US Can’t Monitor Iran Nukes Due To No Diplomatic Relations Which Is Due To US Elites Stubborness

US inspectors banned from all Iranian nuclear sites under deal because the US still refuses to have any diplomatic relations with Iran. Like with Cuba, relations are severed nearly forever thanks to efforts by lobbyists who own Congress, paying our government to refuse to do any diplomacy at all with various nations while Zionist lobbyists loot the taxpayers for Israel’s financial benefit.  This stupid mess makes nearly anything impossible and now that we see Russia added yet again to the ‘no diplomacy ever’ list, this gets downright dangerous and can cause WWIII.  (My postings lately are a bit hasty due to going to the hospital or doctors over and over again as I and family have continuing health issues…hope this will get better soon!)


‘Drop Israel nuke program double standards, get IAEA to supervise’ – Arab League demands while this news doesn’t appear in the US, of course.  This is because anything to do with Israel having illegal nukes is censored here in the US.  It is never debated, never discussed, never mentioned.  Israel got these nukes thanks to Zionist spies who spy on the US all the time.


Israel also possesses five German-made Dolphin-class submarines, allegedly capable of launching cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

As Der Spiegel reported in June 2012, Germany is actually strengthening Israel’s nuclear capabilities. The magazine claimed that Dolphin-class subs are equipped with hydraulic ejection systems that enable the underwater launch of Israeli Popeye Turbo SLCM long-range cruise missiles, believed to be capable of carrying nuclear warheads.


This is a direct danger to the US and EU.  What if someone in Israel wants to start WWIII and make it look as if Russia attacked a NATO nation?  Sneaking up on unsuspecting  port somewhere, as the NATO forces are ordered to ignore Israeli subs and if seeing these, report them as Russian subs, and then it launches a missile and bang: just like last year, the flood of accusations with zero proof will pour across US and EU media accusing Russia.


Vicious sanctions against Russia were created this very same way already:  MH17 downed in Ukraine: What has happened in 365 days since the crash — RT News


November, 2014: Malaysia excluded from probe


Only four months after the crash, the Dutch investigators began to transport more of the plane’s debris from the crash site, while more human remains were discovered. Human rights activists addressed the UN and the OSCE, warning that the investigation was being either delayed on purpose or suppressed.


Malaysia, the country that owned the Boeing-777 jet, was excluded from the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which was carrying out a criminal probe into the downing of the plane. This move was interpreted as being due to the country’s political neutrality in the national media. The Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, and Australia, were the four nations making up the JIT.


July 21, 2014: Moscow presents radar data showing Kiev jet tracking MH17


On July 21, the Russian Defense Ministry presented military radar data, which said it detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining altitude towards the Boeing-777 on the day of the catastrophe. Moscow urged Kiev to explain why its jet was tracking the passenger plane. Ukraine refused to divulge this information.


The Defense Ministry added that at the moment of the MH17 crash, an American reconnaissance satellite was flying over eastern Ukraine. The ministry also urged the US to publish the data captured by the satellite.


In addition, MH17 crashed within the operating zone of the Ukrainian army’s Buk missile systems, which were stationed close to the crash zone. The Russian Defense ministry presented satellite images to back up its claims.


To this day, the propaganda flows like the Niagara Falls while near zero actual data has been released by anyone.  Requests for information is shoved aside.  Just like the US has now encouraged Japanese aggression in Asia with the unilateral seizure of some disputed islands backed by US nukes as a threat to anyone who dares challenge the Japanese militarists, we have all the ingredients for WWIII especially the one main ingredient: diplomacy totally missing.


Even as race riots and internal terrorist attacks tear apart the US just like during the Vietnam war…I remember those years!  We have the US public believing this idiotic story that the US dominates the entire planet totally via mainly our amazing military…which has never really won any wars except against the tiniest of nations like say, Panama!  The US victories all turned to vast, hideous defeats with the US chased out with our tail between our legs.  Every ‘victory’ since the Vietnam defeat has been, after 20 years or less, utter, expensive failures.


Instead, we have attracted billions of enemies with this refusal to do sane diplomacy, honesty and attempts at seeing the other party’s point of view, etc.  Our dumbfounded way of doing diplomacy using mainly big sticks and big stones and a lot of street thug screaming of insults is an utter failure as well as costing us trillions of dollars for major defeats.  An empire can’t exist very long hemorrhaging debt money while losing wars left, right and center.


Right now, the political machine is busy howling at Trump for suggesting we should defend our southern borders better. Trump says building a US-Mexico wall is ‘easy.’ But is it really?  The WP wants us to know it is impossible!  Can’t afford to do this but can afford to send an extra $10 billion to Israel for their walls.  Andrew Cuomo Rips Donald Trump’s Mexican Border Wall Proposal because like everyone at the top, he thinks cheap Mexican illegal alien labor is great for the US.


Foreign students will be banned from working in the UK and forced to leave as soon as they finish course under Theresa May’s tough new visa rules  which shows clearly that the US public isn’t the only ones annoyed at the jobs for citizens vanishing, wages dropping like a rock and all political parties encouraging the replacement of citizens with cheap foreign labor.  1,800 immigrants released from jail last year have been RE-ARRESTED  in Britain and this mirrors the US situation and of course, the founding members of the Bilderberg gang are also a number of Brits.


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16 responses to “US Can’t Monitor Iran Nukes Due To No Diplomatic Relations Which Is Due To US Elites Stubborness

  1. e sutton

    Take care of yourself and your family. As I mentioned before, the madness will continue regardless of your reporting on it. You are one of a small handful that actually covers the (real) news, so thanks for that. I will send another donation via Paypal, as my financial situation has temporarily improved. Many thanks for all you do. Keep yourself well. We cannot afford to lose you!

  2. JimmyJ

    Thanks, Elaine, for taking time out of your busy life to keep us minions intellectually fed.

    Iran is likely being setup like Iraq, at some point there will be an accusation and false evidence of nuclear weapons to warrant an attack. No inspectors makes it easier for Israel to make accusations and act unilaterally. And the possibility of covert weapon development keeps Iran’s Sunni neighbours on edge too.

    As unlikely as it might sound, its even possible for the US to covertly develop nuclear weapons with Iran just to provide strategic balance across the middle east for contingency. Having no inspectors would make this easier.

    Pakistan is a good example of how a country with a military sympathetic to extremists can have the bomb for strategic reasons but not let extremists have access to it. It also shows that deterrence tends to keep opposing nuclear powers from launching attacks arbitrarily.

  3. The plot and removal of Mossadegh set a pattern of global conquest and resource appropriation that exist to the present. Diplomacy? I think not. Ham fisted and underhanded, nefarious, double dealing, Bildeburgers, Mossad, CIA, The entire nuclear industry all one big rats nest. As a human being I search for good that exist in others. Elaine, it’s amazing how your life has intersected and connected with the lives of so many others. As a SF native, 2 years your junior, we where more than once on the same street at the same time, so I feel akin like you’re a big sister talking to me. Sis, please take good care of yourself.

  4. Forthenry2

    New report says shrapnel evidence on MH17 can only be from Israeli air to air missiles supplied to Ukrainian Air force.(size of shrapnel too small to come from Russian missiles.)

  5. Jim R

    Forthenry2, it has been blacked out in western media, but the Russians solved the crime a long time ago. It was an Su-25 from the Ukie armed forces, with cannon fire, or a small A-A missile, or both. They have published the name of the pilot.

    Interesting how Wikipedia was edited to say the service altitude of the Su-25 is only 7000 meters. That isn’t any sort of hard limit, however, and I understand that it can fly to maybe 14000 meters before it runs into any aerodynamic limits. Pilot would need oxygen, though.

    They go though all these ridiculous contortions to crank out a story saying ‘Putin shot it down’, much like other propaganda we have heard about the political heads of Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria, and Egypt.

    One interesting theory I recently saw: they are making a deal with Iran so they can pipe Iranian gas to Europe and screw Russia out of its gas pipelines/contracts.

  6. Floridasandy

    Our deal with Iran certainly appears pathetic on the surface. Kerry should stick to bike riding.

    If we can’t inspect, how can we be safe? They are still chanting death to America AFTER the deal and now they will have a lot more money coming in. I seriously hope this stupidity doesn’t bring on WW3.

    I hope you can get to the bottom of your health issues and feel better soon.

  7. emsnews

    No Iranians have attacked the US in several generations now. And ‘death to Iran’ has been screamed nonstop in ISRAEL, too, hasn’t it? The same guys demanding more billions (more than $3.5 at this point) to arm itself even more so it can attack Iran.

  8. Christian W

    Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran. That is the GOP mantra, no?

  9. emsnews

    And the DNC mantra, too. Wonders never cease 🙂

  10. Hey, don’t worry be happy! Obama is in Alaska, while the Chinese warships are cruising the Aleutian Islands. Russia is building up the Siberian peninsula will ICBM’s, jet aircraft, bombers, ice breakers to dominate the Artic Ocean. But don’t worry as soon as Obama gets back from Alaska, I’m sure he will be out campaigning to Biden or out on the golf course with sex addict Tiger Woods.
    You know, the good ole boys of Washington. Picking there Asses instead of defending our country.
    WW3, bring it on! If you believe in the almighty, you have NOTHING to worry about.

  11. emsnews

    Yes, the Chinese and Russians are very close to each other now thanks to our foolish leaders. Sad, isn’t it?

  12. Melponeme_k

    The unbelievable stupidity of our elites amazes me. Obama promising money to n’er do wells on welfare just because they are not nomadic tribes anymore. All the while China and Russia patrol the seas a few miles away from him.

    These countries should be our allies! Russia especially since it is just next door and shares a common past (Alaska) with us.

    I can’t get my mind around all the missed opportunities. All do to the elites being an inbred bunch of ingrates. Talk about sucking on the government teat. Its something the elites have in common with the welfare for life creeps.

  13. Lou

    How close to a BIG war are we?

  14. emsnews

    We are always one minute away from annihilation.

  15. Lou

    No thanks – not the answer I wanted.

    I suspect one US President after another is into Alcohol and or Cocaine.

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