After 9/11 Aliens Attacked, US Government Opened Our Borders Wide For Illegal Aliens

P.G.A. Moves Event From Donald Trump Golf Course – The New York Times: the NYT attacks Trump for daring to tell the truth about illegal aliens.  This festering non-status class is heavily exploited by bosses and rich people as a great pool of compliant workers who are cheap labor.  This pool of secret labor was used to break the unions and it worked.  Now, they must protect their pool of illegal workers lest Americans vote to actively remove millions of illegal aliens holding jobs that used to employ American citizens and this means demonizing Trump daily and chastising the rest of us for suggesting that a big part of the pool of illegal aliens are many horrible criminals and drug border crossers.  This topic is not mentioned in any articles about Trump, of course, since this is the real issue.


The NYT published a number of comments from readers all of which shout ‘Down with evil Trump!  How dare he say anything!’  I submitted something along the lines of ‘Why did our borders open wide after the 9/11 attacks?  This is the real question.  Why are we letting known career criminals to pass freely back and forth effortlessly?’  Verboten questions indeed.


The P.G.A. which is banishing Trump is going down the same road NASCAR is driving: to oblivion.  Does the average golf player want rapists and murderers crossing in and out of the US and menacing their wives and daughters?  I seriously doubt this.  Ever since the GOP smashed the DNC in the previous election, liberals who are Bilderberg gangsters have been on a jag, attacking all things Republican at its very heart.  This successful attack series has bad drawbacks for liberals.


For example, the ‘black lives matter’ business is causing great fury in white communities who are angry that the rare white on black crimes are highlighted and the perpetrators held up for Hate Sessions, when blacks commit horrible murders on whites, torturing and raping then killing white women in their homes, for example, the press barely mentions this on back pages.  The criminals doing this are seldom held up for group race hate sessions, too.  Then there is Crosby: a judge was so angry at all the black leaders including Whoopi Goldberg downplays Bill Cosby giving Quaaludes to woman before sex that he released court documents showing that the government knew about these rapes years ago and did nothing.  Serial rape of white women by a rich, famous black man is OK.  Is Whoopie being held up for an hour of race hate?


She did make the news, sort of, but there were no editorials calling for her scalp.  No demands she be fired.  No attacks on her family by media giants.  The dead silence surrounding these serial rapes of innocent young white women who were barely adults by this odious man is shocking when compared to the storm of rage aimed at an unemployed, lower, lower class white barely out of his teens male who murdered some black ministers in a race rage attack.  This kid is going to be demonized forever.  Crosby still isn’t under arrest nor has he committed suicide and indeed, he still is on stage making fun of his victims, no less.  With the full support of the black community which is really disgusting since they claim they want black lives to matter, not be viewed as a criminal class.


The mess the black community is in can’t be fixed unless it faces reality.  Hispanics can’t pretend all is well, either, when crimes rage in their own communities, too.  Excusing criminal behavior as normal means it thrives and destroys.  Cincinnati bystanders laugh at tourist beaten unconscious – NY Daily News is a story about a white young man who went to a rap hip hop obscene celebration of brutality concert and afterwards was beaten senseless by a black gang.  To save the kid, the cops had to battle their way through the howling mob that was laughing at this beating of whitey.  Several cops were hurt.  They finally got to the kid and took him to the hospital.


Afterwards, the chief of police had to retract his statement that this was a race crime against a white person.  He went to the media and said, ‘Cleveland is a safe city’ which is a total lie, it is one of the top ten most dangerous cities in America and 90% of the reason for this is black criminal activities.  There are no white gangs running riot there terrorizing blacks.  Anymore than in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore or other cities in the top ten.


The top ten crime cities are all going bankrupt, of course.  Despite huge government subsidies for the resident populations, thanks to free trade and illegal aliens, these once proud union cities are all going under.  Meanwhile, Governor Announces Puerto Rico “Insolvent” as our island territory conquered from Spain over 100 years ago, also goes bankrupt.  The people of Puerto Rico are US citizens unlike Central America and Mexico.  They are swamped by the illegal aliens every bit as much as the black community.  And both are under intense strain due to this.


Time for the US to have a serious discussion about our borders, wouldn’t it?  Instead, our anxious rulers are nailing the doors open and this is also because THEY NEED ANOTHER 9/11 ATTACK on us all.  To keep us scared and under their control.  While disarming us, of course.


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21 responses to “After 9/11 Aliens Attacked, US Government Opened Our Borders Wide For Illegal Aliens

  1. Jim R

    Things will change, but it is going to take some time. As Charles Mackay observed, a people do not go mad overnight, and they only come back to their senses slowly, one by one.

  2. Jim R

    I’m sorry that was the wrong quote. I got it from Jesse’s Cafe Americain. Here was the one I was thinking:

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

    Charles Mackay

  3. dick

    Elaine…another brilliant commentary. Well argued and essentially unrefutable.

    I suggest you run as trumps running mate. I cant imagine anyone who would use the bully pulpit of.vp more effectively than you


  4. dick

    And maybe you can get helen whatever her name was back in the wh press pool. She was the only journalist left with any cred. They tried ignoring her and that failed.miserably lol

  5. Jim R passed away at 93.

    I think they broke the mold after making just the one copy…

  6. melponeme_k

    Talking about system rot. Did you see this story?

    The minute this woman even suspected that she knew this man, she should have recused herself. The nerve of her and to allow her default in her duties to be shouted about in the news including international! What a disgrace.

    I wrote to Miami City Attorney Victoria Mendez about the incident. She sent me an officious little note stating that Glazer knew the defendant 30 years ago so she didn’t have to recuse herself. Plus that she, Mendez, had no jurisdiction over Glazer.

    Does anyone in government do their jobs anymore? Rotten from top to bottom.

  7. Lou

    Dixk –Helen Thomas?
    Jim R, ‘quote. I got it from Jesse’s Cafe Americain.’. Do you follow Metals? for how long?

  8. Jim R

    Since 2005 or so.

  9. CK

    If Trump decides to speak about emulating the Israeli border fences, and how intelligent the Israeli’s are about border control, the NYT will have an aneurism. Owned and run and edited by dual nationals and funded and supported by Carlos Slim who wins, who will break the Chinese wall between editorial and ownership. I feel a delightful year of schadenfreude ahead. Then an all New York election between Trump and Mrs. Clinton. Two old boomers neither of whom has a lot to offer. The beauty of entitlement, we have had a half black/half white male time for a questionable female or an old toupee wearing bankrupt.
    The shining city on the hill may need a huge dose of Windex.

  10. Lou

    Jim R Metals Since 2005 or so. Any advice or recommended websites?

  11. Jim R

    Andrew Maguire has a trading service, but his monthly fee is expensive, and I haven’t availed myself, not sure if I am trader enough for it. They say he’s really good at it, though.

    Keeping a ‘stack’ of physical is a way to avoid the counterparty risk of the ‘paper’ market, which is almost entirely imaginary by now, and at some point will simply vanish. But of course there is physical security, if you have your life savings just sitting around the house.

    So, no. Not really. Bitcion was a fad a couple years ago, and I still have a few of those. But wouldn’t put much savings into them, either.

  12. Floridasandy

    You can tell who is doing the right thing by the media attacks. They are all over trump, so his credibility went up a notch in my book. The only person I saw defend him to any degree was Ted Cruz, who also went up a notch.

    I see a huge push lately to get us to all behave the same, like the same stuff, and want to banish the”wrong stuff”, oh, and think that global warming push is for our benefit. Anything that makes one group happy another group seems to want to banish.

    Sad times, indeed, fueled by lousy leadership.

    I see the mayor of Baltimore is stuck on stupid, still doing her best to destroy that city.

  13. Sunger

    Elaine- This would be a good thing for you to do with your time- figure out how to protect all 19,577 miles of US borders and sea coast without breaking the US budget (any more than it already is).

  14. emsnews

    EASY! Bring the troops home, spend money on our own defenses instead of in the Ukraine or EU which has tons of money they can spend on protecting themselves for once, the silly leaders there are all leeches.

    Must I go on?

  15. DM

    Yup – they can spend tons (tonnes) of money protecting themselves. But, um, who exactly are they protecting themselves from?

    No, I think this part of your narrative is a bit skewed. Yankees can just go home (piss off). There is no void to fill.

  16. Petruchio

    US Rulers know FULL WELL what the negative consequences are for allowing unrestricted immigration. This is what US rulers intended all along: destroy the US Middle Class. Flood the labor market to keep wages low. Make workers feel lucky to just HAVE a job; they are more compliant that way. Freeze out US citizens from tech jobs by keeping H-1B visas easy to get for foreigners. If unrestricted immigration were to start to hurt corporate profits, you might be amazed at how draconian the government would become towards illegal aliens. US elites, while not being geniuses, are FULLY aware of how damaging their policies are towards the vast majority of people; they just don’t give a sh#t.

  17. Lou

    Jim R, not sure if I am trader enough for it.
    So you are an options trader?

    Keeping a ‘stack’ of physical is a way to avoid the counter party risk of the ‘paper’ market, which is almost entirely imaginary by now, and at some point will simply vanish.
    I do not understand. Are you saying the naked shorts are so much its about to collapse?

  18. Jim R

    No. Are you?

    So, what I am saying is that I have no idea what metals are going to do. They may not be finished with their deflationary bear market. Maybe not by a long shot. Like anything else, car, horse, house, land, a thing is ‘worth’ whatever you can trade it for.

    And what I mean by ‘vanish’ is what the NYSE did yesterday for about a half day. Eventually they won’t bother to turn the computers back on.

  19. Sunger

    Elaine said: “EASY! Bring the troops home, spend money on our own defenses instead of in the Ukraine or EU which has tons of money they can spend on protecting themselves for once, the silly leaders there are all leeches.”

    Sounds good to me.

    But who is attacking the EU? And who is attacking the Ukraine? And who is attacking the US? Only those countries that we have deliberately provoked.

    The US is destroying country after country after country. And when we have that big western financial system collapse, a lot of world will not be friendly toward helping the US get back it’s feet.

    And they won’t have any good feelings about a resurgent US in the future.

    The US needs new leaders. No more crooks like Eric Holder and Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

  20. emsnews

    The ‘markets’ can vanish in a flash and leave nothing behind but some scraps of paper.

    One of my ancestors in the 19th century after the Civil War made lots of money on Wall Street when boom. It crashed. My grandfather showed me the scraps of worthless stocks he kept locked in his desk.

    ‘This is to remind us all that wealth can vanish instantly’ he told me. My ancestor committed suicide, by the way. Another warning from grandpa about wealth and staying alive and sane.

  21. Floridasandy

    Sunger, ho-hum, the old narrative that the U.S. Is destroying the world. When we pull out of these countries, which we will (and should), they will see a negative economic impact- just as we will feel a positive economic impact.

    Then their leaders will have to find a new way to spin the bad guy meme.

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