for mocking this glorification of thug culture.  But he shines a sharp light on the present deterioration of black culture.  The above clip is about how blacks fight at the drop of a hat, using a ‘nice black male’ turning into a monster when encountering a ‘ghetto black’ in a parking lot.  Black leaders feel that the recent South Carolina mass murder by a white racist young man has freed them from discussing black on black murder.  They cheerfully now ignore this totally.  And Obama gets to say ‘nigger’ which is bleeped out, which I find very funny since blacks say this word all the time and Mc Gruder makes fun of this fact.



One would think today that we could have an honest conversation about the New American Culture which is all about being thugs.  We see this greatly in diplomacy.  Democrats or Republicans, both use ‘thug’ diplomacy whereby we make threats, invade whoever we want on the flimsiest of excuses, shove people around, talk  like a Mafia boss, etc.  Diplomatic nuance has vanished.  When Obama was elected, the world celebrated until they learned the hard way that Obama and Hillary are also thugs and not a change from the Cheney/Bush team.


As I pointed out ever since the last election where Democrats were swept from power, the liberal East Coast/West Coast media have been on a rampage.  I warned about focusing only on the far, far fewer white on black murders while ignoring the gigantic mountain of black on black murders because this is a ruse to avoid dealing with the problem of black males killing each other.  The ‘black lives matter’ like the ‘hands up/don’t shoot’ nonsense is fixing nothing since the problem isn’t blacks surrendering to the police but the opposite and black lives don’t matter much to other blacks.


Here are today’s headlines at the Washington Post:  S.C. governor: Confederate flag should be moved while another editorialist writes that Black America should stop forgiving white racists.  As ever, neither the NYT nor the WP ever mention Jewish racism in Israel and how this boomerangs back into the US.  Nor do any of these people figure out why white families are fleeing cities when their children enter the 7th grade or sooner.


The Confederate battle flag is not worthy of respect is a good editorial because the flag is all about a noxious economy system that should never ever happen in any country at any time even though it does happen, it is still very evil.  Slavery is evil!  I have had lunatics defend slavery and my answer to all of them is, ‘OK, time for you to get to work, I now own you and can treat you like my personal slave.’  Oh no, they all expect to be slave masters, themselves.  Slaves make free workers poorer.  Slavery destroys the free working class utterly reducing them to excess humans who are used mainly for military actions requiring lots of deaths.


It is a stupid system that ‘works’ only because it concentrates profits in the hands of the elites which they love which is why we have virtually unrestricted illegal alien labor in this country which is only one step above slave labor.


Here is the WP black editorialist, Robinson: How to end racism? Stop being racist.  Well, well, well.  Easy to do except blacks are also racists.  Virtually all people are more or less ‘racist’ and when they try their hardest to not be racist, they still will be racist in some fashion which is why white liberals love to mock ‘white trailer trash’ so virulently.  Racism isn’t the problem.  The problem is, people focus on race, all people, to avoid the real issue which is class differences causing the alienation of entire sectors of the population, black, white and Hispanic, as their economic situation deteriorates.


I note here that not one black mainstream or leftist media persons mentioned the total lack of riots after the church shootings. The church victims were all law-abiding, mostly middle class blacks, not thugs fighting cops.  This causes a shrug of the shoulders in the inner city black communities.  My point made long ago that the riots and rage over really murky violent cases where the victimhood of the victim is closer to ‘hood’ than ‘innocent’ is due to the idea that if only cops were too terrified to enter cities and enforce laws, life would be happier with black males who don’t want anyone messing with them while they…kill each other and terrorize everyone else.


Here is the New York Times doing the same jive: Group Promotes White Primacy, and Its Ties to Republicans…yes, the racist group that gave some money to Republicans did this because the GOP is racist.  But then, rich Jews give both parties millions of dollars in order to get both parties to endorse rampant racism in Israel and both parties applaud this racism heartily and give it military support.  No mention of THAT at the NYT which is one of the papers supporting rank racism in Israel.  I will note that the NYT didn’t carry this week’s story of the church burning in Israel on the front page nor asked any questions about what this means for race/religious relations, did they?


And this magazine story from the Sunday NYT is crazy: ‘The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning’


A friend recently told me that when she gave birth to her son, before naming him, before even nursing him, her first thought was, I have to get him out of this country. We both laughed. Perhaps our black humor had to do with understanding that getting out was neither an option nor the real desire. This is it, our life. Here we work, hold citizenship, pensions, health insurance, family, friends and on and on. She couldn’t, she didn’t leave. Years after his birth, whenever her son steps out of their home, her status as the mother of a living human being remains as precarious as ever. Added to the natural fears of every parent facing the randomness of life is this other knowledge of the ways in which institutional racism works in our country. Ours was the laughter of vulnerability, fear, recognition and an absurd stuckness.


I asked another friend what it’s like being the mother of a black son. “The condition of black life is one of mourning,” she said bluntly. For her, mourning lived in real time inside her and her son’s reality: At any moment she might lose her reason for living. Though the white liberal imagination likes to feel temporarily bad about black suffering, there really is no mode of empathy that can replicate the daily strain of knowing that as a black person you can be killed for simply being black: no hands in your pockets, no playing music, no sudden movements, no driving your car, no walking at night, no walking in the day, no turning onto this street, no entering this building, no standing your ground, no standing here, no standing there, no talking back, no playing with toy guns, no living while black.


I have NEVER seen black teens being scared of walking the streets.  Never.  The opposite is true.  Anyone who ventures out in the bigger cities where there is a large black population sees lots and lots of younger black people in the streets, entering buildings often illegally, standing their ground aggressively, playing with REAL guns out in the open, playing very loud music, etc.  White people are mostly terrified by this and go to great lengths to avoid this except for drug addicts who are the customers of these roving gangs of black teens and young males.


The liberal black writers in this story don’t bother going to look at night at what is going on in black neighborhoods.  I bet they all live in a mostly white middle class/upper class suburb.  The streets are quiet.  Teens are not allowed to play loud music or ‘stand your ground’ or anything like that, no one is allowed to do that!  And note, too, that these women want to FLEE the places where blacks are shot dead which happens to be, black neighborhoods!  And they are not fleeing the cops, the cops have to cope with all this (a black thug shot dead a black cop in New Orleans this week, for example).


The fact that black women writing this tripe and interviewing each other shows how out of touch with reality they have become because they do not want to face up to the fact that black people hate each other more than white racists hate them.  This sad state of affairs is painfully obvious.  Here is McGruder’s cartoon about his two MIDDLE CLASS black kids living in an integrated neighborhood playing hood rat gun games using BB guns:

The entire cartoon is making fun of all the movies and rap videos that show gangstas shooting up each other.  The gangsta movies of the 1930’s were all morality stories where the gangsters didn’t thrive.  In today’s entertainment, black AND white thugs are valorized and treated like gods for shooting up everything, the Schwarzenegger hero is all the rage.  Brute force is the solution which happens to be exactly what our diplomacy looks like today, isn’t that a co-incidence?


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11 responses to “Black Leaders Pleased That Issue Of Black On Black Crime Can Be Safely Ignored

  1. Ernest T. Bass

    Hey, when US oil thugs get their way in the resource-rich middle east, why shouldn’t the whole country follow their lead?

  2. Tom W Harris

    Elaine, just kill yourself and make the world a better place. (I know you won’t but I can dream.)

  3. e sutton

    Mr. Harris, truth hurts. Sorry that Elaine and a very precious few will tell it today, but that’s the way it is. The good news for you is that your local mainstream media, CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX, are all ready, willing, and able to tell you what you WANT to hear. So in the words of Timothy Leary, tune out (Elaine), turn on (MSM) and have a real nice day! 🙂

  4. alex

    Non Americans are always amazed how the richest and most powerful nation on earth can allow such deterioration of it’s cities. The public good must trump “freedom” before any meaningful change takes place.

  5. Elaine Supkis

    Our elites bombes our biggest cities except for LA and NYC…and part of DC.

    The correlation between blacks killing each other and dead industrial giant cities is 1 to 1. That is, black population rises were due mainly to the city ALREADY dying, housing is very cheap and you can get on welfare created back when the city was rich.

    Then Detroit and Camden NJ and Buffalo NY and so forth go slowly bankrupt. I do NOT blame blacks for this, I blame the transfer of jobs to overseas for this.

  6. Petruchio

    @#1: US thugs are doing EVERYTHING wrong in the Middle East! They aren’t getting their way in the ME. Russia and China are making oil deal with the Saudis, the Russians are selling arms to Syria. The US has pretty much bankrupted itself trying to male the world safe for Oil company profits in the ME. And the US is FAT losing it “exceptional” status in the world: the US dollar is steadily losing its place as the World’s Reserve Currency. The factual record shows that US ‘thugs’ end up getting the sh#t kicked out of themselves in the wars they start.

  7. LOU

    I do NOT blame blacks for this, –but—The Left blames Whites for this.
    Via White Privilege, Guns [due to Republicans], The Confederate Flag.
    All kinds of things. Feel free to add to this list–White Racism, Slavery, etc.

    OH—Why are poor Whites non violent. West Virginia for instance.
    Haha. so much for ‘not blaming Blacks’.

  8. LOU

    TNB. [typical n behavior]. Guy jumps like an ape while gal attacks.
    This is violent.

  9. LOU

    This is from Paul Kerseys site,

    * A black man has an 89% chance of spending a night in jail before the age of 30.
    * A black woman has a 70% chance of having a child outside of wedlock.
    *A black person is seven times more likely to go to prison than a white person.
    * A black person has about a 45% chance of dropping out of high school.
    * Black on white crime happens 45% of the time while white on black crime is 3%.
    * Black on white robberies are 139 times more likely than white on black.
    * Black on white rapes are 100 times more likely than white on black.
    * Blacks score 15% to 30% lower, compared to whites, on standard IQ tests.
    * Black women are 5 times more likely to get an abortion than white women.
    * In 2009, Black household net worth was $2,170, compared to $97,860 for white. (That’s incredible!)

    Blacks hold a disproportionately number of local, state and federal government jobs.
    Blacks are 10% of the U.S. civilian work force but hold:

    25% of the jobs at U.S. Treasury,
    25% at the Veterans,
    31% at the State Department,
    37% at the Department of Education,
    38% at the Housing and Urban Development,
    42% at the Equal Opportunity Commission,
    44% at Fannie Mae, [salaries at Freddie and Fannie are 250,000 on average?]
    50% at Freddie Mac,
    55% at the Government Printing Office and
    82% at the Court Services/Offender Agency.

    The average government employee earns $123,000 per year, compared to $61,000 in the private sector.

    Question: How are blacks “held back” given all that wealth?

    Anonymous said…
    Ex New Yorker here….In your typical Negropolitan city hospital a 16 year old black girl is in the maternity ward giving birth to her second fatherless child.
    Her nervous welfare mother is pacing the hallway thinking of a name for the new baby.
    Meanwhile downstairs in the emergency room doctors are trying to save a 15 year old black kid with two bullet holes in his chest. His mother is in the waiting room rolling around on the floor crying and screaming about her “baby done git shot”. What is wrong with this picture and how much longer will it keep happening.

  10. Floridasandy

    Tom, how would Elaine “killing herself” make the world a better place? Why is it that people who try to address war issues, city issues, race issues being blamed

    Is it an example of shoot the messenger?

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