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Back To The Hospital

I believe I have an autoimmune disease.  The pain is incredibly bad now.  Even pain medicines no longer stop the raging pain.  I got in an argument with doctors yesterday about this and was sent home but today it is obvious now the only place I can get treatment is in a hospital because of the pain.  Now we just have to figure out which of the literally 100 different autoimmune diseases there are, match my symptoms.


Will update everyone when possible!  Thanks for all the previous encouragement from everyone.  I really appreciated it greatly.


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French Farmers Set Fires On Highways To Stop Eastern European Farm Goods That No Longer Go To Russia

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Ouest-France on Twitter: “Crise des #eleveurs Barrages aux frontières allemandes et espagnoles”: farmers set fire on highways and stop truck traffic to prevent farm goods from mainly northern and eastern Europe to enter France.  They are protesting EU open border policies.  Their farms are no longer making a profit thanks to the open borders plus the EU attack on Russia leading o the boycotts means many things must flow to western Europe.  The EU is a confederation of many states that have a long history of hating each other.  It will collapse in the end.

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Public Transportation Failures: Attempts At Eliminating CO2 Are Frauds

The media is full of odd news about how warming is evil and Ice Ages are wonderful.  The latest is all about mastodons being killed by warm weather.  This runs alongside ads for visiting super warm places on holidays.  Our rulers consume energy and spew out tons of CO2 while lecturing us.  They also want more public transportation and do this where it is the most useless or uses even more CO2 producing energy.  Meanwhile, New York City gets no credit for one of the world’s biggest, most heavily used public transportation systems.

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Hulk Hogan, Silvan Shalom: One Is Eliminated Because ‘Race Joke’ In Private, The Other Isn’t For Public ‘Race Joke’

Hulk Hogan’s sudden elimination from the WWE information base due to him using the word ‘nigger’ PRIVATELY has opened several cans of worms.  One is, the man eliminating him for using that evil word happened to have done this himself, in PUBLIC no less and hasn’t been punished for this.  The second is, even as American citizens are punished severely for ‘racism’ Jews are exempt and even obvious racist actions by Israeli ambassadors to DC are allowed to make racist jokes about our President and nothing happens to them, either.

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Israel Will Get Traitor Pollard In Exchange For Iran Treaty…Until They Scuttle This Treaty In Congress

A lot of people mock the Daily Mail which is an English publication but 90% of the breaking news I get about my own country comes via that ‘disreputable paper’ and 90% of it is correct:  Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard who posed as US Navy officer will be released | Daily Mail Online because the Jewish lobby has decided that demanding billions of dollars more would expose them too much to voter ire this election.  Now the The Washington Post tells us that Jonathan Pollard eligible for ‘mandatory parole’ in November.  Parole for traitors!  Yes, that is a great idea.  So why is the government howling about Snowden being a traitor?  He should be congratulated.


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90% Of Illegal Aliens Will Be Legalized

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Most Undocumented Immigrants Will Stay Under Obama’s New Policies, Report Says – The New York Times: 90% are expected to be totally legalized thanks to our government thinking that a flood of illegal workers/welfare seekers are good for America’s lower and middle class.  All the Israel-First politicians which is 90% of our political leaders, also believe that closed borders and very strict controls on natives locking them into brutal ghettos…Gaza has again lost all electricity and can’t do a thing about this…is a wonderful thing.  But not for American citizens.



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Queen Elizabeth Furious That There Is Photographic Proof The Saxe-Coburg Gotha King Edward VIII Was A Nazi

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Royals face TV ‘Nazi exposure’ as palace considers legal action over ‘Hitler salute’ appeared here: Fury after The Sun publishes Queen’s Nazi salute footage.  The Sun is owned by Murdoch.  The British royals changed their German name only after WWI started.  WWI was when Queen Victoria’s grandchildren all went to war against each other.  Germany, Britain and Russia were all ruled by her grandchildren and these gentlemen all looked like triplets.  Hiding the German facts of the rulers of Britain was of highest importance but the great grandson of Victoria was also very German and loved Hitler but he was deposed after marrying an American woman.

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