I Am Sick…Yuck…Hope It Isn’t Contagious!

I am fairly sick with something nasty.  Lots of pain and nausea.  Can’t sleep, can’t sit, can’t do anything.  Just took a bath so I am sort of functional, waiting to call the doctor.  So I have little energy for posting here.  But then there is this story: Workers Betrayed by Visa Loopholes – The New York Times


The H-1B visa program does not require companies to recruit American workers before looking overseas.


Who, pray tell, writes our laws?  The very rich and very powerful.  Whoever wins in Congress or President is purchased by the very rich so lo and behold, despite everyone of both parties yapping about protecting our jobs, they don’t do this at all.  Congress passes trade bill in major victory for Obama which is a lie, it isn’t ‘his’ victory it is the victory of these same mysterious rich people.  He is their tool.


It certainly is not a victory for the average American worker!  They have been shafted over and over again by both parties.


The US is flying jets all over Russia’s borders while yelling about how evil Putin is and the Europeans are told they can have WWIII with no problems.  So, as a 100 year reminder:  Battle of Verdun French forest is still littered with WW1 bodies, arsenic and shells and the land is still blighted!  WWIII will be ten times worse.  80% of Nazi ground warfare was fought in Eastern Europe especially Russia.  This is why massive tracts of land in say, France, are not made toxic by war.  But WWIII will make all of Europe toxic so I hope European people remember this possibility which has a 90% chance of happening if NATO is used for aggression.


Terrorist Attack at Factory in France Leaves at Least 1 Dead: the factory is a US business.  The attackers waved the ISIS flag.  Calais migrant chaos: ‘I’ve been threatened with machetes’ as African and Middle Eastern males pour across borders. Top EU leaders in angry clashes over migrants – but deal to settle 60,000 displaced people wrought even though this is an extremely unpopular deal for the natives of Europe.  Let’s not forget which entity upended Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc. etc.: NATO.  Some protection this North Atlantic Treaty is bringing in!


Last, weather news.  Britain braced for mini-ice age as temperatures are set to drop to a 300-year low – BT


Scientists discovered the overall cooling effect for Earth was found to be relatively small at around 0.1 °C but on a regional level, the study found a bigger cooling effect for the UK, northern Europe and eastern parts of North America – particularly during winter.

In northern Europe the cooling is in the range -0.4 to -0.8 °C.

Ineson added: “This study shows that the sun isn’t going to save us from global warming, but it could have impacts at a regional level that should be factored in to decisions about adapting to climate change for the decades to come.”


In other words, if Ice Age type conditions hammer North America and half of Northern Europe, this won’t stop ‘global warming’????  HAHAHA.  Insane!


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48 responses to “I Am Sick…Yuck…Hope It Isn’t Contagious!

  1. Jim R

    And another color revolution getting underway in Armenia. “Electric Yerevan” they call it. Part of the overall attack on Russia.

    Of course, the greenhouse gases will still be waiting when the Sun comes out of its doldrums. But with WWIII picking up steam, no one may notice..

  2. Shawntoh

    Hope you feel better soon, Elaine.

    Great job as usual, in covering the collective, –sometime convulsive, in various areas of America, –this continual collapse that seems be going in a slo-mo breakdown at times with occasional explosive flashes here and there of various “opportunities of crisis management” and “public relations” practice for the powers that be.

    It’s pretty obvious that parts the African-American community (as well as parts of other communities) are suffering severe collapse in various areas.

    Along with this, America is being confronted by it’s greatest contradiction, IMHO…

    How can you have a “Land of the Free” and “All men (or, perhaps, as I prefer, all humans) are equal” build on violence, slavery and fine words?

    We still have a ways to go and it’s “getting late”.

    Again, hope you feel better soon, Elaine!

  3. DM

    the greenhouse gases will still be waiting

    Oh dear …

  4. e sutton

    Get well soon! The madness will wait until you return to health. On a positive note, gay marriage is the law of the land. 🙂

  5. Elaine Supkis

    Just got out of the hospital.

    I have stress damage to my kidneys which then caused a urine tube infection. I was under a tremendous amount of stress this last month.

    One of the things going wrong for me was nausea. There is this neat nausea medicine called ondansetron which stopped this nonstop nausea. I am so relieved. I haven’t eaten in the last three days! Did lose a good deal of weight but some of that was muscle which I need for working!

  6. LOU

    Did lose a good deal of weight but some of that was muscle which I need for working!
    yeah, fasting is not an ‘all win’ situation. And it slows the metabolism.

  7. tio

    I hope that whatever was causing you stress can be mitigated in some way. Do look after yourself, the internet needs your voice.

  8. Jim R

    Keep your health up, Elaine. We care.

    And I hope EMS News is a good stress reliever, and not a cause of stress. . .

    In other news, another color revolution on the border of Russia. In Armenia. They call it “Electric Yerevan”, but if they pull it off, chances are they will be without electricity again, like in 1991.

  9. aashild

    Get well soon Elaine.

  10. Maddie's Mom

    Yes, Elaine, please take good care of yourself and I hope you will be well soon.

  11. Christian W

    Get well soon Elaine. Please take very good care of yourself now. The fact that your kidneys are getting hit is a very serious red flag that you have to pay attention to.

  12. Tan Chee Hong

    Get well soon, Elaine

  13. dick

    Good thing those vaccines are working out for you.

    Me….i havent ever been vaccinated and never get sick…not even a cold. At 63, I think the results speak for themselves.

    As a counterpoint go talk with young mothers who did and see how their kids are doing

  14. dick

    By the way…get well soon

  15. Seraphim

    Get well soon Elaine and take heart.

  16. Floridasandy

    I guess they will send the Syrian refugees to Greece just in time for the meltdown. Can’t anyone admit that this global thing just isn’t working very well for most?

    Hope you feel better soon, and i appreciate the way you gather info from many sources for all of us. We are in troubled times, for sure, and we all need to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  17. JimmyJ

    Elaine, hope you are getting the medical care you need and that you have a handle on your illness.

  18. Petruchio

    “Whoever wins in Congress or President is purchased by the very rich…” Speaking of electing US Presidents, isn’t it embarrassing that yet AGAIN the country will have the non-choice of either a Bush or a Clinton as the next President? I mean, if ANYONE has ANY doubts about whether US Presidential elections are rigged, this next election cycle should provide indisputable proof to any and all doubters that US elections are rigged. Big Money has distorted elections to the point where the average person’s vote is of no consequence. Example: wil there be ANY difference between a Hillary Clinton presidency and a Jeb Bush presidency? I say No, there won’t be any difference.

  19. Petruchio

    Elaine: hope you are feeling better. Get well soon!…Petruchio

  20. James cooper

    Elaine, I hope you are OK. I look forward to reading your commentary everday. You are one of my favorite educators. Get well soon.

  21. melponeme_k

    Hope you are feeling better!

  22. Floridasandy

    As soon as you feel better, you need to do a piece on the DISGRACEFUL Supreme Court losers voting that no ID is required to vote. We are witnessing the actual destruction of the U.S. Under the most corrupt immoral administration ever. Our soldiers should go arrest our Supreme Court justices and the president for this travesty.


    This is a slap in the face of America right before Independence Day!

    PETRUCHIO, although the demons (typo😀) will pick Hillary, the republican will pick Rand or Ben Carson. We have had enough of bushes and junior bushes (Rubio).

  23. Floridasandy

    The Supreme Court has just delivered a big F*** Y** to America. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. Thank you, ferret-looking justices, and you know who you are.

    Why do we, the citizens, follow the laws again?

    No wonder they want us disarmed!!,

  24. Ken

    Elaine, it has been a while since your last post. We all hope you’re OK.

  25. ziff

    hoping for the best

  26. Petruchio

    Floridasandy: check out Jeb Bush’s political war chest. Jeb Bush WILL be the GOP’s nominee in 2016. Some people may have had enough of the Bushes, but not the US Ruling Class. They still love the Bushes and they don’t give a rat’s tail if the ‘soiled masses’ don’t like Jeb Bush.

  27. Christian W

    The elites want continuity for their policies and no surprises to throw spammers in their plans. That is why they have killed off even the last pretense of democracy in the US. The rest is just window dressing and marketing for show.

  28. Henry

    Elaine, you have been sick for awhile. I hope you haven’t been done in by a particular religious-ethnic group you often criticize. God knows they don’t like criticism.

  29. Jim R

    Elaine, you make the world a better place. I hope and pray (to Pegasus if you like) that what you have, can be cured. And I think many of us feel this way.

    Please don’t go, yet!

  30. Will

    Elaine, you are starting to worry me! Please let usknow or have someone else let us know, how you are doing!

  31. Pingback: internet options not working

  32. Being There

    We all hope you recover soon. Hope you’re resting comfortably at least.

  33. dick

    Elaine, get your ass back to the computer and get cranking…
    lots going on herd and we’re jonesin…

  34. Shawntoh

    Geez, I’m getting concerned, folks. This forum is turning into an “Elaine Watch” extrapolation extravaganza as the patriotic holiday looms and, I don’t know about you, but this gives me a foreboding feeling –now why is that exactly?

  35. Tan Chee Hong

    Hi, Elaine. We hope you are OK. You have never been off the line so long.

  36. JimBoy

    I have a sense of foreboding too. There are a lot of people who would like to see her gone, including the piece of garbage who wrote in and said it. I wish that a nearby reader would drive to her home and check things out. On top of everything she has an ill husband and I don’t know if she is even in regular contact with her children. Things have to be awfully bad for her not to respond. And I am not a fan of rural hospitals, presumably the kind which she would go to. Her loss would be devastating in many ways.

  37. Jim R

    http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/aiahmi/latest.php?t=COMP304211171&r=512For more data go to http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/

    I don’t know if the above will render properly in WordPress, but I was watching the SDO page this afternoon, and thought of Elaine and her beloved father Aden, exploring our nearest star, up close and personal. Tears started welling up, as they are now. I hope you come back to us, Elaine, but fear for the worst. And wanted to say this for everyone now, in case the whole blog is deleted.

    If it doesn’t render, go to this web page, select “AIA Composite 304,211,171” and click on “Generate HTML Tag”. Wait a few seconds, and it will show up.

  38. Maddie's Mom

    Elaine is one tough lady.
    She’ll be back.

  39. Colleen

    Feel better Elaine – thinking about you…

  40. Hierophant

    Hoping to hear from you soon. Been missing your strong voice in the wilderness.

  41. Old Pueblo friend, Melissa

    Let me join the people asking after you. I hope you are well. Something unusual must be happening, and I join everyone sending their prayers, hopes and goodwill.

  42. vengeur

    Yes this is getting worrisome. Hope you feel better soon Elaine.

  43. Greg

    Hope you get better soon Elaine’ our thoughts are with you

  44. Anonimous

    wish you a light convalescence

  45. emsnews

    I survived…100 hours of Teen Titans cartoons while totally drugged up on morphine. HAHAHA….yuck.

    Lay there comatose for the most part.

  46. emsnews

    Vielen dank!

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