Iran Deal—Sort Of—Can The US Defy Netanyahu’s Death Grip On Our Own Government?

The US made a deal with Iran about fabled nuclear bombs.  One of the most heavily armed nuclear bomb powers on earth and the only one to use two of these on civilian populations has made a business deal with a nation that never invaded anyone and which has never nuked anyone.  The US/Iran deal has angered the Zionist lobby in the US and there are doubts that this treaty will pass Congress which is entirely owned by Zionists.  Iran expects the US/NATO sanctions to be dropped finally but I seriously doubt this will happen.  The Zionists love using the EU and US to destroy the economy of anyone who they tag.  So celebrations about this deal are premature at best.


As long as Palestinians are denied human rights ‘Freedom Flotilla’ will sail as yet another attempt at forcing the world to notice the totally illegal trapping of the Palestinians in a sealed off ghetto straight out of Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews of Warsaw.  Unlike the condemnation of the Warsaw Ghetto and its ‘final solution’ which is universally condemned as totally evil, this trapping of a huge population inside of a ghetto where water and food is restricted and which the neo-Nazi Israeli Jews periodically flatten in one-sided ‘wars’, is seldom mentioned much less condemned by US politicians and press.


This constant brutal repression of Muslims inside their own homelands runs right alongside US support of Saudi ISIS terrorists who fear nearly nothing from the US because they are doing dirty work for Israel, that is, destroying what remains of Syria and Iraq both of which once had leaders who supported the Palestinian cause.  Ugly wars, extreme brutality has spread across the Muslim Sunni world which Iran being one of the more sane places these days.


Of the five ships loaded with humanitarian aid prepared for the voyage to Gaza from various destinations in Europe, four of them successfully departed. Three eventually turned around and sailed back to Greece in an effort to avoid a direct confrontation with Israeli naval forces. Another ship, the ‘Marianne,’ was intercepted and taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod after refusing to turn back in an effort to break the siege.


The boat I was due to join in Crete, which had planned to join us from Athens, had been allocated as one of those which was to try to break the siege. In other words, to continue if ordered to turn around by the Israeli Navy with a view to facing the Israeli Navy if necessary. In the end, our vessel never left the Greek port at Athens, the reasons for which at this point remain unclear. What we do know is that the local port authorities were determined not to let our boat leave, and while the official reasons for this are pretexts centered on the vessel’s seaworthiness, claims have also been made suggesting the boat was sabotaged providing a basis for such pretexts.


Several things here: none of this made any news in the US media.  Fake liberalism which is waved like a Rebel Flag likes to point out evil stuff others do such as say, Putin.  He does anything at all, he is held up as a monster and evil.  Discrimination of others due to religion, sex and race is declared totally evil by these same fake liberals who then turn around and support racism, sexism and religious suppression so long as Jews do all this to each other and anyone in their vicinity.  This disgusting double standard is infuriating.


Donald Trump is attacked vociferously as a ‘racist’ for suggesting that letting an army of illegal Mexicans to freely move in and out of the US committing crimes while Israel has extremely strict border controls that don’t let so much as a flea exit or enter and is extremely fast to seize or deport anyone who dares to approach even if that person is signaling blatantly that they are on a humanitarian mission.


Greece is collapsing internally and wants desperately to go bankrupt but the rest of the EU won’t let this happen and note how Greece is quite capable of working for Zionists while unable to work for Greeks right now as the social situation there goes into blow-up mode.  The Greek people are hamstrung by being part of the EU and they should not be surprised by any of this: the EU was designed by the Bilderberg Gang many years ago to be sneaked into place bit by bit in order to eliminate sovereignty of individual nations.  Only now, in the last stages of this scheme, do the citizens of various EU countries noticing this final solution.


We are told by our media overlords that losing sovereignty is a wonderful thing except if one is a Jew, then total sovereignty based on one’s tribal affiliation is good and everyone else is dirt under the boot of the Master Race.  One reason right wing ‘conservatives’ in the South support Israel 100% is due to this Master Race business.  The US media giants never allow any writers to mention the direct connection between Jews in the US who nearly uniformly vote for the Democrats, love getting support from right wing racists in the South so long as this furthers their adventures in copying the Nazis.  This Nazi Zionism far from being condemned, is celebrated in Israel and the US as a good thing even as the same people celebrating this are furious about ‘racism’ in the US.


Iran nuclear deal live: Netanyahu says move creates ‘a sure path to nuclear weapons’ which definitely signals where our media and government will move: towards wrecking this treaty with Iran.  Wiping out Iran is the Zionist goal, after all.  And it is the Saudi goal, too.


Now on to good news: Pentagon to allow transgender people to serve in the US military.  Like all real civil rights, sexual rights are getting better as the struggle for simple parity continues and this makes me very happy.  The #1 reason I vote for ‘liberals’ is due to this sexual civil rights business.  The right wing hates sexual rights for everyone and this is due to their main belief in this Middle Eastern god that hates women, gays and lots and lots of other humans and which claims it has killed off nearly everyone due to sex issues in the past.


My family and my own personal freedoms depends on liberals winning elections which is why I have attacked liberals in the ‘mainstream’ media and Congress for being hypocrites when it comes to civil rights and sexual rights.  Understanding what is going on is important because the viper of Zionism is a danger to our civil rights since Zionists hate civil rights and really want privileges for their own selves while the rest of us have to obey whatever rules are set by Zionists including dual citizenship and of course, the elimination of controls on bribes which are used to circumvent the sovereignty of voters who can’t control the votes in Congress since rich Jews get to own our own representatives.


There is real public support for a deal with Iran but zero support for this in the tiny community of rich Jews who fund our ‘elections’ and who all the candidates (except for the rich ones like Trump) go on bended knee begging for election money.  George W. Bush Demands $100K Fee to Address Wounded Iraq War Vets is typical of today’s political scams.  Hillary and her clan of rip-off artists do the exact same thing.  So much for patriotism!  The claim is, if you pay the rich Clintons and rich Bushes to come to make a ‘speech’ many rich Jews will show up and throw in more money so it is a net ‘profit’.  This scam has to be terminated.  No money for speeches!  This will shut up a lot of grifters and no one wants to hear their speeches in the first place, least of all, the very rich guys who want to control our government for their own ends.


About Trump: the escaped Mexican drug lord openly claims he wants to murder Mr. Trump.  The ‘liberal’ media thought this was funny.  It is not ‘funny’.  It does make Trump’s statements clearer and obviously he is right to talk about Mexican criminals and their activities inside of our own country.  This is no laughing matter.  And being outraged by the murder of black church leaders by a deranged white young man in the south while at the same time finding threats aimed at Presidential candidates by foreign criminals funny, is disgusting to me.  Shame on anyone doing this!


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16 responses to “Iran Deal—Sort Of—Can The US Defy Netanyahu’s Death Grip On Our Own Government?

  1. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Well, getting the “right” to become cannon fodder in undeclared wars for the Skull and Bones/Pentagon Death Machine doesn’t necessarily seem like such a huge gain to me.

  2. Petruchio

    The silence from the media on this issue points out just how important it was and is to control the media first and THEN you go for control of the political process. You can thank Bill Clinton for that; he allowed the media mergers to continue. True, these mergers started under…you guessed it, Ronald Reagan. Personally, I don’t think Reagan was the clueless dunce his critics project him to be. Reagan likely, imho, was, while not a genius or brilliant, had a certain amount of knowledge about his betrayal of the American People. Example: Reagan, imho, knew FULL WELL why he was getting $2 million for a couple of speeches in Japan right after leaving the White House.

  3. JimmyJ

    Raimondo has a piece calling Trump a “False Flag” candidate for the Democrats since he supported and is friends with Hillary. I think he means Trojan Horse.

  4. wellwell

    Elaine, have you ever written about “A Clean Break”?:

    So much is explained by this twisted document, written in 1996. To protect its northern border with Lebanon, Israel must crush Hizbillah, which requires the destruction of Syria and Iraq and Iran, and the hijacking of foreign policy in the United States. In other words, the entire world must suffer so that a few miles of border are secured. This is the most immoral and arrogant document of my lifetime.

  5. az

    thank you for this explanation

  6. Just can’t let all this joo shit boo shit go, Kanye?

    Seek help.

  7. e sutton

    Yo, Andy dawg!

    Duh Joos. Dey be pullin’ duh strings, gnome sane? Dare Afreekhan frens are all in a red hot frothy lather, workin’ on waze ta torment YT. Hitler threw their asses out of Germany for a damn good reason. Others before him did likewise. As Peter, Paul, and Mary sang, “When will they ever learn?”

  8. Seraphim

    @EU was designed by the Bilderberg Gang many years ago to be sneaked into place bit by bit in order to eliminate sovereignty of individual nations

    In fact the project is much older. It was the brainchild of the Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalregi, an Austrian aristocrat of very cosmopolitan background (German, Greek, Japanese, and perhaps Jewish) and naturally a FreeMason. In 1922, he co-founded the Pan-European Union (PEU) with Archduke Otto von Habsburg, as “the only way of guarding against an eventual world hegemony by Russia”. The movement was instantly supported by the Freemasonry and guess by who else. Yes, you did: “According to his autobiography, at the beginning of 1924 he came through Baron Louis de Rothschild in contact with Max Warburg who offered to finance his movement for the next 3 years giving him 60,000 gold marks; Warburg eventually remained sincerely interested in the movement for his entire life and served as an intermediate man as to bring him in contact with influential personalities in America such as banker Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch accompanying him there.” His father, the old Count was a personal friend of Theodore Herzl. What a coincidence!

    His vision was grander than that: “His original vision was for a world divided into only five states: a United States of Europe that would link continental countries with French and Italian possessions in Africa; a Pan-American Union encompassing North and South Americas; the British Commonwealth circling the globe; the USSR spanning Eurasia; and a Pan-Asian Union whereby Japan and China would control most of the Pacific.” He was heard to advocate a revival of Charlemagne’s empire (with his friend Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Marx Heinrich Sixtus Xaver Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius of Austria, aka Otto von Habsburg).

    The Bilderberg group was the brainchild of “Józef Hieronim Retinger (17 April 1888 – 12 June 1960) … a Polish political adviser {and MI6 agent}. He was a founder of the European Movement that would lead to the founding of the European Union and was involved in founding the Bilderberg Group.”
    He was dubbed “The Polish Coudenhove-Kalergi”. Actually he dubbed himself The Eminence Grise (of Europe and of the Bilderberg). Naturally the Bilderberg had from the start their assortment of Rotschilds, Rockefellas and the like.

    Notice that the reason of the existence of a EU was from the start and remains “opposition to Russia”.

  9. Lee

    Thanks Seraphim.

  10. Floridasandy

    The combined Bush/ Clinton fund stole money from poor Haitians after a natural disaster. How low can you go, and how much money do you need really
    I wouldn’t be jumping for joy over the Iran deal. Their crazy leaders have professed death to America quite recently, even if their oppressed people don’t want to harm anyone. They now get more money and who can say how that ended.
    The world has gone insane, but locally Melbourne won a battle for freedom when hundreds of townspeople showed up to oppose a ms. Lopez initiative to ban the confederate flag down here. Southerners won’t go gently into the night, even though we lost one huge battle for state rights. 😉

    Freedom still means something down here, thank God.

    Oh, and go trump. I don’t think for one minute that those who expect a Clinton bush matchup like this development, even if they try to misinform the gullible. This conversation is now going in a direction they don’t want to go!

  11. emsnews

    The media has a file of pictures of Trump making ugly faces which they now use all the time.

    They did this to Ross Perot, and to any other upstarts who might defy the Skull and Bones/Bilderberg machines.

    My great…etc. grandfather, Henry Steele, was one of the founders of the Skull and Bones and he explained the role lightning plays in all this. Thanks a lot, granddaddy!

  12. CK

    I imagine that Iran behind all the fine diplomatic words is well aware of the unreliability of any American deal lasting more than a day beyond the current president’s term-end.
    Talk talk is always better than war.
    About Donald, he is making the early innings interesting.

  13. emsnews

    There is zero diplomacy so far as anything in the Middle East is concerned…or Russia and China. We have deranged rulers waving the Big Club howling about how they must save us from billions and billions of angry people.

    Dropping our club is not allowed. We must threaten and abuse everyone, not do business deals.

  14. Lee

    The role lightning plays in all this??? LIghtning?

    ΩΩΩELAINE: You can’t do black magic unless you first deal with lightning. They go together.

  15. Petruchio

    “The US/Iran deal has angered the Zionist lobby in the US…” Call me overly cynical, but I think this mild form of “defiance” could be just a false flag. I think the puppetmasters in DC realize that Israel–and US support for same– is getting some negative press and it is translating into some negativity in regards to Public Opinion. This Iran treaty ‘defiance’ could be just for show, designed to “prove” that Israel does NOT own the political whores and criminals in Washington DC. Just watch and listen. The media are bootlicking lackeys. If the media trumpets this defiance, like it is a big thing, you’ll know this “standing up to the Israel lobbies” is a propaganda move. I suspect it is.

  16. Please don’t directly insult each other. Stick to topics. Thank you.

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