Bumblebees Supposedly Dying Due To Slightly Warmer Temperatures

Global warming ‘killing off bees’ because they are not migrating north claims the latest ‘study’.  This shows exactly how childish, stupid and mindless the pursuit of global warming grants have destroyed scientific thinking.  Anyone with half a brain can figure out how stupid this study is.  Ahem: BUMBLEBEES HAVE SURVIVED GIGANTIC CLIMATE CHANGES.   Over the eons, they survived multiple Ice Ages, super warm cycles, dinosaur annihilation, etc.


Bees have been on earth for as long as flowers.  They and flowers evolved together.  Every lurch in climate and survivability due to asteroid impacts or changes in where the continents collide or separate, huge volcanic rift events, whatever: bees have survived it all. As have flowers.


The tiny, piddling change in some temperatures in various isolated parts of the planet will not annihilate any bees, anywhere.  Humans spreading diseases to bees via our bee farming methods which I totally am against, that is, shipping bees all over the country, etc. has harmed bee populations.


But it being slightly warmer not only isn’t annihilating bees, it is great for bees, bees love warm weather and hate winter and they built their big hives to survive the Ice Ages after all.  The decline in bee populations of all sorts in North America are due to farming methods and the use of insect poisons.  NOT WARM WEATHER.  Bees love war weather.


Winters haven’t vanished, either, so it isn’t due to it not being cold.  My bee hives, and I used to raise bees, were hammered by Hive Collapse Syndrome and this was due to parasites spreading in the bee populations thanks to the business of moving hives across the country because fruit farmers didn’t want to bother with keeping bees themselves.


This human stupidity should have been dealt with by having states refuse to allow bee movers to take hives out of state!  I know that the border between Arizona and California has been famous for preventing fruits from moving across the border, ditto with Nogales and Mexico.


But with free trade, food and parasites and diseases now spread all over the planet and menace everyone and has absolutely nothing to do with it being slightly warmer!  By the way, the bees here this summer are very depressed due to the fog, rain, cold temperatures at night, etc.  No warming anywhere.  And just 12,000 years ago, there were zero bubble bees in Canada and the entire northern tier of the USA, too.  There was this mile thick layer of ice, after all.  And they survived that, didn’t they???


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26 responses to “Bumblebees Supposedly Dying Due To Slightly Warmer Temperatures

  1. Jim R

    Bees are dying because the giant multinational agri-biz and chemical companies are making better poisons now.

  2. Lou

    Colony Collapse has nothing to do with weather.
    I sense a ‘Witch hunt’ on us ‘deniers’ in media and government.

  3. Lou

    bubble bees???

  4. Christian W


    I guess the better poisons are called Zyklon Bee…

  5. JimmyJ

    I noticed that headline too, I just roll my eyes at those stories now. They are meant for the less technical folk that can’t grasp the nuance of neonicitinoids, varroa mites etc cumulative effect.

    I’ve been paying particular notice to pollinators the past few years and the bumble and solitary bees seem to be doing the bulk of the bee work. when I was living up north in BC I’d very rarely see tame or wild honey bees the last few years but now in Vancouver, where apartment and office roofs might have a tame hive, I’ve seen a few more honey bees. But still bumbles outnumber them greatly. Sadly I’ve seen lots of honey bees dying on sidewalks doing their directional dance to no other bees before they expired.

    The bee die-offs are the critical alarm of our impending ecological collapse and we are sleep walking into the arms of doom.

  6. Jim R


    badump-bump, tssshhhhh!

  7. LOU

    ziff– in 200 words or less?

  8. Britton Gildersleeve

    Do any of you folks keep native bees? Climate change on the order we’re talking about now is unprecedented: it hasn’t happened this quickly in at least millennia, maybe ever. Yes, neuropoisons also work against ALL bees. If you’ve actually read a lot on bumble bees, you’d know that they do NOT adapt quickly if they’re already stressed, and/or have small populations. So yes: climate change CAN be a major factor in their current die-off. Is it the first vector in importance? Maybe not. But it certainly isn’t negligible.

  9. Ken

    When I was growing up in Michigan I saw lots of bumble bees. Now I haven’t seen one in years.

  10. Ziff

    Lou, convincing graphic, cept how to explain cooling periods ?

    Our bumbles r good , more wild honeys than recent past in the lower rain land.

  11. tio

    I eat my peas with honey
    I’ve done it all my life
    It makes the peas taste funny
    But it keeps them on the knife!


  12. emsnews

    Plenty of blame on pesticides and in particular, plants that are genetically altered to have ‘inside pesticide’ which is probably screwing up the POLLEN.

    For bees, that is.

    Blaming it on being perhaps (but more likely isn’t much) warmer weather is INSANE and childish. And bad science.

  13. Jim R

    Nicotine is a natural insecticide that protects certain nightshade family plants from insect damage. A few insects are resistant, for example those big green caterpillars that get into tomatoes. In tobacco, they are ‘tobacco hornworms’. Other insects, such as most aphids, simply drop dead if they bite a tobacco plant. Other nightshade family plants make many other weird toxins (peppers are nightshades – jalapenos, chiltepins – capsaicin is not nicotine but another example of a weird natural pest repellent).

    The mechanism is known, nicotine interferes with certain ion channels in the nervous system. It makes it addictive to humans, but deadly to insects.

    Well, they have a new class of insecticides, the ‘neonicotinoids’. They screw up the same ion channels as nicotine. Deadly to insects. We give our dogs small doses of it to prevent fleas and ticks from biting them.

    The chemical companies have ‘tested’ their neonics on bees, but the test consists of watching the bee for 15 minutes after giving it a very dilute dose of the stuff, and if it doesn’t drop dead, then the chemical passes the test. Unfortunately, the bees suffer from cumulative damage over long term exposure, and eventually become disoriented and can’t find their way back to the hive. The hive, depleted of workers, becomes poorly and underfed, and is more susceptible to other bee parasites.

    So now you know.

  14. emsnews

    Yup, my dad’s warnings are now currently big with solar astronomers, not the darn ‘climatologists’ who seem rather stupid to me.

    I am biased, of course.

    As for the nicotine stuff: that is one substance I am highly allergic to, it literally kills me rapidly. One cup of coffee sends me to the emergency room and blood transfusions.

    Putting it in plants bees ‘eat’ the pollen is INSANE and I can’t stop this madness.

  15. Jim R

    Well now we are talking about three different toxins, but, yeah. Us humans are too clever by half.

    Natural plants, even very toxic nightshades, have evolved to make ‘clean’ pollen and nectar for the bees. The ‘engineered’ plants just make the toxin everywhere in the plant, and do not discriminate. So yeah, the pollen is probably toxic. That toxin is called Bt, and it’s similar to one of the ‘food poisoning’ toxins that we humans suffer from (too drunk/tired/lazy to look it up right now). It’s deadly to insects, but there’s a theory floating around that it also damages the intestinal lining of humans. I don’t really know.

    And coffee has caffeine in it. Also some other alkaloids. Yeah, some people are sensitive to that. And it probably keeps some bugs off the coffee plant.

    And then the one I was talking about above. Nicotine. Tobacco farmers have to sell their product overseas now, because there is a trend here in the USA to kick the nasty habit. The ‘neonicotinoids’ mess up the same pathways, but are made artificially from other chemicals.

  16. Old Pueblo friend, Melissa

    I saw a graph the other day of pesticide use around the world in recent years. Canada and the US were at the top of the list. I think they are also the top wheat exporters. Perhaps there is a correlation. I am in France, and there is widespread use of pesticides and herbicides, but the level of information against their use is growing. Wish I could find the graph, but I can’t locate it!!

    I have joined a couple of French Facebook groups so I can see the information that goes around here. It’s fascinating, and I get to see a lot of photo lessons of how to get rid of swarms, etc. I get local information and info on Asian wasps. There are alot of petitions going around on the pages, as you can imagine, some are the same to what you would get there in the States.

    There is a lot of repsect for Nicolas Hulot, who is a well known sports and ecology figure. Hulot spreads the word effectively into the Senate and into ministers’ ears. This link is to a short vid his foundation is circulating. Perhaps you would like to compare it to what you get over there. https://youtu.be/WDZsyRYY3P8

    Elaine, you should join some German Facebook groups on bees and get the skinny on how they are looking at this terrible problem of bee die-off and denial of pesticides as a major cause of their death.

  17. melponeme_k

    Allergic to coffee! That is so horrible. Coffee is one of the things that make life worth living. That said, I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older it doesn’t play nice with my body anymore. Sometimes it gives me the shakes very badly. Now I’ve stopped drinking it regularly and now only on weekends.

    Of course the new genetically modified plants are causing havoc with insect life. This was said from day one. But Monsanto has a lot of money which they use to bribe governments. Hence no oversight. The worst is the genetically modified monster seeds are already in the environment. So if Monsanto was closed tomorrow, their damage would continue to float around the environment for centuries, most likely forever.

  18. melponeme_k

    In regards to the Maunder Minimum ice age, the article in the Daily Mail has minimized the possible danger. They are stating that the mini ice age is only about 20 to 30 years. NO! That period was only the deepest, coldest part of the last maunder minimum ice age. It really got started after the medieval warm period. You can see temperatures steadily falling around the late 1300s until they reached their lowest around the mid/late-1600s to early 1700s. So a real cold, bone breaking maunder minimum ice age lasts about 400 years!

  19. Jim R

    melponeme_k, it varies with the type of genetic modification and crop.

    For example, GM corn will be gone in 1 season, without the big corporate labs keeping the ‘germ plasm’ alive and propagating it. Frankenstein’s monster is a lot more dependent on that secret lab than most people think.

  20. Jim R

    And the Maunder Minimum was 300 years ago.

    This is the Meinel Minimum. 2010 – ??

    I so dub it.

  21. emsnews

    Yes! And it will last a long time, at least 90 years…

  22. kenogami

    In French, Russian, and South african experiments independently testing the
    effect of Monsanto GMO corn on lab rats, not only did the rats develop all kinds of cancer, had massive organ failures after a while, they were all infertile at the 3rd generation. This glyphosate shit is now in most people cells all over the planet because this corn syrup is found in almost all kind of foods (soft drinks, sweets, …) Looking at the ingredients in food in groceries store, they almost all have some kind of derivatives of corn (glucose-fructose).
    I am quite sure that the psychopaths at Monsanto wanted to sterilize and exterminate most of the human race. The only ones who will not be infertile are those small groups who have special food requirements and never eat that Monsanto poison.

  23. melponeme_k


    “And it will last a long time, at least 90 years”

    Better 90 than 400. We hope.

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