Retrograde Diplomacy: Russia Is Again Super Enemy Of US Imperialists

I keep remarking how History is repeated.  Well, in the case of our own rulers, they keep coming back to the same thing again and again which is why WWIII is inevitable.  Russia and China both have played the role of ‘evil empire’ whenever our empire is rampaging about inside or next to these two major countries.  Always the US is way far away from our own borders when we confront Russia and China in their front and back yards.  We arm their neighbors and have these join in alliances aimed at attacking Russia and China and some of these alliances and dalliances led to major wars.  The US has invaded or overthrown the governments of various nations in Eurasia, Africa, South and Central America, various islands, etc.  All of these events are supposed to be due to America being menaced by someone.


We now have the new Pentagon chief telling us that Russia is endangering us all.  Is Russia out to overthrow the US government via riots and using the UN to disarm the US which is the most heavily armed nation on earth?  Nope.  Is Russia trying to destroy the US banking system?  HAHAHA.  That is a task for our mighty rulers themselves!  Has Putin undermined the US dollar?  No, again, the 99% loss in value of the US dollar compared to before we had perpetual trade deficits and destroyed our own industrial base leaving major cities in ruins was all done by our own leaders and rulers, the very rich themselves. Putin just stood aside and laughed.


Obama is supposed to be a liberal.  So why is he and his gang of Bilderberg bullies pushing us relentlessly into WWIII?  He and his gang and the Bush gang too for that matter, want to resurrect the Cold War as a means of controlling the US and forcing us to spend trillions on useless weapons that the Russians and Chinese can shoot down or evade.  The recent tests of their own systems scared the Pentagon.  Normally, diplomats step in and curb arms races as we did in the past when we had slightly better Presidents, and voila: China and Russia gladly sign treaties doing this!


No more.  The US had a brief moment as the world’s only military power and note how we used this power to launch raging wars against a billion Muslims, we tore apart Russia, we turned all of Eastern Europe into a future war zone by piling in missiles and troops into this zone of danger.  Then there is Japan: the US has assisted in helping Japanese imperialists whose parents were war criminals to rearm and menace neighbors using US arms as a threat.  So now South Korea and China are furious with Japan and demanding apologies for WWII which Japan defiantly refuses to give at all and this spit-fest will worsen over time with the US gaining absolutely nothing from this since Japan also refuses to trade fairly with the US so we run perpetual trade deficits with Japan while protecting Japan at our own cost.


Which we are doing with NATO in Europe: we spend money and run trade deficits at the same time.  Protecting trade rivals is INSANE.  It makes zero economic and political sense.  None of our wars make things better for US citizens.  Quite the opposite.  After 9/11, instead of investigating Saudi Arabia, the US media and Bush and the DNC all blamed innocent bystanders in Afghanistan and then committed a grave war crime by blaming totally blameless Saddam for 9/11 even though it was our Saudi allies who funded and carried out this crime. Saud al-Faisal, former Saudi foreign minister, dies and he is one of the 9/11 architects.


The new Saudi king is bombing neighbors, executing Shi’ites at home, tormenting women in the most anti-woman regime on earth, he has assisted in overthrowing an elected government in Egypt and replacing it with a brutal regime that is storming around the southern borders of Israel, butchering the tribes there.  And the Saudis are behind ISIS only now they are scared because ISIS has announced they want to overthrow the royal family that is looting Saudi Arabia.


The Saudis flooded the world with oil when prices were dropping which the US encouraged because our rulers gloated openly that this would destroy Russia’s economy and banking system.  But China came to the rescue.  Now, China’s stock market is having a classic crash after a classic bubble.  The US rejoices in this as does Japan but this simply hikes the dangers of a world war, not peace and freedom for anyone.


ZIRP lending to the very rich has saved the EU and US stock markets and the price of things the very rich buy has shot through the roof.  Mansions, art work by dead famous artists, stocks, luxury items have all shot up in value as the working class gets poorer and poorer: all the mistakes made by the elites before WWI are right in our faces a mere 100 years later, nothing has been learned about how to  have a civil and safe society.


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17 responses to “Retrograde Diplomacy: Russia Is Again Super Enemy Of US Imperialists

  1. Sunger

    Good post.

    It took forever to stuff the Cold War back in it’s bottle. Now these moron “leaders” want to rev it up again.

    Putin is not Saddam. Russia is not Iraq or Libya. These USSR folks took a hit of 27,000,000 dead and a near total industrial collapse and then went on to wreak absolute destruction to the Nazi war machine and emerge from WW2 as a global military superpower.

    German soldiers who fought on the Russian front in WW2 still remember the horror of the massive rusky artillery bombardments and the crushing and rending attacks by T-34 tank columns. Then the russky troops pressed forward, ready to die as they attacked head-on into the German emplacements, fueled by lots of vodka.

    German soldiers ( and the Italians, spanish, denmarkers, norvege recruits who participated) always kept a last bullet for themselves. Falling into Russian captivity was a constant paralyzing fear.

    Don’t fuck with Russia. It won’t end well.

  2. Sunger

    Putin Russia are taking all the Western threatening very seriously. And they won’t be backing down from the likes of Barack Obama. Watch this:

  3. Jim R

    I have been assured by strangers on the internet, that Putin stays up late nights with his crayons and a bootleg copy of Photoshop, and that is why his propaganda has so much more ‘truthiness’ than what we see out of CNN and FOX.

    Every damn ‘color revolution’ looks the same. Is this Serbia or Armenia? I have no idea any more.

  4. emsnews

    These same clowns created ISIS.

    Ahem. Talk about backfiring.

  5. ziff

    ot , but pretty amazing what w/ GW n’ all

    mt st helens

  6. Henry

    Hay Elaine, here’s a link you’ll like. Scientists at the National Astronomy Meeting in Wales are predicting a mini ice age.

  7. Seraphim

    The Bitch likes to dance in circles. Those who do not learn anything from History are bound to repeat it, “as farce” as Marx put it.
    People still believe in the existence (and continuous inspiration) of the Testament of Peter the Great. Russia is hell-bend to execute his last will , conquer the whole world! It is a permanent threat. The “mission” of the Free World, under the guidance of genius of the peoples Comrade Sam, is to stop the reincarnations of Uncle Jo.
    They did not succeed so far to subjugate Russia, not that they did not tried hard. The trouble is that they are convinced that they did not try hard enough, but next time they will be better prepared and they will be able to tackle and China as a bonus. But expecting different results doing the same thing over and over again is the sign of insanity.
    The raised fist was the communist symbol.

  8. Jim R

    The raised fist is a protest symbol generally, but to have movements in Russia, Egypt, Serbia and Georgia use exactly the same fist drawing including wrinkles is too uncanny to be a coincidence.

  9. Sunger

    No no. This is a film for consumption by the Russian population. Not for foreign consumption.

    What you guys are NOT getting is the change in attitude that is indicated here.

    The film is graphically indicating that a change has occurred at the highest levels of Russian government and that the country is probably now on a war footing.

    Note the calls for sacrifice in the second half of the film.

  10. Jim R

    Sunger, like I was saying, late night. Crayons.

    The Russians are a lot more inured to that kind of thing than the Americans. Many of them lived through fifty years of ridiculous propaganda. Over here, we watch a video like that and stupidly just believe it. As Orlov has predicted, the west is entering the ridiculous propaganda race, and will soon surpass the Russians in that area.

    As for ‘who is starting this war’, simply look at a world map and ask, which party to this event has to fly its soldiers halfway around the planet?

    The change that has occurred recently is that in Putin’s speeches, he has switched from the supplicative “our western partners” to the more ominous “geopolitical opponents” when he talks about the US/Europe.

    And with the US MIC buying things like rocket engines and critical metals and minerals from Russia these days, it doesn’t look like a good idea to be pushing war. It looks like they’ve gone insane.

    They still have a sense of humor in Russia, though. You don’t need to be able to read Russian to understand some of them:

  11. Petruchio

    @#4 Elaine: Yes, this is the inevitable result if/when you place a bunch of smug, arrogant, overindulged, overinbred, spoiled rotten rich kids in charge. Putting the like of John Kerry, Al Gore and the Bushes in charge of running the country just because they belong to a secret society like the Numbskulls and Boneheads is fatal to the health of a country. Most of these guys would be homeless, unemployed dumpster divers if not for their family connections. Deep down inside, even THEY know it.

  12. Jim R

    New developments in the Ukraine … it seems that the assortment of dissidents that make up the US-backed ‘government’ is starting to unravel. The Nazi-nazi group (the ones left over from WWII who stomp down the street waving swastika banners) is not happy with the war process, and has begun to attack others in western Ukraine. Not the ‘Russians’, but the ‘government”.

    I don’t recall reading stories about the Jewish oligarchs for a while. Despicable as they were, they seem to have retreated to safer precincts in Europe.

  13. Seraphim

    @8. Jim R.

    There is no coincidence at all. Initially it was used by OTPOR! (Resistance), the Serbian organization of professional revolutionaries who toppled Milosevic. Wikileaks revealed that the ‘Resistance’ was financed, among others, by the Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, the Institute for Open Society (the Soros front organization), the USAID and the American Institute for Peace.

    “And OTPOR! subsequently became a consulting firm, which is called CANVAS. It’s non-violent forms of action which were implemented in a large number of countries. CANVAS, it’s logo is the clenched fist. And they were involved in Georgia; they were involved in various former Soviet republics; they were involved in Iran; they were involved in Egypt, and in Tunisia. They’ve provided consulting to so-called revolutionary groups. But they are also backed by Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy, which are U.S. foundations closely allied both with the State Department on the one hand, the U.S. Congress, as well as U.S. Intelligence. So that in effect, CANVAS is really acting as a consulting arm of the U.S. Intelligence apparatus supporting a training program of CANVAS.”

  14. Jim R

    Seraphim, can you imagine the uproar if Russia wanted to open a “Young Communist League” or some such thing, right next to the YMCA in every medium sized city in the US? You’d have those guys that were out there defending the Cliven Bundy ranch, running them all out of town.

    I’m not sure why Russia allows these things to exist.

  15. Jim R

    Here’s a tweet on that Nazi story:

  16. emsnews

    I predicted the Nazi mess in Ukraine. The coup was a coup, not an uprising. The coup in Egypt was also a coup, not an uprising. Both ended up being violent dictatorships sponsored by NATO which has zero to do with ‘democracy’.

  17. Nani

    Documentary: Truth and Denial – Germany and Japan’s Postwar Redemption

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