65 ‘Nobel Prize’ Winners Say Global Warming Is More Dangerous Than WWIII


War and Peace (8/9) Movie CLIP – The Hardest Thing is to Keep Alive at Sunset (1956) HD – YouTube
This news is about as silly as it gets:  Climate Change versus the Dangers of Nuclear War. “Three Minutes to Midnight” | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization:


The “Mainau Declaration 2015 on Climate Change” compares the threat of climate change to that of nuclear war in the heyday of the Cold War era.


According to the Nobel Laureates, the threat of nuclear war belongs to a bygone era. Nuclear war is no longer the main threat, its climate change, “a threat of comparable magnitude”.


I recently spent a day or so at the Gates of Death.  It is a most interesting place.  I suppose the best chronicle of this End of Time place is by Tolstoy who examines it multiple times in the greatest of all novels, ‘War And Peace’.  Especially when Andre is dying of a stomach wound, the extreme pain leading to giving up and accepting fate.  I was on the same road he walked so epically.


Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


During the Battle of Borodino he is hit by an exploding shell and seriously wounded in the stomach. While in agony, he sees Anatole, whose leg is amputated due to war wounds, and realizes that he has the capability to forgive both Anatole and Natasha, and that he still loves her. He is driven back to Moscow, where Sonya (Natasha’s cousin) notices him when the Rostovs are helping transport wounded soldiers. Eventually, Natasha discovers, and they are reunited. She tries to nurse him back to his health. Although Prince Andrei wounds begins to heal and health slowly returns, he eventually loses the will to live and dies in Natasha’s care.


He didn’t just lose the will to live, he couldn’t drink anything!  They didn’t have IV bags back then, either.  But I embraced his pain and understood how it hammered him so hard.  Well, War And Peace is all about the elements that create heroes and destroys despots, that moves entire populations to attack each other and then to cease fighting, it is full of meditations on the nature of war and human responsibility for things and above all, Nature: the gods determine our fates and the gods of weather control battlefields!


So…here we are with a bunch of children pretending to be mental giants who think we humans control Nature.  We do not.   At all.  We do control our ability to avoid WWIII.  And I have complained here harshly about how the liberal left has collapsed entirely and the tool for this was the propaganda set up to convince them all that we will roast to death and not freeze fleeing Moscow in WWIII.


Telling us that global warming is more dangerous than WWIII which we have utter and total responsibility for is insane!  As our ‘liberal’ President and our ‘conservative’ right wing ‘leaders’ poke at Russia, shove Russia, push Putin around, sneering and waving swords in Russia’s front yard, threatening to destroy Russia, we have to remember that the gods of Weather have special protection for Russia that no general can defeat.


No question of this.  But the delusions about weather have grown to the point that our government believes there WILL BE NO WINTER and we can conquer Russia thanks to warm weather.  Meanwhile, we are warned that warm weather is going to roast us all to death unless…we launch WWIII?  Nuclear Winter!  HAHAHA…this is the definition of insanity.


I am assuming most of these people including our nasty leaders have not visited the Gates of Death at any point in their lives. I have literally and really passed through those dark doors starting when I was only 5 years old and took a direct hit from a massive lightning bolt that united this huge oak tree and my bed and fused us together briefly and very painfully.  To this day, my brain bears the scars of this event.


Several other times I entered the portals.  Each time, sent back to do more work in this realm.  My main desire since childhood was to prevent WWIII.  My father and his CIA buddies worked day and night for this and my dad was part of the nuclear missile program, too.  WWIII was always over the event horizon and every disaster that took us to the very edge, my father would be picked up (even once when he was fishing in the Rockies!) by a military helicopter and be flown into DC on a military jet to discuss WWIII with Eisenhower, Kennedy (the hour Kennedy was assassinated my father had a panic attack), LBJ and then Nixon who then dropped him due to me interfering so much.


But Jimmy Carter invited my dad back into the White House and thanks to being friends with Goldwater, so did Reagan.  My father by then was a total peacenik and I was endlessly pleased by this and his very last words to me in his long life was to warn me that the sun was going into future inactivity similar to the Little Ice Age or worse and I was to prepare myself for this event!  And this is when the other scientists gave him the cold shoulder and pretended he didn’t exist anymore.


Well, here we are, on the edge of the precipice with our leaders utterly unhinged and out of control thinking they can control a billion angry Muslims (a total failure) and now pushing to alienate and infuriate a billion Chinese and to make certain WWIII will be total, they have added Russia, one of the most heavily armed nuclear powers on earth, as an enemy.


And we are worried about it being slightly warmer than ‘usual’ meaning, during the cold 1970’s.  Sheesh.  I am so annoyed.  I assure everyone that the Creatures of the Night at the Gates of Death are laughing at us all.  Their eyes glow in the dark and they certainly ‘feel your pain’ and love every minute of it.  It is their bread and butter, so to speak.  Poking at them is stupid, they are not chained down but rather are quite free to take off and fly into battle to do their worse and they can annihilate everything if pushed hard enough.


We humans have to avoid this at all costs and we aren’t.  And liberals love to pat themselves on the back saying, ‘We are antiwar!’ when doing absolutely nothing about this looming war.  Instead, they want to fight the Elemental Forces who are, of course, GODS.  And these always, always win.  The other name of this force happens to be ‘Reality’.  Not fantasy of human imagining.


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17 responses to “65 ‘Nobel Prize’ Winners Say Global Warming Is More Dangerous Than WWIII

  1. melponeme_k

    You need to rest some more Elaine. The problems of the world aren’t going to go away in the next few days.

    Believe me, you just disappointed a certain group of headhunters. ;P

  2. Jim R

    Humans, as a group, can only hang onto an idea for so long. For example, the dollar. Since the fed was established 100 yeas ago, it has lost 98% of its value?

    Well, the same thing with the Nobel. Established a long time ago, and it really just doesn’t mean as much any more. Peace prizes are handed out to terrorists and warmongers. The science prizes are a little better, but aren’t worth what they once were.

    As for the nukes, they really really need to shut down the power plants. Those things have been saving their fission products, because they don’t know what to do with them, for five+ decades now. And it adds up to tens of thousands of times as much sheer mass of fission product as any weapon ever produces. Hundreds of Fukushimas waiting for a natural disaster, war, or insurrection to take out their connection to the power grid.

    But, yeah, the weapons are a bad idea too. Like a man-made meteor strike. Turns out humans can affect the climate, they can make it worse.

  3. Jim R

    Who was it said “Men go mad in herds, but come to their senses slowly, and one by one”?

    And, I second what melponeme said: get some rest. Eat yogurt, or kefir, unpasteurized, to repopulate your inner flora. And vitamin C, and etc.

    I know what happens to me when I’m on my own, I tend to get dehydrated. Just don’t feel like preparing food, I’ll eat later. I’m busy with my net-addiction and have to walk to the sink to get water. But water is bland and boring. And so on.

    You don’t keep your fluid levels up, and eventually it takes a toll on everything else .. blood pressure, kidney function. And you’re vulnerable to infection when that happens.

  4. emsnews

    I always drink!

    What happened was…the fluids would flow straight out again! This is why I was on continuous IV for over a week.

    Yogurt is great, eat it a lot. None in the hospital, but I am still not allowed to eat it until three more days due to the antibiotics I am still on, it will interfere with the meds.

    But I have blueberries, fresh, and yogurt waiting to go and can’t wait to eat it by Thursday. Thanks for all the advice.

  5. emsnews

    BTW, my dad used to pass out the Nobel Prizes for the sciences in the past, they always gave him an honorary medal at the ceremonies. He had to wear a penguin suit, of course, looked really funny. I used to tease him about it.

  6. Lou

    Are Nobel Prizes for sale? As usual, ‘follow the money’.

  7. JimmyJ

    Well since “Global Warming” is a religion, not science, its no surprise the educated elite, who are its Priesthood, figure their religion is the only one that can save us all.

    Meanwhile these same apparently educated Priests magically wish away the powerful Conservative Dominionists who also have religious zeal and believe equally irrationally that making WWIII pleases God.

    The former can kill us slowly while the latter can get it all over quickly. Who will act first?

  8. Sunger

    JimR said “Well since “Global Warming” is a religion, not science, its no surprise the educated elite, who are its Priesthood, figure their religion is the only one that can save us all.”

    Read through Guy McPhersons Climate Summary if you or Elaine actually have any true interest in this topic- other than using it to bash everybody you disapprove of.


  9. Jim R

    Someone on twitter just noticed this tiny change in Russian rhetoric:

  10. emsnews

    ALL major climate change is due entirely to the sun.

    ALL major religions try to usurp the sun’s primary power which is why Jesus, for example, took over from Apollo. Appeasing the Sun God has been a human activity since we were apes.

    This is why eclipses terrify us, for example. We evolved into humans due to the hammering we took when the Ice Ages suddenly began 2.5 million years ago. Before then we were just ordinary apes lounging happily around our pleasant, wet, warm homelands.

    We were already the ‘naked apes’ and had the least fur. So when it got cold and wet, we nearly perished.

  11. Ken

    Elaine, I’m glad that you and your father had reconciled at the end. When your readers were worried about your health I checked on line to make sure that no obituary had been filed on you. My search pulled up your posting regarding your father’s death. You seemed quite bitter with him. Glad I read it wrong.

  12. Lou

    ALL major climate change is due entirely to the sun.

    Well. almost.
    And Volcanoes / VOG blocking the Sun.

  13. Lou

    Elaine, north of you in Toronto, 10,000 march for [get this] ‘Climate Justice’.
    NPR is touting this ‘call to action, save the planet’ leftist hogwash nonsense.

  14. Lou

    This is why eclipses terrify us,

    You mean ‘scare primitives’. Thats how Mexico was conquered, yes?

  15. JimmyJ

    @Sunger: Lots of nice citations. I don’t see much linkage between runaway warming events and volcanic aerosols which were the chief driver of species extinctions by acidification of water on land and ocean during those events.

    As Elaine points out all the time, it has been much warmer with lots of concurrent biodiversity at historic times.

    Our primary concern now around species extinction is habitat loss and these same advocates aren’t pushing reforestation and preservation at near the same rate as carbon trade financial schemes that should generate broad reforestation but don’t.

    That to me is the smoking gun that we have a religion that talks about sinning while the priests line their pockets and carry on.

  16. emsnews

    I have a BEAUTIFUL forest. Oaks, mainly. And lots and lots of yummy wildlife enough for my freezer each fall and still many animals. And my trees love CO2 and are growing really nicely now.

    And no one is paying me for my services! I pay taxes! Not taxes flowing to me. The entire CO2 stuff is garbage designed to tax the poor and give to the bankers. Period.

  17. Lou

    Miss Living large, Teds gal, she of the ‘let me look thru the commie gun sights’,


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