Black Lives Matter Gang Stops Liberal Democratic Meeting In Arizona, Attacks Sanders And O’Malley


Martin O’Malley And Bernie Sanders Interrupted By ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists At Progressive Conference:Screen shot 2015-07-19 at 12.32.00 PM


One hopes this is the death knell of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ gang.  They don’t give a hoot about black deaths or who is killing whom or what is causing blacks to die violent deaths so frequently.  I remember the late 1960’s.  I was at a ‘Revolutionary Unity’ meeting in Berkeley in 1969.  There was this giant debate about who was the ‘vanguard of the revolution.’  This debate raged as the Black Panthers then took over the podium and announced that they were the vanguard of the revolution.  I then stood up and said, ‘This means you will all take a big fall. This is the last thing you should wish for.’


Oh, the rage this provoked.  Well, the Black Panthers as well as their rival group, the white Weathermen group were the ‘vanguard’ and destroyed themselves.  And utterly wrecked the Left, too.  Congratulations to all.  I have been chastising liberals lately because I see them heading towards an identical destruction today and in particular, I am pissed about the terrible choices of the black leaders who have decided to go for perpetual victimization coupled with being thorough, vicious thugs.


So…they thugged Sanders and O’Malley.  In particular, both white and black radicals attacked O’Malley for mentioning that all humans should matter…is extreme racism.  This racism is a common problem in liberalism in the US.  It is the original seed of destruction.  It has led blacks to fall into this terrible dark hole of social destruction and animalism, criminalist culture, materialism and irresponsibility which has utterly destroyed the black community internally and externally.


This chip on the shoulder rage is wrecking the black community.  A refusal to see how welfare is a trap has wrecked black families.  A refusal to see how welfare is a trap continues today.  Many radical leftists dream of expanding welfare so that white families will disintegrate further, too and this agenda is highly destructive.  I am a conservative of the Old Sort, not the right wing GOP edition which rose up after Nixon.  I remember old conservatives, many elderly black people I knew were quite conservative in culture, dress, family values, etc.  They are dying off fast now.


The ones shot by Roof recently were all ‘old fashioned’ black church people and I predicted there would be no riots after they died and this is what happened.  The radicals hates the dead church/family blacks who were the backbone of the black community.  The fiasco in Arizona, my old stomping grounds, shows how weak and befuddled the left has become.


No one kicked out the Black Lives Matter gang who disrupted speeches and questions and answers by ‘liberal’ candidates.  No one stood up to them and accuse them of being thugs.  No one stopped them, instead, the thing disintegrated and the thugs stormed out in triumph.  Death to any liberals who don’t go full blown thug!  Charming, exactly like how the left spun out of control way back in 1969.


Reading the comments at Huffington Post is scary and amusing at the same time.  Everyone is racist, according to them and anyone daring to point out the obvious is a racist.  And as I keep saying, the black community’s attempts at appearing as victims is collapsing due to people noticing they are increasingly hostile and scary, too.


Chicago woman attacked by ‘dozens of black youths’ because she was white | Daily Mail Online a Brit paper.  While driving near the University, this lady was assaulted by a gang on bikes.  They broke the windows of her car and terrorized her children but some cops came by and chased them off.  Then the police chief and mayor announced this wasn’t a race crime even though the black thugs were openly racist verbally while attacking.  This made near zero news in the US, of course.


Curious City: Why half of Chicago’s white kids don’t go to CPS and why it matters | WBEZ 91.5 Chicago is a story from the same week.


 CPS can no longer use race as an admittance factor and more and more students are eschewing their neighborhood schools for other options. Education watchers argue there’s a two-tier system in the district, and that attracting middle-class families is a Sisyphean task.

Our segregated school system compelled the following Curious City question from a woman who wanted to remain anonymous:

What percentage of white Chicago school age children attend public school?

Well, the short answer is 51 percent… according to the Census.

Screen shot 2015-07-19 at 8.35.36 PM

It isn’t just that half of white students won’t go to mainly black schools, the numbers overall have collapsed in general since most families have fled the city as they have fled NYC and other major cities.  NYC has many whites but once they settle down and have children, they vanish soon after.  This is due to not racism but naked fear.  The climate in black schools is anti-education in the extreme.  Refusing to deal with this has caused endless problems for blacks because frankly, the social family collapse in the black community has directly translated into unmanageable schools, dangerous streets and social disorders which make school success nearly impossible.


Black America has been playing by white America’s rules. If we want reconciliation, it’s time white America shared the burden. – The Washington Post claims.  A black writer thinks ‘acting white’ (being socially responsible, marrying to make real families, etc.) is evil, a burden on black folk.  He then complains about racism in the past even though he was born after 1960, he pretends that segregation continued long after 1964.  He WENT TO HARVARD which was due to Harvard and other top schools courting black students and giving them immense amounts of help while white and Asian students have to claw their way into these same schools.


Instead of being grateful, Mr. Wade, who is an internationalist banker (!!!) complains that he is discriminated against all the time when he was the beneficiary of great gifts denied to other children who may come from even poorer backgrounds.


For black Americans, our mask is our unspoken anger, disguising our deep disappointment, and reining in our resentment over a still-evolving history of racial insult and injury — all in the name of coping and getting along with the larger white community. We’ve bottled up our anger and turned our pain inward in the form of self-hate and defeatism. In some cases, we’ve turned our anger on each other.


For too many white Americans, their mask is the willingness to overlook the racial disparities that still persist in our society, and the unwillingness to grapple with the obstacles facing black Americans: recoiling at the sight of #BlackLivesMatter protests, disregarding legislative attempts to curtail our vote and denying the structural racism and economic disenfranchisement that holds many African Americans back.


This rage is poorly hidden, it bursts out over the most trivial reasons.  It makes blacks harder and harder to associate with and the NAKED FEAR isn’t black, it is anyone who isn’t black.  Making excuses to be even more enraged, more violent merely isolates blacks further.  This is why they are embracing Mr. Roof in desperation.  Finally, someone is racist!  At last!  Time to attack all white liberal leaders.  Call them names and stomp on them.  Yes, a winner.


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9 responses to “Black Lives Matter Gang Stops Liberal Democratic Meeting In Arizona, Attacks Sanders And O’Malley

  1. Lee

    Van Jones was part of the group that started the 1990s LA riots.

    Remember, ‘BLACK LIES MATTER’.

  2. Lee

    Harvard and other top schools courting black students and giving them immense amounts of help while white and Asian students have to claw their way into these same schools.

    UH — Jews are over represented at Harvard by 10x – or it is 30x?

  3. Lee

    ‘they are increasingly hostile and [scary].’

    The right word is Deadly or Dangerous. ‘scary’ is peoples emotional reaction to Blacks. This includes other Blacks, who rightfully fear Black Males.

  4. Lee

    found online,
    a search to find out the percentage of blacks in the population vs. the percentage of blacks in prison for both Great Britain and Canada. The general findings were that blacks in both countries made up about 2-3% of the population but made up 10%+ of the prison population.
    Out of curiosity, I looked up some info on Old KC. Negroes make up 29.9% of the population and managed to commit 53% of the murders. I guess they have to be good at something.

    Either blacks are a criminally-inclined race that can’t conform to civilized norms of behavior no matter what the history of their host country


    There is a massive secret racist conspiracy to lock up the world’s black people for reasons unknown.

    If you ignore all the facts and the numbers than the second explanation actually starts to make a little sense…

    Hence –Disparate Impact in prisons,

    affirmative action applied negatively, the goal will be to limit black prison numbers. Imagine if the DOJ sets a goal of say, 25% of a prison pop. is the top end for blacks in lockup.

    Black criminals coming into the Justice system will get a free pass to be set loose in society again, because the prison pop. is topped out on black numbers

  5. vengeur

    O’Malley made a very reasonable statement. “All lives matter”. No REASONABLE person could dispute it. And yet he cowardly felt compelled to grovel
    and disown his own common sense statement in the face of an angry bunch of bullies.
    This morning I looked at a map of shootings and homicides is the City of Detroit from 2012 to 2014. Now, take a look at the map and see the ridiculousness of the black lives matter (white cops are killing us ) movement.

  6. Floridasandy

    Harvard has produced some of the biggest losers who have served in the federal reserve. Why would they seal obama records?

    Some blacks are being sadly outsmarted by liberals,(including destroying their own cities)but I see some hope and some kickback too. I think the black churches are starting to see Obama as the anti-American, illegal loving person that he is. Obama had real subconscious anger when he used the n word after he didn’t get the anticipated riots in the south- thus the attack and ginning up of anti flag sentiment. He is so predictable, as is the media.!!! The trump attacks are increasing –to try to turn the vets on trump- but trump was Right! mccain was part of the congress that disarmed the military on the bases under Clinton, and disapproved of whatever it takes to get Intel from the bad guys. Maybe he was brainwashed during captivity but the soldiers are being cut, money meant to treat soldiers is being diverted,and Americans are still dying in directionless leadership, and iran gets more money while badmouthing the United States- every single part with McCain in the congress!

    McCain and graham have always been the media go to guys when they want an idiotic republican statement- lbecause they are more than happy to give them.

  7. Floridasandy

    The prison population is topped out on illegals, so they are being let go fanother illegal killed a mom and a 2 year old (allegedly setting the baby on fire while alive)

    HALF of the new California driver licenses are being issued to illegal immigrants- sad times in America indeed.

  8. e sutton

    Black lives matter, ya’ll. White ones do not. Had to go to Britain to find this little gem. Strangely (sarc) the Detroit Free Press had no record of this incident as of yesterday. They really are just like us, only darker. Really!!!

  9. Lou

    Found this elsewhere. I know how much Elaine dislikes Salon ,

    Chauncey De Vega

    my favorite anti-white author has an article out:

    ‘How I Learned That Unapologetic Black Anger Can Change the World for the Better

    White supremacy has forced black Americans to wear a mask that is used to hide the full range of our emotions.’

    Apparently if you think the negro is loud, nasty, and rude now, they have been holding back. That is a disturbing thought.

    It is basically another article promoting black violence and aggression as the only way to make tangible gains for blacks in society.
    Everything else hasn’t worked, so violence is the only answer. I’m pretty sure the negro just doesn’t think about options much, because isn’t violence their default answer in most situations anyway?

    Some choice lines:

    “The beautiful black folks who shared their pain with such dignity and honesty at the Socialism 2015 conference inflicted emotional and psychic harm on themselves by revisiting their traumas in an effort to educate and inform the public.”

    “In “post racial” and “color blind” America, those punishments have “evolved” to include losing one’s job, not being promoted or hired, being publicly shunned and shamed, or chased out of the public square. There is a legion of black folks, both famous and not, who have had to fall on their swords, pleading, apologizing, and explaining that they are not “angry” or “hostile” towards white people, for to not conduct this routine of white absolution could mean that one’s future is permanently imperiled.”

    (Ya, good one, it is the black “folks” who are at risk of losing their jobs for anything other than total incompetence)

    “But why, 50 years after the height of the civil rights movement, does the idea of the “angry black man” or “angry black woman” still captivate, arouse fear in, and cause upset on the part of White America?

    In many ways, this fear is unfounded and illogical.

    Black Americans never engaged in racial terrorism against white America. Black America’s central demand was to be fully included in the country’s democratic project as equal partners. Black America’s struggles have improved and expanded American democracy, not hobbled, imperiled, or weakened it..”

    Angry is their default setting, and who hasn’t dealt with an angry black woman in public and had to capitulate just to get the hell away from her? Who hasn’t been annoyed by black people being loud and using offensive language in front of children?

    Blacks, particularly black men, use intimidation and bullying to get their way, especially when they are in a situation where they look or feel intellectually inferior or incapable (basically all the time). Being a thug as a violent mask for a failed upbringing is so common to see among their “youth” that it isn’t even a sterotype anymore. The only thing that you can rely on them for is to lie and steal from others without a second thought. Acting and looking dangerous are badges of honor to them- they look to be despised and they find it- big surprise there. Believing in the validity of racial crime statistics is not illogical. Believing my own eyes and memories aren’t illogical acts either.

    “Black America’s struggles have improved and expanded American democracy, not hobbled, imperiled, or weakened it..”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, don’t worry about backing that last one up with anecdotal evidence, I totally take that at face value! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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