Bilderberg Gang Attacks Trump Ferociously, Defending Violent Illegal Aliens As Better Than US Citizens

GOP leaders fear damage to party’s image as Donald Trump doubles down according to the Washington Post which is owned by a West Coast billionaire.  This is all about ‘white shaming’ which has been going on out of control for months now.  I predicted long ago that the issue of illegal aliens taking jobs and causing crime plus black ghetto behavior which is increasingly violent, would be huge, huge issues in the next election.  This runs contrary to the Bilderberg Global Domination plans.  As the EU, like all previous confederations, begins its internal collapse, the Bilderberg gang is most anxious to keep the restive US voters corralled and in harness which is why they are desperately pushing for more Clinton/Bush machine politics.



Both the Clintons and Bushes claimed in the past that they wanted to stop illegal aliens.  Since then, the Bilderberg gang has collectively decided without consulting with US citizens, to eliminate the words, ‘illegal alien’ and replace it with ‘undocumented workers’.  Duh.  They certainly are!  And moves to eliminate them have been dead in the water for a long time.  Any pushes are done as street theater and then quietly dropped.


Here is the Bush clan yapping about all this: Bush: ‘You can love Mexican culture’ and want border control.  As if!  I love Mexican culture, too.  And Asian cultures.  Not to mention European, etc.  This does not mean I want a flood of illegal aliens, many of whom are uneducated criminals or welfare seekers, to flood into my country and destroy it!  The fact remains, the Bushes were totally inept at stopping this invasion in the past and there is zero reason to expect different from Jeb.


Then there is this Jeb Bush Saying His Remarks On Americans Working Longer Hours Were Taken Out Of Context:


In an interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board Wednesday, the former Florida governor was asked about his economic plan.


“My aspiration for the country, and I believe we can achieve it, is four percent growth as far as the eye could see,” Bush said. “Which means we have to be a lot more productive, work force participation has to rise from its all time modern lows, means that people need to work longer hours, and through their productivity gain more income for their families. That’s the only way we’re going to get out of this rut that we’re in.”…According to a Gallup poll conducted last year, full-time employees reported working an average of 47 hours a week.


He wants to work us all to death at low wages.  More productivity for US workers and fewer protections is his solution coupled with a few more million illegal alien workers.  All productivity gains have gone to the owners of businesses, not the workers and this is due to free trade deals, the importation of foreign workers for jobs like doctors or computer experts and other tools used to eliminate jobs for citizens and replace them with jobs for aliens who ask for no pay raises and don’t unionize since they can be deported.


Despite all these attempts at smearing anyone who talks honestly about the flood of ill-educated aliens, mostly desperate to get onto the welfare train that many black citizens got on board, the reality is,  New poll shows Donald Trump leading in North Carolina for example.  The smear machine is furious.  How dare people support him!  So attacks on citizens concerned about violent illegal alien criminals pouring across our borders with impunity grows ever greater.  We are all shameful hussies for resisting illegal border crossing by hostile aliens!


And here is what happened in Baltimore after the riots.  Do note there were zero riots after a white kid murdered middle class, honest, hard working black church leaders,  What’s Behind Baltimore’s Record-Setting Rise in Homicides | TIME


At the same time, arrests have plummeted. In the first two weeks of May, arrests by Baltimore police were down 57% from the year before.


Since six officers were indicted in Gray’s death on May 1, police officers’ concerns over potential prosecution for improper use of force now appear to be holding many of them back from arresting suspects altogether. When they do, they’re surrounded by smartphone-wielding citizens. It’s as if the police are no longer patrolling Baltimore the way they once did; instead, the citizens are patrolling them.


The black police chief has been replaced with a white police chief which I find rather ironic.   He can’t fix this broken mess.  The voters can but won’t.  They evidently want thugs running the city and destroying it so they will, like in other identical dying industrial giant cities, will pursue this all the way to the very bottom.  This last month, the National Geographic had this pathetic article about how Detroit is springing back after bankruptcy.


It is not.  It continues to die and the fact that a dozen people reentered the city to take advantage of houses going for less than $1 won’t change this fact.  They, too, will eventually flee due to the dangers of living there.  The United States government decided long ago that preserving our own cities and industrial base is stupid.  Move it all to China!  They did and now we are at the mercy of mega-economic forces in China which will hammer us to nothing over time and this frankly is the Chinese 50 Year Plan.


Yes, the stock market in China is going down temporarily.  But the industrial base is still there and so is the work force and China, unlike the US, is not bankrupt as a government. Whereas the US owes everyone on the planet earth trillions of dollars in debts.  And this is what we bought with these many trillions of dollars: worse working conditions for American citizens, ever.


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30 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Attacks Trump Ferociously, Defending Violent Illegal Aliens As Better Than US Citizens

  1. DM

    Of course, you are right, but what part of “race to the bottom” did the USA not understand?

  2. ziff

    the China market rout is quite healthy, just whats needed here

  3. vengeur

    The Wapo headline “GOP leaders fear damage to party’s image” says it all. They are worried about their image, NOT their average fellow citizens who suffer the consequences of the tsunami of illegal aliens.
    Here is a comment from a liberal reader of Washington Post : “Trump has figured out that pandering to the base makes him electable in the primaries. Of course, it also means losing big time in the actual election but, right now, he doesn’t care. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started calling blacks lazy next! After all, we know how much the Republican base would love that! …” Notice how this liberal hatemonger who believes himself the paragon of fairness and open mindedness casually and flippantly stereotypes ALL Trump supporters as racist?

  4. Being There

    How is the liberal a “hatemonger” exactly? Please explain your context.
    This kind of language will never create a common consensus or lead to any understanding or change in peoples’ thinking.

  5. emsnews

    Both left and right do ‘hate montering’ nearly nonstop. Both think they are holier than thou in this business.

    This is how the rich keep power, by the way. Bon appetit!

  6. Being There

    Yes, I understand that there is a football game out there between the red and the Blue teams, but that comment wasn’t hate-mongering. It was just a left-wing take on how the center of the country thinks. Not everything people say with a slanted interpretation is hatemongering.

  7. Floridasandy

    Liberals know nothing anymore. Conservatives love the citizens, all citizens, and just oppose illegal lawbreakers. Bush is another democrat, disguised as a republucan. Remember when he said immigrants (meaning illegal invaders) were more fertile, and would thus save the economy. If he isn’t the dumbest guy in the race, I don’t know who is. More people on welfare isn’t the multiplier effect the democrats think it is, especially when you are transferring payments to do so –also robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    The stupid burns, and right now trump is amazingly refreshing.

  8. Floridasandy

    …and mr liberal guy, it isn’t just the republican base that opposes illegal immigration- anybody who respects laws, borders, language, culture – as well as anybody who wants a job that pays a living wage (or wants full-time work ) opposes the lawbreakers.

    They send their money to other countries–after driving down wages here, and thus deprive American businesses of that money circulating in America, helping American businesses (which circulating money usually does).

    Trump is paying attention, and that is worth something.

  9. Floridasandy

    It isn’t just the republican base that opposes illegal immigration anyway—anybody who respects laws, borders, language, culture – as well as anybody who wants a job that pays a living wage (or wants full-time work ) opposes the lawbreakers.

    They send their money to other countries–after driving down wages here, and thus deprive American businesses of that money circulating in America, helping American businesses (which circulating money usually does).

    Trump is paying attention, and that is worth something.

  10. Floridasandy

    Sorry about that –would delete the double post if that was an option here.

  11. Narciso Lopez

    Lol, hostile illegal aliens Invading America. They’re raping, murdering, bringing diseases, mooching on welfare, and other assorted mayhem.

    Trump is foolish in that his entire fortune is based on “marketing” and he’s destroying his brand by making controversial remarks that cannot be easily walked back. Trump is nothing but a confidence man that’s managed to successfully brand himself into a billionaire. Obviously he’s pandering to racist whites because that’s the only demographic that he has any chance of winning since he’s a clown.

    Free speech exist but why people whine about being called racist for making blanket statements is laughable. People have the right to be crude but the whining about the social ostracization that follows is moronic.

    There is a reason that back in the day children where told, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” Apparently in Elaine’s old age she’s decided that racially bashing groups is perfectly fine and is not racist but the “harsh truth.”

    Lots of fake concern about loving blacks and Hispanic “culture” or whatnot but its such transparent bullshit. Elaine is just embracing her inner Goebbels and beating up on the two most visible minority groups to escape the harsh reality that whites are the one’s responsible for the impending bankruptcy of the US. Like whites aren’t abusing welfare (neighbors are on disability yet works in construction), embezzling, robbing, vandalizing, raping or murdering.

    Jews are not the only one’s running corporations and pushing for warmongering against a billion muslims. According to Mrs. Goebbels its not White America’s fault its the Jews, blacks, Hispanics that are the cause of all of america’s ills.

    Corporations want the world as their oyster and its why we bomb and invade any nation that refuses to sell out their own people. The reality is that our living standards require us to extract tribute from those illegal aliens homelands. Elaine conveniently just wants to magically seal the border while continuing the bribing of foreign leaders to “sell out their people” or bombing those that won’t be bought. Elaine is just pissed that what goes around comes around. Its our turn to be squeezed to feed the greed of our venal elite.

    Fact, White Americans were the original hostile illegal aliens invading, raping, and murdering. Native Americans were murdered and raped, Blacks enslaved and raped, Mexicans got it much easier they just got land robbed (work force was needed).

    Its obvious that human beings have being roaming around since we were hairy apes living in Africa. Human migrations aren’t going to end for good or ill because when life becomes impossible in a locale human being will naturally pack up and move on to greener pastures.

    All Americans benefit from the elite’s schemes to rob idiotic third world nations that swallow American and European propaganda. Its why all third world nations get ridiculous loans that they have no ability to pay because its a way of robbing those nations blind of their resources.

    It seems that Elaine rather blame blacks, hispanics, and jews for what is obviously our elite’s doing.

  12. dick

    Donald trump is beyond hiddous…politically and personally.

    The bilderburgerx are all freakish reptiles

    Mmm. Bilderburger

    Ps…fuck off lopez…crawl back to the shithole created by your worthless ancestors.


  13. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Jesus motherf*cking Christ, all of the Bushes quintessentially embody everything the Republican party stands for. For example: compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite; all of which are American dreams.

    And, to everyone, please, don’t be a dick!

  14. Floridasandy

    Mr Lopez, quit trying to turn economic issues into racial issues.

    That isn’t working anymore.

    I did notice that, ironically, you threw a little race baiting into your own post.

    It isn’t economically feasible for our overly generous country to keep allowing more people in, and to brand it racism is disingenuous at best. The only way to allow it is to cut off all birthright citizenship and social benefits for illegals –including those IRS checks Obama keeps promising–but our government panders to illegals over citizens because it is a brand new, often uneducated, big government voting bloc,

    Economic dependents vote for their own good, not the good of their country.

  15. emsnews

    Illegals are allowed to pour in because they are destroying UNIONS.

    Unions voted DEMOCRATIC for many, many years, it was the BASE of the Democratic Party.

    No longer! The base is now ‘ethnics’ and this is HIGHLY divisive. So we have the two ethnic parties which go to war with each other…TO VOTE FOR IDENTICAL BILDERBERG TWIN LEADERS!!!!

    Read my latest story about this. Most enlightening. And yes, I come from the elites, my family has been in the US when it was a British/French colony and we founded the colonies here.

    I have one ancestor who was a French Huguenot pirate, an ancestor whose father voted to behead an English King for being Catholic…I know where power lies and how it works first hand!

    My father was advisor to five Presidents, after all. I grew up inside the machinery and now am outside, kicked out for talking about the Bilderberg gang.

    And people are trained to turn off their brains when someone points out that the entire ETHNIC WARFARE GARBAGE by all sides is run ENTIRELY by the Bilderberg gang to SEPARATE Americans so they vote against each other’s best interests (protecting our borders and stopping floods of foreign goods is 100% in our interest for all ethnic groups!!!!) so the flood of debt, trade deficits (RECORD HIGHS STILL) will continue to make this 1% elite much richer.

  16. Floridasandy

    Most Americans want the borders guarded-a,though Canada seems to be doing a. Pretty good job on our northern border.

    It’s only the media and politicians who solemnly state that this is what we want, and that is why trump is rising so fast. He isn’t backing down or apologizing for saying what most of us already know.

    The trade deficits are fixable, but overpopulation will be harder to address. Of course, the trade deficits aren’t going to be fixed by anybody in power now because you are right to point out that it is enriching a select few-mostly politicians.

    How ironic is it that Greeks voted no, and their liberal government submitted basically the same plan anyway.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what the people want, and they are supposed to represent us-the irony is tragic.

  17. emsnews

    Word of warning: DO NOT OWE GERMANS MONEY.


    The Greeks thought they could do this with impunity. This is also why Russia doesn’t really mind supplying energy to Germany. Unlike the Kiev coup, the Germans will pay up even if they get mouthy about it in hopes of keeping neo cons running our government happy.

  18. LOU

    Elaine, I understand that in yr former home ‘town’ [and formerly greatest city in the USA] there are half MILLION wetbacks —just from Mexico.

    ‘Illegals are allowed to pour in because they are destroying UNIONS.’
    Uh, no. They are brought in by Democrats, to destroy USA.

  19. Lee

    Meanwhile Planned parenthood has been exposed, again, SELLING BABY PARTS. Kill the baby but sell the parts to genentech or whoever,
    From a comment at HuffPo,

    Regardless of your stance on abortion, you should find it disturbing when in the video she describes different methods used to get the baby out without harming the parts they need for their buyers. Including rotating the baby to the breech position.

    That is not good medical care for the woman involved in the procedure. Caring about that does not make me reduce women… rather I care a great deal about women. Enough that I would not want any woman to go through that procedure without knowing what was going to be done to her body

  20. emsnews

    But then all the many, many people who benefit directly from this…you want them to die? This is how Life works. Look at what we do to animals, for example. This includes eating baby animals including, say, eggs.

  21. Lee

    No, it is how death works. You have no problem with via infants being dismembered? If so, shame on you.

    Humans should be better than animals, not worse.

  22. emsnews

    And other bodies are ‘dismembered’ for EXACTLY the same reasons.

    Look, unwanted fetuses could be transplanted into willing males who volunteer to carry and care for them…which will never, ever happen because this is the dead last thing males will do for the fetuses. They want to force women they don’t know to carry fetuses which this bizarre god hates anyways since it hates most humans and sends them to hell anyways in between extinction events.

  23. Pontiff Holysh*t

    It’s all about the cult of the fetus. Their “souls” are “pure”.

    Once you are born, you are a sinner (born into sin). You can be shit on nine ways to midnight and “god” loves this, because you are “forced” to accept Jesus in order to be saved. If you don’t, you can be brutally fucked over in any way Christians see fit and their “god” will love them for this.

    Christinsanity is an extremely disturbing and dangerous cult.

  24. Pontiff Holysh*t

    I think a lot of Christians might perhaps get a big surprise when they pass through the Gates of Death to realize, some of them to their utter horror, that their clergy (holyshit pontiffs) have lied to them, and they are actually doomed to be held accountable for their transgressions (or “sins” if one prefers), rather than getting an autopass from ol’ Jesus. And those sins are usually many and sometimes egregious, typically associated with a ferocious arrogance and bloated sense of self-importance, despite their own “holy” scriptures stern and frequent warnings about this!

  25. Lee

    unwanted fetuses – if thats what you choose to call a viable baby w a functioning brain.


    ELAINE: Fetuses are NOT viable unless they are able to exist as an entity. This is true of all animals including reptiles. The mother on the other hand is ALWAYS a living being.

  26. Jim R

    That stupid “selling body parts” video was misogynistic ajitprop, anyway. I am not sure what group made it, but there is a certain group of people who, in their fevered imagination, like to think that Planned Parenthood sits around talking about such stuff…

  27. emsnews

    It was Planned Parenthood doing this.

    On the other hand, dumping the discharged fetuses into the garbage is better? Obviously, anyone benefitting from health care improvements due to using fetal material would argue that it is better the way PP is doing things.

  28. Jim R

    Hmmm .. OK, maybe. I haven’t actually seen the video, and don’t care to.

    There was that O’Keefe guy (apparently not a close relation to the painter) — went around filming in silly disguises, making clumsy attempts at local accents, etc. and then heavily editing the footage just to stir up controversy.

    But, yeah. obviously better than just flushing it down the sewer. And, you are so right about the males never wanting to take any responsibility. The day medical science can implant a fetus in a male and carry it to term, is the day all this bullshit is suddenly forgotten.

  29. DAX VR5

    Strange that Donald T was in Scotland back in 2013, @ same time Bilderberg’s ” get together “. DT was checking land for golf course development … good tax plan to deduction trip expense convertly

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