Tropical Storms Begin Pouring Rain On Los Angeles

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Post-Tropical Cyclone DOLORESRecord July Rainfall in California Thanks to Former Hurricane Dolores; More Rain Ahead Early This Week (FORECAST) – as Los Angeles and the entire desert Southwest gets monsoon rains.  Firefighters Gain Ground on Fire After Vehicles Burned on California’s I-15 in the San Fernando Valley.  But Rain calms California fire that jumped freeway, burned cars.



California drought is even worse than you think according to CNBC today.  Meanwhile, Time Magazine reports Some Parts of California May Soon Be Drought-Free. HAHAHA.  Daily chart: Parched | The Economist

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My family lived in California since the Gold Rush.  My grandfather often talked about previous droughts and warned us young’uns about these droughts.  Look at the water graph above.  Which time period has the lowest water?  Why, when I was a child living a China Lake in Death Valley during the late 1950’s!  I remember that time really well.


We had to stand with the sun to our back so our feet wouldn’t burn through our sneaker cloth.  It was so dry, when it rained one day we were in church praying for rain.  We all ran outside yelling and jumping in the rain but my littlest brother who was only 2 years old cried and hid because he thought the world was coming to an end, not seeing rain like this before.


The above graph shows the real problem.  The population of this state that has very uncertain water supplies it being mainly a desert, has quadrupled.  There is nearly twice as much water available than in 1955.  But there are many more people demanding more water. Powell Lake which is mainly in Arizona, was a great deal lower after the dry 1930’s and didn’t reach full flow until 1975 and I remember those years, too, in the 1970’s we had a lot of rain and snow in Tucson.  Ditto with Lake Mead.


A real el Nino event is forming in the Pacific and this means lots and lots rain for California.  I am fully expecting them to complain bitterly about that, too, when it happens.   Rich people with mansions on the ocean front will be loudest because el Ninos cause coastal erosion and landslides.  All we need now is the San Andreas Fault to finally jump northwards 33 feet.  Which is also inevitable.  This is a state in perpetual disaster.  Extremes are normal there.  And anyone surprised by this is obviously a newcomer.  California is the definition of ‘instability’.  Much of the housing there is build on literally unstable ground.


At least the Japanese have evolved a philosophy about sudden death, destruction and instability to take into account the many disasters that plague the place.  The Gods are cruel.  Ditto, the Middle East, for that matter and for the same reasons.  Where I live it is fairly stable except for sudden, long, vicious winters called ‘Ice Ages’.  Otherwise, not much happens except for winter, spring, summer and fall over and over again and earthquakes so weak they cause slight giddiness.  Rain is fairly regular, too, with occasional floods and droughts but none as bad as the huge swings between droughts and floods in the desert southwest.


People move to California expecting fun in the sun and paradise and forget the huge payment for these they must endure with sudden adventures into catastrophes of mega-proportions.  I still say, cooling down the entire planet and subjecting millions of us to live under dire, cold conditions so that California can have a climate with just the right amount of rain and warmth is…insane.


It infuriates me greatly.  If they don’t like droughts…MOVE.  We have plenty of water here in the Northeast which continues to lose population.  They want cool? Move here!  Plenty of cold weather!  But no, they want to live in this desert and whine.


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  1. Lee

    Los Angeles averages 1/100th of an inch of rain in July.

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    For your reading pleasure of factual delights

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