News Of Impending Maunder Minimum Has Global Warmists Raging Mad

The news, which I knew when my father, a famous expert on the sun, our local star, warned me just before he died that we are heading towards another Maunder Minimum, has finally reached the general public.  A paper has just been published (my father’s paper was banned which is one reason he gave up hope before dying) that explains how the sun is going into a long inactive phase that will definitely impact the climate making the planet cooler, not hotter.  About time this information hits the news!  I have been yelling about it for quite a while.  This news is causing the warmists to go even more insane, they have decided to eliminate the Maunder Minimum now to prove the sun doesn’t control the climate:  Sun Scientists Debate Whether Solar Lull Could Trigger Another ‘Little Ice Age’


Maybe, but it wouldn’t do much, and not for very long. Researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research used a computer model to predict the effect of a future “grand solar minimum” on Earth’s climate from 2020 to 2070. The model suggested the minimum might temporarily slow down the warming process by 20-30 percent. But within a few decades afterward, the temperatures would go right back to where they would have been anyway. Sigh.


CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly phrased that another grand solar minimum would cause global cooling, as opposed to slowing down the warming process.


So, the Huff and Puff has published the news but has a ‘correction’ that explains to the True Believers in CO2 warming that no, there will be no cold weather even though this is already beginning to happen, and that it will merely ‘pause’ the heating even though we have been for years already in a ‘pause’ which the warmists eliminated by cooling down past data to make it look as if it is getting warmer.  This fraud is about to hit total failure as real temperatures start falling quite rapidly and we get another Maunder Minimum event which will see glaciers grow faster and faster and farmers in Greenland will die off except there is precious little farming there today anyways.


What I found most amusing is at the Huff and Puff, only ‘climate deniers’ commented about the story and they mocked the rest of the readers who I imagine simply ignored this story since it would cause great distress to learn that one’s leaders are lying bastards.  I am a liberal with a brain which is why I am not in denial about a number of things that liberals have chosen to cling to for some horrible reasons.  Instead of adjusting their sails to take in new wind directions, liberals cling to old ideologies that are increasingly out of step with reality.


The attacks on anyone who notices the change in the climate is towards cooling, not heating, continues unabated as our media giants desperately attack us for being sane:  Climate change deniers are conspiracy theorists and damage global warming debate | Daily Mail Online


Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, an experimental psychologist at the University of Bristol who led the work, said: ‘These results add to a growing body of research on the nature of internet discourse and the role of the blogosphere in climate denial.


‘It also confirms that conspiratorial elements are readily identifiable in blogosphere discourse’


The paper, which is published in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology, provides a damning view of skeptical bloggers and those who comment on their websites. The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is often used as a way of dismissing and ridiculing a person’s beliefs.


Anyone talking about say, the Bilderberg gang, is immediately accused of being a ‘conspiracy thinker’.  Anyone who points out that neither Afghanistan nor Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 but Saudi Arabia, Israel and the CIA have a lot to do with that attack, is labeled ‘conspiracy theorist’.  Anyone telling the truth about the elites is labeled this, too.  I grew up inside of the elite universe and am called a faker and liar whenever I point out the obvious.  The University of Bristol is one of the schools involved in the Climategate, the sequel: How we are STILL being tricked with lies …where a bunch of lying climatologists openly conspired to fake data to make it look as if the planet is warming up faster and faster.


None of these conspirators have been arrested or chased out of their jobs unlike anyone who says anything that isn’t politically correct, who are hounded out of professorships by a raging mob of lunatics.  This conspiracy like the 9/11 one has been out in the open for a while and was fixed by the media giants and the CO2 derivative marketeers smearing anyone who points out that there is a conspiracy to lie about weather data.


The NYT simply ignored the news that we are heading straight into another era where there is little to no sun spot activity but the WP, owned by a rich West Coast global warmists, goes on the attack:  News about an imminent ‘mini ice age’ is trending — but it’s not true – The Washington Post


Though University of Northumbria mathematics professor Valentina Zharkova, who led the sunspot research, did find that the magnetic waves that produce sunspots (which are associated with high levels of solar activity) are expected to counteract one another in an unusual way in the coming years, the press release about her research mentions nothing about how that will affect the Earth’s climate. Zharkova never even used the phrase “mini ice age.” Meanwhile, several other recent studies of a possible solar minimum have concluded that whatever climate effects the phenomenon may have will be dwarfed by the warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions.


Besides, that “Little Ice Age” that occurred during the Maunder minimum, it wasn’t so much a global ice age as a cold spell in Europe, and it may have been caused more by clouds of ash from volcanic eruptions than by fluctuations in solar activity.


The 400 year ‘cold spell in Europe’ affected the entire planet.  The ‘cold spell’ was particularly harsh in North America and Greenland.  All the Europeans in Greenland either fled or died and their farms were under glaciers for several hundred years.  The West is so dry even a rain forest is on fire is the next WP story.  Any news about warm weather is featured, all news about cold weather happening THIS WEEK is censored.


At Ice Age Now – The next ice age could begin any day we have these headlines:  Auckland – Coldest morning in 64 yearsUnusual cold hits northern VietnamSnow in Papua, Indonesia – Food crisis for 10,150 inhabitantsNortheast US – Coldest Year Since 1917Snow-white fields in Germany due to July frost, Bolivia – At least 75,000 head of cattle may starveRecord cold in WisconsinAustralia – Coldest and snowiest in 15 yearsPeru – Heaviest snowfall in years kills 171,850 alpacas.  Not one of these stories is appearing in the NYT or WP.  Last winter which was unusually bitter, the NYT mentioned the word ‘blizzard’ exactly 3 times.


India is having a summer heat wave.  The warmists are swarming all over this delightful news but here is reality:  1935 India Heatwave Made Roofs Catch On Fire when it was ten degrees warmer back then compared to now.  The 1930s were the warmest decade of the last 1,000 years.


The Washington Post has good advice to anyone who is scared of warmer weather:  Having kids is terrible for the environment, so I’m not having any – The Washington Post


 Others argue that consumption is a bigger problem than population. After all, the carbon impact of a child born in the United States (including its descendants) is more than 160 times the impact of a child born in Bangladesh. However, population and consumption are linked. History shows that rapid population growth is usually followed by a period of rising per-capita consumption such as we’re seeing in China now. Plus, globalization is bringing urban sprawl, car ownership, a disposable mentality, and a meat-heavy diet to billions more currently underachieving consumers. And ultimately, actions to green one’s lifestyle are less effective than having fewer children. An American woman driving a more fuel-efficient car, improving the energy efficiency of her house, recycling, and making similar lifestyle changes would save 486 tons of CO2 emissions during her lifetime, while choosing to have one less child would save 9,441 tons.


If we don’t curtail our numbers proactively, nature will do it for us, harshly and suddenly, via disease, famine, drought, mega-storms, or wars.


Suggest to these liberals that all women on welfare should be forced to not have any more children after the first one would cause them to explode in rage and howl about how poor women have the right to have as many welfare babies as they wish because we must support these choices.  Either one really believes that there are too many people and use the Chinese method of controlling this or they should shut up about overpopulation.  Instead, they volunteer for genetic annihilation of their own lines and at the same time, tell us to follow their example.


Just like how the Obama family has chosen, like the Pope, to meander all over the planet touring every possible country they can get to, as the super rich live in bigger and bigger palaces and sail giant yachts and fly private jets all while screaming about CO2 killing us all, we have this astonishing news:  More tariffs on Chinese solar from the Chinese news services, this news didn’t appear in the NYT or WP or any US paper:


The US Commerce Department is imposing higher tariffs on Chinese solar products imported to the US marketplace.
Commerce had indicated that Chinese companies may be entitled to lower rates, but the decision announced on Wednesday to impose tariffs of 238.95 percent reverses that.
The department had conducted a review of whether solar manufacturing companies in China had received subsidies from the government between March 2012 and November 2013. Manufacturers now face anti-dumping and anti-subsidy rates of about 31 percent on products made in China.
The review and tariff rates are part of an ongoing trade dispute between the US and China that was initiated by SolarWorld, a German-owned US-based company that filed a petition accusing Chinese manufacturers of receiving subsidies from the government and dumping them in the US market. SolarWorld had said that Chinese companies avoided duties by taking production of certain solar panel parts to Taiwan instead.



So, we have no tariffs or barriers to a Mount Everest of imports but do have one on solar panels right when our rulers are telling us to buy these things to save the entire planet earth because we are all going to roast to death…and they double to cost of these panels deliberately??? HAHAHAHA.  Fakers, from top to bottom.  It should be obvious to anyone that these clowns are lying all the time and twisting reality as much as possible to gain something for themselves: more money.  They will do anything to gain more loot while doing nothing to protect us even from the fake dangers they howl about so relentlessly.


So much for making solar energy cheaper and more popular!  Kill that!


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23 responses to “News Of Impending Maunder Minimum Has Global Warmists Raging Mad

  1. Being There

    Twisting reality can only go so far, so I guess the proof is in the pudding isn’t it?
    We shall see in a very few years who’s right.

  2. Lee

    Washington Post does not wants WHITE people to have children.

    Same with authors, The Ehrlichs. They wrote knowing Blacks and Yellows would ignore their advice but Whites would listen and not ‘increase their numbers’.

    Another ‘gift’ from the jews.

  3. Lee

    In rescanning yr links, ‘Having Kids is BAD for the Land’, SO LETS IMPORT ANOTHER 150,000,000.

    Anchor babies.
    Family Reunification.

    PLUS 70,000,000 visitors to USA a year.

  4. Jim R

    I’ll take “Right Wing Dog Whistles” for $100, Alex.

  5. ziff

    the science view of new ‘ little ice age’ from RC
    ” It’s a 60% reduction in the magnitude of the solar cycle (not solar activity), and it’s not obviously terrible. It’s a statistical projection with no physics, so the extent to which it’s believable is unclear. The connection to a new ‘mini ice age’ is completely made up. That level of change in solar forcing is about -0.1W/m2, which would be made up in just 3 years of current CO2 concentration growth. – gavin]

  6. Jim R

    Yup, Elaine. They decided to impose the tariffs on solar, to ‘protect’ US solar panel makers, just after they systematically ran all the US panel makers out of business.

    There was that ‘subisidy’ to Solyndra, whose ‘innovative’ idea wasn’t likely to amount to anything (really it was laundering contributions to the re-election campaign), while ordinary makers of flat panels such as Evergreen had subsidies withdrawn, forced to move their factory due to ‘noise’ complaints, and had to compete at the time with un-tariffed imports. Soon as they all packed up and left, the gang started pushing for tariffs.

    The gang just hates solar, since they don’t make money on it.

  7. CK

    Hey at least the parts of aborted children have a high market value. Got to love planned parenthood’s methods of making money.

  8. ziff

    jim , tariffs are the least of the problems created for solar , the power companies impose what ever fees and obstacles they can.

  9. Jim R

    ziff, we were just discussing this, it seems, in a recent thread.

    The only way to save money with a PV solar system is to have enough batteries to disconnect from the grid.

    Then, if more than 0.5% of homeowners do disconnect, they’ll start taxing solar panels. Count on it. You can just forget about receiving any of that carbon credit money.

  10. emsnews

    Correct, Jim.

    I really WAS totally off the grid, my own solar electrical system and water, etc. In a tent, no less!

    Got zero carbon credits and add to this my extensive forest lands and I am being totally cheated. And yes, they now tax solar energy especially if this is owned by the homeowner!!!

    As for wishful thinking that are darling nearby star is going to give us the same level of energy as the previous 30 years: No way, Jose. Won’t happen.

  11. Seraphim

    @Climate change deniers are conspiracy theorists

    The simple fact of using the ‘Holohoax denial’ meme and ‘conspiracy theories’ in relation to Global Warming would be sufficient indication that it is not true.

  12. Seraphim

    I said it already, the new Global Cooling Scare makes me feel forty five years younger! The first impending Cooling was in the 70s. I have warm memories of the time! Cool.

  13. Floridasandy

    Canada free press has had numerous stories about who is profiteering off the global warming agenda. You can easily see how it makes a few people a lot richer, and many people a lot poorer.

    Conspiracy theory talk means you don’t agree with the program. They try to encourage it – as in the example of having war drills in Texas and “leaking” out that iit is “hostile” territory, or as in sealing Obama”s records so people assume there is something to hide.

    Of course, when your leaders do a deal where we get nothing and call it a win, you could tend to get a little paranoid.

  14. emsnews

    The ‘deal’ you refer to is the disarming of Iran?

    HAHAHA, Yes, as I point out, the world’s biggest nuclear power that actually nuked cities is disarming anyone except for Israel, who tries the same thing.

    And the US ceased any disarming of its own nukes instead is upgrading its own nukes aimed at Russia and China.

  15. Lee

    ‘The gang just hates solar, since they don’t make money on it.’
    I knew someone who had worked in Solar and he said that by the 1980s the BIG GUYS had bought the Solar Companies. I dont know what the state of the various companies is now.

    I took a class on Solar and understand the Chinese panels are – typically- very low grade,
    And Solyndra gave the industry a bad name.

    I’ll take “Left Wing Dog Shit” for $100,’ Jim.

  16. Floridasandy

    The summers are still hot here in Florida, but he mornings and evenings are cooler and less humid than in previous years.

    I will take this global warming.

  17. Jim R

    An article from Elaine’s little town. It rained on the 4th of July parade there.

    Take care, Elaine. I am hoping you get over your health issue and keep going for a long time.

    Lee, it was companies like Shell and BP buying up solar companies and patents in the 80s. Apparently with the intent of shutting them down.

  18. emsnews

    This was the first year I couldn’t photograph our cute parades! I just didn’t have the strength! And yes, it rained and was quite cold, too. Still is.

  19. CK

    It is possible that the earth has been cooling for the last 20 years, but the release of anthropomorphic greenhouse gasses has been keeping the cooling at bay. There has been no change in the average temp for 19 years.
    Wheee both sides are correct. We are going to freeze like lemon ice but the Chinese and the Indians’ CO2 outgassing will help us freeze slower.
    Also a serious question:
    This year more than any year I can remember, the professional weather casters have been egregiously wrong on their calls. Whether it is for “Thundershowers” that neither thunder nor shower or WORLD RECORD heat waves that aren’t, the tv and radio forecasters appear to be wrong more than the usual 1/2 the time. And they never apologize for their flubs, they just double down on their mistakes. Is this the observation of others here?

  20. emsnews

    There is nothing freaky about this year. It does strongly remind me of 1976, though. That is, cold and wet here in the NE. Supposedly we are to roast to death some time this summer but it keeps on not happening so far.

    Very wet and cloudy all day including today.

  21. Lee

    ‘Supposedly we are to roast to death some time this summer but it keeps on not happening so far.’
    How many cool to cold years has NY-NE seen?
    For 2? years you have mentioned how cold it is.

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