Social Scientist Claims Science/Math Males Overestimate Skills While Women Don’t

Nobel Prize winner says women cry in labs, harm science I believe, as an attempt at joking at an event.  He was immediately fired and women made fun of him and when he cried, they mocked him even more and when other Nobel Prize winners stepped up and told everyone to stop hammering the poor guy, the cascade of abuse abated.  But the issue of science, math, chess, etc. and women is not so easily settled.  The fact is, women do significantly worse at all of these intellectual things than men.  Period.  Years and years of equality later, it has improved a bit but men still outnumber women 4-1 to 100-1 in various intellectual fields.  Here is the latest attempt at explaining away this unhappy reality:



More men study science because they overestimate how smart they are:  This study notes that girls do better than boys in their earliest years and then rapidly fall behind.


Men may be more likely to pursue careers in science and engineering simply because they think they are better at the subjects than women. Researchers found that men think they are much better at math than they really are. Women, on the other hand, tend to accurately estimate their arithmetic prowess, the study found…


‘Despite assumptions that realism and objectivity are always best in evaluating the self and making decisions, positive illusions about math abilities may be beneficial to women pursuing math courses and careers,’ says Bench.


‘Such positive illusions could function to protect women’s self-esteem despite lower-than-desired performance, leading women to continue to pursue courses in science, technology, engineering and maths fields and ultimately improve their skills.’


Be delusional!  Yes, what a great idea.  This is more BS to make women feel better for not succeeding in certain fields.  The desire to have the same brains as males is very strong even though this is biological suicide.  Women are different from men because they have to have strong mothering brain material for dealing with the #1 survival element: babies.  We are all descended from mothers who didn’t kill us.  Males have a fairly high evolutionary component to kill the offspring of other males to bring the female simian back into estrous.  This is why the #1 killer of babies and very small toddlers are strange men having sex with their mothers.


These very powerful biological forces means that women think differently from men.  This salient fact has to be buried deep in the ground due to PC beliefs that all women and all men are basically the same when we certainly are not the same.  Our basic hormone systems are very different and these affect the brain very heavily, for example.  One of the issues that irritates the ‘women and men are the same’ people is the harsh reality that women do much more poorly with math skills and intellectual games like chess or Asian Go games.


It is also true that girls do better than boys on nearly everything physical and intellectual until age 9-12.  Then mysteriously, the boys catch up and then run past the girls by age 16.  Why is this, I asked myself while watching this happen to me.  I was a tomboy girl and loved playing competitive games and winning ruthlessly and doing really well as the same games boys played.  But when my menstrual periods began, I went ‘splat’.  My emotions became very irregular and irrational.  I was sick, very sick, each month like clockwork.


I could not concentrate nor learn anything during my cycles.  This was highly irritating to me and I wished I wasn’t a girl!  I still aced all the exams for scholarships, etc. and ended up in the University at age 16 but was violently sick there, once a month, too.  This made my educational chances fall down this painful rabbit hole to hell.  But in retrospect, the real problem for me was, I got a baby and out the door goes all sorts of rubbish because the #1 reason for existing, as Mother Nature says, is to successfully reproduce and then to protect my daughter and grandchildren with all my heart and soul.


I have taught at tech schools and kept up my skill sets but…the disadvantages of women is clear to me.  We must pull out of the field, the business to have children.  Handling say, chemicals while pregnant is highly dangerous to the fetus, for example.  So is stress.  A lot of labs and I once ran a chemical lab, are highly dangerous to young mothers.  If women don’t mind removing themselves from the genetic pool, that is OK.  But it is a pretty stiff price to pay just to have a miserable job.


But this doesn’t explain everything. Men are highly competitive.  Women herd things, men count stuff.  Women want to share (I am speaking of basic simian thinking here) while male apes want to hoard for themselves.  This is fundamental.  Earlier, I talked about why there are virtually no women chess champions, for example.  The excuse given is, few women play chess but why do they all give up by age 16?  That is the real question.  For example, I thoroughly understand chess strategies, systems, the relative value of pieces, formulas to follow when playing and how to circumvent these, etc.  I enjoy watching top chess players play their games.


But I am a wretched player.  On my own, I am a lost lamb!  My ability to focus becomes too tight, I literally lose track of all the elements. I feel this is due to women needing to focus on children so intently.  Even out of the corner of our eyes or even asleep, we must be aware of them.  Whereas men scan the horizon, the look intently at the other and concentrate on actions, not defense.  They use cunning and dangerous motions to unsettle or fool opponents.  The opposite emotions that rise up when a woman is hyperaware of things.


This is also why, and I did fencing and sword fighting in the past a great deal, women just can’t keep up with men in this enterprise.  Winning a sword fight is very hard to do against an equally trained male.  Wishing it were different is childish, understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses is key to achieving goals.  If women wish to outdo men in math and science it is simple: do lots and lots and lots of math and science relentlessly with little distraction except for male fighting games.  Then you might be able to trick your female self enough to join the ranks of the males.  Which is excruciatingly hard to do during a menstrual period.


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14 responses to “Social Scientist Claims Science/Math Males Overestimate Skills While Women Don’t

  1. melponeme_k

    “This is also why, and I did fencing and sword fighting in the past a great deal, women just can’t keep up with men in this enterprise.”

    I learned some sword play for stagecraft and I found a foolproof way to win. Face your male opponent toward any young females in the area. You are guaranteed to win then. Of course, young pretty women are not always present. When that is the case… keep moving around. Men tire quicker than women due to their greater muscle load. If you keep dancing, the odds could be greater in your favor.

    But then the bete noire…concentration. Men will win every time with no pretty distractions AND they have a greater reach.

    Back to square one. Hmmmm.


    ELAINE: The Wench attack! Station a wench behind you and have her suddenly expose herself. Easy shot!

  2. Oguy

    Just as mothering is an inherent and necessary part of human life, so is learning. And a substantial part of that learning process involves absorbing, by osmosis, the values and perspectives of the culture in which we are raised. That absorption occurs not only at a mental, ideological level which is relatively easy to neutralize and overcome, but also at a deeper psycho-physical level which isn’t.

    Consequently, most people raised in a culture whose perspectives and values lean toward the masculine side of the male-female polarity (we can use the word “patriarchal” here as a neutral descriptor rather than as an epithet) will uncritically, and by natural instinct, absorb that orientation to one degree or another during their formative years. Certainly any extreme bias of this type can be overcome to a large extent through self-examination or through the corrective effect of later experience. But all of us are not equal beneficiaries of those processes.

    Unfortunately, what this has meant is that much of what proclaims itself as feminism has unconsciously absorbed a foundational set of masculine values, in terms of which it then seeks to gain equality with those individuals (men) who, in general, are equipped by nature to function more effectively on that terrain. And in so doing, the right hand battles with the left, becoming an example of the larger unconscious strategy by which we imagine ourselves to be impoverished, whether emotionally, materially or whatever, and thus strive for the compensatory accumulation of wealth. The real tragedy underlying this self-conflicted brand of feminism is that our culture, including many of its women, has become blinded to the true virtue(s) and essence of womanhood and the entire feminine dimension of
    this existence/reality.

    We either want to constrict genuine femininity (even this word has become degraded in our culture) to create women of reduced dimensionality who can compete for “success” in an equally flattened and denatured man’s world, or we want to adopt the no less ignorant approach, common among religious conservatives, of reducing women to a caricatured virginal or maternal archetype– as though that too was all that womanhood had to offer. But this diminution of both masculine and feminine reality, and of the greater life which both distinguishes and unites them, is a common syndrome and symptom of our time. We’ve drifted very far from our natural roots, and have lost the map that would allow us to return. At least Hansel
    and Gretel had breadcrumbs.

  3. nclaughlin

    Wow, you certainly aren’t afraid to be politically incorrect!

  4. e sutton


    That’s why we love her! Elaine swings more balls than I do!

  5. Seraphim

    Now, wouldn’t be better to segregate again the educational process, as it for so long was?

  6. Ziff

    Slightly OT, I’ve been thinking about how calculus was taught ( as a litmus test for IQ ) . Turns out it is called ‘ rote calculus ‘ , finding the slope of some curve at a point with various abstract tricks. The curve never had any real life meaning and most even good students it appears have no idea what they are really doing. Anyway I suspect it would have been better taught starting with a real life situation and if the damn curve is so important show us how to build one . That was odd too if there was some curve we were never shown how to find its equation.

  7. Elaine Supkis

    We must celebrate the feminine where it is strongest: our maternal powers.

    Men and women often distract themselves from mere survival issues in different ways. This is quite natural. Fighting this is destructive.

    Whether they are chess champions or tennis champions, once a woman gets pregnant, she is at a severe disadvantage unless she farms out all the child care totally and lord knows, many a working woman does this, barely knows her own children.

    This still doesn’t explain why women cannot compete with men very well in intellectual pursuits. Which is why I say, it has a lot to do with our hard wiring.

  8. LOU

    I dont read Fred much.but you might enjoy,

  9. Oguy

    The fact that I’m strong in a few areas, but mediocre to incompetent in most others is definitely a function of my hard wiring. I suppose you could also attribute this to factors such as innate constitution and temperament, but all those qualities tend to be corollaries of each other, expressed at different levels.

  10. tio

    J Neurosci. 1999 May 15;19(10):4065-72.
    Sex differences in brain gray and white matter in healthy young adults: correlations with cognitive performance.
    Gur RC1, Turetsky BI, Matsui M, Yan M, Bilker W, Hughett P, Gur RE.

    “Sex-related differences in behavior are extensive, but their neuroanatomic substrate is unclear. Indirect perfusion data have suggested a higher percentage of gray matter (GM) in left hemisphere cortex and in women, but differences in volumes of the major cranial compartments have not been examined for the entire brain in association with cognitive performance. We used volumetric segmentation of dual echo (proton density and T2-weighted) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans in healthy volunteers (40 men, 40 women) age 18-45. Supertentorial volume was segmented into GM, white matter (WM), and CSF. We confirmed that women have a higher percentage of GM, whereas men have a higher percentage of WM and of CSF. These differences sustained a correction for total intracranial volume. In men the slope of the relation between cranial volume and GM paralleled that for WM, whereas in women the increase in WM as a function of cranial volume was at a lower rate. In men the percentage of GM was higher in the left hemisphere, the percentage of WM was symmetric, and the percentage of CSF was higher in the right. Women showed no asymmetries. Both GM and WM volumes correlated moderately with global, verbal, and spatial performance across groups. However, the regression of cognitive performance and WM volume was significantly steeper in women. Because GM consists of the somatodendritic tissue of neurons whereas WM comprises myelinated connecting axons, the higher percentage of GM makes more tissue available for computation relative to transfer across distant regions. This could compensate for smaller intracranial space in women. Sex difference in the percentage and asymmetry of the principal cranial tissue volumes may contribute to differences in cognitive functioning.”

  11. CK

    Also you must hope that your opponent is not one of those pesky gay guys who so thrill and engorge the theatre arts. By his very choice/inherent nature he should be immune to the ploys of the naked wench. 3% of overall society is preferentially homo; 97% is not.

  12. LOU

    Meanwhile the Court pushes White America closer to the brink,

    The Supremes ruled Blacks or govt may sue under disparate impact on the Fair Housing Act.
    Translation, if your neighborhood doesn’t have at least 13% Trayvons and Michael Browns you will be forced to take em.

    Unless you live in a snooty rich place where Auntie Zeituni will live courtesy of the govt.

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