A Week On Morphine: My Hospital Days

Today  my husband had a State Trooper show up at the front door demanding to know if I was still alive.  It so happened, I am!  Anyways, I wish to thank my reader in Michigan for calling the police to inquire about my status.  I was still in the hospital this morning and my husband called to tell me about it.  Well…this is a long story and I am still very weak but…I suffered a total systems failure of my entire digestive tract and completely collapsed. It took days of cleaning out the plumbing, antibiotics fed from an IV and a boatload of morphine to survive this last week!


I went to my regular doctor when I noticed things were going haywire.  She gave me meds and sent me home.  Hours later, it became rapidly more serious and I was literally beginning to scream with pain and the meds had zero effect because when I drank water with them, it poured right out of my body without the meds taking effect so my doctor told me to I should be on an IV for at least 24 hours.


So…the ambulance took me to this hospital where the day shift was very nice and hooked me up to the morphine/drip and I was feeling less endangered and then the night shift showed up.  This doctor from India then declared I was not really very sick and against my loud protests, threw me out again.  Well, the morphine still was in effect.  I went home and nearly died by 2 am so I drove myself to the top teaching hospital in the region and entered the emergency room.  They immediately put me on a morphine IV again but they kept me there and proceeded to do various tests until the condition cleared up which was around last night, a week later.


Now I am home.  I can sort of eat and I can drink.  Back when I entered the second hospital, I could not even swallow water anymore and would have died in less than three days if that wasn’t fixed and thus, the continuous IV service I needed.  All my stuff had to be delivered via IV drips or shot into my main vein.  Yesterday I got to eat my first solid food, for example.  Lost over 20 lbs during all this.


In all, it was a difficult experience but the hospital staff was quite nice to me and guess what?  As soon as I was moved into my room there, I turned on the TV to see them announce the escapee murderer from Clinton Prison was shot and being helicoptered…to my hospital!  A flood of cops, prison officials, the governor, the media descended on the hospital making things nearly impossible.


The bed next to me was empty and one of the nurses joked that they would put him there.  They cleared out the entire sixth floor of the building and so we all had to double up and I got a delightful lady suffering from cancer who grew up in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico.  We buddied up and looked after each other’s IVs which had beepers on them when there were blockages or they ran out.  We two teamed the nurses by calling in at the same time, hahaha.


I also watched Teen Titans Go! 100th Episode Celebration on the hospital TV.  I am still somewhat sane. 


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29 responses to “A Week On Morphine: My Hospital Days

  1. Jim R

    Wow, we had given up. You’ve never been gone a week, everyone knew it must be bad.

    Kidney trouble is always really bad news when our dogs get old … but, of course they are dogs. The human doctors have better ways (sometimes) …

  2. emsnews

    It was caught just in time, the kidneys were feeling rotten, that is certain. It was my bladder that was badly infected and which infected everything around it.

    So happy the night fevers are gone. It would shoot up at night by 2am, I would have to take a nausea and morphine drips to keep from screaming all night long. I felt the same level of pain as if giving birth to children!

  3. Happy to see you back ! Best wishes from Germany.

  4. kenogami

    I was deeply afraid of an assassination attempt on your life: lots of scumbags hate your gut. Very glad we will read you again. Best wishes.

  5. Petruchio

    I’m certainly glad to hear of your current status; I was getting worried. Hopefully Elaine, you are on your way to a full recovery.

  6. JimmyJ

    Wow, glad to hear you’re on the mend Elaine!

  7. emsnews

    I could read your comments on my iPad in the hospital but could not type due to the morphine and the fact that both arms were tied to IV bags day and night.

    I was so amazed and happy to read the comments here. Many thanks to everyone. It made me feel really good when I was suffering terrible pain.

  8. Seraphim

    Glad to hear you are better. Take heart and steel yourself. At our age that kind of surprises are around the corner and tend to come always at the wrong moments.
    All the best.

  9. emsnews

    I still struggle to eat solid food.

    Am very weak, too. But I also feel much better and more optimistic. It was really scary how quickly an infection can prevent one from eating or drinking anything.

    It was a bizarre experience.

  10. Hierophant

    Good to see you back! Best wishes for a full recovery.

  11. ziff

    wow, so your readers won’t let you go?

  12. Maddie's Mom


    Nope 🙂

    I knew you’d make it through, Elaine, awful as it was.
    Glad you’re on the mend. Take care of yourself.

  13. Melponeme_k

    I’m glad to know you are ok and getting better!

  14. dick

    Glad youre back and on the mend…
    you are one of a kind and the voice of truth and reason

    Many years of love and happiness to you

  15. Ken

    Welcome back!

  16. Being There

    What an ordeal, and so glad to hear you have come out of this.
    This could have turned out so bad, but you’re smart and went to the second hospital.
    We had a neighbor and friend who wasn’t so lucky. She too was sent away from a hospital (by and Indian Dr.) and died at home that night.
    Needless to say her husband got a great lawyer and sued the hospital. I think they got somewhere in the low $million. At least her young boys got some compensation—having to grow up without a mother.

    I was concerned when I didn’t see any postings on this site—Feel better and stronger.

  17. Colleen

    Happy you are home and feeling better – we all care & love you

  18. Shawntoh

    Yeah! Alright! Elaine is back! Praise to that which caused this to happen. Whew! That was too close.

  19. Duski

    Good to know you are ok again.

  20. Pontiff Holysh*t

    What about malpractice against the doctor that sent you home with a life-threatening condition?

  21. emsnews

    Oh, I am going to deal with HIM. Absolutely.

  22. joseppi

    Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord of the health industry…….What a drama, we all know something was up, but didn’t worry enough considering what you experienced. Find the cause and then you can start working on a remedy.
    I did miss you.

  23. CK

    Welcome home EMS. Good to see that you are too tough for a complete system breakdown to harm.
    And remember that that poor Indian doctor was only doing a job that American’s won’t do. If you deal with him harshly enough maybe a bit of discouragement will flow outwards and influence other potential killers to go elsewhere.

  24. wellwell

    So you’ve cheated death again, you grand old girl! Atropos took too long sharpening her scissors, and you slipped from her grasp once more 🙂

    In all seriousness, thank goodness you’re on the mend, and that you survived a truly life-threatening week and the incompetence of a future defendant.

    I think we, the commenters on this site, agree that you can’t leave us just yet – the world still hasn’t heard your full message!

  25. emsnews

    No one listens to me. HEH. But thanks for the encouragement.

  26. Floridasandy

    The state troopers are good people.

    Happy 4th, EMS, and hope that.we will all have the freedom to express ourselves in the future. This is a great country, with a lot of interesting stories that need to be heard.

    They say that the Greek vote is very close and the wording on the ballot is very convoluted (aren’t they all?)so it should be interesting to see how this plays out. Evidently, oxi means no and nai means yes.

  27. Will

    So very glad you are going to be ok, Elaine! I actually started calling hospitals in N. Y. looking for you! The one in Albany said they couldn’t release any patients’ names so I stopped! Very relieved, though! Get well soon.

    I noticed a story, in your post today of past posts, about a wunderkind who was an alcoholic. I was wondering, what happened to him? I think the story is from 2010 or so.

  28. Dheep'

    I tune in every once in a while to catch up on your latest comments and such. When I saw your “I am Sick” Comment and then ….. Nothing, I knew something was wrong.
    I have been reading this site for some time & you seem to always be there, so – you take all the time you need. You have plenty of Fans out there.

  29. emsnews

    Thank you. I am still sick. Can’t eat much food at all. Mostly crackers right now. Will be back with the doctors tomorrow for tests. Hope we can clear up what is wrong.

    One thing: I won’t get fat any time soon!

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