Israel Demands Billions In ‘Aid’ If US Signs Treaty With Iran

​Reports: Obama offered Netanyahu aid to boost Israeli Defense Force – CBS News: Netanyahu hasn’t accepted this latest bribe.  The US pours billions into Israel and like our military support of Europe and Japan, it is a huge loss to US taxpayers who gain absolutely nothing from all this except the exciting opportunity to fight WWIII over issues like islands between Japan and China or Eastern Europe versus Russia, all things that garner zero benefits for US citizens and considerable financial and human losses for US taxpayers.  All this is put on our debit bill that is piling up like the proverbial mountain.


WikiLeaks Cables Show a Saudi Obsession With Iran – The New York Times reports.  Thank you, Wikileaks.  The NYT, of course, calls the most repressive regime on earth ‘moderate’.  This ‘moderate’ regime that gives women zero human rights, anyone who isn’t a Sunni zero human rights, has beheadings and beatings and zero free speech rights for anyone and executes anyone caught bringing in Bibles, for example.  Yes, this most repressive regime which may be only surpassed by North Korea, but only very slightly…is MODERATE!


The fear of Shiite influence extended to countries where Muslims are small minorities, like China, where a Saudi delegation was charged with “suggesting practical programs that can be carried out to confront Shiite expansion in China.” And documents from the Philippines, where only 5 percent of the population is Muslim, included suggested steps to “restrict the Iranian presence.”


In 2012, Saudi ambassadors from across Africa were told to file reports on Iranian activities in their countries. The Saudi ambassador to Uganda soon filed a detailed report on “Shiite expansion” in the mostly Christian country.


A cable from the predominantly Muslim nation of Mali warned that Iran was appealing to the local Muslims, who knew little of “the truth of the extremist, racist Shiite ideology that goes against all other Islamic schools.”


Women in Iran have much more freedom than any Sunni Saudi woman.  They can show their faces!  And drive cars, walk the streets, talk to men who are not their husbands, etc.  They are about as free as women can be in this sort of oppressive theological society.  They have possibly more freedom than women in Israel who belong to the various right wing sects there that hate women’s rights and keeps them segregated and covered up.


The US is now ‘debating’ the disarmament deal with Iran.  This is causing a flood of bribes into Congress.  The Saudis don’t demand the money used to bribe our politicians be returned, at least.  The Jews running Israel, on the other hand, want all their loot back and then some.  Why US taxpayers don’t revolt over this is no surprise, the same racial group runs much of our media which complains loudly about the evils of racism and discrimination and which has uniformly decided after a recent Bilderberg meeting to destroy the term ‘illegal alien’ in both Europe and the US and replaced this with ‘undocumented workers’ or seeing how this lets the cat out of the bag (replacing the citizens with illegals) has devolved into ‘undocumented immigrants’.


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17 responses to “Israel Demands Billions In ‘Aid’ If US Signs Treaty With Iran

  1. csurge

    750 million to send the probe to Pluto. Unbelievable. And look! Look at all the positive publicity this has garnered for NASA and the US. It really makes the mountains of money dumped into the Military Industrial Complex look utterly insane. When regular white Americans make the connection between their national debt and Israel, they are going to be beyond angry.

  2. Christian W

    The Zionists realized in the 1980s that Israel’s economy could not afford to be both a highly militarized “nation” and have a first world living standard for the Jews there.

    Since then Israel have become a Holy Cuckoo demanding incessant feeding by the US.

    It is such a human tragedy that the Zionist project in the ME is allowed to lay entire nations to ruin. In the course of things the need to feed and protect this Holy Cuckoo will mean the destruction of European and the US middle classes and democratic systems (those systems are already pretty much destroyed sadly).

    After Ukraine and Greece European nations will be gobbled up one by one to protect the evil Twin Tower system of the City and Wall Street (that includes the major banks of the EU).

    The elites in the US and EU go along with this because at this point it is all one system and they have no other game going – they are already all in thanks to the perversion and bankruptcy of the western banking system and the “free market”.

  3. danL

    It’s not Eastern Europe against Russia. It’s Poland and the Baltic republics for historical reasons. Other countries see it for what it is – US ploy to discredit Russia and damage EU-Russian relations.

  4. Petruchio

    WHOOMP!! There it is! The real reason Barack Obama made the Iran “deal”. Create a crisis, or issue that seems to justify Israel’s demand for more freebie money from Uncle Sam. Gotta keep that US taxpayer funded gravy train going to Israel. It won’t be long, I suspect, before Israel’s bought-and-paid-for political whores in Congress start to bellow for more funding to Israel. I can hear the speeches in Congress and before the press now. “This Iran deal makes Israel more vulnerable to its enemies. We have to enhance Israel’s security.” Then this one–my favorite: “Israel is the ONLY Democracy in the Middle East. We have to support Israel to keep the ME region stable.” Sickening.

  5. Lee

    ‘ When regular white Americans make the connection between their national debt and Israel, they are going to be beyond angry.’
    What is it?

    Jews demanding money from goyim? gosh. From the latest TakiMag,

    That’s right, Jacob Schiff was heavily involved in the Russian Revolution, even ordering the deaths of the Romanoffs.
    Schiff’s great grandson and Al Gore’s eldest daughter were married in 1997.
    The Epstein book on Hammer is a great piece of work. Among other things it exposes the long association of the Gore family with Hammer He owned the old man and rented the son Nobody knew about it when Gore was running for President in 2000. I had read the book and was watching CSPAN one morning. They were talking about Gore. I called up got through for the only time in my life and mentioned the book and Hammer’s association with Gore. You know within a couple days there were several stories about it in the press. Hammer was a fence for stolen Soviet art. He also was a fence for forged art as well. As I remember Epstein said that most of the art in his museum was either forged or inferior. When he was dying he decided to have a bar mitzvah. He had been an atheist his whole life. The day the bar mitzvah was supposed to happen he died. God was not fooled by that guy.
    Armand hammer
    The Hammer Museum in Westwood is managed by UCLA. Besides the tycoon’s collection of European classics by such legends as van Gogh and Rembrandt, the museum emphasizes Los Angeles artists who are, ideally, black.

    A corrupt jewish communist who made millions in America? Come on now goy that sounds antisemitic….call the ADF, the JIDF and the police.
    J. Edgar Hoover wanted to go after Armand Hammer but he was protected by Senator Al Gore Sr. Hoover physically noted it in Hammer’s file.The Gores had multiple shady connections to Hammer, including sweetheart business deals. No one brought this up from ’92-2000

    It is said that Julius was sent to America with some 7 million dollars, to start a revolution. He was smart enough to realize the futility of that project and used the money to enrich himself instead. After some years he reported that the time was not yet ripe for a worker’s revolution in the USA. Immediately the commies back home wanted their money back, which they also got. But that money had in the mean time scraped together a nice little fortune for Julius. That money was all that the son, Armand Hammer (after Arm & Hammer, a socialist union) had to start his billionaire career with.
    Armand never took up gynecology, why should he, rich as a troll? But he got to fix his grades by donating enough money to his old school.
    Armand took under his wing the father of Al Gore, Al Gore Sr.
    So Armand was the godfather of Al himself. Even though the “god” part in godfather refers to being the stand-in for a child’s religious education, or at least guidance, what did it matter among communists? There were some questions about the middle initial in Al Gore’s name, it was supposedly entered as simply an A, no dot.

    Maybe another shady way of covering Armand Hammer’s tracks? Not openly calling the Gore child Albert Armand Gore Jr. Officially the A supposedly stands for Arnold. Who knows?

    It was never reported in media exactly WHY Armand Hammer had such good relations with the commies in the Soviet Union. He was, so to say, a commie prince of the blood, or family, if you want.

    That Julius Hammer and Armand Hammer were Jews, just like the owners of most of America’s media, is of course completely irrevelant. Nothing to see there. You see people, since Jews don’t own ALL media, you can’t single them out. Just like you can’t claim that the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, since not ALL Germans did the invasion.

    Following the October Revolution, the New York-born Hammer took over his Communist father’s interests in the nascent Soviet Union. Soon Lenin was instructing Stalin to give his “particular support” to the young American go-getter because “this is a small path to the American ‘business’ world and this path should be made use of in every way.”

    Eventually, Hammer returned to America to fence art expropriated by the Soviets. He took his act on the road, touring Midwestern department stores with his Romanov Treasures exhibit, permitting the provincial rubes to buy counterfeit Fabergé Easter eggs. To promote his various scams, Hammer wrote a book with a foreword by his close personal friend Walter Duranty, The New York Times’ Moscow correspondent who won the 1932 Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on how there wasn’t a famine in the Ukraine.

    Holodomor resulted in 6-8 million souls being deliberately starved with the full knowledge and participation of Lazar Kaganovich who was indeed born a Jew. God forbid that the world should become aware of this! The extent of Jewish participation in the 1917 revolution and subsequent atrocities boggles the mind and hits a raw nerve among Jewish intellectuals in the West and their acolytes in the Jewish Establishment. Which may explain the emphasis upon –or should I say obsession with–the Nazi atrocities. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the most oil as the old saying has it but, as an American minority group is forever reminding us, don’t Ukrainian lives matter?
    ////// From this weeks TakiMag,

  6. emsnews

    At Salon yesterday the gang there was discussing about how evil ‘whites’ are when one of them mentioned that Jews owned a lot of things and ran the media and Hollywood and asked if this was also evil.

    Oh, the rage! Instantly the same people chastising ‘whites’ screamed ‘anti-semitism’ and that it is OK for an ethnic group of around 2% of the population to own 70% of the media/Hollywood business.

    This is the ‘double standard’ liberals live with daily. They just do not want consistency.

  7. Christian W


    The double standard is deliberate. It is just a cloaking device to hide the Zionist crimes and operations. Nobody is allowed to talk about ethics, it is all about tribes and who has the right to what and how much and what share but ‘whites’ are not allowed to have a say either way but their part is to pay up and shut up and feel guilty forever.

    The ‘black’ community is being used here. I wonder if the black rabble rousers even have a clue what is going on.

  8. Lee

    ‘an ethnic group of around 2% of the population to own 70% of the media/Hollywood business.’

    Amazing, shocking that such a tiny percent of ‘us’ is so powerful [and evil].
    12M? Jews/ 7B Humans. Thats like 1 in 600 or 700.

    Once I mentioned ‘Israeli Billionaire’ to someone and he joked, ‘Arent all Billionaires Israelis?’

    EMS has written much about AIPAC,

  9. Seraphim

    Israel cannot live on its own. It needs to suck the wealth of others and it needs to keep constant the flow of money into Israel. But that is what the prophets promised them:

    “…10″Foreigners will build up your walls, And their kings will minister to you; For in My wrath I struck you, And in My favor I have had compassion on you. 11″Your gates will be open continually; They will not be closed day or night, So that men may bring to you the wealth of the nations, With their kings led in procession. 12″For the nation and the kingdom which will not serve you will perish, And the nations will be utterly ruined.… (Isaiah, 60, 10-12).

    Americans know their Bible.

  10. Petruchio

    @#(Seraphim: I think Israel, deep down inside, knows they cannot live on its own. The 1973 Yom Kippur War. Israel came extremely close to complete defeat. It scared the hell out of them. Their incursions into Lebanon against the Hezbollah didn’t go very well either. These are very bad omens for people who want to kill all of their neighbors in the Middle East. I think Israeli planners realize that Israel must hide behind the Big Guns of Uncle Sam fro protection. Hence the existence of AIPAC. And oh yes, feed the Religious Right types the complete BS about how Israelis are G od’s Chosen People. And another thing. As Elaine has mentioned, do NOT allow ANY genetic studies trying to establish ancestral roots of todays Israelis. Might find out that today’s Israelis are actually Khazars.

  11. Lee

    Samson Option – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to Nuclear ambiguity – Israel refuses to confirm or deny it has nuclear weapons or to … leaders have publicly acknowledged their country’s nuclear .

  12. Seraphim


    Israel cannot economically live on its own. That’s why it needs permanent tributes from outside.

  13. Lee

    France is starting to pay REPARATIONS?

  14. Seraphim


    Yes, France pays reparations for the “foreign nationals” deported from France, to the “extermination camps”!! You guess where these “foreign nationals” live today. Not in Russia, but should not Russia pay reparations for the Jews from the Russian occupied part of Poland, evacuated to the East in 1941? Don’t be surprised that soon we would find out that they have been “deported”!

  15. Lee

    Seraphim, France was under the boot of the Germans. What else could the French do?

  16. Seraphim


    “Foreign nationals” in France at that time were Jews escaped from Germany, or from countries at war with Germany, or that could be classified as “enemy aliens”, which were liable to Wartime internment.

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