OXI Vote Gores EU: Putin Laughs

Germany foolishly decided to conspire with US neocons and Israeli operatives to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine and replace it with a fascist coup hostile to Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens.  This has led to war in Ukraine and NATO strutting along Russia’s borders menacing Putin and a coup attempt against him with this scheme to collapse the Russian banking system…WHICH FAILED.  So economic sanctions were raised against Russia and Russia retaliated and the EU economy has taken a hard hit due to this and all of EU industries still depend on Putin for energy.  And now Greece is refusing to pay back EU debts and is flirting with Russia to be saved from the US and Germany…and this is all very funny in a horrible way.


NO SURPRISE FOR ME!  Neocons have a talent for being stupid.  For example, in Israel today, the Jews are freaking out because ISIS which is a creation of the US/Israel neocons who run our government, is now springing up in Sinai and general Sisi has put on his uniform to go there and demand it stop while the Muslim radicals in Egypt sharpen their swords to decapitate the dictator put in place, after the US and Israel destroyed the elected President there (as in Ukraine!).


The idea that people just might resist US/Israeli coups never ever occurs to these demented Dominionists.  They think God gave them the world to rule but their own history (the Bible) clearly explains that their very own God gets pissed off at them frequently and enslaves them all.  Never learning lessons, they make the same mistakes over and over a gain and then wail in rage and regret when the ax falls.


Now on to Greece and the EU: the EU worked so long as it had no power.  So long as sovereign nations in the economic union were self-ruled, all was well.  But then the elites (BILDERBERG GANG!!!) who created the EU after WWII decided it was time to totally take over Europe and eliminate sovereignty so they could dictate terms to voters who had no more sovereign powers, this was done step by step only the voters did notice this and began complaining louder and louder over the last 10 years and now it is a roar.


English voters want to exit the EU now.  Germans are getting right pissed off at foreigners coming in to steal stuff, mess with things, cause violent problems there, France is floundering and going bankrupt and overrun with aliens, too, the rich are fleeing Paris.


A flood of Muslim males are pouring into Europe after NATO destroyed the rulers of Libya and Egypt and Syria and Iraq, etc.  Iran stands strong and proud and is totally a sovereign nation and the US is being forced to treat Iran as an equal in negotiations and there is no hope of a coup there to turn the place into chaos, too!


The Goddess of History is a bitch.  She has a billion monkeys typing random stuff which always ends up being the same story over and over again and it amuses her endlessly since Time is Forever for Her.  But we monkeys have to take her activities most seriously.  Why on earth can’t we ever learn lessons of history?


When the US Constitution was being forged, our Founding Fathers had this huge history debate where they discussed the Greek and Roman empires and recent history of European nobility and they struggled mightily to create some sort of functional government that wasn’t despotic even while holding slaves, an irrational attempt at ‘freedom’ if there ever was one.


Immediately after the Revolution, small farm holders in the northern and central parts of the new Republic revolted against taxes on brewing booze.    The rules of governing changed due to this but the inherent contradictions of the US republic rules led to one of the bloodiest wars the US had: the Civil War.


This war continued long after it ‘ended’ and is raging today.  For example, the sovereign people of the South are now up in arms because northern liberals are taking away their flag of revolt from way back in 1860 and they want to keep it no matter what.


For example, NASCAR has decided to ban showing the flag at races.  I went to southern media to read comments of readers.  It is nearly 100% united in wanting to boycott NASCAR and destroy the organization for turning on them all and to double down on waving the flags!  I see it here in my mountains.


People who never flew the flag are putting it up now!  The debate about flying the flag at government sites is legitimate and I hope the flag ceases flying at state houses, etc.  But demanding that individual citizens cease flying it simply throws gasoline on the fire.  They will explode in fury and the result will not be good stuff but rather the exact opposite.


Sovereignty: The Bilderberg plan to make us all stateless is relentless but fails in the end.  When Donald Trump this week said the most sensible thing about Mexican criminals who get deported and then come back again and again to commit crimes, was chastised by our media giants, corporations screamed at him, Hispanic celebrities called for him to be isolated and punished.  He was howled at by the Mob (aka, the Bilderberg machine).


And his poll numbers shot up.  This is not the result our rulers wanted at all.  I hate Trump and I must be the only person to make more money off of his casinos than he made off of me, by a long shot which is why I am barred for life by him (HAHAHA…long story here).  But in this case, he is right and our media giants are totally wrong.


So…Europe has no more sovereignty as nations and is being de-democracised and Greece said OXI to that and they will be severely punished for this but this is the first major crack that signals a dam backed by tons of water about to break and Putin has to merely kick the base of the dam and it will explode and the EU will cease to exist.


How pathetic is that?  I do know that the Germans will be grimly annoyed by all this.  And the Brits will definitely roll back into their isolationist shell to protect themselves.  France, on the other hand, will flail about and smash itself into the Seine and go insane and I am sorry to see that happen.  But what else do they expect?  History has issued all the usual warnings already.


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33 responses to “OXI Vote Gores EU: Putin Laughs

  1. Being There

    Yes, Elaine
    I always call our ideology of global hegemony and full spectrum dominance as the one-two punch of hard military Neocons, and the soft global financialization Neoliberals.
    Both ideologies work together to enforce the anti-capitalist national economies of the modern nation state ie de-industrialization of the former first world to that of third world colonial status.
    Milton Friedman who used Chile as a laboratory soon learned that his economic ideas are something nobody would ever choose, so you have to trick them into accepting enforced austerity through shock and awe and lies.
    This is what we all face, even here in America and so I put my vote on the side of democracy and the Greek people.
    I hope they can go back to issuing their own currency and build their economy with good trading partners not married to Global neoliberalism.
    On a real level playing field of competitive advantage and ideas, may the best economic system win!

  2. Jim R

    And Varoufakis resigned anyway. No telling what kind of pressure, or whether he’s just “gettin’ outta Dodge”.

    It remains to be seen whether the vote will mean anything to the people of Greece. Looks like the ‘troika’ is going to run things as they see fit, democracy be damned.

    A ‘vote’ is only respected when it agrees with the wishes of the oligarchs. If the little people vote for their own interests, they are Communists and the vote isn’t ‘legitimate’.

  3. Jim R

    As for that flag as a symbol of the Old South, it may be sorta difficult to suppress that one. Not that they won’t try. But just try a google image search for “rebel flag”.

    It turns up in the most interesting places. Eastern Ukraine, for example.

  4. Maddie's Mom

    NASCAR just screwed itself. If your attendance is off already, go ahead and alienate your biggest fans, the good ol’ boys. lol at the STUPID which is burning oh so brightly!

    I see a great business opportunity considering the void in the marketplace.
    Thank you very much Amazon, Walmart, etc. more lmao…

    I also see brisk business for tattoo artists. Whatever will the tyrannical jack-booted thugs do about that?!? Will there be Confederate flags flying from or painted on vehicles (houses and barns?) all over the South? OH MY!!!

    Defiance on ‘roids.

    P.S. GO GREECE!!!

  5. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Well, maybe driving cars in circles as fast as possible isn’t the brightest idea to begin with?

  6. Maddie's Mom


    Couldn’t agree more. Very stupid sport, imo. But then I tend to think most sports are stupid. Not a fan.

  7. JimmyJ

    The flag wavers sentiment seems set to become a white, Christian, conservative rallying point across the US, not simply the “South”. Turn it sideways and it could be the flag of the Dominionist Imperium yet to come. We’re only one nuclear false flag away…

    ISIS could give the Mamluks a run for their money in Egypt. Now that would be interesting.

  8. emsnews

    Humans do love being defiant.

    This has always troubled rulers. It is universal. As for NASCAR: it is ‘stupid’ in that the races are in a circle and they still manage to smash each other up like yesterday’s massive crash.

    I preferred street racing on Speedway Blvd in Tucson when I was a teen and had a souped up 55 Chevvy. I could really pop those gears and make it jump.

  9. Maddie's Mom


    You and my hubby would get along wonderfully!

    His idea of a fun time is and always has been going fast in/on things with
    wheels, from street racing in the 60s, to dirt bikes and motorcycles and ATVs to his obsession of the past 20 years, dune buggies.
    He’s 65+ and the younger ones line up to watch him do wheel stands in the sand dunes. lol

    Funny though, he has never liked NASCAR.

  10. Maddie's Mom

    Back to more serious matters…
    Yes, I think we should consider ourselves “at war” already. With whom, I’m not really sure. It’s a long list…..
    We should prepare accordingly. Whatever that might be.

  11. Jim R

    We should prepare accordingly.

    You know I always hate it when people say that. They all have different ideas what it means, too. Move off grid to a mountain in Patagonia? (I think I’ve encountered a total of 1 person [online] who has actually done that) .. Hole up in the basement with gold coins, firearms and MRE’s? People have been doing that for decades (crazy paranoid people). Join a hippie commune in rural New Mexico or North Carolina? I dunno.

    Elaine’s house looks like a good candidate for off-grid living. But, as we discussed earlier, us old farts like to be near enough to city services to avail ourselves of them sometimes. The *real* boonies can have a significant life-shortening effect. Reliable electricity is nice to have, too.

    Whatever that might be, indeed.

  12. JimmyJ

    The Nascar drivers were talking about the lack of safety in having fans close to the track in an area known for crashes, and some drivers complained of unnecessary speed increasing danger. Oddly no one said risk was increased by delaying the race start till after midnight. Like violence in hockey, people pay for the thrill of crashes.

  13. tio

    “And the Brits will definitely roll back into their isolationist shell”, hmm .. if you had said ’empty’ I would have agreed. Anyone for motorsport?

  14. Henry

    I’ve never been to a NASCAR race. Those that have said you can get the same experience by going to an overpass on a turnpike or freeway and watching the traffic go by for a few hours. A lot of people love it. Each to his own.

  15. tio

    I had one of these, it is difficult to light a fag afterwards.

  16. emsnews

    Toy cars! 🙂

  17. aashild

    President Xi will soon visit Russia to attend the BRICS and SCO summits. Important steps will be taken to shape the new multipolar order. Iran will also attend.

  18. emsnews

    Yup and I predicted this two years ago when the US began its first attempts at isolating Putin and destroying the banking system of Russia.

  19. Jim R

    I posted it to the other thread, but seems appropriate at this point ..
    Putin has shifted his rhetoric just a little. This was recent, July 3.

    Hmm… “Geopolitical opponents” is a bit of a departure from the usual “our Western partners” http://rt.com/news/271564-putin-west-russia-pressure/

  20. JimmyJ

    Apologies, my EUTimes article is a Sorcha Faal/David Booth Cointelpro piece. My bad.

  21. Seraphim

    @But then I tend to think most sports are stupid

    “MOSCOW — Even as Russia prepares to host the 2018 World Cup, football’s popularity there is plummeting to record levels.
    According to figures released Monday by state-run pollster VTsIOM, 73 percent of Russians say they are “indifferent” to football, the highest proportion the pollster has ever recorded. The figure was only 43 percent 10 years ago.
    Just eight percent of Russians said they were dedicated football fans, halved from 16 percent ahead of last year’s World Cup in Brazil.”

    Exactly when they wanted to “isolate” Russia further by taking away from her the FIFA World Cup of 2018!

    The Guardian sounds quite sad:

    “China and Russia: the world’s new superpower axis?”
    Forget euro summits and G7 gatherings: for the countries that like to style themselves as the world’s rising powers, the real summitry takes place this week in central Russia, where Vladimir Putin will hold court.
    Leaders of the Brics countries (Brazil, India, China and South Africa) will meet Putin in Ufa on Wednesday, then make way for the Asian powers grouped in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.
    Russia and China are the common denominators, as in so much geopolitics these days. The UN security council, Apec, the G20 – Russia and China are the ever-presents, a powerful pairing whose interests coincide more often than not….and on and on.”

    Isolation? From whom?
    “As of 2014, the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people, or approximately 40% of the world population; as all five members are in the top 25 of the world by population, and four are in the top 10.” And some other knock on the door.

  22. Ziff

    Tio , that was a blast wonder what engine that was.

  23. Floridasandy

    The southerners will not acquiesce, and good for them! People seem more than willing to give up their rights and their “stuff” just because the media says it is bad, and some people are either uneducated on issues, or easily led/offended by stuff that has zero bearing on their own lives. That is how you get outsmarted regularly.

    People like trump because he is pro American, won’t back down, and doesn’t care what others think. The media is going crazy about this!

    Maddie’s mom, yes, the stupid burns brightly now. I see they let dale win one because of his mouthing off. They could have left the whole issue alone, but you can’t fix stupid. I would boycott Macy”s but I don’t buy overpriced goods anyway.I also heard this morning that some town is now banning tattoo parlors. The lock-steppers push onward.

    I do think with the occasional anti American slant of this blog that Putin is getting credit for more power than he deserves. Sometimes events unfold which are out of everybody’s control, which we may yet see here if we don’t get it together.

  24. emsnews

    HISTORY IS A BITCH and SHE controls us all. We are all helpless in her mighty power to compel us into events.

    NO ONE controls History.

    I remember when a stupid famous historian trumpeted, ‘History has ended!’ when the Soviet Union folded. A Japanese professor in the US, if I recall.

    I attacked him immediately. ‘Far from ending, history is now on track to repeat WWI’. And lo and behold, as I keep pointing out, it is repeating WWI.

    Numbers of humans who hate the NATO nation’s rule of the world: ONE BILLION MUSLIMS, a billion Chinese, most likely soon a billion Indians, and nuclear armed Russia. This is more than 50% of the world’s population and if we count all the South American countries who are joining the new coalition set up by China, it will be over 2/3 of the earth’s population.

  25. Being There

    History is a fluid and ongoing process of human endeavor and it will always be subject to the follies, dreams and the desire to build wealth, and resources.
    And yes, the yearning for freedom and at the same time the subjugation of others.
    It is at once Eros and Thanatos rolled into one crazy critters’ head. But that’s all we have and is what we are. That’s the story and it not over till the last person dies.

  26. tio

    In 1957 most of our cars looked like ‘toy cars’, one of the consequences of picking one too many fights I guess. This example by designed by premier garagista Mr Chapman for the ‘gentleman racer’ way back when. Nowadays I could get into one, once, and then need a hoist to get out *sigh*. Unleash the power of the shed!

    Ziff, that’s a 122 ci supercharged ford four pot, currently the best of the breed is a 40 ci suzi three pot.

    “…and this is all very funny in a horrible way”, and this is why I come here 😀

  27. ziff

    NO ONE controls History.” What do you think of Armstrong and his ‘pi’ number cycles?

  28. tio

    Ziff, fishier than a hatful of badgers .

  29. Ziff

    Yes I agree but an interesting fellow

  30. Seraphim

    The “Bitch” is at the end of a cycle. Perceptive minds like Oswald Spengler understood that in the middle of the first act of “The Decline of the West (German: Der Untergang des Abendlandes), or The Downfall of the Occident”. The West tried to drag on and for few more decades seemed to arrest the decline. But the historical movement started in the East going West and West until it reached again the East where it started from.

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